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The Jelly In The Staff Room: Finale
Published: August 4, 2012


A familiar-looking doctor came into the room with several other members of medical staff and ushered the four visitors out. They were met in the hallway by Jenny del Lawes, one of the most prestigious lawyers on Jellios Island, and one who was closely affiliated with Davio. She recognised Mika, who was fully aware of this, and was surprised by his frank indifference.

Jen broke the silence. "Davio left behind a will, and we are going to read it after all the necessary procedures have been performed."


A week had passed since Davio's departure, and in that week, Pekka had tried several times to explain to Mika that the company was failing and that bankruptcy was looming near.

Not unexpectedly, Mika had ignored the problem and escaped to his room to drown his sorrows in chocolate -- which, for some reason, had recently started to reek of rain, debt, and umbrellas.

Mika's anger began to rise. Davio had had the nerve to leave Pingu a large sum of money, though he hadn't even bequeathed Mika a cent. The old man had only met her twice, but had decided to place her over his own grandson! And Pekka -- the same Pekka who took a strange delight in criticising Mika's every action -- had received over half of Davio's fortune! This was by no means acceptable, but Mika could do nothing about it.

The only good part, as far as he was concerned, was that Summra hadn't been left any money, either.


Summra had little knowledge about running a company -- less than Mika, in fact.

Yet, here she was -- digging through the rubbish bins for the letters that Mika had blatantly ignored.

Junk flyers, expired coupons, mail in languages she didn't understand. Unsurprisingly, those made up most of what she found. But every once in a while, a gem -- a letter related to the company -- would surface, and she read those letters from start to finish. She was fully aware that she alone couldn't save the company, but she wanted to do all that she could.

Even though she could barely understand the majority of the terms used in the letters (but then, neither could Mika)... even though she'd been raised by different people (although rumour had it that she was related to the founder of McSkylar's)... even though Pekka didn't want her to stress herself like this.


"Now that you're richer again, Pingu, what would you like to do with your money?" Pekka asked. "Do you plan on esc-- leaving this household while you... still can?"

"I would like to use the money to find my parents," she declared. "I know they might be gone, but you hear so many stories of families being reunited after a shipwreck, and I would like to take that chance. I, of course, can't ask my sister for help, since she was the one who threw me out of my own home and robbed me of my wealth in the first place. That's why the money from Sir Slothio will really help."

Pekka blinked. "Miss Baba," he said. "Does the name Baba Construction sound familiar to you?"

"Of course," replied Pingu, "but I figure I'm not connected to the people behind the company. My family can't be the only one with the surname of Baba, after all. Since you're mentioning this to me, though..." She trailed off.

"They built the very mansion you're currently inside, and the chocolate factory," Pekka explained. "Without them, Davio's chocolate business would not have gotten off the ground. Finally... the company was founded by your great-great-great-grandparents."

Unbeknownst to the two workers, Mika had been listening in on their conversation, waiting for the right time to make his dramatic entrance. They continued conversing, discussing their goals, hopes, and what they remembered of their lives prior to meeting Davio. Mika (who was safely concealed by the kitchen island) was slightly taken aback by Pekka's descriptions of his childhood as a street thief. All his life he'd been called an ungrateful brat by his butler, but he was only now realising why Pekka had felt that way.

For the first time in his life, Mika felt sorry for Pekka.

For the first time in his life, Mika felt sorry for anyone.


Mika returned to his room, but he couldn't stop thinking about the conversation Pingu and Pekka had had with each other. That family? Even he'd heard about that famous family. He'd heard rumours about their affairs, how the heirs had gone missing and all about the ongoing search for them. Suddenly the maid he'd never cared for was not only rich, but an elite. A high class lady, someone of his status!

Mika rolled around on his bed. His chocolate could no longer calm him, especially since the quality had dropped so much. Hours could have passed while he was lying there, but he would not have been able to tell. One lone thought controlled his mind: he was about to be robbed of his lifestyle, and he had to do something about it.

Mika was pretty much oblivious to his surroundings, but even he had started to suspect Pingu had feelings for him. However, he had always known that it would never have worked out. Now, though, everything was changing. Not only was he going to be poor, but Pingu was going to be rich! This only reinforced his decision to secure his lifestyle.

Mika jumped from his bed. There was no more time to think, and no reason to hesitate. He had to act now. He rushed into his parents' old room -- a room that hadn't been touched for decades -- and soon appeared in the living room, where Pekka and Pingu were just finishing their conversation.

A bit hesitant, Mika walked up to the maid, a strange smile plastered onto his face.

"I know this isn't exactly perfect timing, but... I, errr... since some time ago I..."
He paused, trying to collect both his thoughts and his courage. "I thought that... despite grandfather's sudden... erm, we could... I mean... well, if you think about it, I am Mika del Shados so it should be, naturally, an honour... that is... What I'm trying to say is that..."
The way he was mumbling made both Pingu and Pekka look at him very strangely. Pekka was about to lose his patience and force the words out of Mika's mouth, but resisted.

