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Of Plumpys and Fat Cats
Published: March 2, 2013

hey I just met you / and this is crazy / but I love bacon / so plump me maybe

I know it's against the rules to change any information on your lookup, but would it be against the rules to change the "Last Spotted:" section to something humorous, like some members of the Neopets Staff are able to do? If not, would I be allowed to change the "Status:" section to something not on the drop-down menu? (As long as it's appropriate, of course.) ~ yaksrcewl
Suzuka: Last Spotted can NOT be changed, that is against the rules. As for Status - I'm not completely sure, but since it doesn't technically obscure any other information, something that's Neo-appropriate would seem to be fine.

Plumpy: Status: Eating Bacon

Now that the Wishing Well avatar has been discovered, was the link between Myncies and all the other hints related to the answer found as well? ~ anonymous
Fat Cat: NO.

Hey Jellyneo *hands you a drink of......water* Do you go to Jellyneo Con every year? And don't drink that water. :) ~ eddie2010
Suzuka: JNCon has become an annual tradition, although the staff in attendance vary from year to year. We've started planning for this year's trip, and I will finally be there ;_;

noileh: What a coinkydink, this will also be MY first year. Or maybe I'm just going along with my tradition of saying I'm coming and then not showing up. Guess it will be a surprise o:

Not to brag, but...

Hello! I had a question about the Bottled Faeries. The originally Bottled Faeries are now known as the Fading Bottles Faeries, and the new ones are now known as the Weak Bottled Faeries. The Fading Bottles Faeries are retiring, but does that mean that after an unknown while, they will be gone from the site forever? I mean: will they become deleted so no one has them anymore, even though you bought them and they are safe in your SDB? Or are they like the unconverted pets: you can still keep them? Thanks! (: ~ Anonymous
Suzuka: You can still keep them! They simply will no longer be given out, or have any use outside of being mixed for a new type of Faerie.

Hey guys! *chucks panda gummy bears* So... I was bored so I decided to look at some of the old plots. Then I came across The Lost Isle. Now, further looks into the plot had me thinking about an old 6 season TV show from 2004 called "LOST" that I am currently re-watching. I had found numerous examples in the plot that seem to have reference to the show (a MOVING ISLAND, ancient stone structures, monsters?) Now,does the oh so wise JNT have any idea if the TNT meant to draw reference to that show? Thank you and have a nice day. ~ spookyfun
Fat Cat: I regret to inform you that noileh was too busy fangirling over her favourite TV series of all time, LOST, to answer this question. Although she claims to know 'literally everything' about said show, she 'hopes' that is what TNT had in mind. She also requests that next time you chuck 'polar bear gummies' to be more 'canon'.


Hi. I am just wondering why they never bring back old giftwraps for Valentine's Day etc. I have been wanting them for years. I really do think Neopets is losing money on them as a lot of people have galleries like "Valentines", "Giftboxes", etc. I have tried contacting Neopets about this but never get an answer. Thanks for your time. ~ Da_dangerous
Suzuka: Gift Box Wrappings were not a particularly profitable item - very few people purchased them, especially when they knew it did not count as an actual gift box. As for why they haven't been brought back - logic would say it's just not a priority for TNT.

Why doesn't Jellyneo really get behind the Neohome 2.0 glitches? A strong force like you guys would really help to force some change. All three advent items so far are glitched and over 80 items in total don't work? What do ya say?? ~ sick_swimmer
noileh: Believe us, we have tried =( I, being the person who undertook the entire NH 2.0 preview project, kept detailed notes on which items were glitched and exactly what the glitch was for each. I have sent this information their way multiple times, but who knows what good 'ol Charlotte K. did with it.

Rest assured, TNT knows about these glitches and will fix them when they feel like it. The more people that send in reports, the better =)

Fun fact: there are 1,071 NH 2.0 previews saved on my computer.

Hi JN! *throws mutant meepits* How often are Draiks in the Pound? Because EVERYONE at the trading post or at the auctions sells eggs or morphing potions for millions of Neopoints, and I can never get a potion at the potion shop. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! :( ~ anonymous
Suzuka: Alas, they're virtually never in the Pound, because they do cost quite a bit of money. If you really want one, you have to save up for the egg or potion. Sometimes people might have them up for adoption, but even then they'll be transferred - not put in the Pound.

