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Dream's Completely Non-Mysterious Medical Tent
Published: March 16, 2013

If you've been mysteriously mauled by a mysterious opponent wielding a mysterious weapon while engaged in battle for a mysterious obelisk of mysterious power, you'll be delighted to learn that there is absolutely no mystery about this medical tent. In fact, we're dedicated to dispelling mystery 24/7! So feel free to apply these soothingly informative answers until your irritation clears up...

First of all, awesome website. I love it. OK, so I was wondering if you knew if Neopets can tell what IP an account was created from. For example if I create an account today with a certain IP, would that be logged? For ever, or do those get deleted after a certain period of time? Any Ideas? I guess what I'm asking is if I make 3 accounts under the same IP and don't play them for a year, and then share them with my friends who have different IPs, can the accounts get linked together? ~ anonymous
TNT do seem to be able to tell what IP you're playing from -- it's not unknown for persistent offenders to be "IP banned", meaning that no more accounts can be created from their IP. As for the scenario you mention, sharing a computer with your friends is not against any rule, but making accounts and then giving them to your friends is -- even if your friends use your computer, please get them to make their own accounts.

What does it mean when you get a "Something has happened" with no text and a picture that doesn't show up? ~ anonymous
That sounds like a glitch to me! You should report it to TNT. It's supposed to be "Something has Happened", after all, not "Nothing has Happened".

Hurt Skunk Elephante
Well, maybe I'd be able to treat you faster if you hadn't stolen my medical kit.
And my medicine. And my white coat. And the pillow. And the clipboard.
And I'm not even going to ask what you did with the trolley.

You answered my question about Adam's avatar in another editorial. YAY!! But what I was talking about was not the asparagus avatar, but the active avatar of the account borovan. The one with the blue tuskaninny? Can a normal user even get it? (Sorry, I guess I really wasn't very clear with that one.) ~ beans_45_6_6
As far as I can tell, the avatar used by that account is identical to the default "Tuskaninny" avatar any user can display on the Neoboards. So the good news is that you can wear the same avatar as Adam once did... the bad news is that so can your family, your friends, and every newbie from here to Moltara.

Okay...*throws Maractite Paint Brushes*...Lets say...Person A neomails person B and it had some type of "swear" in it...would person B get frozen for it? ~ ranirainbow
This shouldn't happen (assuming the swear word could even get through the filters in the first place, which seems unlikely given that the Neomail filters freak out at anything that even looks like profanity) but Person B should definitely not reply, even if s/he doesn't use bad language in the response. The Neomail system doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between the words you typed and the words you're replying to. So no matter how annoyed a Neomail might make you, don't reply -- report, since you're the only one who can do so!
If you think you were mistakenly frozen for someone else's part in a conversation, I would advise you to send in a ticket as soon as possible. As with everything involving rules and punishment, mistakes do very occasionally happen, and it's up to us to set TNT straight when they do.

Hit By Snowball
If at first you don't succeed,
a Mighty Flying Snowball may not be the weapon for you.

Why isn't there any other religious holidays on Neopets other then Christmas (The Day Of Giving)? For example -Ramadan,Hanukkah- ~ Aadilah_
There aren't any religious holidays on Neopets at all. Neopia is not a world that's been written as having any deities, as such (some of the powerful monsters on Mystery Island are occasionally referred to as "gods", but from the evidence we have, they seem to be just magically gifted beings less powerful than your average Uber Faerie). Neopets just aren't portrayed as belonging to any religion, and as such, it'd be very odd for them to celebrate religious events.
As for the Day of Giving, it seems to be a celebration of winter and generosity that just happens to fall on the same date as Christmas; there's no church services, prayers, spiritual songs, scriptures or rituals for it, just a bit of encouragement to give shiny things to your friends. If you want to give your pets and Neofriends gifts on the day of another religious holiday you'd rather celebrate, that's entirely up to you, but I don't imagine TNT will have Neopets celebrating a holiday that revolves around an entirely different planet's religion any time soon.

A FLOCK OF 400,000,000,000,000,000,000 RABID WEEWOOS ARE COMING! WHAT DO WE DO?!? ~ rosabelle101
Load a cannon with large amounts of birdseed and fire it in the opposite direction. Nothing like a good distraction.

Swaying Ruki
Um, "Sway" is supposed to be your faction's name, not a direct instruction.
No wonder you're dizzy.

Hi there JN! So, I've been looking all over the Editorial Database for an answer to this, and can't find an answer.... Are we allowed to include a petpet that does not belong to our pet in a Beauty Contest entry? I found an NT article saying we could even make up a new petpet if we wanted to, but I wasn't sure whether to take an article at its word. Thanks so much! *hands you an army of undead cupcakes* ~ Antzie
I don't see that there'd be a problem if you wanted to draw, say, your Uni frolicking surrounded by Carmarillers or your Aisha staring at a Bluna in a stream, even if you don't own one. Remember, though, that the focus in the Beauty Contest is supposed to be on the pet. If you want to make a picture that's primarily about the Petpets in it, you'd be better off submitting to the Art Gallery.

