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Jen's Mid-Summer Break
Published: January 19, 2013

Would you believe it is a little over a year since I last wrote an editorial. It seems to be my new tradition to bring you the first edition of the new year. It also happens to be when I get some time off to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer sun. Yep, that's right. While you folk in the northern hemisphere are suffering through the bitter winter, we southern hemisphere-ians are complaining of the heat and humidity. So without further ado, let's get into the questions so I can get back to working on my tan!

Faeries at a Festival

Okay, so was just looking at Donna's pet, Thyassa, and noticed the trophies he had. How do you get those trophies? And if they are retired, how did you get those trophies? ~ anonymous
It's a bit of a bummer, but most of the trophies are pretty much unobtainable. Thyassa has two trophies, a silver and a bronze, for being one of the oldest Neopets on site.

The trophy with the Uni on it is for Most Travelled. This trophy is no longer obtainable and had to do with your pet changing alignment with good and evil. The pets that changed the most were awarded this trophy.

Next are the Best Dressed and Pet Spotlight trophies. They are won from the Beauty Contest and Pet Spotlight contest respectively. Get out your pen and crayons, get creating and try to win one!

Lastly, there's the Petpet Protection League (colloquially known as the PPL) trophy. The PPL reward Neopets for owning their Petpet for a very long time.

On ckatackatackata the Blue Poogle's lookup, the owner is listed as "Travelling..." What on Neopia does this mean? Is this sort of thing known or has been seen before? ~ ruonfire
This has to do with the infamous purges. What likely happened is a user sent a transfer request to the owner of ckatackatackata, sending ckatackatackata off into cyberspace. When the account that ckatackatackata was on purged, ckatackatackata was stuck in the transfer in limbo land. TNT have to manually release these "stuck" pets so there is no time frame as to when the pet may turn up in the Pound.

I've looked around the site, but would you happen to have a list of nicknames the Lab Ray zaps your petpet with? ~ Ray
No we don't. That sounds like such a neat project though ... I'd suggest keeping your eyes peeled on the main site in the months to come ...

Some Meepits Staring
Watch this space ... Don't move ... Keep watching it ...

How do you get Sakh. Solitaire back on your favorite list? I had it on my favorites for many years, then I took it off when I played the Game Master games, which was a big mistakes, because now I can't get it back on. It does not have the heart on the upper left side like most of the games do. Can you help me out? Thanks. You guys and gals do an awesome job!! ~ anonymous
You will be able to add it to your favourites if you go to this page here for Sakhmet Solitaire. I bet you've never been so glad to see the little heart before, have you!?

Can you make the site theme that is used on Dave's birthday available year round? ~ Team Sloth
I personally would love that. Dr Sloth, however, will not hear of it. He does not want to be relegated to the depths of the common, default site themes. We all know he's a special snowflake and quite rightly so!

While we're on this subject ...

Hi JN! This is my first editorial question to you guys. :) First off, Happy Birthday Dave! Secondly, is there any way to keep that lovely Slothy theme on a permanent basis around here? I went to site preferences but it wasn't an option. I would be much obliged if it were. Thanks for answering! ~ absolutesurrender
I'm sorry to be the person to dash your hopes and dreams but sadly the Sloth site theme is and will only be available on Sloth Day (which coincidentally fell in this week that's just been, I hope you got some good use out of the theme!) and on Dave's birthday.

Sloth's Loyal Fans

Did TNT ever have a "Sonic" sponsor game? ~ sarah_hedgehog10
They did! There was a sponsor game called "Sonic Knight in Training" which was released on 27 February 2009. It is no longer playable.

One of my petpets just changed colour and species from the petpet lab ray. Can I use a paint brush to paint it a different colour of the new species, and will it just revert back to normal if I unattach it? ~ 987654321_hj
Unfortunately you cannot paint a zapped Petpet. You are correct in thinking that if you unattach your zapped Petpet it will revert back to its original form.

What does the Neomail guy look like?I read something that there was once a Neomail guy and I want to know What he is and what he looks like. ~ sarah_hedgehog10
The only "Neomail guy" I'm aware of is one mentioned in a Neopian Times comic series called The Bunker in episode 12. I wouldn't want the Neomail he delivers ...

Hey TJNT! *Throws Christmas cookies and gingerbread at you* Is it against the rules to have more then 5 accounts on Neopets, even if you make sure only to use one for the 'main-only' activities? And also, is it against the rules to make a trade to your side to transfer NP so you can put pets in the lodge or buy stuff there? ~ Anonymous
Oh goodness me, yes it is against the rules to have more than 5 accounts. The plain and simple rule is that you're allowed 5 accounts - 1 main account (that you earn Neopoints on) and 4 side accounts. You can self-freeze an account to create a new one, but you can't create infinite side accounts.

To answer your second question (sneaky, getting a two-for-one!) no, it's not against the rules. That is exactly the way you should be getting Neopoints to your side accounts.

Hi JN! How long does it take for your wish at the Wishing Well to come true? If it ever does. Thanks! ~ xhubobogum
Aah, I'm sorry to disappoint but if you're waiting for your wish to come true you may be waiting a long, long time - there is no guaranteeing your wish will ever come true. Keep wishing and maybe one day one of your wishes will come true!

Hello Jellyneo Staff! I have a question concerning the Snowbunny Whee! avatar. I really thought the petpet was so cute that I wanted it to be my pet's permanent petpet, but was disappointed when she wouldn't take it because of the letters in her name. I painted the Snowbunny Plushie, and now she's taken it! But my question is, does the petpet have to be a regular Snowbunny to get the avatar? If so, is there anyway I can paint her back to regular Snowbunny? Thanks for reading. :) ~ verdantdance
It's your lucky day verdantdance. You can use any colour of Snowbunny to get the avatar. You can also paint your Plushie Snowbunny white using the White Petpet Paint Brush to get your regular Snowbunny back.

JN Editor: does the Mug of Everlasting Borovan ever run out? I wouldn't think it would, given the name, but I want to be sure before I feed it to my pets, just in case the Advent Calendar turns out to be mistaken or horrible at naming things. ~ anonymous
Alas, the wondrous, and somewhat misleading, Everlasting Mug of Borovan does indeed run out. It is a single use item. Forward your complaint to :

Legal Department
Neopets, Inc

Attn: Lawyerbot

What, do you really think Jen could go a whole edition without my name and lovely face appearing? Preposterous.

Hello, JN! First of all, thank you for your services! You don't know how many times a day I consult this site :) Here is my question: is this site fan made, or did Neopets start it? Thank you for your time. ~ Olive
Jellyneo is absolutely fan made. Our mighty leader Dave restarted JN back on 22 August 2004. You can read more about JN's humble beginnings on our History page!

In the Item Database or Sloth's Image Emporium, is there any way to sort by image type? I'd love to see all the possible GIFs (and maybe even collect them), but I can't figure out how! ~ sidebargrundo
Over at Sloth's Image Emporium you can put "type:gif" into the search box and that will give you all the possible GIF images.

If I was in your shoes though, I'd think you're probably meaning small moving pictures rather than image file type alone. In that case, I'd head across to Sloth's Image Emporium and click on "Advanced Search". In the first input box there (Tags Contain) I'd put in the word "animated" and under the heading Image Type in the "Is File Type:" input box I'd put "gif". That will give you these search results which should cover at least most of what you're looking for!

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