What are your views on Gangnam Style? ~ khenchen
noileh: I welcome all opportunities to make a fool out of myself dancing. Yes, this does mean I have been in at least one Harlem Shake video. Possibly three

Fat Cat: ...

Oppa Mika Style

Now I have a very weird idea ): I want to have my male Halloween Xweetok wear Royal Girl Xweetok Dress (It's beautiful, that's why). Is that, ummm, OK? Is that against the rules or something? Thanks for answering :D ~ anonymous
Suzuka: It is OK! TNT clarified their stance on the position here.

Hiiiii! I have this question: Why is the PetPet Park Guide ( Jobs and Collections Sections) incomplete? THANKS :D ~ Vtx_11
noileh: Our goal is, of course, to have a 100% complete guide but this isn't an easy task. Job guides take awhile to write and there are such a large number of them for such a small number of staff members. We also have to try and keep on top of all the other aspects of the site. If you notice a very old guide that is missing, or just any guide at all, please feel free to let us know. Sometimes we overlook them!

Suzuka: BACON no can has is mine

Plumpy: *chomps*


Is there a cheap way of changing your pet's gender? My Faerie Draik is a male!!! ~ 2013happynewyear
noileh: There are actually several different ways. My personal favourite is the Lab Ray Scientist (assuming you have the map). Check out our gender guide for all the different methods!

Why does King Altador give out "Inside the Mind of a Lupe" as a prize even though it's a retired item? ~ Gemima666
Suzuka: He's still a little stuck in the past. Someone should probably talk to him about that...

Just curious: Are those things around Terry's eyes glasses or very deep wrinkle lines? ~ amymko1999123
Fat Cat: My sources inform me that they are in fact very, VERY deep wrinkle lines.


did they call N-42 yet?

Hi Jellyneo! *throws Neopoints* So I submitted two poems to the Poetry Contest, and just now I got two letters in the mail from TNT. One said my poem was going to be held over, and and the other was a rejection letter. The thing is, they were sent at exactly the same minute! I don't know if I got one poem rejected and the other held over, or one poem held over and then rejected. What happened? ~ pinkkea
Suzuka: One got held over, and one got rejected. The Poetry editor tends to go through a lot of poems at once, so you'll receive responses in close proximity if you submit them all at once. Sometimes you'll get a note of which poem was held over or rejected, but not always. Usually you can guess that the first message you receive is for the first poem submitted, and the second one for the second.

Hey JN (throws appropriate snack treat) , I was curious about frozen accounts. If an account is frozen and a pet has a name you would want to use how long until that name is available again? Or is it lost forever? Thanks again and keep at the good work. ~ Louise030596
noileh: Unfortunately there is really no set time frame in which an account is scheduled to be purged. Generally accounts (and pet names) are purged starting about two years after they were frozen. The best (and only) way to ensure you get that pet name is to keep checking the pet lookup until it no longer lists the pet as being on a frozen account.

You could also try finding something new!

*hands tea set to Rylon* Kudos to you for making the JN avvie checklist! I'm just wondering, why do you add the other avatar you could get from beating the Meerca Henchmen and the other Korbat Royal avvie to the list of avvies you still need? ~ taenarum
Suzuka: Because Terry's a poo-head who's ignored my multiple comments of that same exact thing. Seriously, though, it should happen soon! It's always nice to feel closer to your goals!

noileh: Don't forget his deep wrinkle lines.

Hey, this is something that's bugging me more and more; as a lab ray user, I get a lot of different coloured pets. And when I'm zapping say, and Ixi or an Aisha or a Bruce, I get a different collar in my closet with every colour. It's really annoying to have a whole lot of Paint Brush items clogging up my closet (especially when I don't even have a pet that can wear them!) Is there any way to get rid of them? Thanks ~ Kiiouex
Suzuka: I wish! I've had the same problem for a while. TNT has indicated in the past that they may look into changes, but so far we're stuck with them :(

So I was just playing around with the April Fools' 2011 thing you guys did. But, I didn't know how to change the site theme back to the normal Jellyneo! And I do not need Ni Hao Kailan waiting up there all day... ~ anonymous
Plumpy: *chomps Jelly Chicken*

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