"As I was saying..." He cleared his throat. "For some time now I've been thinking that... you and I... you know we're... I know you're a maid, but I have always thought you are a... wonderful person and we're very... made for each other!" he exclaimed, feeling proud of himself.
Pekka just rolled his eyes; this was so corny that he was almost feeling embarrassed for Mika. He had a hunch about where this was going, but wasn't planning on interrupting him, despite the lame speech.

"That is why... You should have this..." Mika said. He opened a small box, and revealed a beautiful diamond ring inside. Pingu just stared at him, confused. She had no idea what exactly he wanted, or why he was giving her a ring.

"Naturally you'll say yes... I mean... since I am a del Shados...and you..." he stuttered.
Pekka couldn't take it anymore, especially seeing as Pingu was now completely confused, so he nudged Mika. "Say it properly!" he yelled.

Mika took a deep breath, then pushed the ring in Pingu's face. "Marry me!" he ordered.

For a second, Pingu's heart stopped. She stared at Pekka, hoping that he'd reassure her that she wasn't hearing things. Pekka nodded, and a large smile appeared on her face. "Yes!" she exclaimed, and happily accepted the ring.

Mika smugly smiled as Pingu started jumping around the room, humming some silly song and repeating, "I'm getting married. Married!" She hugged Mika several times while she was doing so, which made Mika's face turn a bright red.

A little while later, after Mika and Pingu had finished discussing how and when to hold the wedding, Pekka pulled Mika over into the library. He gave him a glare. "I'm not sure what you are planning, but I really do hope you are serious. If you're just messing with Miss Pingu, I don't know what I'll do!" he threatened him.

Mika shook his head. "I really am planning on marrying her. I'm not the man you think I am!" he growled.

Pekka sighed, not sure if he should believe Mika. "All right. Just make sure not to change your mind," he said in a cold voice before leaving the room.



The wedding was a huge success and a lot of famous Jellios Islanders attended. The couple was married by Spixi, who had married Mika's parents over twenty years prior in the same room. Everybody was curious about whom the young chocolate mogul had picked as his wife. Numerous people came up to congratulate the couple, although many of them also mentioned how sad they felt at Davio's passing.

The peaceful days of the wedding passed quickly, and despite the fact that Summra was happy for her twin, she didn't want to lose the company. She had put too much effort into research, and wasn't planning on letting it go. She urged Mika to help her reply to the letters and help her do something to save the company; she couldn't do it alone. Summra firmly believed that the treasure was the only way to save the company, especially after finding out what state it had fallen into. Unfortunately, now that he was rich again, Mika couldn't care less.

How would you get r101 items for your Classic Neohome, like the speakers and robo pets? The IDB doesn't list anything. ~ thereal592_592_5
Summra: Let's take a look at our rarities guide, shall we?

"Rarity 101-104: This rarity contains items that are special (e.g. from Random Events, Alien Vending Machine, etc). They are labeled Special in your Inventory and Safety Deposit Box."

This means, unfortunately, you will never be able to obtain these furnishings from a Neopian shop. The easiest way for you to find these items will be through the Shop Wizard and Trading Post, but you can also cross your fingers and hope the Random Event Faerie blesses you (she does exist, hiding in the shadows!)

It seemed Mika wasn't planning on doing anything but acting as usual. Although he and Pingu were now husband and wife, he still did nothing but tell her to bring him chocolate, although he had stopped calling her a useless maid.

Summra urged her brother to help her, and with a lot of help from Pekka, she somehow convinced him to answer a few letters.

I just won the latest Better Than You competition. Yippee!!! But it got me wondering: is there anywhere you can look to see who the past challengers were and what the prizes were? I saw a place to look up the challengers, but nothing on the prizes. ~ anonymous
Mika: You can keep track of every challenger with the Better Than You Viewer, but we do not keep track of all the prizes, since they are not exclusive to the game.

Mika mumbled something about how pointless this was and how he'd rather play with his polar bear. His chocolate tasted horrible at this point, and even ordering Pingu around didn't seem to make him feel better.

Meanwhile Dr. boiler was looking over her old charts, among which were Davio's. Such a sad way to pass on. Half crazy and almost poor...

Hello!!! *Throws Petpet Park book* Maybe you can use that for my question! I've just recently got back into playing Petpet Park (Thanks for the guide by the way, it helped me a lot!) and I started the mission with the giant clover in Lucky Valley, but whenever I click on the top left clover leaf and return to Hikili, but he just repeats what I have to do! What should I do? ~ shark_2_6_3
boiler: Try checking out our job guide and make sure you're doing the steps correctly. If you don't have the fish charm in your backpack you won't be able to proceed. If you're sure you are doing everything correctly, though, then you probably need to submit a ticket to the Petpet Park staff. This job chain had a ton of glitches when it was first released and many users became "stuck" on one of the steps. If you are stuck, the Park team should be able to fix it for you fairly quickly.

