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Dynamic Duo of... oh wait that doesn't rhyme
Published: November 24, 2012

Link: I just can't seem to make anything rhyme! My fantastic idea is flawed! Forgive me!

Aurora: Someone must have gone to an acting school. Why not just answer some questions and see if you can't think up anything by the end of it? Plus, this will give us a break from the Image Emporium. Those images are starting to get rather scary!

Link: Too right. Shall we tackle this together, partner?

Aurora: Onward comrade!

I have a question about an item given out by a plot, Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest. I have heard of people on the boards claiming to get a Meowclops from it. I was wondering if this is possible or not because Meowclops is a retired petpet. Thanks for answering! ~ linkey11
Link: The Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest does not, in fact, give out the Meowclops Petpet. The treasure chest picks from 7 other Petpets from the Haunted Woods to give to you. For more information on that AND other items that give you more items, check out our handy-dandy guide here.

Hi JN! My question is a big problem. So, one day I changed my password on my main account, and I said "That's easy for me to remember!" Next day, I forgot. But i said "No worries! I'll just have the 'forget password' email sent to me!" I had the email sent, and it never came. I started getting annoyed. So I tried the 'forgot username' email. That came in 2 seconds, and had the usernames for my side accounts...but not my main account. Now it's been almost three months, and the email still won't come and my main account becomes inactive. I don't know what to do! Do you JNers have any advice for me?? ~ draikgirl8
Link: Oh do I know this problem! I did this to myself in my younger years. The best thing for you to do is use the "forgot password" function again. You have to be patient with the system as well, as it may come quickly or take up to a few days to reach you. If that does not work, send in a report via your side accounts stating that you never received the email.

Hi! *hands you a half-eaten jelly meepit* I was wondering, do you have a page that shows the "elements" of neopets from the old TCG? Such as Zafara-fire, Acara-water and so on. I was just wondering and wanted to know. Thanks! ~ neon_chimera
Link: Unfortunately we do not have such a page. The alignments used in the TCG cards were only given for the game itself. Alignments have no use, as of yet, in the actual site.

All hail The Farmer!

I was wondering... what is the *catfish* smiley supposed to represent? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Aurora: A catfish, what else?

How would you get a Golden Bike or a Flat Tyred Golden Bike without buying it from a user? They don't stock in shops... ~ amymko1999123
Aurora: Only 30 Golden Bikes were released, so they're really hard to find.

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty

I saw in the news that there are new prizes for Ye Old Fishing Vortex so I decided to see what prizes JN had listed. I noticed that it is possible to win a paint brush from the vortex. Is there a list of all possible Paint Brushes that you could win from the vortex? ~ alabamasax
Aurora: Since it's so rare to receive one, we don't have a list. The only one we do know you can get is the Pirate Paint Brush. You can see the other prizes you can get from it here.

I know this isn't a question, but I just wanted to say good job on all of the hard work you do for this site! Absolotaly amazing! ~ watchgal
Honestly, thank you very much. We put a lot of work into JN for you - yes you, and you, and even you over there in the corner! We hope to help for many years to come!

Oh wise JN Team, please answer my plea? Is it safe to use the SSW if I get Premium? Last November I was frozen for the first time ever in my 10 years on the site. No warnings, nothing. The notice said it was "for my protection." When I finally, finally got a response, it was quite acusatory - "you recieved multiple high-end items for next to nothing, which it why you were frozen." Now see, a few weeks before this happened, I found some Paint Brushes in a usershop for 1,000 np each. I've seen this sort of thing before in person and in other's screenies, so I bought them without thinking much of it. The next day the user was frozen. I immediately sent in a ticket, saying that if the items were hacked or scammed or anything, please remove them! And I got a response back, saying they were removed, my nps refunded, and thanks for my honesty. Two days later, I was frozen. I really, really don't want to ever go through that again - it was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. So now, I'm scared to get Premium. I've seen screenies where people use the SSW to buy high-end items really cheaply, and make a huge profit with no problem. So, is it safe? Or will my being frozen (despite doing the right thing and getting the items removed) be a "mark" against me, and I shouldn't bother buying Premium because I'll get iced again? Can you please shed some light on this? (I've had no luck with the NT Editorial, they just put in silly memes these days....) ~ A VERY concerned Neopian
Link: Oh bother, seems like you were in a predicament there. Seems to me that TNT froze you for your own protection because you had stolen items and it was possible that your account had been compromised. "Sniping", as it's called, is okay to do, as many users participate in the fun every day.

Can you tell Link that he is my favorite staffer ~ superstarwarsfan
Link: What a lovely person~
Aurora: There goes his ego; it's shot through the roof. You wrote that one, didn't you?
Link: I swear upon Fyora I did not!

I have 4 accounts. They all use the same email address. Around 2 weeks ago, I attempted to create my final and fifth side. There was an error, and the page said that my email address doesn't receive emails from Neo anymore. How do I change this? ~ Amylicious127
Aurora: Go to 'My Account' on the top bar, click on Preferences, and pick Email Preferences. You can choose to block or receive emails here.

I dont know if this has happened before, but in the game Top Chop, for me, the last three levels wont save, like stay there to be selected. Is this normal? ~ skyleaf360
Aurora: Totally normal. It never saves the last three levels.

Hi guys! I know you don't know anything about this, so I'm just asking your opinion .... do you think there's EVER going to be another plot on neopets? I'm really missing them :( *tear* ~ chestnuttiger787
Link: There is no doubt there is going to be another plot. Plots make the world go 'round~
All we have to do is remain patient! TNT is probably hard at work making something even as we wish upon the north star!

I wish I may, I wish I might, find a plot waiting for me come Monday night...

Hey JN! :D I was wondering on your staff listing page if the pictures of the staff members are drawn by someone here or you guys use some kind of avatar generator thing or what? ~ anonymous
Link: The great and powerful ROSIE draws all the caricatures for all the staff members here, and she also does many of the events here, such as the Negg Hunts and our Holiday Greetings!

All Hail!

What is borovan(A.K.A. Adam)'s avatar and how can I get one? ~ beans_45_6_6
Link: The Borovan avatar, or the Number Six avatar as it's called, is given to those who have the exact amount of Neopoints featured on the About Us page. The price fluctuates every now and then, with either an increase or a decrease in the amount each kilogram of asparagus costs.

At the time of writing this, the asparagus costs 10,749,981 NP per kilogram.

What are your favorite images and/or categories in the Image Emporium? ~ Anonymous
Link: Well MY favorite image is (currently)

because I love the TCG art, and Jeran is my favorite hero from Neopia. I do not keep up with the categories all too much, but I tend to enjoy tagging the Altador Cup and Battledome images!

Aurora: Brace yourselves
Link: Oh my.
Aurora: Oh yes, and as far as categories go, I do so love to skip-to-my-loo among the Neopian Times images we have.

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