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The Jelly In The Staff Room: Episode 3
Published: July 21, 2012

Last episode on "The Jelly in the Staff Room"...

Iggy is hiding a mysterious person in his house; who could it be? Will it dramatically change events on Jellios Island? Pekka seems to know more about the Shados family than the family themselves do... What will happen to Davio? He might never be able to recover from his current condition. How will Pingu's undying love for employer Mika ever be reciprocated?


Summra Boxler, the guest"I can't let you go yet. You'll blow my cover."

She'd known from the start that Iggy wasn't a particularly trustworthy fellow, but Summra Boxler had been lured into the job by the prospect of finding her birth family. Now she was stuck carrying boxes from one room of Iggy's mansion to the next and feeding his Zomutt whenever he was busy (which was suspiciously often).

Yet she did these tasks without complaining once, because she knew she was closer to finding her birth parents than ever.



Pekka frantically knocked on the door to Mika's room, hoping his employer was neither eating chocolate nor listening to pop songs. He had just returned from the "institution" where Davio was held, and the old man had given him some very important news. As much as I disapprove of Mika's behaviour, he thought, he still should be privy to this information. He is, after all, the heir to this company.

"The company," he said. "We need to discuss the company."

His plea fell on deaf ears.

"Mika, we need to discuss this like mature and responsible adults." Pekka couldn't say he considered Mika a "mature and responsible adult", but the butler (for now) was trying to get on his good side.

There was no response.

Annoyed, Pekka dropped the bundle of mail he held at the foot of Mika's door and ran away. He needed some alone time (not "me time", as Mika enjoyed calling it), and being as close as he was to Mika's room certainly wasn't helping his mood. "Maybe I'll go to the park. I haven't been to the park in a while."


Nuvola O'Blake wanted the Choco Magico company. She had already grown tired of searching for what seemed to be an illusion. The treasure might not even exist, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The only thing standing between her and the company was Pekka, she felt. Davio had grown out of chocolate and had moved on to Bingo; Pingu was too naÔve, lovestruck, and idealistic to handle the day-to-day responsibilities a company demanded; and Mika... how was she to start on Mika? He was passionate about chocolate, she couldn't deny, but he knew little to nothing about business and was woefully immature. Pekka, though, was level-headed, sharp, and far too devoted to Davio (and his grandson) for his own good.

Not much I can do about that, she thought. One gets a bit attached when they've been working for the same person -- household, really -- for three and a half decades.

The factory of her dreams"We're here."

She looked up from her box of Psimice to find herself face-to-face with the large, bold, and undeniably Mika-like Choco Magico chocolate factory. "So this is how Mika fuels his chocolate addiction..." she mused, removing the lid from the Psimice-filled container. She poured the mice onto the soft grass, and gestured towards the entrance to the factory. "You're going to go in there, and you're going to wreak havoc."

She gleefully watched the Psimice scurry into the factory, their little umbrellas bobbing up and down and up and down as they walked. "Mika's going to have quite the fright when his precious chocolates start to taste like... umbrellas," she declared. "Now if you shall excuse me, little mice, I have some walls on which to graffiti."


Pekka sat on a bench somewhere on the beach, absentmindedly carving words in the sand with a twig he'd found outside Mika's room. He'd meant to visit the park, but ended up at the beach, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to return to the mansion... his home, the home he had to share with Mika.

He suddenly found himself writing "origins" in the sand, and thinking of something he'd kept sealed for the last thirty-five years... the life he'd lived prior to meeting Davio.

He'd been a boy, a street urchin, and penniless, and he'd been on the verge of joining the circus more than once.

A hidden past

"Slothio gave me a home and a job, financial security, and all the chocolate I could ever want. I just didn't expect that his grandchildren... his grandson... would turn out this way.

"I basically raised him, so I can't bear to quit the job. I had over ten years to resign, to leave, to quit... to escape."

His ears caught the sound of footsteps, but he chose to ignore them. He wasn't in the mood to have a conversation with anybody other than himself.

"I don't know why that Egos fellow felt he could trick me," he stated. "The twin... he did have a twin, but it was a girl. Summra del Shados, I'm so sorry if I've let you down. I hope you can forgive me, because I can't forgive myself."

Summra Boxler's heart skipped a beat at the mention of her name, though she opted to let the man continue his soliloquy. She couldn't be the only one in the world named Summra, she told herself. Then again, Summra wasn't the commonest of names, and she'd been trying to locate her birth family for so long...