Mika was still grumbling about these silly letters. However, Pingu managed to dig up some older chocolate powder, and made him a decent cup of hot chocolate. She smiled sweetly and handed him the cup. "Just think about how you'll be able to drink this wonderful chocolate again. The company is important," she said, hoping this would help convince him to start caring about the company's fortunes.

Hello TJNT! *hugs* Do jelly beans count as a kind of jelly? o.o ~ bluerose711
Mika: Almost all jelly beans are considered candy, except for the Pile of Jelly Beans, since it's a wearable, and the Stale Black Jelly Beans, which are considered gross food. Only the Tropical Jelly Beans count as a kind of jelly.

Some time had passed since Davio's departure, and although every member of the family was occupied with their own troubles, they were all aware it was time to read the will.

The family was informed that Davio's lawyer was about to arrive that day. They pretty much knew who would get what, but they weren't sure precisely how much money the old man had left them.

Jenny del LawesSoon Jenny del Lawes showed up at the front door, with a large briefcase. "Good morning. I assume everybody is here for the reading of the will. My name is Jenny del Lawes. It's a pleasure to meet you all," she said, shaking hands with Pekka, who was the only one who had showed up at the front door. Pekka showed her to the conference room of the house, where the staff meetings were held back when Davio was head of the company.

Jenny sat down, opened her briefcase, and urged everybody involved with the will to take a seat.

"I will now begin the reading of the last will and testament of Davio de la Slothio," she said, loudly enough for everybody to hear her, then opened up the sealed envelope.

I, Davio de la Slothio, hereby declare that this is my last will and testament and that I hereby revoke, cancel and annul all wills made by me either jointly or severally. I declare that I am of legal age to make this will and of sound mind and that this last will and testament expresses my wishes without undue influence or duress.

I hereby grant the whole of my estate and my company, Choco Magico Company, to my only two grandchildren, Summra and Mika del Shados, both of whom have equal share of the company.

I leave 60% of my liquid assets to my faithful butler Pekka Bouquet, 15% to Pingu Baba, and the remaining 25% of my assets go to the Dr. Frank Sloth Society for Grundos, a cause near and dear to my heart.

As she finished reading the letter. Jenny del Lawes looked at the family. She stood up and began to talk.

"I am sure you are aware that due to recent circumstances, the Choco Magico Company and the estate have both dropped in price. The current value of a Choco Magico share is around 5 Joodlios. The estate was last valued at around one million, although this might have changed due to recent real-estate price fluctuations." She paused and made sure everybody had understood her so far.

"Sir Slothio, in an attempt to keep the company from bankruptcy, invested a large portion of his wealth into the company. This means that his liquid funds at this point total around two million Joodlios."

Mika turned white and jumped up from his seat. "You're telling us that he spent all of his money?!" he shouted. Pingu grabbed his hand in an attempt to calm him down.

The lawyer nodded. "Indeed. At the end of his life Sir Slothio invested almost all of his money into the company. This means that the butler will receive a total of 1,200,000 Joodlios, while Mrs. Shados will receive 300,000. The rest is going to the foundation appointed," she finished. The lawyer started packing her papers. "That is all. I will begin the procedures for the appointment of the two new chairmen of the company, as well as all the paperwork associated with the estate. We will be in touch," she said, before leaving.

Does Jellyneo have a button? If you do, I can't find it! ~ T
Jen: We sure do! You see towards the top left of our page underneath the calendar where it says "Jellyneo Links"? See the sixth link in that list where it says "Link to JN"? Yep, that's what you're looking for right there. Alternatively you could just click right here! You can also find buttons for our major departments such as our Item Database, Book of Ages, Keyquest Guide, Petpet Park Guide, Dr Sloth's Image Emporium and Wardrobe! Now that you can link to us on Neopets, I highly suggest you plaster these bad boys all over your user lookup like me!

Jellyneo.net!The Book of Ages
Collect the full set!

The news shocked everybody, but especially Mika. He was poor once again; all his hard work had been meaningless. Pekka had expected something like this to happen, since he knew how important the company had been to Davio.

Summra couldn't take it anymore.

"Enough with the wallowing and self-pity!" she shouted. "Grandfather clearly told us what to do. Save the company! I have done a lot of research and there is no other way. We have to find the treasure!" When she finished her speech, she looked at everyone else in the room, hoping they would agree with her.

Mika sighed. He'd been defeated; he couldn't escape reality anymore, not even through his chocolate, which by now had started tasting like Diet Terry. He had to do something. Without saying a word, he jumped up and ran into his room. From under his bed he pulled out a whole bunch of letters, then returned to the rest of the family.

Pekka glared at him. He knew Mika hadn't been properly answering his mail, but to hide so many? The butler was disappointed.

