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Lucky Issue 19
Published: January 5, 2008

It's the 19th issue of the jnEditorial! And, it's the first edition of the new year!

How many neopets plots were there, (since the beginning!) and what are they called? ~ tree_blossom
There's actually a great petpage for this. ;) According to The Plot Archives, there have been 26 plots/events since the beginning of time!

Is there a way to get to the meteor crash site on the map? ~ princessemily_1
Nope, TNT hasn't added it to the map of Kreludor yet. :( They've mentioned several times that they want to redo all of the current maps (most likely to convert them into the style of the Lost Desert, Neopia Central, etc.) and won't make anymore updates to the old maps.

What does the elusive Scary Dark Potion do? no one seems to know. ~ sharpedo98
According to our friends over at the IDB, the Scary Dark Potion does absolutely nothing. What a shame. :(

Oh, woe is me!

My question is about the Merchandise and TCG Redemption codes. What kind of prizes can you get from them, and which one gives you the Space Faerie Challenger? And what kind of items contain codes to get the SF? Could I also buy those items on Ebay and still get the code? I know these are a lot of questions, sorry :). ~ cinnamon_girl

Whew, that is a lot of questions. Firstly, the merch item codes and TCG item codes are different. To see what you can get from the merch item codes, click here. To see what a TCG card will give you, check this out.

Only the regular merchandise codes will give you the space faerie, aka the ones you enter at the Grundos Warehouse (neopets.com/code).

Usually, the item will explicitly say if there's a rare item code in it. If you check eBay, make sure that the package is unopened so that there's no chance of the code already being taken. We'd suggest trying to purchase an old pack of stickers, as they usually have the codes in them. Or, try looking up a plushie that you'd like to have that comes with a code. Just make sure that the seller says it comes with an UNUSED code. ;)

Alright, is it just me, or did the newer game room totally ditch the open challenges? ~ esj64
It appears as if they have. :( Which is kind of sad, since I wanted to play a random Meerca Chase challenge one day, but found out that they took out the open challenges portion.

Perhaps if enough people let TNT know through the Ideas form, they'll see fit to add it to their to-do list.

Why don't Limited edition pets show up on the adopt a pet? I just like looking at them. Specily the Draiks ;) ~ pookabook
They don't show up since there are none to create. :( If you enjoy looking at them, check out our Pet Poser or the New Rainbow Pool.

I feel pretty... oh so pretty!

can you use the lab ray more than once?and how do u get the meepit background for the portal ~ ironman5001
Yes, you can zap your pet once a day. However, once you turn the pieces in, you cannot transfer them to another account.

As for the secret meepit portal theme, we're not telling. ;)

Ok, i whent on a year break, gave away all my items and yea, so when i came back not only have all the items like way inflated such as the chokato, but my grarrl changed. I was not given the option to change him. Is it definately to late? ~ manicxe
Yep, it's too late. Unless you had a special pet that was given the option to stay the way it was, you must keep your pet the way it is.

Welcome back, by the way! :)

I know there used to be a general chat on the boards, but what was it like when it was still around? Is there a board similar to it? ~ Pigfish99
It was generally spammy, off-topic, and a horrible place to be. Pretty much like all of the other Neoboards today! :P

Is there any way I can make one of my pets get the sneezles or the neoflu so that I can get Meuka as a challenger? ~ Gaminray
Unfortunately, there's no foods to get your pet sick with those diseases. :( You can keep trying the Wheel of Misfortune and hope you get the correct disease, but it may take awhile.

Meuka Tip of the Day: If/when the pound comes back up, the trick is to search for pets with Sneezles or Neoflu, adopt them, get Meuka, and then drop them off for another Neopian to get Meuka. ;)


How do you raise your ability levels? ~ lollipopper2008
There are a couple ways. One way is to land on the Earth Faerie spot on the Wheel of Mediocrity or on the Light Faerie spot on the Wheel of Excitement.

Does TNT manage the smashboard Panel or whatever it is?If they do,can I ask them to remove my account from the Panel? ~ royoflove989
Nope, it is managed by the Survey Smash people, or whoever runs that weird site. You'll have to go to their website, SurveySmash.com, and contact them to opt out.

I have a question about the Pet Directory. You see I submitted my pets a long time ago to the Pet Directory and I come back and find my Lupe, Timutine, has been opted out and I can't put her in! How do I put her back in? ~ dagnyandhannah
We've automagically re-enabled her for you! :) However, in the future, you must email us with the email you provided on the opt-out form. In your case, though, just drop us a line and we'll look into it since you didn't opt-out yourself.

Does refreshing multiple times at the Advent Calendar page give you an item or do you just get those 'Winter Random Events' where you receive a snowball or something? ~ seigeblack
No, you don't just plain get items, you get Winter Events. Sometimes Taelia will tell you how cold it is, or you may get hit with a snowball. You can also get the Snowbeast as a challenger on the Advent page by refreshing. :)

Why is Dung wearable but Rainbow Dung is not wearable? ~ neopian_peace_keeper
Because the Neopian Gods have not deemed multi-colored waste worthy to adorn your fine Neopet's open trinket slot. :(

We should totally protest until they make it wearable. :P

Hi, JN! Okay I've been wondering this pretty much ever since customisation came out: Can you put the clothes that you get from painted pets in your gallery? Sorry, I would have expierimented this myself, but none of my pets are painted. Thanks. ~ beatrice670
Nope, all PB clothes MUST stay inside of your closet. This way, there's no chance of them getting traded and entering the Neopian economy.

How do you get five neopets? ~ wildmage104000
You can't. You are only allowed 4 neopets per account, unless you're Adam, the creator of Neopets. ;) Then you can have as many pets as you like, and an avatar made in your name. (Though technically you can create up to five accounts and have 20 pets...)

