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The Jelly In The Staff Room: Episode 2
Published: July 7, 2012

Last week on "The Jelly in the Staff Room"...

A turn of events revealed Pingu's hidden wealth. Mika has yet to find out, but will it even matter if he does? I mean, he's already pretty much occupied with eating chocolate and being gorgeous. The appearance of Nuvola O'Blake may cause the treasure to fall into the wrong hands. Will Pekka finally reveal more about the treasure? How long can Mika keep ignoring the chocolate company? Will Pingu ever return to her former wealth? Find out in this episode of "The Jelly in the Staff Room"!


James, also known as Zador or Pekka BouquetMika woke up feeling that he'd lived this day a hundred times before, and it was true. For the past few years, his days had mainly consisted of complaining, chocolate, and yelling at his loyal and faithful butler, James. The occasional business meeting garnished Mika's otherwise monotonous schedule, but he slept through most of those anyway.

He was about to drift back to sleep when the door swung open and Pekka entered his room. I swear I locked the door before I went to sleep, Mika thought as he pulled his duvet over his eyes. That man has the key to every lock in this house.

"When people lock their doors, they generally do not want their butlers to very rudely burst into their rooms," Mika stated as matter-of-factly as he could (not very, for the duvet muffled his voice). "And I want chocolate."

"Lady Pingu is going to bring you the rest of your letters soon," Pekka said, clearly unimpressed by Mika's witty speech. "However, I thought you should see this. Apparently it's for you, but aren't they all." The envelope he held had 'FOR MIKA' written across the front flap, and three poorly-drawn chocolates adorned the back. Whoever had sent this was clearly aware of Mika's interests -- or, at the very least, his chocolate fixation.

Chocolate Pekka silently slipped the letter out of the envelope. He hadn't planned to read the letter at first, but curiosity got the better of him and he soon found himself scanning the message with a frown on his face.

The butler tucked the letter into the envelope, having finished reading it. He turned to Mika and looked at him with his usual cold, emotionless glare. "I'm not going to make any decisions for you, even though you appear to be unable to make them yourself," he said. "However, I strongly suggest at least skimming through this letter, instead of throwing it out as you do with the other ones...?"

"Just give me the letter," Mika hissed.

Pekka reluctantly handed the letter to his incompetent employer. "When you're finished, I'm going to give you a quiz. If you get fewer than four out of five questions right, then I'm going to read the letter aloud to you. And I'm going to stay in the room while you're reading, but I'm sure you can deal with that."

Dear Mika, your grandfather never told you this, but I, Iggy de la Egos, am your twin brother. I was adopted by the Egos family when I was young, but I've since left their household and am currently living on the streets. I visited our grandfather Davio de la Slothio at the institution yesterday, and he has given me permission to live in his mansion for as long as I wish. I am told that you currently reside in this mansion as head of the household, so I thought that I would warn you before I move in. ~ Iggy de la Egos
Mika: Wait, what?? What is this madness? A twin brother? Share my house? I want to share my chocolates with no one. Who does this person think he is, disturbing my peaceful and AWESOME life?

However, Pekka was clearly more worried about the letter than Mika appeared to be. "I don't think the world can handle more than one Mika," he grimly said to himself. "Two Mikas means twice the amount of chocolate consumed in this household, twice the backchat, twice the arrogance, twice the complaining... and I'll only be able to sleep two hours a day instead of three."

A sleeping Blumaroo
What Pekka can't have

In fact, he'd become so stressed about the letter that he forgot about the quiz he'd promised Mika.


Nuvola Carys O'BlakeMeanwhile...

Pingu was retrieving a new batch of mail when Nuvola O'Blake approached her. "I have my reasons to believe the mailman put some of my mail into his letterbox," the foreigner stated. "Isn't that unfortunate? There could be something important and I'd never know."

She paused before saying, "Unless... you'd be kind enough to bring them to me? Because that would be wonderful."

"Sir Shados will surely scold me if I take too long to bring him his mail," Pingu stuttered, "but I shall try." She gave a quick curtsey before running into the mansion.

Clouds glanced at her clock and tapped her foot impatiently. "If it takes more than five minutes for that lazy maid to bring me my mail, then I guess I'm going to have to resort to more unscrupulous methods to get my daily fix of mail." To her relief, Pingu didn't hear this.