Now that AvatarLog is well and truly dead (maybe), are you ever going to make such a thing for JN? I miss being able to mark off all of my avvies. ;-; ~ anonymoose
Mika: Well, since you can no longer visit AvatarLog, why not check our very own Neopets Avatar Checklist Tool? It's a simple way to know which avatars you are missing, how to get them, and how to show it to your fellow players.

Everybody decided to seriously get involved with answering letters. Pekka, though, was reluctant to do so, seeing how Mika had been ignoring the letters all this time. Not to mention, he didn't seem to be all that affected by the loss of Davio. However, for the time being, Pekka decided he'd help them.

So I came across a pet that had negative Battledome stats. For Strength, for example, it had "-1 strength". Some of its other stats were like that too. How does that happen? ~ Super Attack Bacon
Pekka: I checked with our Battledome specialised staff about this and turns out that this was a glitch a long time ago. For a few days when creating a pet, due to an error, the system didn't give the pet random stats as usual but instead gave it -1. This, however, has been fixed since then and you can't create pets like that anymore, but some people do still have these unique pets.

Just as he was thinking about what to do in the future, Pekka heard a knock on the front door and went to answer it.

Ally Parkarios, the guestThere in the doorway stood a familiar face, one that Pekka had thought he would never see again. It belonged to Ally Parkarios. She and Pekka were, once upon a time, inseparable. They'd kept each other safe, and they were the closest thing each of them had to family. But when Pekka joined Davio as a butler, they had had no choice but to part ways.

"I see you haven't changed much, Pekka." She smiled, leaning against the door.

"And I see you've changed a lot, Ally," he said, half smiling. "I was thoroughly convinced I'd never see you again. What brings you here? Why now?"

"I heard about Davio. I'm sorry for your loss, but I am not here to mourn... or to chat about past stories." She paused and looked around the room, eyeing Mika and Summra. "We should go somewhere more private," she said and motioned to the back room.

Pekka lead her into one of the side rooms and gave her a questioning stare. "I believe you want to talk business?" he said, knowing what she was thinking.
Ally laughed and leaned back in the chair she sat on. "You really haven't changed; you're as sharp as ever. Well, then, let's talk business," she said, leaning forward.

"As you might or might not know, currently I am running a... business. A very profitable business. I would like you to join me. We made a great team once, and I could use your skills," she explained. Pekka, however, seemed hesitant.

"I am really glad to see you again, but--" He was quickly interrupted.

"I won't take no for an answer. You have nothing left to keep you here. You fulfilled your promise. You raised that kid, Davio is not here anymore, and you should have no more attachments to this family. Or do you plan on being a third wheel now that the kid's married?"

Pekka couldn't think of a retort. He had to admit that his job here was done, and seeing how Mika was acting did make him want to leave, but he felt like he should stay for Summra's sake. He asked Ally for some time to think.

"I will return in two days, around this time. Remember what we used to dream about? The life we longed for as street urchins? We can make it come true now. I know you won't disappoint me," she said as she left the mansion.


Meanwhile, the others were completely occupied with treasure hunting around the house.

Hi guys! Your secret avvie, book and gourmet food checklist tools are awesome, and I was wondering if you could do a similar one for Flash games? It would be useful for those that are after the Top Gamer avatar. For example I have played 237 different games already and have no idea what games are still left. Thank you ^^ ~ anonymous
Pingu: We're glad you like those tools! You should submit your suggestion through the Contact Us link at the bottom of every Jellyneo page. There you can fill out a form and send us a message. We're always glad to hear your suggestions, and who knows, we just might make your idea happen in the future.

As more and more letters were answered the puzzle had gradually become less complicated. "We know that the treasure is in the staff room," said Pingu, pointing to one of the letters. "But which one of these rooms is the staff room?"

Are there any UCs that are entirely extinct? By which I mean, nobody has ever seen one on a non-frozen account... ever? I've heard that UC Royalgirl Acaras are extinct, and come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen one! Are there any other UCs like that? ~ neocoladude
Pingu: There are simply too many accounts to check this. Assuming that a lot of UC pets are on old accounts that never get accessed, they might not be "extinct", but you just can't find them. However, there is indeed a possibility that some UC pets may become extinct (or perhaps already have). If TNT decide to purge old accounts sometime in the future, it's highly likely that a lot of UC pets will get deleted with the accounts. Unfortunately, there is really no way to be certain if there are any UC pets that no longer exist. In the Royalgirl Acara's case, though, it's possible they were never eligible for UC status in the first place.

Summra sighed. "This is really hard to figure out. There are bits about a puzzle, about colours, a staff room, the jelly. We know there is a key, but nothing adds up," she said, looking at the other two.

Mika growled. I can't think without my chocolate, he "thought" to himself. He stood up and walked around the room. "We need help. Maybe if we asked more people to help us. Where is Pekka?" he asked.

Pingu shrugged. "I haven't seen him at all today. Maybe he is busy with something."