"Bankruptcy!" Pekka continued. "The company was his pride and joy, and now it's in ruins. I suppose it's somewhat of a good thing he isn't alert enough to witness this."

Summra stepped out of her hiding spot, Iggy's Zomutt in her arms, and looked at Pekka. "Excuse me," she started, "but my name is Summra -- Summra Boxler -- and I was adopted at the age of one."

Pekka couldn't believe his eyes. It was her.


Mika opened his door to be greeted by a large bundle of mail, on which he immediately tripped. "Must be that careless butler again," he seethed. "I suppose I will answer some of these pointless questions. Why not? I don't have much to do, and James, whom I really don't want to speak with at the moment, has hidden the chocolates in an undisclosed location."

He grabbed a random envelope from the pile and tore it open.

No money, HELP! ~ Choco Magico Chocolate Company
Mika: No money? Just go to the Jellios Bank and they'll give some to you. And give me more chocolates! I only have enough to last two days and all these stories with new neighbours and twins are stressing me, so I'm eating more and more. And where is that Pingu? I need my swimsuit to enjoy a little me time in the choco-swimming pool.

Rolling in the dough...

Hi awesome JN people! *tries to think of something imaginative to throw and can't* I have a question about the Symol Hole. I've been trying for a while to get the avatar, and a few times now I've gotten the giveav= in the url, but I've gotten no avatar. Does it matter that the url says giveav=0 - as in, does the number have to be something other than 0 for you to receive the avatar? ~ obviously_dragon
Mika: Well, you just suffer from bad luck. After a little research, no matter what you get after giveav=, once you get it you might get the avatar. Just keep visisting the Symol Hole and eventually you will get that precious avatar.

Mika was close to losing his patience. Not only had Pekka disappeared with the location of the chocolate, but his maid Pingu was nowhere to be found either. Grinding his teeth, he mumbled something about how he would fire them both once the fortune was his.

Hey, so I went through your side-account guide, but I just wanted to double check. I started playing Neo on an account a long time ago which I abandoned after a while. A few years later, I got back into the game but couldn't access the account, so I started a new account, which I now consider my main. I have managed to access my old account again and was wondering if it's legal to transfer all the old Neopoints I accumulated on that account onto my new main. BTW, I love your guides, they're so helpful! ~ Anonymous
Mika: That's perfectly fine. As long as you follow the side account rules with your old main account, you should have no problems whatsoever. But remember to not switch your main account over and over again.

The lack of his daily chocolate had started to seriously get to him by now. Mika started frantically searching the kitchen for any trace of his favorite hot chocolate. He had already answered enough questions to drain all his strength, and he was about to snap. "WHERE ARE YOU? YOU USELESS MAID!" he shouted, making the whole house tremble.

*throws Faerie Pofews (my very favoritest petpet) at you, but sadly they all float away, as they are balloons :(* I'm not going to ask about chances here, because I read your "don't ask about this!" section, but maybe you have seen more than I have about this subject. I am a pretty old-time Neo user (almost 11 yrs with no big hiatuses) and yet I have never once gotten a Fountain Faerie Quest. Now, I know they are "rare" but I see many, many people with accounts of around 2 yrs or so who have had multiple FFQs. Okay, so maybe I am just really unlucky, but I was curious about this. I started asking other old time users, ones who have been around since, maybe the time of the original sponsored Rainbow Fountain and guess what I found out? None of us have ever received a FFQ. Admittedly, I don't know a huge number of people with old Neo-accounts so maybe we are all very unlucky people and those 24 month account people who have had multiple quests are just extra lucky, but here is my question. Does anyone at JN know of many users (or ANY users really) with accounts dating back to the original Rainbow Fountain who have gotten FFQ's? ~ ravendusk
Mika: Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is "you are very unlucky". I had to say it, sorry. But don't feel bad, many other people have never gotten a FFQ, starting with me (and my account is 6 years old). So you just have to keep waiting or maybe find a new way to get the coloured pet you've always dreamt about.

He couldn't take it anymore. Once again, he shouted for Pingu. Much to his surprise, she suddenly appeared from the back entrance of the kitchen. The maid was nervously stuffing a few letters in her pocket, which Mika naturally noticed, but he was more than happy about not having to answer them.

