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Jellyneo Bake Sale
Published: November 10, 2012

Inside, the strong aroma of baked goodies filled the air, and filled your mind too. You slowly began to see food floating in front of your eyes.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if someone held that bake sale... you started thinking, not even noticing that you'd been standing in the doorway for the past few minutes.

Just as you were about to continue looking for the two staffers, you saw Pingu walk past you with a large box filled with pieces of paper. She was followed by Dream, holding a large plate of freshly baked brownies.

"I'm still doing my sale", said Pingu, looking at you.
Dream just shrugged. "I don't really mind, just be sure to finish the editorial," she confirmed, bribed by the plate of brownies.

"Time to open the stall and answer these questions!" smiled Pingu, and placed an Open sign on the front of the stall.

In Coconut Shy, it seems that even when you right-click in the game, and then left-click outside, and then move the mouse back into the game, the mouse still disappears. It never disappeared the first few days I played it (that wasn't too long ago), but recently (about a week?) it has happened. Is it just me, or have TNT found out or something? Thank you :) *hands over lots and lots of jelly* ~ anonymous
It's most likely due to a Flash Player update that it no longer shows the mouse when clicked, rather than TNT being sneaky about it. I guess you'll just have to find another way to knock off those coconuts. *gobbles down jelly*

So, I stumbled across the Battledome Pose Viewer, and there was an opponent called Stephanie! I've never seen or heard of her before, so I'm curious... Any idea who this person is? She looks like a forerunner of Lawyerbot! ~ anonymous
Stephanie is a former lawyer for Neopets, so you could say she's a forerunner of Lawyerbot. The opponent was never released in the Battledome, though, and has long since been taken off the site.

Hey JN! I really, REALLY hope you guys might have an answer. I have no luck with the NT Editorial, so I thought I'd try here. Ever since Neopets were converted, Lutaris have had some tail troubles. The markings are backwards! Pre-conversion, the dark part was at the tip of the tail, and the light part was a continuation of the main body color. Now the dark part just randomly appears at the base of the tail! D: Any clue what's up with this? Is it a conspiracy?! ~ a concerned Lutari owner
Well, it seems the Lutari got a bit of a color upgrade after the conversion. As a lot of other things got changed too, maybe TNT thought it to be more convenient to have the darker parts at the bottom of the tail.

Red Lutari
New or old... I'm still cool!

Hi! I was looking through the Neoadventures, and came across one that is giving NP out for people who finish and answer some questions in a Neomail (none of which are personal, and the answers can be Googled easily). I finished, but I wanted to know, is this allowed? Can I safely follow this up with a Neomail to the creator, requesting my prize? Thanks :) ~ anonymous
Even if it seems completely harmless, contests in any form are against the rules. The person who made that might not have been aware, but they should not have offered a Neopoint prize for completing their adventure. Regardless of whether or not the players would lose out if the prize was not awarded, contests with a Neopoint, item or pet prize are against the rules.

Will you be making more editorials like "The Jelly in the Staff Room"? I really loved it. (throws chocolate Neopies to the whole cast). ~ Megamanlan10
Why thank you! *hides it from Mika* Well, you never know. There just might come a special edition at some point in time.

Time seemed to pass slowly, especially compared to the speed with which Pingu was making the baked goods disappear one by one.

"Answering questions is hard work. Good thing I have this chocolate!" she announced with a smile, and quickly made the chocolate disappear too.

Although you had no complaints, as she had been properly answering the questions, you started to question if she really did want to sell those cakes.

Hello again, TJNT, how are you today? Anyway, today, my red Lutari (fishing level 50) and I decided to go to Ye Olde Fishing Vortex, hoping to get something rare. Well, I got an "Ancient Shopping List Scroll", which according to your (fantastic) guide is only obtainable once your pet reaches level 58. Could you please fix this? Thanks! ~ neomikey07
Thank you for letting us know, but when you see an error on the site please send us a Bug Report, rather than sending in an editorial question. The "Report Error" link can be found on the bottom of every page. Not only will this help us fix problems faster, since you won't have to wait 2 weeks for somebody to address your issue, but it might also grant you an Error Fixer Trophy for your cabinet.

I'm getting close to completing my music gallery, and the JN database has been an absolutely invaluable tool along the way! Thank you! My gallery includes a section of wearables that actually generate sound, like the Meepit Juice Break Music Track. Most of these items end in "Sound Track" or "Music Track," but others, like the Magical Floor Harp or the Dirt Patch of the Dead, do not. I checked the Advanced Search and the JN Editorial Database, but didn't see a way to search for items with sound files. Could you please help? Thanks! ~ peirigill
There is no way to search for items that have sound files in the IDB. You can, however, search for them using Wardrobe. Simply go to the Advanced Search and from the "Zones" dropdown list, select Sound Effect or Music. This will list all the wearable items that can produce sounds.