Another person was also busy with something. Clouds was well aware of the happenings in the Shados household. She didn't have time to mourn, though; instead, she had continued doing all that she could do to get her hands on the company. Unfortunately for her, until the issues with the inheritance could be solved, there was no way for her to buy the company. She had to wait, so Clouds turned her attention to the treasure once more.

I had a Xweetok that I loved. Somehow I used a Suggestion to change it to a Ogrin... I didn't mean to & I want my original pet back.... How can I make that happen? PLEASE HELP. ~ verde_fluff_fluff
Clouds: By "suggestion", I assume you mean "morphing potion". A sure-fire way to turn your pet back into a Xweetok is by having it drink a Xweetok Morphing Potion. You can also try your luck at the Lab Ray, but it only has a small chance of giving you the pet you desire, so I don't suggest that route. For a full list of items that change your Neopets, check out this article.

With a bunch of letters in her hand, she sat on her bench in her yard (instead of her usual rocking chair). Clouds was even more determined to get the treasure now that the other three were actually paying attention to it. She had to wonder, though: what could possibly have happened to get Mika suddenly interested in the treasure? Clouds also wondered what had happened to the butler. Previously he'd always been around the twins, but for the past two days she hadn't seen a glimpse of him.

Why has Neopets blocked The Lutari Island? ~ Anonymous
Clouds: Lutari Island was a feature of Neopets Mobile, which was launched in 2006. However, Neopets Mobile was discontinued three years later in 2009, and Lutari Island was discontinued along with it. To this day, Lutari Island isn't able to be accessed, but who knows what lies in the future?

While looking over at the mansion Clouds noticed a woman she hadn't seen before.

"Well, well. Did Mika finally manage to get in trouble with the wrong people?" she chuckled, looking at the woman, who was obviously very shady.

Her eyes followed the woman all the way to the door. She still had letters to answer so she decided to just watch from a distance, for now.

Did you guys delete a preset daily? I ask because I know a daily is missing from my customized list in the preset section. But I don't know what it is. :( ~ ruonfire
Clouds: An ominous voice tells me it was the Altador Cup. Perhaps I'm only hearing things, or...


Hi Jellyneo! I made a new account to replace mine which was hacked (I tried everything but it didn't work), and I was wondering why they need my post code. ~ cheekyboy_12
Clouds: Here's the answer to your question...

Why does TNT want our zip code? ~ labpartnerincrime

Zip codes are one of the elements used to specify your location on the planet. :) In the past, they helped TNT and their sponsors market to the proper audiences when sponsor events/games/promotions occurred. If your zip code said you lived in Singapore, for example, you would not receive sponsor ads for things that were exclusive to U.S. residents. Nowadays, they still might serve some purpose for the support staff when it comes to giving back lost/abandoned accounts. - Nick

It's actually so Sloth knows which location to obliterate next. *cackle*

The woman didn't stand for too long in the hallway. Soon Pekka appeared to let her inside. Clouds couldn't resist and decided to take a closer look.

Let me begin by tossing a few books your way - we finished reading them! My darling pet has read many, many books, but we know that there are still more out there, and determined to read them, eventually, once I get the money to buy them and all... Unfortunately the Jellyneo book checklist doesn't seem to work anymore :( Apparently the file size is now too large. Is there any way that I can still find out which books we need to read? ~ anonymous
Clouds: The book checklist contains this short blurb, which may be useful to you.

ERROR! Request Entity Too Large

The source code for the books read page now has a ton of style="border:1px solid black;" The more books your pet has read, the more times this shows up, and basically there's a point where our system can't process the extraneous code anymore, so it comes back with an "Entity Too Large" error. You can try pasting the source code into Notepad or a word document and replacing all the style="border:1px solid black;" with nothing (not even a blank space, just nothing). Next, trim off the header/footer, then input the reduced code to make your checklist.

Inside the house, she could see that Pekka was standing next to the mysterious woman and talking to the twins and Pingu. She moved closer so she could rudely eavesdrop on their conversations.

"Who is this woman, James? I've never seen her before, but she looks suspicious," commented Mika as he stared at Ally. She grinned at him and motioned for Pekka to explain.

"She is my childhood friend, Ally Parkarios," he said, looking at their confused faces. He sighed and told them to sit down.

"I need to tell you all something. I have thought about this for a long time now, and I've decided to quit being your butler and leave together with Ally."

Everybody was shocked. "Why?" they shouted in unison.

To everybody's surprise, Mika was the most upset. His face turned white and he started to stutter. "But... you... you're like my... why?"

"It has always been our dream to start our own business. Now we can make it happen. I may be old, but I don't plan on giving up on my dreams," he breathed. "I believe I have done my job and brought you up well. You need to stand on your own feet now, though, and I need to get on with my own life. I won't disappear completely. I'll come to visit once I've settled in with Ally," he finished, then grabbed his already packed bags. "Goodbye."

Hey there! There's something I'd like to know, but first, *throws 404 Shirt at you*. There. Now on the boards at the minute, it says I've been a player for 10 months but on my lookup, it still says 9 months. Is this a problem or does it wait until the exact day of the month you joined to update it on your lookup? ~ Musicgirl59
Clouds: Yes, you need to wait until the day you joined for the shield to update.