"How long do you plan on depriving me of my chocolate?" He glared at the maid, who just stood there looking out of place. "How many times do I have to tell you not to make me wait?!" he snapped, tapping his feet. Pingu, after finally managing to stuff the final piece of paper into her pocket, quickly opened one of the pantries, pulled out a large box of rare chocolate and started preparing Mika's favorite hot chocolate. He seemed to be in a horrible mood, so she couldn't risk making it worse by giving him chocolate of a poorer quality. Plus she found joy in seeing his puppy-like face while he was eating chocolate.

"Here is your chocolate, Sir Shados." She smiled, but it seemed nothing could change his mood. Without saying a word, Mika left the kitchen and locked himself up in his room.

Pingu sighed. It was clear to her that her employer would never love her back. Still, this at least gave her a chance to answer the mail she'd just taken.

Hi, JN! Quick Question: I love reading on this site, but I donít have an account. However, if I did have an account, how would I deactivate it if I did not want to use it anymore? P.S. Here! Have some jellybeans! ~ neomikey07
Pingu: When you create a Jellyneo account you receive an email used to verify your account. Among a lot of other things at the bottom of said email it says: "If at any time you would like to cancel your account, please reply to this message with a request to have the account deleted. (In fact, you need this email if you ever want your account deleted.)". If you made an account though I'm sure you won't want to disable it. *happily noms on jellybeans* Sir Shados never lets me have any of his chocolate.

She shuffled the letters. Most of them appeared to be junk mail, but one particular letter caught her attention.

The stock prices have fallen again! We had an infestation! Do something Shados!!!!! ~ Choco Magico Company

Pingu knew exactly what this meant. The company wasn't doing great before, but now it seemed that it was standing on the edge of a cliff. She made a mental note to give Mika the letter once she found him in a better mood.

Hey guys *showers you with rainbow Neggs*! I've been wanting to make an attempt at getting in the top 3 highscores for Sutek's Tomb, which I know is going to take a very long time. Is it ok to take several longer breaks during the game and is there anything that might result in the dreaded "There were problems processing your score" message? Thanks :3 ~ freakanzoy
Pingu: Good luck with the trophy. I'm really bad at that game, but I tried pausing it several times, even up to an hour and the score could be sent just fine. I think you get the score processing error if you stay too long on the send score page, not the actual game. In Sutek's Tomb's case the only way you can get to the send score page is if you end your game, so I doubt pausing it would cause the error to appear. Unfortunately it's not something you can calculate in advance; it might still happen even if you don't pause the game at all. I guess you will just have to try and see.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Pekka was almost reduced to tears at the sight of the young girl. She was exactly what he'd remembered her mother to be like. She had the exact same eyes, the same voice. There was no doubt in his mind that Summra was Mika's sister and Davio's granddaughter. Summra looked exactly like her in her younger years. He jumped to his feet and grabbed her hand.

"You have your mother's eyes." He smiled. "It's been such a long time. I can't believe you're standing in front of me. I was afraid something had happened to you. If Davio learns of this... I knew that fraud couldn't be the real twin. You look exactly like she did. There is no doubt. You are Summra del Shados!" he exclaimed happily.

Summra backed away a bit. This was all too much for her to take in at once. "Del Shados? That's my real name? I've known I was adopted since I was five, but... such a rich family... how do I know you're not trying to fool me...?" She hesitated to continue speaking. "Iggy said that he'd..." She tried to explain the situation, but Pekka roughly interrupted her.

"That fraud tried to fool the family into thinking he's the lost twin," he huffed. "I knew the twin was a girl, but I'm a butler and can't go against the master's wishes. But if he saw you! You're clearly the one!" His tone was becoming less bitter and more excited. "If you come with me I can introduce you to your birth family. Your twin brother and your grandfather."

Across town, Nuvola was setting up another one of her tricks.

If you lab a pet on a side account, can you transfer it to your main? I searched the Editorials and the Side Account page, so I may just be blind or stupid, but... can you? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Clouds: Of course! There's nothing wrong with transferring pets between your accounts.

Her first batch of "surprises" to the company had been so effective that Clouds decided to do a few more. She had successfully managed to disguise herself as a worker and get close to the chocolate mixing machine. With several cans of expired Pekkasi and a large batch of two-week-old gross food in her bag, she made sure to have at least a week's worth of chocolate tasting like rotten socks and Diet Terry.

After her successful chocolate mixing she seated herself on a bench across the factory, and amused herself with her mail while she watched the Blechy she'd released earlier chew holes into the side of the walls.