What is this link It has been here for ages but I don't know what it is. The link is http://www.neopets.com/jake/ ~ ha_ha_robster_ha_ha
That's Jake the Explorer's little mini-comic. He was the guy featured on the front of the Neopets Cereal, Islandberry Crunch. You can find more info on the cereal in its sponsor section on Neopets.

Last year you kept a record of all the advent calendar animations, right? Are you doing that this year? Because sometimes they're cute, and I want to go back and re-watch them. ~ Nunya. Nunya business :P
Ask, and ye shall receive! Introducing the 2007 Advent Animation Archives. We've been keeping track all last month, but we usually release it in January. ;)

Hi Jelly! You all have been my support through my neopet's life [42]! much love to all! I have a little doubt about all those users who seem to sell millions of paintbrushes. I have only won one in all my time here [and it's been awhile]... ┐how do they get them? thanks! ~ sindos
Most likely, they purchase them from other users who are willing to sell them for a little lower than the going price, and then sell the PB themselves for a higher price to make a profit. That's how a lot of Neopians make their Neopoints these days. ;)

Has TNT stopped creating secret avatars? There doesn't seem to have been a new one for months. ~ peulee
Well, they have not explicitly said that there will never be another avatar... they just kind of stopped making them. Probably since there are over 300, they've run out of ideas on how to hide them. There's only so many nooks and crannies in Neopia! :P It's also likely that they simply don't have the time anymore for avatars so much since Viacom has them working on other things. :(

Hey, kind of a random question here, but when you view an Advent Calendar in your inventory, what what does it have on it??? I mean, for some reason it looks like a bruce with a blue cape on this yellow tree thing. ~ jonarosie
That is actually a yellow chia carrying a blue bruce. ;)

Arrg, you're going to have to eat a few less cookies next year!

Could you PLEASE remind people not to ask for hints to contests (like the Lenny Conundrum!) Since you included how to get into the high score table, many people have been asking me for hints. Hints for the LC are against neopets' rules! ~ i_deal
ATTENTION NEOPIA: Asking for hints to the onsite competitions such as the Lenny Conundrum and the Mystery Pic are against the rules, and rather detrimental to your potential awards! Anyways, if you need to ask for the answer, chances are, the smarter people have already filled up the trophy spots.

Sorry about all of the harassment you've received! Hopefully less people will be asking after this editorial... And congrats on your LC achievements! :D 13 is pretty impressive, indeed.

I was doing a SSW search for the Air Faerie book "Breathe" and this item came up," TLB Item 6 (Rebreather) " I looked in the JN item database and nothing came up. I was wondering if you guys have any idea what it is? Thanks!! ~ tiggrluvr4lf
Ah, that's one of the Last Blast game items that we have not added yet to the DB. TNT hasn't released them yet, and from what it looks like, they don't plan on doing any item related things for the Last Blast now that the final version is out. Perhaps they scrapped it after the Shenkuu River Rush controversy. We'll have to add them to the Item Database when we can. :)

Hey jellyneo, you're doing a great job! Keep it up! Down to the question, Once the advent calender gives out its prizes(to all its users) say, Xk number for all over neopia, aew those items the ONLY ones of those items on neopets? Eg. If the advent calender distributed 1500 fir cookies in all, are there only 1500 fir cookies in all neopia? ~ canary2
Err, kind of. The Advent Calendar items are never given out again, so however many people collected their prizes for the day is however many exist for that particular item. There's no set limit or anything, apart from how many users there are in Neopia on a particular day. :P

Hi JN! You guys are great and so helpful! But there's a question that I really want to know the answer to, because I love to collect stuff, especially avatars. Did anyone actually ever get the Haiku Generator avatar? And in a past editorial, you said that repeatedly refreshing a page on Neopets is illegal (on Neopets). But then in the guide you said you have to keep refreshing the page to get the avatar. Could you clear this up? Thanks a bunch! ~ 88_kirara_88
Yep, you need to refresh to get that avatar. Perhaps we weren't explicit enough when we said it, but refreshing just for the sake of refreshing it "illegal." Refreshing to get the things that Neopets requires you to refresh is perfectly fine.

For example, refreshing to get the Haiku avatar is fine. Refreshing at Neopia Central to try and get more random events is not fine.

Why do Codestones shake? Are they scared? Are they cold? Are they like small, yappy dogs who do nothing BUT shake? ~ cglang
No, to all of the above! They are simply filled with so much power that until they are placed in their correct position in Neopia, they will have no way to transfer that magical power and stop shaking.

(shaking... VIGOROUSLY)

Well how often do plots show up? ~ scentoffairy
It's all random, really. Depends on if TNT can handle the creation of a plot at the time or not. This past year has been particularly hectic with the site getting a makeover, so they don't have many resources to spend on plots opposed to fixing bugs, recoding, etc.

Hiya! I was just money treeing (is that a word 0_o), and I noticed that it said that some ghosts will steal from the tree itself. If they do steal the items, where do they take them? Or are they tposg's evil minons and wish to rue the world!!! ~ Lunasword
If you get the messages that the Ghosts have stolen all of the donations, that simply means that there are no donations to show. Coming from a programmer, it's a "cuter" way to say "There are currently zero rows in the `donations` table." :P

Why for the last few days of advent calendar did TNT give out to green apples or the regular items?? I only got green apples one day, but i feel bad for people who didnt get the real gifts....Why jellyneo? WHY? ~ dancerfromgod
There's a pretty simply answer, actually. No, it was not Meepits, nor Dr. Sloth, nor some 1337 hacker.

Basically, when the Advent Calendar glitches, it reverts by default to item number 1, and the first item in Neopia is in fact the Green Apple. So anytime there are item glitches, Green Apples are generally involved.

I'm number one!