I remember when my shield updated every month...

This was unexpected even to Clouds. The faithful butler who wouldn't leave Mika's side for even a second had moved out? Clouds laughed. This was getting better by the minute. She felt as if she were watching a soap opera!

"With him gone, all that's left are those brats. It will be like taking candy from a baby!" she told herself and returned to her own yard, laughing.

Clouds could already feel the treasure in her hands. It was only a matter of time. Everything was falling into place.


Mika was refusing to face reality, and had locked himself in his room. Summra tried to calm him, but it was no use, so she called for Pingu to talk to him.

"I know you are hurt. I'm confused as well, but there is no time to cry in your room. We have to think about the treasure." She paused, but there was no reply. "He said he'll visit; it's not like you'll never see him again," she said, in a calm voice. "Summra and I will be waiting for you downstairs."

Mika got off his bed. He suddenly realised that without Pingu and Summra he'd be completely lost. He felt incredibly grateful, and knew he should put more trust in them from now on. He left his room refreshed and more determined.

"I can do this. I'll prove it to him," he exclaimed, and hurried to join the others in the living room.

Alright JN...I'm back. My anonymous question was answered in JN Editorial 171, about my lost password issues. I took your advice and sent in a ticket. A week or two later I had a solution suggested. However, the way the solution is phrased made me think it was supposed to be an e-mail. I have gotten no such e-mail. It says, "Please send us your username, the registered date of birth, any other emails that have been associated with the account, and anything else that could help us verify this account is yours. If this is not the original email address on the account, please be sure to reply with that information as well." See? I saw the solution via 'My Support.' But I have already provided all the information in the ticket I sent in. What's with this people?? I put in as much information as possible, and yet this is my 'solution'. Please JN, I need help. Why don't they see what my ticket says? Do I have a faulty person working on my ticket? Please JN, I'm so close to getting my beloved Neopets back, but now this. I love you guys, and I hope you can help me ASAP. *throws the staffer who asnwers this question the No. 1 item on their wishlist* Thanks! ~ draikgirl8
Pingu: When they answer your tickets, they should also send you an email. In case of a lost account I'm guessing this is another safety check. The idea is that you should reply to the email sent by Neopets Support from your own email account (the one that was attached to the account) because this will be how somebody from support will contact you. If you didn't find the email then maybe you had a different email address attached to that account. Try looking at all your email addresses, and also check the junk/spam folder to see if it's gone there. When you reply to this email, you should again describe your problem and basically include everything that was in the ticket. Hope this helps.

With each answer they figured out, they inched closer towards the treasure. Pingu and Summra were sitting in the living room reading the questions.

"These are too hard. We need some help," said Summra with a sigh. "I wonder if Mika will come down."

"He will; don't worry. But until then, I know just who to call for help." Pingu smiled, and quickly called up the two people she and Mika trusted the most.

Yay! I got four questions, well, five now, answered! My question is: why does the rich slorg give out 50 NP on some days, and 100 NP on others? This is a really random question, but I was just curious, since there's no guide for it. As always, you guys are awesome. *throws a hailstorm of plushies* ~ noahkim1234567890
Pingu: This kind Petpet takes out of his own personal savings and hands out some Neopoints to passing Neopets. Sometimes he feels more generous and hands out more Neopoints. You can never really know in what mood you will catch him, it's all up to luck.

The doorbell soon rang, and there stood the maid of honour and the best man. Dream and Kumar, old friends of the family, agreed to help solve some of the puzzles. Kumar and Mika were childhood buddies, while Dream knew Pingu's lost family.

So I just reached the max level with my Habitarium, but my level bar still says 49, and I didn't get the faster raid times, egg, last two squares of space, or neopoints for leveling up. Is this a glitch or have I been misled? ~ Aononymous
Dream: Don't worry! This is a slight bug that a lot of people get, and that can often be fixed by reloading Habitarium. If that doesn't work, you can try clearing your cache, or just waiting a while -- very often this issue fixes itself before too long.

Bugs... both inside and outside your Habitarium!

Is there any way to tell at what price an item will restock in Neopian shops from JN's item database (or anywhere else, I suppose)? Or do you just have to know your shop? Thank you. :) ~ Anonymous
Kumar: Prices in some shops are correlated to the items' rarities. Items less than 2,500 Neopoints generally have a rarity below 85, items costing 2,500 Neopoints means that it has a rarity of 85-89, items costing 5,000 Neopoints have the rarity of 90-94, and items going for 10,000 Neopoints have the rarity of 95-100. However, you won't find this system used in all shops. Many items are priced at values above 10,000 in these shops. The best thing to do is to get to know the shops you are RSing in. Don't get disheartened if you make a few losses early on; it's all part of the learning process!