Hi Jellyneo! My question today is about the Beauty Contest. I was going there to vote and when, in the Blumaroo section, I saw 2 Blumaroos with the same picture. The Blumaroos had very similar names, different by only a couple of letters, and were owned by 2 different owners. The user lookups didn't have the name of either account as a side account so I'm confused. I haven't been playing Neo for that long so I'd like to know what to do. Thank you, if you answer this question. ~ apple677
This could be one of two cases. First, the accounts could actually be owned by the same person and it's just not listed. You can enter the beauty contest on your side account, though I don't see why they would use the same image twice. The other option is that somebody copied the other person's art. If the image has the creator's name on it, then you might want to tell that person that you saw their art used by another person - though it might be hard to tell who copied whom.

What's the ratio of a Warm Green Blanket working? And if it says "meepie_meepit_meeper is already healed, but they use the Warm Green Blanket anyway!", is this a glitch? ~ emilybat12
You could say it's random. It would take very long and you would need a lot of blankets to calculate an exact ratio, and chances are it would be inaccurate anyway and waste people's time.

And no, that's not a glitch. Healing items can get used up even if your pet is already perfectly healthy.

What are the chances that Pingu can eat that cake on her own?

Hey there Jellyneo! *tosses Brain Tree Muffins at* It seems I've hit a spot of trouble. My account is finally over 24 months old, but I can still only transfer 1 pet per month! Is this some sort of glitch, or is it something I'm doing wrong on my end? ~ shadow_rep
It might be that your account aged in the middle of the month and it didn't add in your extra transfers until the next full month. Also remember that if somebody rejects the transfer you offer, or doesn't accept within 3 days, it still counts as a used transfer even though the transaction never happened. However, if this isn't the case for you then I suggest you send in a ticket to TNT about your problem.

Pingu stared at the muffins for a long time, then suddenly took a big bite out of them.
"These are sort of chewy and...brainy" she mumbled, and tossed the muffins over her shoulder.
You were already nauseous just thinking about the insane amount of sweets she had eaten earlier, so the thought of having to eat a Brain Tree Muffin just made your stomach churn all the more -- and it didn't look like Pingu was planning to stop.

Hey there. :) I love your site, couldn't enjoy Neopets half as much without it, and the three things I use most often are the Dailies Doer, the IDB, and the breathtaking Customization Wardrobe. Anyway, I was doing my dailies, checked the Money Tree, and it was full of Scamanders! I was like "Cool, I'll just grab one--" and it took me to a page with a picture (I have a PrtScr if you want), and around it read: "You grab the Scamander and... It wriggles out of your hand, barely escaping through a hole in the floor. Better luck next time". I checked the Money Tree guide and it didn't mention it. I didn't see anything about it in the random event guides, either. My question is this a new/unknown event, or have the JN staff seen this before? ~ Samhunny
Yes, it does happen. Seen it myself a few times too. Although it isn't mentioned on the Money Tree guide, if you check out the Scamander-in-chief Book of Ages page you will see that he sometimes donates a bunch of Scamanders to the Money Tree. However, they are quite fast and it's hard to catch one. So better luck next time.

Since you already have squids, I now bring you Betta Fish! *gives bowl* I advise that you don't put the males in the same bowl. Alright, something's wrong. I keep trying to customize my Skeith and the loading screen freezes. I refreshed the page and whatnot. Should I not run anything on other tabs while customizing or is my Skeith doomed to wear a dress from the early 1900s? ~ socergrrl
Unfortunately since that page uses Flash Player, and we all know Flash likes to eat memory like a hungry, hungry Skeith, on older computers it can often crash. If you are having problems with it you should try to close all other programs while you are trying to customize. Close all other tabs too. You can also downgrade to an older version of Flash, or try to run it on Google Chrome, as I've noticed that Flash runs a bit faster on that browser than the other ones. If all else fails, try to customize on a computer that's faster than yours. We wouldn't want your pet looking out of fashion!

"But... I can't eat these..." She paused. "Weeeeeell... maybe with the right spices, and a bit of oil..." There was an evil grin on her face, but before she could do anything to the poor fish you quickly took the bowl from her hand and instead gave her a doughnut. Naturally the doughnut disappeared within a second, but by then Pingu had apparently decided to leave the fish alone and answer more questions.

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

Hey JN, Great Site and Very useful. Anyway, I was just wondering if you would be able to add the birthday Calculator to the Drop down list when you hover over the "Goodies" tab at the top of the Page?? It would be very useful to me and I'm sure lots of other users too. *Throws Birthday Cake* Thanks ~ Anon
If you have any sort of feedback, may it be suggestions such as this, comments or complaints you can send us a message by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page. This way your feedback will reach the appropriate staff member very quickly and you won't have to wait for an answer for several weeks.
*happily munches on large slice of cake*

Hi JN! This is a cross Neopets/JellyNeo related question, so if I accidentally cause some vortex to consume the world because there was only an option to pick one please don't get angry... So my first question involves acronyms. You see, for the longest time people have called your Item Database the 'IDB', and then came the In-Depth Battlepedia, which took on the name 'iDB'. Which one is exactly to be referred to as the "I.D.B."? Now secondly, is their any particular reason why we could assume that Mr. Coconut has completely vanished from the Neopian times? I cannot recall any instance where he has recently appeared. Oddly enough, his appearances seem to have ended around the time the Community Hub opened, although it refers to Mr. Coconut with the line "and the ever-endearing mr.coconutů". What do you think? ~ tyuio_k50
The Item Database is usually shortened to IDB, while the In-Depth Battlepedia is iDB. Notice the small "i". Although to avoid mixups, we often refer to the Battlepedia as iDBP. The extra P can do wonders to avoid confusion.