When Pingu entered Mika's room, she found a very annoyed-looking Mika sitting on a carpet of chocolate wrappers. "Um, Pekka told me to bring you the mail," she nervously said. "I suppose he's told you everything." She handed her employer a bundle of the letters, though she made sure to keep a few for herself (plus, she'd promised Nuvola that she'd return some of the letters that were rightfully hers).

How can I pass the time waiting for the Wheel of Monotony to stop!?!?!? I'm going INSANE!!!! ~ anonymous
Mika: You can eat chocolates, sleep, eat more chocolates, get your sunglasses cleaned, scream at your butler to bring you more chocolates, sleep again, be awesome, make a chocolate tower then eat it... and when you return to your computer, the Wheel will have awarded you a great prize (or something bad if you didn't eat enough chocolate).

Iggy de la EgosJust as Mika unwillingly answered his first letter, the doors to the room came flying open. A new character stood there eyeing everyone suspiciously. After a brief moment of silence he spoke.

"My name is Iggy de la Egos. I assume you have already received my letter... dear brother," he said, forcing a smile onto his face.

Mika hissed at this introduction. As far as he was concerned this man was nothing but a rival and he didn't need to share anything. He didn't want to share anything.

"Grandfather said that I should also live here with you in the house, as I am also one of his relatives and rightful heirs." Iggy smirked, thinking about the vast fortune he could lay his hands on.

Mika couldn't tolerate this, but he had no choice. "Nope. Sorry, there is no room..." he mumbled, looking for a way to get this intruder out of his house. "I guess you could use the garage." He pointed out the window, which gave a good view of the garage. To everybody's surprise, Iggy didn't protest, but gladly accepted this offer. It's much larger than that guest house I thought about using. It's also far enough away that I won't be disturbed, he thought to himself. Sure, I would've liked to live in the actual mansion, but beggars can't be choosers.

Pekka didn't trust this newcomer at all, but what could he do? He came approved by Davio.

Hi JN! I love your site. It's just that, on your 'Old Pets' page, the customisable Quiggle is missing his (or her?) head. Thanks! ~ neomikey07
Mika: After hours and hours of searching (who am I kidding? That's too much work) I couldn't find the headless Quiggle. When you find a bug somewhere around JN, it's better to send us a Bug Report telling us everything about it. By doing so you are helping us make the site better.

Pekka didn't like the fact that this twin was present while Mika was answering the letters. "I'm sure you must be tired, Sir Egos," he said in a calm and rather kind voice, which was not his usual manner of speaking, but which he deemed necessary to be able to get closer to the newcomer and possibly find out more about him. "It would be best if you rested before dinner," he continued.

Iggy nodded in approval. "I agree. I am rather tired and I would like to do some unpacking. Now if you'll excuse me..." He slipped out of the room.

"You should continue answering your questions. I won't leave until you finish." Pekka glared at Mika, who was still pouting about his newfound twin.

Hey there! I have this question that has been bugging me for a while: Are there scratchcards that do not have three-of-a-kind in the first place, or do we have the chance to be a winner for every card we purchase? ~ camukaba
Mika: The scratchcards are a game of luck, but since you can only scratch 6 out of 9 slots, there isn't a way to really know if you could have won or not. Just check our awesome guide about scratchcards to find out more.

I've had some expensive wearables stolen, and my shop till (which had over 30,000 np in it) disappeared. Is there any way to get them back? ~ anonymous
Mika: First make sure you didn't accidentally remove the items yourself, or that you hadn't already removed the Neopoints from your Shop Till. If you are certain that the items and Neopoints vanished, I advise you to change your password and add a PIN to your account as somebody might have gotten into your account. After you have done all of these, send in a ticket to TNT. Make sure you add as much information as you can about the wearables that are missing. Unfortunately, even if you send a ticket you might not be able to get your items back, but it's worth a try. Good luck.

Pingu didn't know what to think about the arrival of the twin. She wasn't sure she should trust him yet. However, she saw an opportunity in his arrival. Maybe if I use him, just maybe... HE might notice me, she thought as she hurried into the garage with a few letters in her hand.

She approached Iggy, and after a bit of thinking she handed him three letters. "As you are also Sir Slothio's grandchild I believe you are entitled to some of the letters he sends," she said, but gave him only the letters that she deemed unimportant. These usually get thrown out, so there is no harm done, she thought. She bowed and left the garage.

Pingu and Iggy negotiating...