By the time the four of them had answered their letters, Mika arrived in the living room. He was surprised to see Kumar and Dream, but was glad they'd come. He felt better now, and was ready to answer some questions to solve the puzzle.

"I had an idea while I was in my room. The old man mentioned the staff room. Well, that conference room where the lawyer read the will was where he used to hold all the staff meetings. Plus, that place is filled with his weird collection of limited edition staffs," he said with a smile.

This was a great clue to the mystery of the treasure, all of them agreed, so they all headed over to the conference room.

Chocolate!!! Okay, so now I've got your attention, I have a question about the new COPPA thingy... I'm not quite sure what age I put on my account, but I am just about to turn 13, and I want to know what happens to accounts when you turn 13 - does it just automatically turn over like Neopets? Or will we need to actually do something? Thanks. And I actually don't have any chocolate. That's right, I tricked you. Crafty, much? ~ Sparkles_a23
Mika: After long discussions and several hot chocolate breaks with high administration, I can tell you that once your jnAccount turns 13, it will automatically be updated. So you don't need to do anything, just make sure you input your correct birthday. *is mad because he got no chocolate*

Once in the conference room, they all looked around for some hidden door or perhaps a sliding puzzle, but it seemed there was nothing to find. Mika stared at the staff collection, but nothing came to mind.


"Let's just answer more questions for now," said Summra. She handed Mika another letter.

About a month ago I was looking at my User Lookup and I saw that I had a Lutari Talisman, so I decided to look it up on JN, and read that there were supposed to be beads on there but that there was no way of getting one since Neopets Mobile is gone and the beads were no-trade items. But the other day, I was on the trading post and I saw one of the beads. Then I decided to look up the other beads to see if were on there too and they were. Did TNT decide to make them tradeable items again? ~ beta101_2_2_2
Let's try to make this clearer. Beads were obtainable with the Neopets Mobile service, but you could also get some of them thanks to a Random Event or in the Trading Post. Once Neopets Mobile disappeared, only the two other options remained. You can still get beads that way. Most beads were always active and could be traded; it's only the four Tongi beads that were and still are No Trade.

Hi JN! I have a question. My sister is quitting Neopets, and she has a Ghost Koi! I asked her for it and she said yes. I'm wondering, is it okay for her to give her pet to me? ~ Anonymous
Pingu: It is perfectly fine if she wants to give you her pet. Simply have her transfer the pet over to you before she self freezes the account. As long as you follow the rules and she doesn't give you her account, then there won't be a problem.

"There are more clues in this letter," said Pingu, and pointed at the holes in the shelf. "We must transfer the staff pieces to those holes. It makes sense."

Mika shook his head. "But what order do you suppose we need to put them in?" he asked, staring at all the staffs.

"I'm sure there's an answer in one of these letters," she replied, and pulled out two more envelopes.

Um, so is this situation reportable? Um, so I lent my Pirate Krawk to this user, and since he already had four pets, he temporarily gave me his Mutant Peophin in return until next month. Then, a few days later, I go to his user lookup, and I see my Krawk, and he's Camouflage! I try and send him a neomail about it, but it turns out, he blocked me! Then, I see that he puts "I am up for transfer if you want me." I'm not sure if he knows what transfer means, because he put it on all of his pets. This user is actually 50+ months old, so that's kind of weird though. I'm not sure if he got a random event or something, but he puts that my Krawk is up for transfer. I still have his mutant peophin, safe and sound, um, so yeah. Thanks in advance for your answer, and sorry if this is a little confusing/parts of it has been answered before. ~ anonymous
Pingu: There is a random event that turns your active pet a random color and your pet might have been a victim of said random event, for which the person can't really be held responsible. But if you clearly told them that you were only lending the pet and they are putting it up for adoption then that is reportable -- plus, it seems more than a little suspicious that he blocked you. Put as much detail about the pet and lending as you can into the report. Good luck getting your pet back.

"We need to move the random colours. Try making a rainbow," said Mika, after hearing Pingu read the letter.

Summra and Pingu started moving the staffs around, but none of the combinations worked.

"Now what?" Summra asked, looking dejectedly at her brother.

"There is still one more letter left. Don't give up yet!" he encouraged her. Slightly worried that they wouldn't be able to figure it out, he tore open the final envelope.

Hello Jellyneo! I'm glad you guys are now a certified Neopets Fan Site! I was going through the different tabs on the Fan Site Page, and found this blurb under "Nominate": "Plus, there are a few other perks known only to those who join the ranks! And a secret hand shake." Would you be willing to tell us, or at least hint at what these are? My curiosity is killing me! ~ kind_kacheek
Mika: If you actually read the Fan Site License Agreement in the Fan Site Application Page, they develop a bit more about those other perks you wish so badly to know. As for telling you if I really do know more about them, I'll let you wonder about that (but I can tell you that the secret handshake is AWESOME).

The last letter didn't seem to include anything about the puzzle. Just as everyone started to panic, Mika suddenly remembered something. There was a secret handshake his grandfather had taught him when he was small.