What happens if you use a species-changing weapon (such as Chia Flour) on a DoN foe? ~ anonymous
Clouds: As nothing you do to a DoN foe (or any one-player challenger, for that matter) is permanent, I'm almost positive the item will simply disappear from existence. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on some Chia Flour, don't try it!

This was not all she had planned. Clouds was set on completely breaking the company. She didn't want to ruin it just for fun, though; she had other plans in mind. Clouds figured that regardless of what the treasure was, she'd secure herself the company first.

I have the right to it. Davio owes me everything. Without me, he'd still be running around in the snow selling his second-rate chocolate to polar bears!

Pekka tried everything he could to convince her, but Summra was still indecisive about whether or not she could believe this man. As a last attempt, he pulled out one of Davio's letters.

Does Turmy eat invisible petpets? ~ ryan1143840646282
Pekka: The great Turmaculus not only has an amazing appetite but apparently also a great sense of smell as he isn't fooled by the invisibility. If he is in the mood he will gladly eat your precious Invisible Petpet, so be careful when visiting him.

A picture of Mika and Summra's mother
A lovely portrait
from long ago
Summra just looked at him, still confused. This was in no way able to convince her that he was telling the truth. Then Pekka suddenly remembered. For so long he'd kept it, and for so long he'd not been sure why he'd been holding onto it, but he finally had the chance to use it. Stored in the back of his wallet was an old picture of Mrs. Shados, Davio's daughter, Mika's mother. He took it out and showed it to her.

Summra was amazed. The picture clearly looked old, but it was her... or a woman who looked exactly like she did.

"Is she... my mother?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"Will you believe me now?" Pekka asked. She looked up and happily nodded.

"I want to meet my birth family."

She didn't need to say anything else. Pekka took her hand and said, "This way, my lady."

At the end of the Tyrannian Invasion, 10 years ago, Monoceraptor promised he would return. So far we have never had another invasion. Will we have another invasion? Who defeated Monoceraptor? ~ eromestone
Mika: We'll never know what lies ahead; maybe in a future plot you (and many others) will have the invasion/war you want. As for who defeated the Monoceraptor, we answered it in Editorial #43.

Hello JN! I was wondering if you knew how to make enough Neopoints to buy a Monoceraptors Claw. I'm drooling over it right now and I can't afford it. :( The Monoceraptor's my favourite villain. And what pet/user actually beat him? Neopets only says that a brave Lupe did it. ~ sharpedo98

There are literally tons of ways you could make NP. The quickest and probably most efficient way of making lots of NP fast is by playing games and restocking. It takes a while to get used to and to develop a pattern, but once you get the hang of it you can potentially make millions during the course of a month. In addition, you can participate in some of the contests that Neopets offers.

The Monoceraptor was beaten by a Lupe named k0jir0 (owned by gotenx84). Unfortunately, gotenx84 quit Neopets a long time ago and his famous prize, the Monoceraptors Claw, was made a Hidden Tower item for a while (it is now retired). The k0jir0 that you see on Neopets today is not the same Lupe, since Neopets made some old usernames and pet names available for the taking several years ago (don't worry, they also said, "There are very, very rare occasions where we free up very old usernames, but this does not happen very often").

If you'd like to read more about the exciting Tyrannian Land War, there is this article in the Neopian Times.

Back at the mansion, Mika seemed to be in a better mood than before. The chocolate had had a great effect on him; that lovely unique taste was just as he liked it. He didn't even realise that he'd already answered another one of his letters.

With this new-found motivation, he decided to answer another question.

Waste precious JN Editorial space. ;) ~ silly_mistake
Mika: Don't let my butler see me answer this no-question, he will judge me for answering spam mail. But I don't need to think hard for this answer, so you deserve a chocolate.

Hi there! *Bows humbly and presents Jelly Chia Plushie* I noticed that Neopets were releasing Key Quest tokens on pet days that used to be only obtainable by buying a plushie and redeeming a code. Are other Neopets going to get tokens released on their pet days too (such as Shoyrus, Grundos, Koi, etc.)? ~ anonymous
Mika: By the looks of it, it seems like TNT is releasing two or three Key Quest tokens each pet day (or three days before if you can access the Future Fashions NC Mall shop). So, you can expect to see more and more tokens in the near future.

Mika felt he'd accomplished something. He didn't even need Pekka; he could easily get his own chocolate, answer his own mail. He decided he didn't even want the butler to come home.

