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(725) Days Since Last Supernatural Petrification Incident
Published: September 15, 2012

Well, it's almost time for the Faerie Festival! A glorious few days in the Month of Gathering when Neopia's magical guardians bestow gifts upon us and make their enchanted powers work for the good of all. With summer over and the first autumn leaves beginning to fall, it's time for the festivities to get underway!

...Or, at least, it would be time if those darned Faeries would show up already.

Empty Festival Glade

I've been doing preparations single-handedly for hours and there's not been a spark of magic to be seen. Where on Neopia have they got to?

You don't suppose... *gulp* ...Nah. Tell you what, I'll go and look for them, and you can entertain yourself with these informative editorial questions. Don't go anywhere, okay?

In response to my question in the JN editorial, will you be making a page where we can see all the upcoming games? It would be very interesting since I remember some revamp of Gadgadsgame being posted, and now I can't find it anymore. Keep up the good work at JN! ~ Bartdrunkeys
Most of the new features we find appear on Neopets within a week or two of our posting them, so keeping a separate page to archive large amounts of upcoming Neopets news isn't really an issue. If for any reason you do want to browse through past newsposts quickly, you can either use our site-specific Google search over there on the left (with keywords like "revamp" or "Gadgadsgame") and look for any results with "comments" in the URL, or use our Twitter feed as a kind of contents list in reverse chronological order.

When you are making counters (goals) where do and how do you type the code??? ~ seceret
JN goal counters are set up so that you shouldn't have to type in any additional information -- just copy and paste the code into your userlookup, pet description, petpage or forum signature, and you're set to go. If you're having problems getting it to work, first make sure you're using the right code -- the one for forums is somewhat different from the one to use on Neopets, for instance. If it still isn't behaving as it should, send us a bug report with as much information as possible and we'll look into it.

What was the prize for the winning team for the Froot Loops Challenge in 2010? The totals for both sides say 0% and the daily trivia is no longer there, so it is probably over. ~ Solsticesprite
As far as we can determine, no final prize was ever awarded, possibly due to technical hitches. Since it's been two years, I think it's safe to say no late prizes will be forthcoming at this point. Still, it's not the winning that matters... it's the taking part!

Ogrin Master
No, I can assure you I haven't seen any Faeries, my child.
...I'm not sure that's entirely as helpful as I wanted.

About the Neotitles you get with an older account as a user perk (e.g. Team Dung, Team Sloth), what are the account ages you get them at? I'm rather distressed at not having Team Asparagus yet...:( ~ firtree20
If it's any comfort to you, at 100 months I don't have Asparagus either. I believe it unlocks at ten years, and the others you mention at seven.

Hey Jellyneo :) I just received a Warning from TNT today for my language use. Problem is, I never did anything! It was the first time I had been on today, and a warning had popped up. Is there any way I can find out what I apparently said? Could I sent a Ticket to TNT or something? Also, how many warnings do you get before your account is frozen? I'm scared now! ~ Anonymous
There's no hard and fast rule about how many warnings you can get before being frozen. It depends entirely on what you did, and whether the monitors think you're likely to keep on doing it. You could get half a dozen warnings for small borderline offences (although I wouldn't advise testing this!) or commit a major violation and get iced on the spot.

As for your situation, it may be that someone's hand slipped and you were sent the wrong warning form for your particular offence -- or you may simply have overlooked something that did break the rules of language use. I'd agree that you're best off sending in a ticket. Don't worry too much about a single warning, though -- as long as you stick within the rules from now on, it's unlikely to foreshadow any serious trouble.

Ghost Cybunny
So, spill the beans. Who's been stealing your identity and ruining the Faerie Festival THIS time, hmmm?
For the last time, woman, I am a perfectly normal Ghost Cybunny!
Suuuure, you're a 'perfectly normal Ghost Cybunny'.
Not wanting to get that MAGAX suspicious, huh? Don't worry; I can keep a secret. *wink*

It's at times like these I wish I could hurl fireballs.

So I was wondering, why doesn't TNT donate or sell the items on frozen accounts that are permanently frozen? Say it was frozen for a reason that couldn't result in the reinstatement of the account. Because I have heard of "one of" plot prizes being frozen on certain accounts and I find this unfair to the other users. Same should go for np earned. ~ anonymous
It's worth remembering when thinking about questions like this that all items and Neopoints in Neopia are essentially made of data created on the Neopets Team's computers. If TNT decide that there should be more of a particular item in Neopia, they can easily create new ones from scratch with the right commands -- there's no need to physically dig through the depths of somebody's Safety Deposit Box to find the only existing copy. The fact that they haven't done this with one-of-a-kind plot prizes suggests that they have no interest in putting those items back into the economy at the moment. (Which isn't to say it will never happen; look at Dr. Sloth's stamp auctions and the TrillionFTW celebrations as excellent examples of near-extinct items being introduced back into Neopia. I wouldn't hold your breath for any particular item, however.)

