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Night Lights
Published: August 18, 2012

Starry Night Sky

With summer here and the air warm and clear, it's a great time to get out and take a look at the Neopian night sky! (Unless you live in Terror Mountain, of course. Er, or Moltara, obviously. Maraqua might not be quite so good either. Look, just work with me here, okay?)

The stars and other spectacular sights up in space have provoked some of life's great questions over the years. Why are we here? What lies beyond our horizons? Is Dr. Sloth about to murder us all with a giant orbital laser? The answers to these are beyond the scope of a simple editorialite, I'm afraid. But hopefully a little stargazing will give me the inspiration I need to answer some of life's slightly smaller questions. Would you like to join me?
Astronomy Book

How can you receive the MSPP (TCG) without the random event? Which items must you purchase and CAN you still get it from the merchandise? ~ b_b51
When you redeem a Rare Item Code from the real-life TCG Base Set, you will sometimes receive a card as your prize. However, it's random which card you get. There's a chance you'll be able to get your hands on the super-rare MSPP card, but the odds are against you...

Hello JN -- do you have a list of Neoboard filters? Thanks! ~ halovii
Unfortunately, we can't keep a list of all the words that are blocked by the Neoboard filters. Most of them are blocked for a reason, and we really, really don't want a page on JN that's full of curse words and insults!

Hopefully the board filters will eventually be updated with more helpful error messages, like the ones used for petpages. In the meantime, try posting your messages one sentence at a time so you can quickly narrow down which sentence has the problematic word in it.

Hello! *grows a Meepit and the Meepit eats me and you and everyone in the editorial* How do you make it rain some sort of image on Neopets? I want it to rain muffins. ~ doomsday
*pries open Meepit's mouth with a mop handle so you can hear the response* I've asked around and unfortunately, it appears that you can no longer use the "raining images" code on Neopets. It used the <marquee> tag, which has now been disabled.

Lunar Studies
Kreludor is definitely the brightest light to be spotted in the sky at night. This reflective ball of rock was first officially charted in Year Six, when its orbit aligned with that of the Space Station and allowed astronomers to take a proper look at the moon's surface, but it's been shining down on Neopia for many years before that. Just ask the wise old Gnorbu who lives at the ancient Lunar Temple in Shenkuu!

Kreludor is generally referred to simply as Neopia's moon; while we now know that the planet also has several smaller satellites (and no, I'm not talking about the green-and-white orbiting shuttle), they can't normally be picked out with the naked eye. Kreludor is also the only moon known to be permanently inhabited, although some Petpets have set up temporary bases on the smaller moon Lunaria.

Although Kreludor's phases sometimes partly or completely obstruct it from sight in most of Neopia, it can always be clearly seen from the Haunted Woods, which may explain why this dark forest is the traditional home of Werelupes. These wild Lupes become much bigger and stronger in bright moonlight, so if you're doing your stargazing out in the Woods tonight... well, you'd better hope that noise you just heard behind you was a Batterfly.

I have been trying to find the black worm in Moltara just about every single day since November but I haven't seen it once. I know I am looking in the right spot, I have checked multiple times. Please is there anything that I can do? *Throws cookies* ~ Darkrain_13
It's not enough to be in the right place; you also have to be there at the right time. Our guide notes that the Black Worm will only appear four times per day, regardless of how much you refresh. It may be that yours simply doesn't appear during the time you're playing Neo. If you don't mind a little lost sleep, try dropping in at odd hours and seeing if you can find the worm then.

Hello! I was wondering, if I have used all my transfers for one month but I want to do a trade, am I allowed to use my sister's account to do the trade? Or, is she allowed to do the trade for me? Thanks! (: ~ anonymous
Please don't use your sister's account under any circumstances. That's against the rules you both agreed to when you signed up, even if you don't intend to do anything harmful. However, if your sister wants to arrange a trade with another user and then give the pet she receives to you, that should be fine (as long as the trader knows her intentions).

Can I still get a free Floating Space Faerie Doll for free from the mall, as a premium member? ~ Oggie Boogie
Sadly not. The Floating Space Faerie Doll promotion was only available for a limited time, and it appears there is no longer any way to claim it if you missed out. There are still plenty of other shiny benefits, however, especially now the service has been revamped -- you may like to check them out!