In the kitchen, Pingu was still sorting the mail. There were numerous letters from the Choco Magico factory. All of them were begging for help, telling Mika that if he didn't do something soon the company would be in big trouble. She tried not to think about them, thinking that if she managed to solve the clues and find the treasure then even the factory could be saved.

Hiya there, JN! I have a pressing question about pet transfers. TNT /does/ state that pet transfers, if neither rejected nor accepted, will be nullified in 72 hours and the pet will be returned to you. However.... I have heard many issues where this is not the case, and it may take weeks for the pet to return. Also, in my case, I sent a pet over, and the receiver says that he received a message that /I/ cancelled the transfer which is... not possible. :P Now his pet and my pet are gone from our accounts, but when you look them up, it says that we are still the owners. The receiver has sent in a ticket, but all that TNT says is that happens often. So what's the issue with this whole scenario? Thankee for askin'! ~ anonymous
Pingu: Both pets should automatically return to your accounts within 72 hours if neither of you accept or reject. You can reject an offer, in which case both pets should automatically return to your accounts. Unfortunately I don't know what exactly happened, but I suggest you both keep a slot open in case the pets return. Try to wait a while, but if they still don't return, after maybe a week, try sending in another ticket with a detailed explanation about the situation.

Before being able to open any other letters Pingu heard the bell ring at the front door. She assumed it was the postman as usual. Hoping for more letters that might get her closer to the treasure and a way to save the factory, she rushed to the front door.

A terrible, terrible place"I have a letter addressed to Mika del Shados," the postman said, staring at the maid, "but he has to personally sign for it. It's from the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium."

Pingu was convinced it was the usual letter the institution would send him about Davio's health situation. Somehow, she managed to convince the mailman to let her take the letter instead, as Mika was in an unusually foul mood. The mailman was aware of his mood swings and wasn't planning on becoming a victim of an anger outburst, so he unwillingly let the maid have the letter.

Pingu slowly opened the letter, which read:
Dear Mr. Shados,
We must inform you that your grandfather Davio de la Slothio's health has seriously declined in the past week. Until today we felt it was unnecessary to inform you about it as our institution can handle slight health problems, but now I am sorry to inform you that your grandfather's illness has suddenly worsened and we were required to move him into intensive care. Please contact the hospital immediately.

Pingu turned white and started to panic. Oh no... what do I do? I need to tell Sir Shados, but he's already in such a foul mood!, she thought while running in circles. Hesitant, she decided that she should tell Mika about the situation. However, as she tried to walk upstairs, the front door unexpectedly swung open. There stood Pekka and Summra, though the maid didn't recognise the latter.

"Lady Pingu, would you call Mika here? I have some important news for him," said Pekka with a smile.

My brother is quitting Neopets and wants to leave me some of his items, but we use the same computer; is there any way for him to send me some items without TNT thinking I've been making multiple accounts? ~ x_stormflower_x
Clouds: It should be fine to just have your brother send the items to your account. TNT are aware that siblings play Neopets, and that some of them share a computer.

Clouds was having her own great news back at her house. Her plan was working perfectly. With the company getting into more and more trouble, the stock prices had plummeted and it was only a matter of time before Clouds could buy it at an insignificant price, possibly mere cents. Not only would she be able to get her hands on the company, but with the treasure and the knowledge of chocolate she was going to be richer than she could ever imagine.

Hey JN! *throws piles of cookies, dung and buckets* Months ago, I set up a PIN on my account. It was only recently that I (of course) forgot it. I requested the PIN be sent to me by email, but I never got the email. TNT neomailed me back - there was some kind of server error, and the message bounced. I was told to check the FAQ. Nothing has helped. What should I do? ~ anonymous
Clouds: An e-mail can "bounce" for several reasons, but it basically means it didn't go through. You mentioned a server error, so I'm assuming either Neopets's or your mail provider's server was having problems when you requested the PIN. If this is the case, then you should wait a while and request the PIN again. However, it's also possible that your account is connected to an incorrect or outdated e-mail address, or that your e-mail's filters are preventing the message from going through.

Chesu the GnomeShe leaned back in her rocking chair, thinking about her future riches, then noticed that Mika's backyard had gained yet another one of those ugly gnomes that she hated so much. Looking at it, she noticed that it said "Chesu the Gnome" on the back. Clouds made a mental note never to name anything like that.