"Left, left, right, over and left," he mumbled, then walked over to the staffs. He grabbed two and moved them over, then moved another one.

Pingu and Summra just stared at him as if he were crazy. Soon, though, the fireplace began to shake.

"Stand back! Something is happening," said Mika, as the small fireplace moved over to the right. Behind the fireplace was a tiny compartment with a single piece of paper.

Summra picked up the paper, rolled it out, and started to read.

"We found it!" she shouted in excitement.

On the paper was an old recipe written by Davio's great-grandmother, who made the most amazing chocolate and who was the one who had inspired Davio to start a chocolate company of his own. The detailed recipe, though old, was just what they needed.

"With this new recipe we can save the company!" said Summra with a huge smile on her face.


Time passed quite fast. In mere weeks, Summra and Mika managed to perfect the chocolate recipe, and the brand new "Jelly Choco Fantastico" was soon on the market.

The chocolate was selling so well that the company managed to reach and exceed its former glory within days.

It seemed all the hard work Pekka had put into teaching Mika everything about running a company hadn't been worthless after all. After finding the family recipe, Mika took over as CEO of the company, and turned out to be a natural at running it. His quick decisions and innovative ideas put the company back on top. Most surprisingly of all, he found he enjoyed the work.

Summra wasn't left behind either. Not long after they had started perfecting the recipe, the twins had noticed that Summra boasted a special talent. Although Summra enjoyed eating chocolate, she wasn't as crazy about it as Mika was. However, her ability to sense even the slightest change in the taste and her skill at picking out the best ingredients made her one of the company's greatest assets, one that was irreplaceable.

Only one person wasn't happy about the development of things. Despite her best efforts, Clouds's plans at sabotaging the company had been foiled. Not only had she not managed to get the treasure, the company share prices had skyrocketed after the release of the new and improved chocolate products.

"Well, I don't mind," she reassured herself. "I hated it here, anyway. It's so hot, and I hate heat!"

Clouds eventually decided that she would start her own chain of hot chocolate shops once she returned to her native land.

"You won this time, Shados, but I'm taking that bear with me," she mumbled to herself.

Sure enough, to annoy Mika, Clouds took boiler the polar bear with her back to her homeland -- and made sure to throw the gnome, Chesu, into the ocean as she left the island. She cackled and waved to the island from the ship.


Pekka, the mobster Weeks had passed since Clouds had moved out of the house next door to the mansion. Since then it had been on sale, but nobody had wanted to buy it.

After a while, Pekka decided to visit the twins. He missed them, and since he wasn't occupied, he decided to come over.

While walking up to the mansion Pekka noticed that the house next door was empty and that it was for sale. Before going into the mansion, he ripped the sale advertisement from the door and made a mental note to buy the house.

Pekka knocked softly on the door. A young woman he'd never seen before opened the door. The girl, a maid, bowed as Pekka introduced himself, and led him into the living room where he was greeted by Mika and Summra.

"It was about time you visited, James!" growled Mika, but he shook his ex-butler's hand anyway. "A lot has changed... especially you," he said, staring at his outfit.

"Yes, a lot of things have. You see, I'm now the leader of the organisation that me and my-- er, that me and Ally run together. But how are you, and where is Miss Pingu?" he asked.

"You mean Mrs. Shados, don't you, Pekka? Though it would be fine if you just called me Pingu." She smiled as she entered the room. "I'm happy you came to visit. Mika has really missed you, although he won't admit it," she chuckled.

Mika's face turned red, and he mumbled something about it not being true. Summra also greeted Pekka with a hug.

"I am so glad to see you again. I picked the right time to visit," she said with a smile.

"Visit?" asked Pekka, not knowing that Summra had moved out a few weeks ago.

"I bought a house on the other side of the island, closer to the factory. I live there with my adoptive parents. I missed them too much, and it felt wrong to move into the mansion," she explained. "It would be nice if you could visit more often. Then maybe I could see you more, too."

"Well that can be arranged. I'm thinking about buying the house Ms. O'Blake used to live in," said Pekka, and noticed that Mika's expression had suddenly changed to an unhappy one.

"Don't say that name!" he hissed. Pingu grabbed his hand to calm him down.

"After Miss Clouds moved out, the polar bear and gnome went missing, so Mika is sort of..." she tried to explain, but was interrupted by Mika.

"That woman not only stole my adorable polar bear, but she had the nerve to throw away my favourite gnome, too. Who knows what's happened to the both of them!?" he sobbed.

Frozen wasteland

Pingu sighed. "We heard that Clouds is running a chain of hot chocolate stores in her homeland, and that it's becoming more popular by the week." She smiled, knowing that the bear would feel better in a colder environment.


So Pekka moved in next door with Ally, and the peaceful days continued. But what happened to Chesu the gnome? I guess we'll never know.

But what binds us all together / is The Jelly in the Staff Room!

- THE END ...? -

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