Virtupets Station

If you think you see a red glowing eye watching you from the dark sky, don't panic! That sinister redness is just the Virtupets Space Station, one-time home of Dr. Frank Sloth. The Station is home to some of the most advanced technology in Neopia, including communication devices, video screens, and scary laser weaponry. It's also the only place where you can take home your very own Grundo, as they aren't available down here on-planet.

Did you know that Dr. Sloth first visited Neopia a mind-boggling two thousand years ago? The history books are silent on whether time travel was involved, or whether everyone's least-favourite green critter really is THAT old...

DenturesFuzzy Slippers
Maybe we can calm him down with a nice game of bingo.

How can I complete the secret laboratory map? (on occasion that all the maps are complete) Thanks! :) ~ baby_tenten
You can find our guide on how to complete and use the Lab Map here. I'm not sure what you mean by "on occasion that all the maps are complete"; if you're asking whether you can complete a second lab map after you've already got one, the answer would be no. The Lab Ray can only be unlocked once per account. However, if you have a side account, there's nothing to stop you sending the map pieces to it and assembling a second map there.

*throws chocolate cicadas and lemonade* Do you know if TNT plan on deleting or merging any of the Neoboards? A lot of them are way off-topic or dead. I asked this question to the official Neopian Times editorial on multiple occasions but never got a response! It seems like TNT gave up on the Neoboards! :( ~ anonymous
Well, in addition to a whole bundle of new smilies, we've had the expansion of the Beauty Contest board into the Art Board recently, so it seems like TNT are looking for ways to breathe more life into some of the quieter Neoboards. However, I suspect off-topic discussion, like death and taxes, will regrettably be with us forever.

I was playing Habitarium one day, when suddenly, my P3's had almost no health and my buildings were all broken. I have no neofriends, because I'm under 13, so they couldn't have raided me. My P3's were all resting in their houses, and if a mob of pests came, they couldn't have broken all the houses and almost killed every P3. Then, a couple P3's that were inside their home died. They were nesters. The P3's also were just hatched the day before. So age was not a factor. ~ anonymous
This sounds like an uncommon but nasty glitch that's struck a couple of times now. It seems to affect users across the board, so it's not the result of anything you've personally done wrong (though I realise that's only a small consolation when your nesters are repeatedly kicking the bucket). Most Habitarium glitches are eventually patched up by TNT, so if anything odd happens, it's best to sit tight and compare notes with the other bugged bug-breeders on the Habitarium Chat. I'd also advise saving nester eggs of every species in your bag, so that if something does happen to any future P3s of yours, you can quickly get back to normal.

The Wave

Well beyond Kreludor and the Space Station, you can see the thousands of stars that dot the Neopian night sky. Really quite beautiful, aren't they? It's no surprise that a pet might take inspiration from them for his or her coat, and in fact, the lovely Starry Paint Brush was originally named the "Paint Brush of the Stars".

Like many civilisations, the Neopets of ancient Altador named the stars above them after heroes and rulers. With a telescope and a little good luck, you can pick out constellations such as the Protector, the Dancer, and the Wave, all inspired by heroic Altadorians. What's not so typical is that you can still meet a few of them today, including King Altador himself. If anyone ever tries to tell you that astronomy is a useless hobby, remind them of how it once saved Altador during a certain mini-plot, and the old King will be sure to back you up...

Why, on a few Paint Brushes (such as a Baby Paint Brush), does it say it's "humming"? ~ e_universe
Why do Paint Brushes hum, you say? Because they don't know the words.

...All right, all right. Stop throwing things at me. -_- The real answer is that it's just to indicate how *~magical~* these items are. It doesn't have any actual in-game effect, although it does mean you can be confident you've got a real Paint Brush and not a Brush Plushie.

Did you know I devote each one of my birthdays to you from now on because I am one year closer to becoming a staff member? It's so far away... (cry) ~ lylajeans
Well, let's hope the time passes quickly for you! Did you know that it's been almost two years since the Faeries' Ruin plot, four and a half years since the Return of Dr. Sloth, and a jaw-dropping five years and three months since the Year 9 Revamp? Just a bit of proof that the years can fly by when you're having fun!