Just as she had decided to go over there and throw out the new gnome, Mika came out of nowhere with his pet polar bear. He was clearly trying to feed some letters to her. Clouds knew about the pet and realised how cruel it was keeping it in this extreme heat, but now the poor bear also had to eat the letters just so he didn't have to answer them. This was too much, so she made another mental note to take the polar bear with her once she returned to her icy homeland.

Om nom nom nom
Pingu ran up to the second floor to call Mika. She was hoping that even if he was still mad, he would at least take it out on Pekka instead of her. She gently knocked on the door. "Sir Shados, Pekka has returned with a guest and asked me to call you into the living room," she said in a rather quiet voice. To her surprise, he was no longer in the mood he'd been in just before, and without saying anything he followed her into the living room. Mika had decided that he was going to tell Pekka how he didn't need him anymore, and how he could manage on his own.

Once they arrived in the living room, Mika kept staring at Summra. Somehow he found her face familiar, similar to his own. Not as gorgeous and awesome as his, of course, but still very similar.

"Who is this?" he asked in a cold voice, giving the butler an even colder look.

"I should have told you sooner, but this is your true twin. Your twin sister Summra!" he proudly declared. "Iggy de la Egos was nothing but a fraud. With a little research I found that he goes around looking at birth records and stealing identities. That's the way he makes his fortune. But this? This is really your long lost sister."

Mika wasn't planning on believing it; he'd just gotten rid of one annoyance, and was happy about it, but right then another one had come along. He had to share his chocolate and hammock again?!

"And what proof do you have? Or are you going to let another fraud into the house?" he growled. Pekka, though, was prepared for his reaction. He took out the same photo that he'd showed Summra. Without a doubt you could tell that the woman in the picture was Summra's mother, and even though he hadn't seen his mother in over two decades, Mika recognized the old photo. "Well... isn't this wonderful..." he said, forcing an awkward grin onto his face. He couldn't deny the resemblance. There was no doubt that this person was his twin. She looks rather easy to fool, though, he thought to himself. Maybe I can trick her out of the house.

Pekka was excited. While walking home with her he could tell that, unlike the other twin, Summra was kindhearted, generous and easy to get along with. She was somebody that made him feel being a butler was worth it. She was somebody he could easily serve. Pekka quickly decided to let Summra feel at home and urged Pingu to prepare her room and bring some of the letters from Davio to her to read.

I have been trying to attach this Petpetpet for ages! I have an important question that hasn't been answered anywhere. When trying to attach a Petpetpet, does using/discarding/depositing items count? When you hit close and refresh, and then the inventory refreshes, does this count towards refreshes for the attachment purposes of a Petpetpet? Or do I have to sit and hit F5? I need to know! It's been three months and I am beginning to think this Mootix is afraid of Ghostkerchiefs. ~ anonymous
Summra: A refresh is a refresh, so there should not be a problem with multitasking! I do advise if you use this method to ensure you have several low-worth items in your inventory, since each refresh with one less item increases the chance of a malicious Random Event occurring. If I were the size of a Mootix, I would have a greater fear of the Grundo Leader than of a little Ghostkerchief. :(

Summra had fun answering the letter. The butler began telling her more and more stories about her parents and grandfather, about the factory and also about Mika, who naturally was pouting during all this time, doing nothing else but ordering Pingu to bring more chocolate.

Is it considered cheating if you buy the items needed for a Faerie Job before you click 'Apply for this job'? Because I did, and I was wondering if I should get rid of the items/neopoints I won. It seems fair, but then again, someone could manipulate the server and game so much because the time amount wouldn't count. ~ roversydneygirl
Summra: Rapid time jobs can be tricky. If you look at Faerie Jobs through the same view as you look at The Kadoatery, then no problem with Inventory or SDB "jobbing" exists. However, should you still be nervous, Shop Wizard "jobbing" is perfectly fine as well. Just don't forget about the deadline!

Pekka was busy telling stories and showing the twin around, while Mika was busy yelling at his maid. Somehow Pingu had managed to miss all the chances to tell them about the letter. She didn't want to ruin the happy mood, but she had to tell them sooner or later.

Clouds, meanwhile, was busy with her own project.

Hey, Jellyneo, I was wondering, do you like Cookies and Milk or Pancakes and Syrup better? ~ tayloi (Jazmine)
Clouds: Since I hail from Canada, I'm obliged to say I prefer the choice with maple syrup. However, I prefer cookies over pancakes, so my answer's going to be Cookies and Syrup.