When Pingu exited the garage, she found an angry Pekka awaiting her. "Just because you were a socialite doesn't mean you get to start acting like Mika," he snapped at her, thinking that he might have put his trust in the wrong person. "I believe you have duties to attend to," he continued in his usual cold voice, and made sure Pingu returned to the house far away from Iggy.

Yo Jellyneo, I just got the Milkman Kau Milk for my Baby Kau but it won't it me put it on her. I can put other 'lower foreground' items on her but just not that! Glitch or no glitch? ~ Cuteamethyst
Iggy: It's not a glitch. It can only be put on Kaus with regular body types, which excludes Baby, Mutant, Maraquan and Invisible.

Another boring question about side accounts, yay! I often see lots in the Mystery Island Trading Post that are from people's side accounts, usually with the note to contact their main account to conduct the actual trade. As a buyer, I like this as it allows for many more items to search through in the TP, and as a seller, I would like this for clearing up my overly crowded inventory, but this seems similar to advertizing or selling on your side (even though the actual transaction will take place from one's main, after transferring the item), and therefore Iím too paranoid to use this method myself. Is this TP behavior acceptable or not? Thanks in advance! ~ anonymous
Iggy: This would be fine. Just make sure to follow the rules and keep all of the actual trading to your main account.

Pekka was so occupied with trying to get Pingu away from Iggy that he didn't notice that she had dropped a bunch of letters. He made a mental note to keep an eye on her from now on and followed her into the house.

As they both left, Clouds was already wondering where Pingu was with the letters she'd promised to bring when she saw the pile of letters lying on the ground. She quickly grabbed them and hurried back to her house.

Hello~! *tosses Lime Jellies* OK, here's my question and scenario: I stopped playing on an account for a while before giving it to my sister who wanted to start Neopets. I didn't go on it again; I stuck to my main account while she fed her pets. A few days later, the account was frozen. Was it because we were playing on the same computer, or something else? ~ anonymous
Clouds: If your sister tries to log into the frozen account, then she will be presented with the reason her account was frozen. You're not allowed to give your account to somebody else, even if you don't plan on using it again, so I'm guessing that's why it was frozen. If your sister wants to play Neopets, then she should create an account herself. However, it's perfectly fine for siblings and family to use the same computer to play Neopets, and there's no need to attach a note on your user lookup stating so.

Hey there! How can I get other trophy cabinet skins? ~ Tiffy
Clouds: We award cabinet skins to users who participate in our site events. If you participated in our latest Staff Tournament, then you should've been awarded the Jellyneo Orange cabinet, and if you joined Lightning Scrolls (which you should have!), then you should've also been awarded the very special Meepit Igloobe theme.

Meepit + Snowglobe + Igloo = Meepit Igloobe

So... If you signed up for Premium, got a 5th Neopet and then cancelled your Premium membership, what would happen to the 5th pet? Thanks and *throws random chocolate bunny* ~ ninjawolf23
Clouds: The answer you seek is found in Neopets's official FAQ. When your Premium service ends, you'll be forced to either abandon or transfer one of your five pets, and you won't be able to play the site until you make a final decision. However, if you choose to abandon the pet, it doesn't immediately leave your account; instead, it stays on your account for 90 days, and goes into the Pound when the 90 days are up.

Hey there JN! *throws confetti* So, a few months ago I changed my main to my current account, and I still keep my old main as a side account. Before I did the transfer, I participated in the Faeries' Ruin Plot on my old main. Is it still possible to get plot prizes on my old account, and transfer the items to my current main? Also, if I bought a wearable NC item (or won a wearable prize from Wonderclaw, for example) on my side account, can I transfer that NC item to my main? If yes, how? Thanks! Sorry for the long question xD ~ lupe_loops841
Clouds: TNT gave the answer to your first question a few weeks back in the Neopian Times Editorial.

I played on one account for a few years before my current account name became available. I moved all of my stuff over here, but I still have points available in the Faeries' Ruin's prize shop. The account that participated in the plot was a main account at the time, but is now a side account. Can I still redeem those points in the shop? Please remove my username. Thank you. ~username removed

Yup! You earned those points and the plot can no longer be done, so feel free to use them up and send the items to your main if you wish. Just remember that the trophy and theme will remain on that account. Those can't be moved!

In order to send an NC item to another account, whether it's yours or somebody else's, you need an NC Gift Box. You can learn more about Gift Boxes in the trading section of our NC Mall guide.

