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Brits, Bugs and Betas
Published: October 13, 2012

The Battledome may be closing, but we at Jellyneo are open to battle confusing questions 24/7! So while we wait for the closed beta to be carried out, why not get yourself some popcorn and enjoy these fine editorial questions? More nutritious than a bag of Chia Flour to the face!

Can we send the score in the Buzzer Game with a glitch that gives bonus points? ~ anonymous
You should never take advantage of a glitch, even if it's one you think everybody knows about. This simply isn't the way Neopets games were meant to be played -- it's supposed to be fun, fair and challenging for everyone. What's more, you can quite justifiably be punished by TNT if they think you're trying to mess with games to get a better score. Stick to our list of official cheats, which only lists things TNT intended people to use.

Under the Site Themes Guide, there is a link to a pet with a purple pet and a purple petpet. My pet is the same, but my sister couldn't get the theme from me. Is there a certain age your pet has to be so others can get the theme? ~ superkaren11
We don't think there is a certain age. Has your sister checked her preferences page to see whether the theme is there? It's possible that she might have got it even if the message didn't appear.

Is there any way, through source coding or what-have-you, to view the items or neopoints accepted for someone else's past trade or auction? For example, is there any way for me to know how much User A accepted from User B on lot #123? Or for me to see the closing prices of Weewoo auctions in the last six months? It would be really convenient for fair pricing purposes, especially in item databases like yours. :) ~ neoplanthour
We don't currently know of any way to do this, which is why we have to rely on you lovely people to send in price reports. You can usually view an auction for a few minutes after it closes, if you know the URL, but once it's gone, it's gone for good. I seem to remember that TNT did once try to keep an automated record of how users' prices for items were fluctuating, but I don't believe it lasted very long -- certainly, they seemed to have given up on it sometime before I joined the site in Year Six. :(

Poogle Shopkeeper
If I keep grinning like this, nobody will notice I'm lying.

I don't know if this has to do with neopets or not. I click an item in my inventory and then select an action, then I click close and refresh in the item window, but my inventory doesn't refresh. I don't know who I would tell. Neopets or the people of my browser which is firefox. I'm using a beta of firefox 4 just in case this will help. I don't know if you guys could help me on this, but like I said I really don't know who to tell so please help! ~ anonymous
Beta versions of browsers can often act in bizarre and unexpected ways. I would advise uninstalling the beta, getting the latest stable release of Firefox, and checking to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then the issue is with the browser; you need to go back to the Firefox beta site and report a fault with the beta release. If the problem persists in a non-beta version of Firefox, and only seems to affect Neopets, then that's when you should think about sending a bug report to TNT.

Hi Jellyneo! I was just wondering when I was doing the Altador plot the combinations never work! Are you sure it works? ~ 2002susan
We've had the same plot guide for several years now, and very few complaints. As far as we're aware, the solutions listed there should work for everyone. If you're having problems you believe our guide doesn't cover, drop us a line, giving as much detail as possible about what you're doing and at what point it's diverging from what we have on the page. We'll do our best to look into it.

Wooooooh! It's the anonymous user (scary!!!) with a question. How are the AC wins/losses/draws figured out? Are they an average of all the fans' scores, or generated by TNT? ~ anonymous
Somewhere between the two. Altador Cup standings are certainly determined by the behaviour of each team's players -- if TNT were just making up numbers, there'd be no point playing! However, although we don't know for sure how scores are worked out, TNT's method is thought to go through various tweaks and twists to account for things like varying team sizes.

TNT probably won't ever make their full system public, as it would make it easier for players to try and work around it in less-than-ethical ways -- and nobody wants allegations of unfair play in such an important Neopia-wide event. Just do your best, and TNT and their complicated arithmetic will do the rest.

Cheerleader Peophin
Come on, team! Come on, team! Go go go go!
We may be winning! We really don't know!
But until the overnight scoring is done
No-one can tell us we're NOT number one!

Hi there! So I opened up a Blue Bruce Christmas Cracker but when I opened it, my pet said thanks for the Blue Bruce Christmas Cracker and under that it said I had opened a Fire Quiggle Christmas Cracker. And then the items I got were from a Blueberry Chia Christmas Cracker! What just happened?!?! Is this a glitch? ~ Anonymous
Sometimes mistakes like this do happen -- it's likely that someone just pasted in the wrong part of a document about what should happen when items are opened. In this case, since the item still does work like a cracker, it's a fairly easy mistake to overlook (unlike, say, edible Petpets or wearable iced buns). If you find something like this, the best thing to do is to submit a bug report to the Neopets Team so it can be reviewed and sorted out.

Whatever happened to the new Joodle Mart? 0_o ~ Gordy_777
It's proved... complicated. We love the idea of rewarding JN readers for participation, and the original Mart was one of the first manifestations of that wish. However, figuring out what sort of functionality a revamped Mart would offer (especially in its shinier jnForum home, which differs from forum versions we've had before) proved harder than we had originally thought. Accumulating points is kind of... well, pointless if we can't think of anything for you to spend them on. Rather than force ourselves to create something second-rate just so we can stick the "Joodle Mart" name on it and say "look, we did bring it back!", we've preferred to look into other options in the last few years.