Maple syrup is delicious!
Mmm... maple syrup, my favourite beverage!

The company stock prices had fallen so much that the news was filled with the famous company being on the verge of bankruptcy. Although the company had sent numerous letters to Mika, and had several more on the way, he ignored them completely.

I saw that the Neopets Team had Auction Accounts; I have never seen one of their auctions but I believe they are really good. What are the names of the accounts? I know two of them are dr_death and dr_sloth. ~ anumber_1_a
Clouds: A quick search brought me illusen, jeran, jhudora, scarblade, balthazar, and queen_fyora. There was also TrillionFTW, which was used to host special auctions when Neopets reached a trillion pageviews, but its profile now lists it as a Monitor.

It was only a matter of time before her plan would succeed and Clouds would be the new owner of the Choco Magico company. She had already made plans to rename it Transylvantarcticanada Sweets, which in her opinion was a much better name.

In the mansion Pingu still kept missing her chances to tell them about the Davio situation, and by now she was getting antsy.

Hello JN! I have a situation and I was wondering if you'd have an idea on the rules. Long story short (literally), I'm writing an NT story and I'd like to quote some various poems/NT entries/etc. However, my subject happened quite a long time ago, so I cannot get permission from some users who have since left the site/had their accounts frozen. So, can I quote the entries and give them full credit if I can't contact them for permission, or is that against the rules? I'm assuming it is and I should just leave their work out, but I'd like some extra input from you guys. :) Thanks!~ ~ Dragonair23
Pingu: I'm going to go with the better safe than sorry answer for this. Firstly, although you are planning to give everybody credit, not everybody wants to be in the spotlight. Some people might not want their username shown. Secondly TNT has stated numerous times to submit only your own work, which might mean that they simply won't take your submission. Now I don't know how you are going to integrate them into your own story or what exactly it's about, but I suggest you don't use their work unless you get their permission to do so first.

Pingu started pacing up and down around the house. Mika was keeping her busy all day with constant demands of chocolate. It was clear he was using her to get rid of his anger. All his attempts to somehow trick Summra into leaving were prevented by Pekka, who was well aware of what Mika was trying to do. But he wasn't planning to give up.

I need your help, so badly! I've heard of the not-so-scary Scary Cave from The Haunted Woods. BUT, I've never seen the original, thanks to the annoying staff. Can you tell me what happened in the ORIGINAL Scary Cave? Thanks! ~ The King Of Hyrule
Pingu: It's usually very hard to find information about such old site features. Here's an editorial question about the same thing:

What was the Scary Cave in the Haunted Woods? ~redherochild

Oh, wow... that hasn't been there for a very long time. It was removed a couple of map updates ago. From what we recall, it was used to host scary stories during Halloween time.

Here is another quote from one of the NT articles:

The Scary Cave: Late at night when darkness is falling many NeoPets gather around the entrance to the scary cave. They listen as the wise old mole tells spine-chilling tales of horror and suspense.

Hope that helps.

This cave was just SO scary TNT had to remove it from the site!

The mood around the house didn't change. It seemed like a war zone and Pingu didn't know what to do about the letter from the institution. She tried to tell Pekka about it, but atypically of the butler, he was too focused on the twins to listen to her.

Hi! In a previous editorial, it was explained that URLs that have [a word] are parts of the Neopets site and are okay. What kind of URLs should we look out for that are bad? ~ anonymous
Pekka: It's hard to give a complete list of what you should look out for. Generally, you can consider a URL with "" in it safe. It's best if you play on "" whenever possible, though, and if a link looks suspicious or off in any way, don't click it. You may also want to check out our Account Safety guide for more information about how to protect your account.

Pekka had indeed noticed that the maid had been acting rather strange all day, but he had his hands full with Mika, who wouldn't stop trying to get his twin out of the house. However, he became curious and chose to start searching for her. Pekka soon found Pingu in the back room next to the kitchen walking around in a circle and clutching a letter in her hand.

"What should I do? What do I do? How do I say it?" she mumbled to herself. Pekka stared at her for a short while before speaking up.

"How do you say what?" he asked, his eyes fixed on the letter she held.

"I tried to tell somebody, but I never got the chance! I tried so many times, but..." She handed the butler the letter. Pekka quickly read over the letter, then ran out of the room without saying anything to Pingu.

The twins were in the living room when Pekka came rushing in. "Sir Slothio, your grandfather... he's... in the hospital," he said, worried.

