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Eighteenth Issue
Published: December 31, 2007

Hi. Darn, forget a word and everybody jumps on the error. I guess that's why I should proofread stuff. Merry Christmas. :D

What is the thrift shop? Is it the money tree, that garbage dump in meridell or what? Hope ya answer!!! ~ golden145
The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe is what I think you're talking about. :P You can donate your old clothes there and pick up some new, fashionable clothes. Ten pieces of clothing per user per day though! (So don't pick 10 Piles of Dung!)

We are the Dung Police. Put down the Pile of Dung slowly and nobody gets hurt!

I have Seen You Guys Answer Alot of Stupid Questions in this Editorial. Do you Guys Have a Filter? If not, GET ONE? And, Why do you answer those STUPID questions? ~ MetalMaverick
If more people would send in Neopets-related questions, the Editorial would be long, boring and non-fun. We try to keep a nice balance, but sometimes we just run out of Neopets-related questions. (And they're not stupid, just non-Neopets related. Hey, this question goes into that category! :P)

Hi, How come the Advent Calendar gives out such a precise number of neopoints? As an example, I got 203np today, not 200 or 210, but 203. ~ ashleyee100
Because the NeoGods say so! It's all what TNT wants to happen. If they want to give you 203NP, you get 203NP. If they want to give you a Staff of Ultranova, they can. It's all up to them.

Hey Jellyneo! As I was searching through the item database using the keyword "christmas" I noticed that it came up with TWO Christmas Baby Blus. I was wondering if you had any idea how it could be possible that there are two items with the exact same name, painted the exact same color and yet they look different. :/ Oh but my "real" question was how can they both be in circulation because I assume it would be very confusing to users. ~ centerpiece
Hmm, it's quite possible. They gave two Item IDs to the Christmas Baby Blu, one having old artwork and one having new artwork. Hmm, they probably keep the older one around because some people still have it or something. :P It's also probably still able to be sold, but when it's attached, is probably converted to the new version. Nowadays, Baby Blus painted Christmas get the new artwork. (You can look at the two here.)

Which one's the REAL Baby Blu?

Who plays the music for the Neopian bands?? ~ macmyfamily
If I recall correctly, Ollie (also known as TPOSG) does the music for the bands as well as most games. *nod* Feel free to fire off an email if I'm wrong, Ollie. NOT YOU OTHER PEOPLE. :P Thanks. :*

The other day, I was thinking of the time when I was a newbie to Neopets. It's a very scary world out there for newbs. Anyway, I remember getting a randome event which gave me a piece of the spooky map or something. I put it for trade for what I wanted most: a kougra plushie! It sold, and I was so happy, until I realised that I lost out. Lol, do you have any newbie stories to share? ~ 101monica101
We all obviously have our own newbie stories. For example, most of us probably sold our paintbrushes for 1NP or donated them to the Money Tree. (It's been so long for me that I've forgotten what I've done as a newbie. xD) If you'd like to share your stories, feel free to call 1-866-JELLYNEO. (This is not a real number.)

Hi JN! I use your site all the time and I can navigate it pretty well. But in an earlier newspost you said "Here are some buttons/trophies for our upcoming game..." Where can I find your games? Or is it one of Neopets' games? Thanks! ~ 88_kirara_88
Whoops, it's one of Neopets' games. Sorry for the confusion! (Here's a cookie. Shhh. :P)

Hey there, Jellyneo! Just wanted to say that since I discovered JN, I look nowhere else for the things I need to know about Neopia! You guys are great! Anywho...I was wondering, after recently displaying a great amount of patience with Pyramids, and playing well over 100 games, I FINALLY won the five games it takes to get the 2nd place trophy! WHEW! When TNT clears the high score tables, will I have to do all that over again!? ~ BexxxPLB
Nope! Whatever trophy you get is yours to keep... Unless you cheated. Then you get frozen. :P

In the last issue of your editorial you posted this comment: "Lesson of the day: Always input real information when you sign up. :) You cannot retrieve your birthday, so it'd appear your friend's account is essentially locked." I just wanted to contact you and let you know you can retrieve the birth date you have on your account. I once did the same thing that that person had done, but I contacted Neopets about it. I actually didn't have the correct email address in there either, so i had to wait a long time. But they did send me an email with both my password and my birth date, just like i asked for :) Hope this helps anyone out there who is in the same perdicament :) ~ apocrypha_rose
Fine, I admit that we were /somewhat/ wrong. :P Yes, it IS possible to retrieve your birthday by contacting Neopets. The only way they'd give it to you is if you have good, solid proof that the account is yours. (This answer really goes for both retrieving birth dates and frozen accounts.) Oh, and please don't bug the Support Staff with your birth date requests. I apologize in advance if you get tons of birth date mail, TNT! :P Here's a peace offering. :P

Would be there any "Dress-up a Neopet" games in further on jellyneo? ~ K3nzaah
There should be. Most likely not when 24 or LOST come back on, but yes, there should be a few more Customisation Events on JN. D:

Erm, I don't know if this question had been asked before but how exactly do you get a chia that's painted fruit or vegetable? *glomps apple chia* ~ minako
You can get a Fruit or Vegetable Chia by doing either of the following:
1) Have a Chia eat a Magical Chia Pop.
2) Have the Lab Ray zap your Chia until it turns into one.

Asparagus Chias are NOT yummy!

Can you paint mutant pets like for instance you had a mutant kiko and you wanted to paint it green? ~ misterkaotix
Yes you can. I don't see why not. o-O :P

Hi Davie and Terry. You do such a good job with the site. Though, I wonder about what i'm putting into my pets' mouths. Does it matter whether we bother to buy the organic greens and rabbit food, or does nutrition not play any visable part in neopets? ~ x_dragon_rider_x
Nutrition does not play any visible part in Neopets. *nod* It's all behind the scenes. The only thing users see is whether or not your pet is sick as well as your pet stats, really. :P

Why can't we sell deluxe pb(paint brush) items ex. Ghost usul bow, robot gnorbu cranium cover, snow kougra tail decoration etc. ? ~ pigeon007
If we could sell Deluxe Paint Brush Items, there would be no need to buy Paint Brushes anymore! D:

*goes Shop Wizarding for a Zombie Usul Bow*

What happenned to the comments? ~ rocky0mypup98
We decided to get rid of them forever.

...And replace it with a new news system with a spiffier commenting system. Unfortunately, I can not say anything else about the news system as this is a trade secret. (Pfft, I just don't know anything else about it. It's also not out yet.)

What will you get from this mystery gift? Most likely not a New Years item!