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Mooing around the Fishtank
Published: September 29, 2012

MOOOO!!!!! *charges poorly organized Blobikins army*

I am new here, and doing the editorial. So now to help you get to know me more, I will entertain you with an epic tale of Fish Love between the Moofish (SirCabbage) and the Auggufish. See if you can guess all the Neopets items the Blobikins are using... >_>

I've been training my pet for a long time. While I know she's nowhere near the strongest pet on the site, I would like to see how she stacks up against other pets of her species and color. Is there a way to search through all Neopets by color, species, and Battledome stats to see a list of the strongest pets of each color/species combination? If not, that might be something you guys could consider creating. ~ anonymous
A top 50 pet list is one thing that we would like to get on the Battlepedia in the far future... but for now, there are many issues with that. While your pet may or may not be in that list, it should give you a good idea of where you stand in comparison. While this would not let you sort pets by colour and species, you could do something like this yourself using our Rainbow Pool to browse the Pet Directory. You'd only see a limited number of pets, though. I know you asked this question a long time ago, but I hope this answers your question.

Do you think those little purple bugs will try to take over Neopia? *Throws Ferroius Neggs at you* P.S. they would have been a cute P3, huh? ~ emilybat12
MINE! *grabs all the Neggs* *runs off leaving a small note*

Doubtful, they were just part of an event to redo Roo Island. But they could pop up again for unrelated reasons.

Look, there's Elon Hughlis! Just kidding. What do you think would happen if players from different Altador Cup teams went missing? ~ Tobbie_ah4_aa
Well, they would replace them. A lot of times players get replaced either by new players or by players from other teams. My favorite, Dorina from Maraqua, was replaced, and that was a shame.

I came across a board advertising how to "earn infinite neopoints". I knew it had to be a scam, but my curiosity got the best of me. To be safe, I visited the petpage they said on a different computer, which wasn't logged onto any account; there was a "guide", but it was obviously total rubbish. My question is, do I have to worry about CGers or anything from this incident? Also, the guide was composed of things like "play seven games of Fashion Fever, then refresh twice on the homepage"; if I wanted to try it just for fun, would there be any kind of punishment? Thanks, and I hope you can help! ~ kooky_user
Since you logged in on a completely unconnected PC you would have been safe even from a CG. However, following instructions from this kind of page is a risky thing to do and can easily backfire. Pages that seem too good to be true are often either scams, or glitch abuse. Scams will get you stolen from, while glitch abuse will get you frozen. In this case, there is no way that either the Petpage maker nor TNT could notice what you were doing... but if that kind of action ever had worked, you could have been frozen for glitch abuse. When in doubt, stick to using well known petpages or fansites such as your friends at Jellyneo.net and remember to stay safe and avoid falling for scams.

None shall stand in the way of my finn!

Hello again Jellyneo! *hands some Food* Great work on the new In-depth Battlepedia. I am just wondering if you would add a feature that will allow to search by shop (like "hidden tower" or "magic shop"). i also cannot find shield of faerieland. thank you. ~ misty_lax
At the moment, the Battlepedia is very much a work in progress. Soon we will be releasing our Advanced Search function, which will make it easier to search for items based on where they stock and the like. As of now, the best way to see what stocks where is to open the item in the Battlepedia and click the "restocks at" area. This will link you over to a search on the Item Database which shows what you need to see.
As for that shield, some items were recently missing from the Battlepedia. When we find out that they aren't there we add them as soon as possible. If you find any of these missing items you can report them here and we will add them as soon as possible.

I am constantly stalking the Chocolate shop in hopes of obtaining the chocolate item I need for the avatar but never see anything over 1000 neopoints, Is there a trick to this? ~ Kelda
I am not a restocker myself so I can't give in-depth help. However, if you look on our Item Database's "Special Searches" page you will find a list for the chocolate avatar. Besides this, it is often a good practice to try and restock while America is asleep if possible. Normally there are less restockers on at that time.

My cabbages?!?! ~ Moo
Nynex, get off the editorial. You know I don't like that show.

It's either her, or this editorial was attacked by mad avatar fans.

Hello Jellyneo! *gives cookies* I was wondering why I get logged out of my JN account after some time. I don't log out of my JN account so... I wanted to know... :) great work on the InDepth Battlepedia by the way... thanks for answering ~ misty_lax
Jellyneo cookies are set to expire after a certain period of time. While this may not be the same as other sites you visit it is for your own safety. Also... Glad you like our Battlepedia! The team here has been working very hard getting it up to scratch and there is more on the way!

I recently sniped a Handcrafted Fyora Plushie off the SSW. What was the most recent price you Jellyneo peoples can find out? ~ anonymous
Well, the last price we had on file was all the way back in 2009, which you should in no way interpret as the current price. The reason there is no price there now is because of rules we at the Item Database have to follow. We cannot put a price on an item if there are not enough items with that price, or all we would be doing is influencing the Neopian economy negatively. That being said, if you find an item which appears to have a solid price, you can report it to us to add.

Well, okay. Maybe SOMETHING will stand in my way... I WILL WIN ;-;

-flings cabbages with parachutes- When can ratings and reviews be expected to appear in the In-depth Battlepedia? ~ melncholy
I CAN FLLYYYYYYY!!!! Anyway, the ratings system has actually recently been completed. While there is still some work to be done internally, hiring is already taking place for raters and we will be able to see reviews coming in soon after.

Hi JN monkeys. Quick question regarding your Item Database; will you ever try to implement a "latest additions" page with all items, whether they are active or MIA or whatnot, on your database? Having a sort of wishlist style or search style page of "items added during August 2012" would be really useful to people with extensive galleries or just those who want to know if an item released in one month has gone active yet. Hope you'll think it over and cookies for everyone! ~ faithful_jewel
Well, Faith, unfortunately for that pile of cookies they are still ours to munch on now. We actually already have a page for the newest items, which you get to by clicking the Newest Items special search. This shows you the 75 most recently added items into our database and is a handy tool for spotting new items. Alternately, you can also add the "Newest Items" RSS feed. As for the dates and the like, you can easily set up the database to sort by "release" and view an even larger list of items by release date!

Some things will be MIA forever...

Hullo, Sir Cabbage who goes moo! So, you've written NT articles? How many, and what about? Thanks for your time. ^^ ~ tennyelion36
Before joining JN staff I wrote 7 articles for the Times. I will publish more later for sure too, however since I only write articles and not stories or the like I am more limited. As for what they were about, they focused mainly on the economy of Neopets, with a couple of offside articles such as one on Maraqua and one on Gothic Styles. It is a great way to get free paint brushes to sell, and is fun to get people to learn something new :P

Hey there! Here! *hands you a compliment* You can definitely not have too many of those. I was wondering, is there any way to add Neoquest to your favorite games? I am trying to get the gold trophy, and it is annoying to have to go to the games room and have to look it up every time I want to play. Thanks a bunch! ~ Lizzie T.
There sure is! I was just informed that the way to add them is to visit the game room pages for Neoquest I or Neoquest II, and click on the heart icon to add them to your favorites.

Why are there so few good editorial questions this week? ~ SirCabbage
I'm glad you asked that, Me! There are so few because we don't get nearly enough submitted each week. So please, find that impossibly hard to find "ask a question" button and ASK US STUFF.

At least my princess WAS in the right castle! Also... THE END

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