The same goes for Neopoints, only more so; the amount of money that TNT allow players to get their hands on is always tricky to balance, but one thing that doesn't affect it is how many NP are stuck in frozen accounts. The advantage to having a currency made entirely of computer data is that you don't have to rummage around for enough gold to melt down when you want a new supply of coins.

Why is it that during 2007 when the NC Mall opened my country had access to the NC Mall, and I think they gave 50 free NC, and now I can't go in there? ~ legoforboid
TNT have to abide by individual countries' rules and regulations when it comes to what they can and can't allow users to do, and those can change over time. (Older users in a few countries may remember the kerfuffle over certain chance games becoming unavailable, for instance.) In general, the trend we're seeing is towards more countries having access to the Mall, as TNT find ways to make the rules work for them. You seem to have had a spot of bad luck, though. :( The good news is that there's nothing to stop users receiving gift boxes, wherever they live, so if there's a particular item you're desperate to get your paws on, maybe your international friends can help you out.

Angry Janitor Chasing Vaeolus
Well, what is it? And make it quick; I've got a Vaeolus to chase.
I'm trying to find out what's happened to the Faeries. The Faerie Festival can't get started until I find them.
Fine, I'll look. Anything to get your muddy feet off my nice clean floor!

Hey! JN, I forgot my PW, so I tried to send it to my email, just that it is included on my email as "ead4209f630ae36d3088ddc3a936a0db" ~ luccacabeco
This is a nasty glitch that was going around a little while ago. If you can't change your email in the preferences section, you may have to get in touch with the Neopets Team. In general, it's a good idea to check your profile information every so often just to make sure everything is correct.

You REALLY should make jellypets an actual thing! I know it was for april fools, but the whole concept may be one of the most deep concepts of gaming I have ever seen. The sockos are amazing, the pets are spectacular, and the plot is extraordinary. You honestly SHOULD make jellypets real. You would have made the funnest game on the internet. ~ Sharkattacktigers
We would also have had the most overworked unpaid staff on the Internet. :P It's sometimes easy to forget exactly how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to keep a site like Neopets running successfully. For every piece of pretty artwork, cool Flash game, or interesting story we see on the site, there's weeks or months of designing/programming/debugging/monitoring processes we'll never glimpse -- and that's before the new feature fails to work in some bizarre and unexpected way that requires half a dozen fixes. Then there's the dedicated hardware required to make sure the entire site doesn't implode in a cloud of failure and distress every time school lets out in one of the major American timezones... Let's just say that there's a reason the Neopets Team get paid real money, not just Neopoints.

We loved creating everything to do with Jellypets, and we're delighted that you loved it too. But running a fully functional petsite 24/7, with regularly updated content and the kind of quality you've come to expect from Jellyneo, is simply far, far beyond the capability of a small group of volunteer staff -- and trying to make it work would take all the fun out of Jellypets and make it something we resented for being stressful. Rather than attempt a project we don't have the resources to handle, we're going to keep putting our effort and creativity into being the best Neopets fansite on the world wide web. That doesn't mean we won't keep coming up with interesting events and ideas for special occasions, though -- and we hope you'll tune in for whatever we think of next!

Jelly Recipe Book
Besides, the help page for Jellypets would have to be called "Jellyjelly", and that would just be silly.

Is it "Shenkuunese" or "Shenkuuvian"? P.S. Snarkie referred to you as the source of all knowledge in the Editorial, so you should know :D ~ swisscat
This background uses the word "Shenkuuvian" in its description; the term also appeared in the "Shhhhh!" step of the Faeries' Ruin plot. If you're looking for canonical usage, that seems to be the one to go with.

Are baby pets harder to keep happy? My baby Aisha is always sadder than my other Neopets. ~ anonymous
As the owner of a Baby Neopet myself, I haven't noticed any particular difficulty when it comes to keeping him as happy as the rest of my little family. Active Neopets do seem to get more miserable than inactive pets, so if you tend to keep your Aisha active as a Boochi guard, it makes sense that s/he would need more cheering up than your other pets.

what's up with the "Keep Out!" sign on Krawk Island? does it do nothing? ~ anonymous
As far as we can tell, it currently does absolutely nothing. Presumably whichever pirates set it up are keeping their plans under wraps until a later date. Rest assured that we'll let you know if we spot any suspicious activity out there...

It's a good thing you called me. I've brought all the curse-dispelling potions and artifacts I could find.
Thanks, Kauvara. For the Faeries to be so late to the festival, something must really be wrong.
I've examined every floor in Faerieland for footprints and traces of magic.
Seems like those awful Faeries headed down to the kitchens not long ago.