Hey, JN! Okay so I forgot my side account's password. Silly me :p So I tried two different ways several times to get my password from TNT. I used "enter your username" and "enter your email". And after... three? two? days, I still haven't gotten any email! My pets are starving D: Any ideas of why I can't get any TNT contact? And it isn't in my Trash or Spam. Thank you! ~ 13germandames
There are a few reasons you might not be able to get Neopets' automated emails. Firstly, you may have accidentally opted out of them in the past. At the bottom of every Neopets email is a link to "stop receiving emails from Neopets.com". Alternatively, your email may have been incorrectly entered in the preferences form, or may have been subject to a glitch that isn't letting the site process it correctly. Finally, your email provider may have incorrectly identified Neopets as a problem sender and decided to intercept its emails before they arrive (it's rarer than them simply ending up in the spam folder, but it does happen). Whatever the cause, your next move is the same: send in an account access ticket with as much information as you can remember, explain the email situation, and cross your fingers.

Shoyru and Nova

When you're out looking for stars, be sure not to confuse them with the very similar Novas! These sparkly, round-eyed bundles of magic have been with us in Neopia for many years, but we still know fairly little about them. Are they all as smart and active as the ones in Nova Defender, or can they simply be enchanted to behave that way? It's something to ponder if you think you see the stars not just shooting, but zipping and bouncing around the sky...

Down here in Neopia, you can use Novas -- and a whole range of items modelled after them -- in the Battledome. One of the most iconic is the rather cute wand carried by Lisha of Meridell, but there are also Dark Novas, Nova Blades, and even Nova Breath Mints -- although that last one may not help your fighting skills so much as your social skills.

Hello again JN. The Wheel of Monotony spin time page is not working. It's saying I haven't spun the wheel, even though I actually have. Can you tell me how to fix this? ~ anonymous
I think I remember the page you're talking about! It would give you a number that helped you figure out how long it would take for the Wheel of Monotony to spin. I haven't seen anyone using it since the chance wheels of Neopia got their shiny revamp, though. Since the whole point of the Wheel of Monotony is waiting an unpredictably long time for your result, it's likely that that page was never really meant to be used by ordinary players in the first place, so TNT didn't update it to work with the new version of the wheel.

What ever happened to the Battlepedia, and will it ever return? ~ coolyankeeboy
As I type, our Battledome enthusiasts are working their socks off to make sure it does! Stay tuned -- it shouldn't be long now, and we're sure you're going to love the Battlepedia's new incarnation.

At what times do shops restock? ~ ninjawolf23
The Neopian shops restock around six to eight times per hour, but there's no fixed time at which you can come in and be guaranteed to see brand-new stuff (that would be far too easy!) The exception is the Almost Abandoned Attic, which does have a fixed schedule. If punctuality is your biggest strength (and you've been on Neopets for three years or more), you might like to give that a try.

Aisha Playing Gormball
So what else lurks out there among the stars? It's a tricky question. Although the Space Faerie has been exploring the far depths of space for as long as we've known her, ordinary Neopians like you and me simply can't go on a quick trip out past the atmosphere.

...Unless you're an Alien Aisha, that is! This lab-only colour, unique to the Aisha species, comes with a snug space-suit and helmet, so your Aisha can do all the exploration he or she likes without worrying about oxygen levels. All the Alien Aishas obtained from the Lab Ray are lime green; this may have something to do with the planetary conditions of Neopia, since we've met Alien Aisha visitors from other worlds whose coats range from yellow to a rather fetching rose pink!

Unlike regular Neopian Aishas, our pets' Alien cousins have six ears rather than the normal four. This makes them extra-sensitive to sounds and vibrations, so good luck trying to sneak up on one...

How do you decide the order you reveal your Negg Hunt portals? ~ jnegg1
It's a complex process! Naturally, we won't release a particular step for an event until we're confident any bugs and quirks have been ironed out, but beyond that there are a few different factors at work. Our resident genius of portals tries to make sure that every newly released portal includes at least some puzzles that can be solved right away, without having to wait for further steps to come out. We also try to take into account how long it will take to solve the harder puzzles, and shift things around to make sure players have enough time (if they work hard enough, that is!) Every event is different, though, and we have a lot to think about when it comes to keeping you guys on your toes.

I was looking through your database and found that you are no longer allowed to give any kind of prize for use on Neopets. This is not entirely true though; have you ever considered making custom banners exclusively for contest winners? ~ anonymous
While this is allowed, it's not something we're considering at the moment. Our artistically inclined staffers already have quite a lot to do, and custom banners just aren't on the cards right now. However, since you can now link to Jellyneo from Neopets, there is no longer anything to stop you showing off your trophy cabinet to the Neopian public!