Has Neopets ever had a Ben 10 or Sonic sponsor game? ~ Sarah_hedgehog10
Judging by these images found in Dr Sloth's Image Emporium, it would appear that they did! I never played either one, though.

Why does the Water Faerie not have wings and why does she love giving away snowballs? ~ anonymous
It'd be a little odd for a water-dwelling creature to have wings rather than fins, unless of course you think the Faerie is a penguin. I have no clue about the snowballs -- perhaps she's encouraging you to take another pop at the Battledome opponent that thwacked you? It might make you a repeat visitor, after all... back to buy another healing potion!

Water Faerie
We hope to see you again!

Dear Esteemed members of JN, I know you have answered this question before, but that was with the old battledome, so things might have changed. As far as you know, does agility do anything? Thanks, and have some cupcakes. :) ~ Lizzie T.
As luck would have it, one of our In-Depth Battlepedia staffers was just in here helping himself to the Healing Neggs. He informs me that Agility is still only used as a requirement for specific weapons, and has no use in your average Battledome fight. A bit of a shame, isn't it?

Hey, JN! I noticed that TNT didn't have a Shenkuu Lunar Festival this year. I checked the calendar, and it wasn't there either.. Was it just a one-off? ~ mistyqee
The Lunar Festival has definitely been celebrated more than once in the past, but you're right, TNT seemed to forget about it this year. Maybe they got hit so hard while beta-testing the Battledome that they forgot what week it was. I'm disappointed too, so hopefully the Festival will resurface in Year 16!

Why does the Battledome always lag? ~ anonymous
Remember that the new Battledome is still very much an unknown quantity, both for us and for TNT. The recent war will have given the Team some valuable information about what kind of resources the BD needs to run successfully, but in the meantime, it might run a bit slowly -- especially if there are thousands of faction fanatics trying to get in a hit on the latest challenger.

Zombie Aisha
No, put those pamphlets away.
I assure you, none of my patients are interested in becoming brain donors.

I just had a panic attack! AAAH!! Me and my sisters (except for one) play Neopets on the same computer. We've been doing it for years now, but I really worry (especially with the new dailies) that Neopets will think we're one person cheating with side accounts. This is very scary, what can we do/avoid doing so that TNT doesn't think we are one person? I don't was us to fight over who gets to do what dailies :( But for now I have started using Google Chrome because it has separate users. Do you think that helps? ~ princess_rozelia
We'll say it again, folks: there is nothing against the rules about sharing a computer. TNT know that lots of people play from family PCs, library computers, cybercafés, schools and universities. (Heck, Neopets was almost certainly founded in college computer labs.) In and of itself, it won't get you into trouble.

The most important thing is to make sure that you and your sisters all use separate email addresses, that you log out whenever you're finished playing, and that none of you know each other's passwords. After that, your differing play styles ought to tip TNT off to the fact that you're not the same person.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU for that AWESOME picture of the polar bear in the last editorial. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I stared at the computer with a dumb smile on my face for half an hour and saved the image to my computer for easy access. You seriously made my week. Again thank you. DUDE, LOST fans are awesome. See ya in another life, brotha! ~ Lost Fangirl (cachorritalinda12)
You're welcome. If you haven't already, you might be interested in checking out last summer's breakout soap opera hit, The Jelly In The Staff Room, for more satisfaction of your random polar bear cravings.

Mika DS
No, I will not provide eye drops for readers dazzled by the handsomeness of Mika del Shados.

hey jellyneo ;) so i was just wondering what will happen to all the faerie abilities my pets had BEFORE the new bottled faeries. Whoever answers gets a cookie :) ~ koalaharrislover
Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to use these abilities in the Battledome. However, the first time you visit the new 'dome, you should receive a small prize as compensation. After that, you can focus on training up the shiny new ones!

Is there any way to tell who bought from your shop? Thanks! ~ flyflyhorse707
Here you can see recent purchases of over 1,000 NP (as well as a couple of old ones, for some people; they seem to get stuck in the server occasionally). There's no way of seeing who just popped in to spend a few Neopoints of pocket change, though.

Medic Usul

Right. That's both sets of daggers extracted from your back, the bruises on your head treated with witch-hazel, the bite marks dosed with anti-zombification spray, the last sparks of magic combed out of your hair, and you should no longer be hearing echoes of hours-long scholarly lectures. You seem to be thoroughly patched up, so get back out there! You wouldn't want that mysterious obelisk mysteriously falling into the wrong mysterious hands, would you? Mysteriously?

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