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Monkey Business
Published: September 1, 2012

Mynci Key Quest Token
Yes, I'm Skumby, but don't interrupt me; I'm playing Monkey Quest! I don't have time for any monkey business!

Or.. maybe it's that I DO have time for monkey business? *ponders*

Gahh! No time for pondering! I'm far too busy playing Monkey Quest so I can earn NC to help buy tokens for Key Quest, which is what I do when I'm not playing NeoQuest. I'm quite the quester *cough*

Enough! Questions followed by answers - ready, go!

Hi y'all! I was just wondering, where can I find the older version of Feed Florg? I found this link: http://images.neopets.com/games/g156_v1.swf, but it just sends me to a blank page. Please? I've always wanted to see what the old version was like. ~ silly51366507
If that link no longer works, then TNT probably took the game down. Don't worry, though, because as I recall the old Feed Florg game was extremely similar to the current version :)

Blinking Kadoatie
Terrified to be eaten by Florg?
Sorry, this is the old version. The only expression I can do is "bored".

Hello! *juggles Meepits* Okay, I tried everything to beat Eyrieki, but no luck. What weapons do you recommend? ~ the supermegaultra 1337 man
Keep checking the In-Depth Battlepedia, where we'll hopefully soon have information on topics like this! In general, if you're having trouble beating an opponent, it can be helpful to do some training to increase your stats. Strength is going to be a pretty important one to work on. As for weapons, you can try things like scarab rings and obsidian daggers. One-use items like sticky snowballs are good, too. Just keep at it!

Hai JN!! If I had some cookies I would throw them, but I am a failure at baking. :( So, my question: Can Mr. Jacko the Phantom Painter give you a Lutari, Stone or Glass PB? Also, why is he called the phantom painter if he doesn't actually PAINT your pet? ~ Nobody in Particular
After asking some folks on the Neoboards, it seems that Jacko hands out Paint Brushes that are not available in the Hidden Tower. However, no one was able to verify receiving a Lutari, Stone or Glass PB from the dude. Looks like more research is needed. As for Jacko being called a phantom painter, well, perhaps that is more descriptive of what he does on his day job :P

I have two questions. Is the Fire Whip going to ever be fixed? And, I redeemed two Keyquest tokens, but I didn't get the Space Faerie! So is the Fire Whip going to ever be fixed and will I ever get the Space Faerie? ~ neoguy_789
Getting items fixed is not something we can do, but you are welcome to send in bug reports to TNT about it. Key Quest tokens aren't quite the same as merchandise (they are redeemed in a different spot), so unfortunately they do not count when attempting to unlock the Space Faerie. Sorry :(

Space Faerie
The key to my heart is elsewhere!

Like many others, I was quit on before winning a game of Key Quest. I politely asked the other player, through neomail, why they quit. They responded explaining that it was done purposely. I told them it was reportable and they laughed. So I thought I was doing the right thing by reporting them, but instead I received a message from TNT saying that I was being warned for "profane language on Neoboards" and it sent me back my message. There was nothing profane; I actually said thank you, and it definitely wasn't on a board. Is there any way to fight these false claims to TNT from not-so-friendly Key Questers??? I know there must be others with this. ~ anonymous
I've actually had this happen to me once. I've also received a warning in a different language and could not read it. For both of these, I sent in reports - one telling them I didn't do the thing I was warned for, one asking them to repeat the warning in a language I could understand. Both times I received a prompt reply. The first warning was removed, and the other problem was taken care of too. So I would definitely send in a report explaining yourself and see what they say. I've never seen anything come of reporting Key Quest leavers myself, though.

I'm pretty sure that when you play Plushie Tycoon, you don't have to pay your workers till a hour has passed. Well, when the update came around, the game paid my workers and that made me go bankrupt. What gives? ~ jisue_7fish
If you hire a group of workers during business hours (the eight hour time period you set up at the beginning of the game), they expect to be paid at one minute past a new hour. So if you have any workers on your payroll, including the permanent manager, they will automatically get paid every hour. Check out our Plushie Tycoon guide for more information!

