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The SUPER Punny Holiday Editorial!
Published: December 8, 2012

Don't like that Christmas Tree?

Then spruce it up!~

*cape flourish*

HELLO JN! All right, here's my (very silly) question: How many Jellyneo accounts are there in existence? And I mean the SITE accounts, not the forum accounts. If you see this question, I have gotten four questions answered on Jellyneo's editorial. WOOT! *gently hands you a magical genie in a bottle. Three wishes!* ~ noahkim1234567890
HELLO JN MEMBER! I bothered Dave to see if he had an answer, and as far as the end of November goes, there are currently 80,549 Jellyneo accounts in existence. *wishes for more editorial questions*

Hi! I recently got a FOUNTAIN FAERIE quest on my side account! I have been trying to get one forever on my main account, but now I am afraid to complete it. WILL I GET FROZEN? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! D,: ~ anonymous
You are allowed to complete Fountain Faerie Quests on your side account for the same reason that you are allowed to keep items given from a Random Event while you are on your side account. The quests given are part of a Random Event and as long as you don't earn Neopoints to buy the item by using your side account, it is completely legal. You can find more information on side accounts, Faerie Quests, and Fountain Faerie Quests by reading our articles.

So, I thought I was hacked. This has happened to me before, so I went and filled out the ticket. Then I managed to log into the account I thought was hacked. Major OOPS. I sent in another ticket trying to explain what happened, because I couldn't get to the "My Support" tab in the help section. I will try not to do this again, but do you think that sending in another ticket is what I should have done? Did I handle this situation correctly, or should I have done/ do something else? ~ creativemonster9
You did what you could considering the circumstances. It's always a good idea to let TNT know what happened, but you should always try to close your ticket first before sending out a new one about the same issue, if you can.

Sick of all that Neggnog?

Then Nogg it off!

Hi! *does random thing most people do before asking a question* I've been playing Neopets truly since 2004. Back in the Day, I bought this Cool Neopets Toy, some type of 8-Bit Mini Neopets, you know, like those Mini Virtual Pet things. It is a golden color, shaped like an egg, and comes with three Mini Neopets figures. When you open it up, it is a Mini Meridell. Do you know what I am talking about? Anyways, you can play games & stuff on it. In the section where it has your game trophies, an option, "Special Code", but when selected it says "Not yet". I'm guessing it implies that all trophies must be won in order to recieve the "Special Code" (Which is insanely difficult). I was just wondering, what exactly is the "Special"? Something else? I've only been able to locate a Faerieland version of this Game for a very expensive price. What exactly is the "Special Code"? Does anybody know? ~ tyuio_k50
Aw man, Pocket Neopets were the bomb diggity. Any recorded prizes that we have for those games can be found by using this search here. The special codes are won from the mini games and can be entered to redeem these rare prizes. I haven't seen anyone with a Pocket Neopet in a long, long time. It was one of those things where you saw a kid on your bus have it, and you got super jealous over their mini Kacheek figurine - ... Okay, maybe that was just me.

Hi there! I was having a hard time picking up a stamp the other day, when I realized it weighed an entire pound! After some quick investigation, I noticed a lot of other items handing around my inventory weighed one pound. So my question: do you know of anything that does /not/ weigh one pound? ~ Lizzie T.
Sure do! Just looking in my inventory, I've found that this heavy Dung Bed (a favorite napping place for a certain graphic designing staffer) weighs a whopping 120lbs.

I would also say that this Angelpuss weighs about 3lbs.
But if you want expert advice-
You should never ask a woman Angelpuss about their weight...

Hey, JN! I saw you were recruiting. I read all the rules and information, but I don't understand why you need to know our Skype usernames. Isn't this a bit private? Or will you Skype prospective employees? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Staffers often use Skype to communicate with one another. It's helpful when we have to have meetings or discuss brand new events happening on the site. Some staffers who wish to keep their RL information private can choose to create an alternate Skype account just for Jellyneo work.

*throws Super Attack Bacon everywhere* So I was on JN the other day changing my JN site theme. There were so many great ones, it made it hard to decide. So it made me wonder... What JN site theme do the JN staff use? *picks up Super Attack Bacons and goes back to the BD* ~ anonymous
*grabs a handful of assorted staffers*
Jawsh: The Resistance
Bonju: Muffins!
Dave: Defenders of Neopia.
Summra: Faerie Tales!
Kassi: Fyora~
Suzuka: New year!
Skylar: The Games Master. (The best one)
Remember that you can customise your JN site theme here!

I recently saw a userlookup that hid all their user stats. They didn't change anything, but they hid the about me section. I won't state the username here but I was wondering if this was reportable. Is it? ~ beans_45_6_6
You're not allowed to use HTML, CSS, or images to cover up or misrepresent important information on your user lookup, pet lookup, shop, guild, or gallery. This includes your "Started Playing" date, your active avatar, the colour/species of your pet(s), pet stats, active petpets, trophies you've earned, and items in your shop/gallery.