As for Mr. Coconut, my sources tell me that he's been gone since way before the Community Hub appeared. He might be on an extended vacation. So I wouldn't worry; he might just reappear randomly one day.

Oh wise Jellyneo *throws diamond shaped cookies and rainbow toe socks* I have searched far and wide for an answer to this question: What color is Hannah the Usul? I know she has brown hair, but if she were given a paintbrush color name, what would it be? I am going insane not knowing. ~ iilianora
*stares at socks while nomming the cookies*
It seems Hannah is a bit of a special case. Although she sort of looks like a regular Yellow Usul, since she's missing her neck fur it's really hard to tell. That, and the hair is unique too. I think it's fair to say Hannah has her own color, but that is what makes her special.

Dragona would love these

Hey JN. *hands you bubble tea* Last editorial you mentioned that Lutaris cannot be transferred or abandoned. But now I'm curious: if you abandon a Lutari, what happens to its NAME? Will it still have a pet lookup? And more importantly...do these mysteriously vanished Lutaris' names still purge? ~ anonymous
*drinks tea* Hmmm bubbly!

The name is still going to be taken until the next purge.
As answered in this editorial:

Yo TJNT! *throws Royal boy Draiks* I was searching in the Neopets search bar for random pet names to see if I could find any cool pets in the pound and I searched flamingcoconut and it came up with "Error: This Neopet was abandoned and has run away so as not to be placed in the pound!" Did the Meepits scare this pet away? ~ Chia_McBia1

*Hands one to Link*

Nope, we can be sure this time that the Meepits are not to blame. Lutari have a very perpetual habit of running away when an owner attempts to abandon it at the pound. So flamingcoconut is possibly relaxing on an island somewhere, drinking out of flaming coconuts and catching some rest and relaxation until the next purge.

Neopets have such wonderful Halloween stuff. Why doesn't Neopets have a Dia de los Muertos fiesta??!!!! (English: Day of the Dead party) Celebrate a little longer :) ~ naaniepie
Who doesn't love Halloween? Though it's only for one day, if you were lucky enough to grab yourself the Halloween site theme then you can easily keep the feeling going yourself. And don't forget that you can always send suggestions to TNT simply by going to the Help link on the bottom of every Neopets page.

Why do 1/2 and 1/3 omelettes always have a higher price in the Item DB? I actually did some research, and found that it was the same on the Shop Wiz. Shouldn't they be worth less, since they come from the first omelette and because they aren't as much food? Thanks, and cookies in advance! ~ wolflovermoon
*takes the cookie* Thanks :D

As with a lot of other items, the usefulness of an item isn't necessarily equal to the price. A lot of times you can see items that are worth slightly more than their "upgraded" counterparts. This is simply because either there are fewer of that item or there is a higher demand for it.
Think of it this way: there might be a few less semi-eaten omelettes than full ones, making them harder to get. It might be less noticeable with common ones, but say you had a really expensive omelette; I'm sure you wouldn't want to feed it to your pet, and that would make the partly eaten one less common.

You were stunned that Pingu could still continue eating. The stall already looked empty, but she had yet to sell anything besides that cupcake you'd got earlier.

I'm not sure if this has been asked yet, but if you change the email on one account, is it still a side account or not? This has been worrying me for some time now. My main used to be my friend's side, so I changed the email, but now she has started playing again. ~ [username removed]
This is why account sharing is against the rules. Even though you changed the email, that account is still counted as one of your friend's side accounts, which you should not have accessed.
You should create yourself a new account (or use one of your existing side accounts) with your own email and make that your new main. It'd be best if your friend closed that account, but even if she doesn't, you need to stop accessing it as you may both get frozen for account sharing.

Hello JN. I know you must be tired of having things thrown at you so I'll just gently place the freshly baked cookies next to you. Your guide hasn't updated since early September so I'm wondering: is Dimensional available through the lab ray? ~ Isaac
*munches on cookies* I think I ate too many of these.

Dimensional isn't on the list of restricted colors, so technically it can be obtained via lab ray. I managed to find one Dimensional pet whose owner says the color came from a lab zap; I can't be 100% sure that's true, but I don't really see a reason for the owner to lie. However, as with any other color, it might take a very long time to get, so you'll just have to keep trying.

A slight grin came to your face as you noticed Pingu struggling with the last cookie. Seems like she does have limits after all, you chuckled to yourself, but to your surprise she still had a satisfied face.

"Clearly, today was a success!" she proudly exclaimed. "There is hardly anything left." With that, she officially closed her stall.

You shook your head, but decided it wasn't worth the bother of explaining to her why she was wrong. With all the questions answered, you decided to head home too, maybe even to reward yourself with another cupcake.

Pingu: There is no such thing as too many cakes. Although on second thought...

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