Hi! I've had a few captions submitted to the Caption Contest before, and I was wondering how I could find the ones I've been in. x_x I've tried using Google but it doesn't display all the CC's I've been in... it's driving me insaaane, 'cause I remember I had this really funny caption but I can't remember which CC it was from... help? ~ anonymous
Unfortunately, the Caption Contest doesn't have any sort of search feature. If you really want to find them, you're just going to have to go through them all. Sorry :(

Hissi Reading in a Library
It's definitely in here SOMEWHERE!

Alright, so the Snowager has blasted ALL my pets FIVE TIMES IN A ROW now! Sorry for all the capital letters, I was just trying to make it stand out! And I didn't even get the avatar for it, so my pets got hurt for nothing. I don't get the chance to go every day, though. So is there a pattern to how often you go to decide what you get, or am I just really unlucky? And I mean REALLY unlucky. ~ Musicgirl59
You're just super unlucky! The Snowager is a fickle beast and will blast pets whenever he feels like it, no matter how often a pet attempts to rob him.

Hey JN! I was looking though the pet directory yesterday, and I found that my dear pet Wockydoodle422 was in it! Well, I'm new to Jellyneo, so I didn't add her. So I was wondering, is there a way to track who added her? I don't want her in there, I think my other pets would get jealous! (XD) And can you please remove her from the dictonary, please? Thanks! ~ Wockydoodle422
There's no way for us to tell you who added your pet to the directory, but if you do not want your pet in there you may request that they be removed. Just visit the Pet Directory for information on how to do that.

Hello there! *Carefully hands over Adorable Wraith Plushie as present* Are collector plush neopets still being sold or are they retired? And if they are still being sold, can you buy them in Canada? And if so, which stores? I looked on your merchandise page but a lot of the links are dead. :( ~ anonymous
Neopets still has a link to Merch News under the News tab, but it says the collector plush have been retired. I'm pretty bummed about it, actually :(

Collector Plush News Banner
Will you ever be mine?

I am lucky enough to own my dream pet, a Coconut JubJub. My farthest ever NeoQuest game is on that pet. If I beat Normal mode in NeoQuest with that pet, will I gain access to Evil mode with my other pets? Please answer. ~ Anonymous
It depends on which NeoQuest game you're talking about. If you mean NeoQuest I, then no. For the first NQ game you can have four (or five!) separate games going, one for each pet. The active game depends on which of your pets is currently active. Progressing to Evil and Insane! modes on one pet will not affect the games on your other pets. However, this was changed in NQII. You can only have one game going in NQII and it is not attached to a pet.

I have a dear friend who was given a UC Draik by a user who was quitting. However, a week or so ago, she got a Neomail from someone claiming to be the old owner. The Neomail was from someone on a different account than the one used to adopt out the Draik. This user told my friend that she was the original owner of the Draik, and sent many, many Neomails asking for the Draik back, until my friend blocked her. She even went so far as to make a public board on the Pound Chat telling my friend to unblock her, and causing tons of drama for no reason. Obviously, I told my friend not to give her UC Draik to an account that she didn't trust, but eventually the harassment and begging got so bad my friend just gifted the pet to the user. Can this user be reported for scamming my friend out of her pet? The user even admitted through Neomails that the account she was using was not hers. ~ Anonymous
YES. This user can definitely be reported for harassment and scamming. Even if the legitimate owner of the pet asked for it back, your friend would not be obligated to return it. Any sort of harassment through Neomail or on the boards can and should be reported. This also falls under the category of scamming, so include information about that in your report. If your friend still has the Neomails, they would be useful evidence.

Hello JN! *gives flowers* In Monkey Quest, how do you sell crafting items? ~ misty_lax
Selling crafting items is done the same was as selling any other items in Monkey Quest. Go to any seller in a tribe's market place. Characters that sell things will have images of what they sell over their heads. The default window is to buy from them, but in the upper right corner is a tab for selling. Here you can choose what type of item to sell by clicking on the tabs in the upper left corner. The Monkey Quest tips you see while the game is loading suggest you do not sell crafting items, however.

Don't eat that! Bananas are currency, don't you know!

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