"Four Scores and 56 To Go...". I think this is a reference to the new movie, "Lincoln". DO you add this sort of stuff to the "Pop Culture Trivia" Section or did you not notice it? ~ ruonfire
Yes, we do add things like that to our Pop Culture Trivia section in our Museum. If you ever catch something that we miss, feel free to tell us about it.

You're only allowed to be grumpy...

If a Jetsam starts calling you Santa Jaws!

Is the Petpet park for teens, too? ~ sarah_hedgehog13
Petpet Park is for players of all ages! Heck, I'm in college and I still love playing for hours. It might be kid-friendly, but your age can't stop you from having fun. There's so much to do and so many fun quests for you to complete that you can find something to do regardless of your age group.

Hello JN! I just have a question about the Advent Calendar. It didn't really happen to me, but to my sister. On the first day of Advent Calendar, when she went to get her prize, there was a message that said an error occurred giving her prize. She really didn't mind, though, but she was worried that she may not get the site theme at the end of the month. The question is, will she be able to get it even she didn't get the prize on the first day? Thank you JN and Merry Christmas! ~ kirish_kirish
It's hard to say. The Winter Holiday Site Theme was originally awarded through a Random Event in Terror Mountain, but now that it is released annually at the Advent Calendar there are no known requirements for getting the theme at this time. Missing a day may or may not have an effect on your ability to get the theme.

Hello Jellyneo staff! I couldn't find information about this anywhere, so what are the prizes for winning the Hannah and the Kreludor Caves Spotlight? There must be at least a trophy, right? If not, I'll be severely disappointed. And thank you for answering! ~ kikokikosmile
As far as my knowledge goes, I don't believe that there is a trophy. Looking at past contest winners, none of the users have anything on their userlookup, such as a trophy, indicating a prize. How sad. :(

Since TNT had answered my question, now it's your turn. Can any of you do the GANGNAM STYLE? ~ jomarcenter2012

Oppa Jelly style~
Eh~ Neopet Fansites~
*puts on shades*
Op Op Op Op Op Oppa Jelly style.

How do you get a "Dr. Sloth Minion" trophy for your JN trophy cabinet? Thank you. ~ Anonymous
The Dr. Sloth Minion trophy was originally from when there weren't any Sloth Minion staffers. They were handed out to everyone who helped with tagging before the first group of minions were hired, and then after that they were handed out to the actual Sloth Staffers themselves.

I use a dailies list hosted on a petpage (no offense to you guys; I just get so obsessed with customizing yours I never get the dailies done!), and TNT recently banned the code for opening pages in a new tab, for some odd reason. For the last few days, I've found that I adore opening all my dailies in tabs first, then going back and clicking the necessary buttons. It's so much faster, but is this allowed? I know that opening a ton of tabs of one page to get an RE or something is not allowed, so I try to do this slowly (I wait for the tab's loading throbber to stop spinning before I open the next one). Today I found the two second pauses relaxing, but one of these days I'm gonna rush through it and ignore the throbbers. Can I get frozen for something like that, be it an actual broken rule or the appearance of cheating? Thanks! ~ i_luv_cheese_x100
What you're doing is opening tabs on different pages, not spam refreshing a single page. Having multiple tabs is actually a decent method for restocking. Many people have multiple tabs open and then switch between pages when they want to check on a different shop. I don't see why TNT would have any problems with this.

Oh come on, even Babaas celebrate the holiday season!

Fleece Navidad!

I have found a horrible glitch in my Altador Plot stars! There is one star that is half-blocked by the border of the sky. I am positive it is a part of a constellation because I used your guide! I know that the stars are unique to each user, but do you have any ideas on what I should do? ~ Dustymine
If you ever find yourself having a glitch in a plot, game or anything else on site, it's useful to submit an Error Report to TNT. They'll try and find a solution to your problem as soon as possible... as long as the Meepits don't accidently start munching on your ticket...

I was wondering what wig was the Grundo at the end of the picture wearing. I would love to buy one for my Lupe if it isn't species-only. ~ lovely_koko96
Are you talking about the Christmas Grundo Festive Hat in the Wardrobe carousel? Unfortunately, that hat is for Grundos only.

Hi, I was just wondering around, bored, on Neopets and stumbled upon the Neopets account "jellyneo". It had the pet, "Jellyneo," a Jelly Kacheek on it. I was just curious if this was someone's account at Jellyneo? ~ anonymous
I believe it belonged to this guy. We don't really talk to him much since he was locked away...

How are the current projects going? ~ anonymous
You might be wondering "What's going on?", but the answer is right in front of you! You can find the status of any of our current (publicly announced) projects right here.

Watch out!
Those pesky Mortogs are always hanging out

-under the mistle-toad!

Hi ! (throws you rainbow cookies) I was just wondering, do you get anything for the age of your Neopets or your account? Thanks, you all do such a good job :) ~ louise030596
A few years ago, TNT implemented a system of Loyal User Perks that gives you a whole bunch of goodies from being an older player. They give you a variety of things from being able to have more games under your favorites to getting a certain type of discount at the Hidden Tower!

*waves cane in the air* Now get off my editorial, you young hooligan!

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