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Snowed In
Published: February 2, 2013

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Our top story tonight is brought to you by none other then me, Pingu, here from the front of the JN HQ building.

The long line of people in front of the building can be seen from far away. Shivering and cold in the endless amount of snow, these people show great courage and determination. Their purpose is none other than to be the first people to read the editorial.
Fearing nor cold nor hunger, these people have been in front of the building since early morning, and they refuse to leave until they get what they want!

I have decided to ask these people some questions to see how they are doing...

Um, hi, I dont know if someone has already asked this question beacause I'm new here and I dont really have much time to read through all the editorials, soo... Uh... I was just wondering if you enter the Gallery Spotlight with a layout that wasn't really created by you, do you get disqualified or even frozen? ~ Anonymous
The Gallery Spotlight is not a coding or layout contest and I have seen people with plain and/or premade layouts win. Although it is always a plus that you have a nice layout on your gallery, as it adds to the overall look, it is not a must. As long as you have permission and give credit to the person who made your gallery layout, you don't have to worry about being frozen.

Hey there, dearest JN! Say I enter my lab pet into the BC and it zaps into a different species (during the contest), but I immediately morph it back into the species it's entered as in the BC - do you think I would still be disqualified? ~ maliechen89
I suggest while your pet is in the Beauty Contest that you stop zapping it, at least until that round is over. Why risk the chance of it getting disqualified?

*Tosses plate of questions* When the advent calendar gives out the rod of supernova, does the pant devil always snatch it, or is there a way around it? has anyone ever actually received the item? and what's with the people who throw things/living things/food/dark sentient petpets at you? If someone wants an answer, you think they would try to get out of the habit of throwing meepits at them.... Thanks! oh yeah, and Happy holidays and such! ~ anonymous
Unfortunately the Rod of Supernova is always snatched by the Pant Devil. There is really no way to obtain it as the actual item isn't really awarded. It's a really old Advent Calendar tradition.
As for why people throw things at us, well I don't really know, but it does help develop our reflexes!

Snowball-Splattered Kyrii
Oh well...we're getting there

Dear JN, Is there a way to sort your item database by multiple categories? I'm hoping to search for "NC Mall Wearables." At the moment, searching "NC Mall" brings up furniture and other miscellaneous things, and searching with "Wearables" is an impossible task. ~ Ray
Although in the IDB there is no way to sort NC Mall items based on their wearability, there is a way to search for wearable NC items and that is to use Wardrobe. You can search for NC only items there and you can also try them on different pets. Neat, isn't it?

Hey TJNT! *Throws Christmas cookies and gingerbread at you* Is it against the rules to have more then 5 accounts on Neopets, even if you make sure only to use one for the main only activities? And also, is it against the rules to make a trade to your side to transfer NP so you can put a Neopet in the lodge or buy stuff there? ~ Anonymous
Sneaky! That's two questions! Oh well... I will answer.
1) Yes, it is very much against the rules to have more than 5 accounts. You are limited to 1 main account and 4 side accounts, and can earn Neopoints on only your main.
2) It is fine to use a junk trade to transfer items and/or Neopoints to your side, as long as you earned them on your main account.

Hey TJNT! So I'm entering the world of petpages and I was wondering--is there a way for me to get an image of one of my pets as she's customized? I know they sometimes do this for Neopian Times stories/articles and I'd like to post one on my petpage, but I don't know how! If you could help me out , that would be awesome!! ~ chestnuttiger787
This is, in fact, quite easy to do. Simply use this link: http://pets.neopets.com/cpn/YOUR PET NAME HERE/1/2.png Put it in a normal "img" tag to put it on your petpage.

Hello JN! *hands over some hot chocolate and marshmallows* A question on the Symol Hole: Do you think there could be a relationship between '[petpet name] [action]' and the option (ie. BELLYFLOP!) that affects the outcome of the petpet jumping out of the Symol Hole? Thanks in advance! :) ~ anonymous
I'm fairly certain that this is completely random, as are most other things on the site. Though it would be fun if it wasn't, just think of how many possible combos TNT would have to code... that would just be silly.

Since Nynex's leaving, have all staff members just assumed the news position, or will there be a job opening in the new future? ~ Bobbs6309
If there are any staff positions open here at Jellyneo you can see them on our now hiring page. Keep checking back periodically, as there may be more positions open later.

I have a few questions pertaining to JN's Holiday Greetings. Last year, who wrote the lyrics for "All I Want for Christmas is Jellyneo", and how did you decide who all would sing it? I memorized all of the lyrics. I'm that obsessed with JN. Oh, and why didn't you do a song this year? ~ beans_45_6_6
If I remember correctly Rosie wrote the lyrics last year and the people who sung all volunteered. As for this year, I'm not sure to be honest, I'm guessing it had something to do with lack of time.

Badly Singing Usul
Let's crack a few windows!