Quick! Let's get down there!

Your article on pet intelligence states that only Grundos and hatched Draiks have an intelligence level of 0 ('Dim Witted'), and that all other neopets start out at level 10 ('Average'). If this is correct, why is it that my Jetsam has 'Dim Witted' intelligence? Of course, he has never read any books. Is this previously unknown information? Or is there a way to make your pet 'less intelligent' that I don't know about? Thanks! ~ reptilicon
There are a few ways of decreasing pet intelligence. It's the booby prize from the Wheel of Knowledge; Glamour Neggs lower a pet's intelligence slightly when eaten; and then there's the Scroll Potion, a Battledome item that drains your opponent's smarts when used successfully. All of these seem like they'd be pretty hard not to notice, though.

You don't mention whether you created or adopted your Jetsam; if you didn't create him, it's possible he didn't start out as his current species. When a pet is morphed or labbed, s/he keeps all his/her existing stats -- which is how you can end up with a teeny tiny ex-Flotsam Eyrie, or a Pea Chia the size of a tree. So if your pet started out as a dim-witted Grundo, turning him into a Jetsam wouldn't suddenly boost his brainpower.

Hey Jellyneo!! Yeah, I was wondering what was the longest plot that happened at Neopets and what would be the shortest? ~ tratoonfan2_reborn
The longest plot ever to happen on Neopets seems to have been Champions of Meridell, which lasted a good nine months before peace finally prevailed. As for the shortest, thanks to the puzzle-loving brains of the Neopian public, the Neopets V2 plot was successfully solved in just four days. It's not often you can miss an entire plot just by taking a few days off...

Onward, brave companions! We have to face whatever horrible monster is down here...
Flotsam Chef
I don't think I like your tone, ma'am.
A chef? Are you making the feast for the Festival?
I certainly am. In fact, the Faeries were down here just a while ago to sample my menu.
I see. But where could they have gone since then?
I have no idea. I'm far too busy with my cookery.
Fyora asked me to recreate the best dishes from every Faerie Festival there's ever been!

Yes, that does sound quite the challe... wait a minute...

Hey guys/TJNT/(insert name of person who is doing the editorial here) So I was wondering about the "Coming Soon!" section on neopets. It seems really outdated to me (as in, I think it's been like that since I joined neopets five years ago), so my question is, what stuff on the list has been done already, and what hasn't? And do you think that the things that haven't been done on that list will ever be done? I hope TNT either updates it or takes it down soon, because it's sorta getting on my nerves .... ~ chestnuttigerclaws
Well, we've certainly had lots of "Flash Game Makeovers" and "Things to Wear" in the past few years. (Especially that last one!) It's debatable whether the "Mysterious Voyage" mentioned on the list has ever "continued"; we did get Atlas of the Ancients, but while that plot featured a familiar character (Roxton Colchester) and a lot of voyaging, it didn't really seem to continue any unresolved threads from earlier plots. The other things on that list don't appear to have materialised, at least not in any recognisable form.

It's always pretty hard to predict the future, even if you have some good project ideas in mind. That goes for the Neopets Team as much as anyone. I don't think we can blame TNT for failing to follow through on ideas originally brainstormed sometime around Year Nine or Ten. We've had plenty of other nice surprises that aren't on that list, after all, from Maractite and Woodland Neopets to Key Quest and, of course, the Faeries' Ruin -- which had all the more impact for not being mentioned in advance! While it's interesting to speculate about what the future might look like, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole page vanishes one of these days.

Are you allowed to do the new Mysterious Negg Cave daily on your side accounts? Because its not giving out neopoints as prizes, so I'm just wondering whether it is possible. Many Thanks! ^_^ ~ anonymous
Any activity that gives out non-Neocash items is also off limits to side accounts, with the exception of the Faerieland Healing Springs. Because the Negg Cave gives out item prizes, you won't be able to visit on your side account. If one puzzle a day isn't enough mental exercise for you, why not check the Neoboards and see if anyone needs help solving theirs? Two heads are better than one!

It's been a long search, but here are the Faeries at last, exactly where I guessed they'd be...

Tooth Faerie

Fyora! Do you have any idea what time it is?! Your dentist's visit is delaying the whole Faerie Festival!
My apologiesh. That chef wash sho proud of his sholid shtone pie that none of ush had the heart to turn it down.
If you all just hold still and behave, I'll have your teeth mended in a jiffy. Jhudora, that means you too!

Angry Janitor

So we came all this way because of a pie? That makes me so... angry! Rrrrrrrrrr!
Yurble, wait! You can't hit Fyora with that mop! That's treasonous activity!
Who ever said I was aiming for HER?!
Eep. Something tells me I'd better get out of here. Hope you all enjoyed the editorial, and have a good Faerie Festival!