*throws turnip* We ran out of cake. But I carved it in the shape of a Meepit, if you like! Anyway, I've read the Neopian Times article you guys made, and I noticed that it says, according to the rules, that Seances (as in contacting spirits and such) is not allowed. Well, before Treasure Keepers got cancelled, I remembered that it had a character which was a necromancer (Abisma, to be more specific). I've read a few stories that involve a little of contacting spirits (not spirits exactly, of course, but it was really close). Are Seances still against the rules? And is it okay to have a ghost character in a series? ~ cherishtwilight
As many frustrated NT hopefuls have found, just because TNT have written about something doesn't mean that we're necessarily allowed to do the same. While I can't read the Times editor's mind, I'd guess that having Abisma in the background of a story would be safer than making the entire piece about seances or contacting the deceased. On the other hand, I've seen plenty of stories about ghosts and zombies -- that seems to be a straightforward case of delicate handling required.


If you point your telescope at juuuust the right angle, you may be able to make out the planet Doran. One of the few extraneopian planets we know to be inhabited, Doran was the ancestral home of the Grundos before Dr. Sloth arrived to throw a spanner in the works. It's a rocky world with a starry sky, which is maybe why Grundos feel so at home on Kreludor!

We don't yet know how far away planets like Doran and the Alien Aishas' homeworlds really are from Neopia, or where they'd appear on the map. Still, there's nothing to stop us amateur astronomers exploring with our eyes and dreaming. ;) Now that Sloth is safely locked up inside a token, maybe the Space Faerie and her Neopian allies will be able to focus on discovering new planets beyond our Neopian horizons? We can only hope!

Hello, I have a question. I created a topic on the boards and one of the people there posted about religion. I quoted it and got silenced for discussing religious terms. Is this an error or does quoting count? ~ anonymous
If something isn't allowed to be discussed on the Neoboards, it isn't allowed to be discussed, full stop. It doesn't matter whether you're stating your own opinion or just repeating somebody else's; you're still posting content that TNT have asked you not to post, and the same consequences still apply. After all, if I stand here and tell you that I've been told it's unlucky to say "Content Beast, Content Beast, Content Bea---

Gilly Running
I'm getting outta here!

Why do people like Sloth when he is Evil? If he took over Neopia our pets would be slaves, and in most movies and comics evil guys like him would not hesitate to abandon their followers if a plan went wrong. ~ native114
Well, that despicable very-senior space citizen does have the universe's biggest currently known stockpile of shiny gadgets. It's easy to feel better about any moral scruples while you're sitting in the cockpit of a gorgeous new super-fast spacecraft, surrounded by entertainment facilities and armed with ultra-powerful lasers -- oh, and did I mention the Neopoints from all the transmogrification potions he'll give you? And even if you haven't been granted such things by Sloth yet, I imagine it's easy to believe he'll reward your loyalty any moment now...

Hi JN! *throws leftover chocolates* I loved the "Jelly in the Staff Room" show. It was a great storyline and editorial series. But now that it has ended, I still have one tiny question: What on earth happened to Iggy? I know he was a fraud and not the real twin, but you never mentioned him again after Summra was found. Did he leave the garage? Is he now someone's "long-lost twin" again? Thank you for everything!! ~ Diana
*noms leftover chocolates* These are even more delicious now they don't taste of umbrellas.

Thank you to all the lovely JN readers who've sent in kind comments about The Jelly In The Staff Room in the past few weeks! We don't have the editorial space to thank each one of you personally, but rest assured your messages will be passed along to the cast and crew. :) The series has turned out to be an unexpected hit, and we're glad you had as much fun reading it as the TJitS team had creating it. While we don't have any similar series planned for the near future, it's definitely a style we might think about using again someday.

As for Iggy de la Egos, what can I say? Like Mr. Krawley, he has simply slunk away into the shadows to wreak havoc another day. Maybe one of these days his bad karma will catch up with him... or maybe not. It all depends on what makes for the better plot twist!

With dawn breaking over the Neopian mountains once again, it's time to pack up our telescopes and get some well-earned sleep. Hopefully you've enjoyed our little trip around the night sky -- and the questions I've managed to answer along the way.

Until the next time we take a look above Neopia, good morning and goodbye for now...