Summra jumped up from her seat. "Grandfather? No! But I haven't even met him yet!" It was clear what Mika was thinking, though. At last! He smiled to himself, but put on a sad face. "We must visit Grandfather," he said. Pekka was too worried about Davio to comment on Mika's reaction, and instead prepared the car for them to go to the hospital.

Letters taste funny

Meanwhile, boiler the polar bear and Chesu the gnome, "affectionately" nicknamed Frodo by Mika, sat happily in the backyard, oblivious to the drama that was going on in the house. boiler had gotten some letters from Mika that she'd been instructed to eat, but decided that she would rather answer them, being the smart polar bear that she was.

How do you change your Petpet Park password? I can't do it through Neopets because I've been frozen (but have done nothing to deserve it). And here is a Magical Chia Pop for you! ~ anonymous
noileh: Since it appears that your account on Neopets was cracked and your password changed, you'll have to use the "forgot password" button on the Petpet Park login page in order to reset your password. If the e-mail on the account was also changed, however, you'll have to contact support in order to try and recover your account.

The other letter was handed over to Chesu. He couldn't understand why Mika made so big a deal of answering these simple questions, especially since most of the letters had some chocolate taped to the end, which made it worthwhile to answer them.

So, I was playing a bunch of games the other day and it got me thinking; how many of the current active games can you send a score of zero? How many games is it impossible to get a score of zero? ~ dreww355
Chesu: Any flash game that has an "end game" or X button will either take you to the game's end screen or to a pause menu which has sending your score as an option. There are also games like Zurroball, in which you can easily lose without scoring a single point. This isn't possible in all games. For example, in Turmac Roll you will always score points before you have a chance to lose. It's impossible to say without playing them all, but I'd guess that well over half the games on the site will let you attempt to send a score of zero. Why would anyone want to do that, though?

Tick TockBy the time they answered both letters, the twins, Pekka and Pingu had arrived at the hospital. It turned out that the the news that awaited them was worse than they had expected. Davio wasn't just slightly sick; the doctors had already done everything they could, but no good results were seen. The hospital couldn't tell the family how long he would last, just that the old man didn't have much time left.

After they'd spent what seemed like an eternity in the waiting room, Davio woke up and asked for all four members of the group to see him. Before entering the room, Pingu looked at the last letter she had in her possession, one that she'd forgotten to answer previously.

What month of the year does Usukicon take place in? ~ corlin78
Pingu: We have a guide that shows all the events of the year, called The Neopian Year. There you can find such information as when Usukicon takes place, which according to the guide is 20th of the Month of Hiding (August). Another way of finding information is by using the lovely search feature. The search bar is located on the right side panel under the calendar, which is another way you can find events. Flip through the months by clicking on the arrows.

Davio looked pale and was trembling. Everybody gathered around him as he began to speak.

"My dear grandchildren. I am old and won't be here much longer to take care of you. Mika and Summra, you are both precious to me and I wish to take care of you. That is why I am leaving you both the factory and the estate," he said, voice shaking. He moved his head slightly and looked at Pekka. "You have served me for longer than anybody, and I wish to thank you for all these years. Therefore, I am leaving you 60% of all of my liquid assets." He coughed and searched for Pingu with his eyes. She took a step forward and smiled at the old man.

"You have been a great help for my foolish grandchild, and I hope you will continue to look after both of them. I know about your background and wish to help you, therefore I am leaving you fifteen percent of my money," he said quietly. "The rest of my fortune shall go to the Dr. Frank Sloth Society for Grundos, a cause near and dear to my heart." Mika almost jumped at the thought that his grandfather was leaving most of his money to the servants, but calmed himself because he was getting the house and the factory.

As he continued talking, Davio's words became fuzzy and he kept mumbling something about the treasure. "You must *cough* find... the treasure... for the company..." His coughing became worse with every word, and Pekka quickly ran to get the doctor. Davio grabbed Mika's hand, pulled him closer, and continued, "You must listen! The treasure... without it... the estate and factory... you won't... all the money... the Jelly in the Staff Room. Save the company..."

Next time on "The Jelly in the Staff Room"...

What will happen to Davio and the company? Does this mean that now both Pekka and Pingu are rich? Will Pingu finally be able to return to her former life as a socialite? How will Summra deal with the sudden family she has gained? How did a polar bear end up on a tropical island? Can Clouds succeed and steal the company?

Find out all this and more on the next episode of "The Jelly in the Staff Room"!

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