So, I was playing around with the URL of my guild, and found one. It has NO members whatsoever. If I joined, could TNT possibly let me be the leader? I don't think anyone'd have much of a problem with it... ~ anonymous
Unfortunately, though you can join the guild, you won't be able to take it over even if you apply for the position. Since the whole process is not automatic and the person who made the guild is no longer on Neopets there is absolutely no way to take it over. Once TNT get around to clearing old inactive guilds, however, you could make a guild of your own with the same name.

What is the heaviest item in Neopia? What is the lightest? *Throws assorted dung items* ~ con_weasel
It's really hard to find this information. I did a lot of searching and the heaviest I could find was the Iron Bed, which weighs a mind blowing 4000 lb, though I can't be sure that's the absolute heaviest. As for the lightest, for a long time TNT haven't really added item weight, so a bunch of items weigh exactly 1 lb.

Kyrii Hefting Hammer
Soooo heavy!

So, TJNT, do you answer every question submitted here (except the ones listed above)? For example, if I asked "Galjoobity Wallikoo Falligity" would you have to answer it? ~ elementdragongirl
We try to answer every question we get. However, every editorial, we ask that you read over the Editorial Database and before you ask a question you are shown a list of things that you should not ask. If somebody chooses to ignore these and asks silly and/or repeat questions, in most cases the person answering will simply ignore them.

Dear JN staff, I own a Female RB ixi, and am very saddened that your wardrobe does not seem to like the fact that she's a girl with a boyish color. Is there any way you can fix that for pets like her, who are gender confused? :( ~ hzoo_26
I asked our resident Wardrobe experts about your issue. When you select the "gender-confused" color combination, Wardrobe initially changes the pet's gender for you. This is only to prevent weird loading bugs, however; after the color has loaded, you are free to change the gender.
What this means is that when you want to customise your pet using Wardrobe, simply select Royal Boy and Male from the list, then after the images have been loaded simply change the gender to Female. And there you have it, your very own Royal Boy female Ixi to dress as you wish.

What were the 1st Neopet colours? (other then red blue yellow and green) ~ anonymous
On May 10th 2000 TNT released the Purple Paint Brush. Soon after, a bunch of other Paint Brushes followed, like White, Rainbow and Glowing, but the first one was Purple.

It's been almost a year since my last Neoquest question about when the guide was going to be coming out... and I don't think the meter has moved at all. D: You have taken down the few guides that were written in the game guide section, and I hoped that it was a sign of progress - but it's still not there. So, out of curiosity, how long do you think it will take? I'm sorry if I appear pushy but... Neoquest. Yah. (Love you guys. The Jellyneo site is amazing. I wish you luck in whatever you are doing.) ~ Savvywolf
Do not worry! Our lovely NQ gurus are currently being worked to de....errr, I mean they're working very hard on it. I'm sure that soon you'll be able to enjoy all the shiny features of the guide. Until then, why not amuse yourself with some SAM?

Socially Awkward Meepit is waiting for the NQ Guide

When you create a new account these days, itís an easy step by step process, and the very last step is creating a new pet from scratch. However, now days Iím creating side accounts, and I want to skip creating a new pet; Iíd rather adopt my pets from the pound. But the sign-up process doesnít seem to let you into the main site without creating a new pet. Do you guys know of any way to skip the creating a new pet step, and be able to adopt the first pet for the new account? ~ june_scarlet
Although the new process doesn't let you look at any other page until you created a pet, it does let you go to the Pound to adopt one. After you get to page 4 of registration, where you are asked to create a pet, simply click on the Pound link from the navigation bar. You will be taken to the Pound, where you are free to choose your new pet instead of creating one.

Where can I get the 'Root Canal Champion' Trophy from Donna's UserLookup? ~ Vtx_11
Anything is easy to find on Jellyneo if you simply do a search. The search box is located on the sidebar to the left. There is also the editorial database where you can see answers such as this:

Hi Jellyneo! Last week someone asked about how to get a certain trophie. When i saw this question i couldn't help but ask you this: On the userlookup of the TNT member: DONNA there is a trophie entitled Root Canal Champion! with a picture of a tooth.How is this obtainable? ~ darknell

In order to obtain this trophy, you must have a Root Canal, and be a Neopets staff member! :D

Root Canal Champion
Root Canal

Hello JN! Happy New Year! *gives New Year Capsules*. In your guide at IDBattlepedia (Prizes) it says that you can get Rainbow Paint Brush and a Nerkmid against Chia Clown. However after several fights with him (about 200 or so...) not even a single one of these was given. What affects the prizes to be given? Do you need to fight them at Very Hard difficulty? (I always fight him in Very Hard -- the one with very angry face) or is it something else? Thank you if this one gets answered! :) ~ misty_lax
The difficulty only changes the amount of Neopoints you receive, not the item reward. The pool of items listed in the iDB is the total of what people can get, but who gets what is random. I won a Nerkmid from Boochi on my 5th try but some people I know haven't gotten anything useful so far. You should just keep trying and hopefully you'll get lucky.

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