We're not saying that the Mart absolutely, positively won't ever come back, but we think trophies as a reward system are probably the way forward, at least for the near future. They have the advantage of being tied to your jnAccount, so anything you do in site events like the Negg Hunt can be recorded and rewarded.

Above all, we'd like you guys to stay open-minded about whatever new possibilities we come up with. We don't always know for sure what the future's going to look like -- for Jellyneo or for Neopets -- but we can be confident it's going to be a lot of fun. ^_^

Modelling Trophy
Don't you want me, baby?

Was Faerieland available during the Faeries Ruin Plot when the faeries were petrified? Because if it were it wouldn't make sense with the story since they had turned into stone. ~ tratoonfan2_reborn
Faerieland could be visited (at least, until it came crashing out of the sky!), but any activity involving Faeries, such as the Healing Springs or Faerie Quests, couldn't be completed while the plot was running. (One exception was Gormball, where resident Faerie player Ember appeared to have escaped petrification -- since the playing field is far above Neopia, maybe the spell didn't reach that far. Or, y'know, TNT just forgot.)

Please add a page full of your Staff Caricatures. ~ legolord632
You can see our entire team in their full caricaturistical glory here. If you're referring to temporary costumes and modifications, we don't generally keep a public record of those after the event they're associated with has ended. Like the events themselves, they're something you just have to be around at the time to see before they disappear!

Well hi there! As an avid Ogrin collector, I was surprised at not being able to determine if my favorite species was...well...themselves or not! I won an "Extreme Shenkuu" book, but I can't figure out for the life of me who, or what even, is on the cover. It's got what appears to be Ogrin ears and the right face, but a Bori-like tail. Any ideas who, or what, this might be? ~ katpow89
You may have to go to the Neopets Team on this one. Which is to say, until I read your question, I was convinced the thing was an Aisha.

Mystery Pic Scorchio
Do we have a contender for the next Mystery Pic?

Is Neopets available in Thailand (meaning can it be played in the Thai language)? My sister-in-law and a whole lot of her friends are avid players of several games on Facebook, but are getting bored with them after a few years of the same things. I know they'd love Neopets - the problem is that most of them don't speak much English, thus my question. I really appreciate all the time you staffers spend on keeping Jellyneo alive (even if I do sometimes hit you on the head with a big hammer - please don't take it personally). ~ ahrie
A hammer? ...I don't think I want to know.

You can see all the languages Neopets is currently available in by looking in the dropdown menu at the bottom of every Neopets page. At the moment, Neopets can be played in English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean (although not all site features are usable in all these languages). Unfortunately, this doesn't include Thai. Don't give up yet, though -- the site has a lot of pictures and simple buttons, which don't require a shared language to understand. Maybe you should help by showing your sister-in-law the basics of the English site -- a lot of foreign Neopets players say that Neopets has helped them learn English, and she could be the newest!

What kind of petpetpets are the invading pests in Habitarium? I can't find them in the Item Database. ~ mysticmajin
The Pests don't belong to a currently known Petpetpet species. Maybe that's just as well, since they seem to be quite hostile and bitey. Would you want one of those sinking its teeth into your Petpet's leg?

Angry Hungry Bug
And if you clap your hands near them too much,
they'll turn into rubies at the least convenient moment.

Hullo there. Just wondering, if I were to submit something to the NT, how long would it take for me to receive a notification that my comic/article/story got in? ~ anonymous
If your submission gets accepted, you'll generally find out that same week. It's pretty rare for people to get published without knowing about it, although technical hitches do happen. If your submission isn't accepted, you'll probably be told whether it was rejected or held over within a couple of weeks of sending it. Good luck!

Hi JN! In your last editorial, "Moo-ing Around The Fishtank" you ended the story with: "At least my princess WAS in the right castle!" Is that in reference to the Super Mario Bros. series? Also, what do you think a fuzzle is supposed to be exactly? Not an EVIL Fuzzle... But just a Plain Fuzzle. It looks kind of like a Jubjub, don't you think? ~ tyuio_k50
Mischievous geeks with a fondness for computer games and making gratuitous pop-culture references? Us? Surely you must be thinking of someone else. *whistles innocently*

As for the Fuzzles, personally they've always reminded me of those strange little fluffy bug stickers that get given out to promote charities or organisations. The eyes are distinctly less goggly, but I'm convinced the resemblance is there -- big feet and all.

Hi JN! *throws sushi* I was wondering if there was any way TNT can enlarge our inventory space? My inventory is always overloaded :( ~ Anonymous
As ever, we are not the Neopets Team and don't know what they plan to do. However, there doesn't seem to be much need for a larger inventory when we already have the colossal Safety Deposit Box, which can hold as many items as you can accumulate! Trying to keep all those items in your inventory would result in a HUGE page, especially since items on hand are displayed one at a time -- if you had 300 Mossy Rocks in your inventory, each one would get its own picture. Slow connection nightmare!

If you find you don't have enough space, get into the habit of filing stuff away in your SDB, and only take out items when you actually want to use them. A tidy inventory makes for a tidy Neopian life.

Messy Study
Says the girl with a roomful of lost socks.

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