I want my pets' pages and user lookup to look really nice, but I don't know how to add pictures, music, animated pictures etc. Please help. ~ holly_star_1
Clouds: The filters no longer allow you to add music to your pages; both <embed> and <bgsound> now get swallowed by the filters. To add an image to a page, use this code:

<img src="The URL of your image belongs here!">

The same code is used for animated images. To learn more about HTML and CSS, we suggest looking for a guide online (a quick Google search will bring you several). If you're wondering how to code a certain thing, consider consulting the Help Chat or the Internet/Coding Discussion section of our forum.

As a proud owner of an Ice Bori, I'm worried about keeping him as my active because of REs. Neopets hasn't said if Ice Bori are affected by color-changing REs or not. Since they are like UC pets in that they can no longer be obtained unless through trade, are they affected by REs? ~ Saver44
Clouds: As far as I can tell, Ice Bori can still be affected by colour-changing Random Events. It might change in the future, but for now I suggest keeping your Bori healthy and happy so it doesn't become the victim of the red or blue event, which can respectively occur when your pet is too angry or too sad.

Clouds leaned back in her rocking chair after answering the large batch of letters. She noticed that Pekka was wandering around the garage looking suspicious. She had been thinking for a while that she might be able to use the butler, but wasn't sure how she could convince him until now. By now, Clouds had noticed the arrival of this so-called twin. She'd been spying as usual when Iggy had appeared. Naturally, she had listened in on the whole conversation, so she knew exactly what was going on. This gave her the opportunity she had been waiting for.


Jumping out of her chair, she walked over to Pekka with a smile on her face. "I see you are in some trouble, James. Got yourself yet another spoiled master to take care of, haven't you?" she grinned. Trying to be tactful (the butler was sharp and wouldn't be fooled easily), she continued, "These young heirs are nothing but trouble. A master who is older and more sophisticated would suit you better..."

Clouds didn't get a chance to finish her brilliantly thought out speech before Pekka interrupted. "Are you saying I should instead work for you, Miss O'Blake?" he asked, without even the slightest change of expression. "As you wish."

Clouds sighed and proceeded to open the last letter she had stolen.

Um, hello Jellyneo! I have a question about getting banned on Neopets. So, let's say I get myself frozen. (Oh no!) I don't know what I did wrong, but I still get frozen! Can I still connect to Neopets? I mean, can I get to the website, but it'll say something like "Your account is frozen" or such? I cannot connect to Neopets, and on Petpet Park, all my NC is gone. D: It hasn't been a year since I got it, either. ~ Jillipenny
Clouds: If your account is frozen, you'll still be able to connect to the Neopets site; if you attempt to log into your account, however, you'll be presented with the reason you were frozen. With regard to your missing NC, on 5 May 2012 (and I only remember the date because Wardrobe was released the same day!), Neopets' server was having problems and many people reported having their NC and NC items disappear. The problem has since been fixed. Of course, I'm only assuming this happened on or around the fifth of May. If your NC went missing on another day, then I'm afraid I can't help; you'll need to contact the Park team.

Even though it was clear that Clouds couldn't get Pekka to work for her, she just couldn't leave him alone. She followed him into the backyard. "Why is he so important to you?" she said, raising her voice slightly. "He's a stuck-up, snobbish, spoiled brat with absolutely no respect for anybody. I can't believe Slothio was foolish enough to leave his estate to such an unworthy heir!" she hissed, almost yelling. The anger could be clearly seen on her face. I would be better suited. Without me Slothio would have nothing!

Pekka sighed. Although he didn't particularly like this woman, he began to tell her the truth. "I raised him as one of my own," he explained in a low voice. "How could I just ignore that? All those years..."

Clouds was confused. "He's your son?"

He shook his head. "No... and yet, it seems like I cared for him more than his parents. I've spent the last two decades trying to make sure he turns out nothing like his father." He sighed. "If she isn't all right then I'll never forgive myself," he mumbled.

Clouds wanted to continue questioning him, but he wouldn't listen and returned to the house. "She"? Was he close to his mother? What a strange man, Clouds thought as she returned to her house.

In the meantime, Mika was having his own trouble with his newfound brother.

How does someone obtain one of the basic-colored, r101 plushies (excluding the Quiggles)? ~ anonymous
Mika: Most basic-colored r101 plushies were released many years ago, during the early years of Neopets. Today, you can buy them from user shops, auctions or trades.

"What are you doing in MY hammock and eating MY chocolates?" Mika yelled, in the loudest voice he could. This useless person had not only invaded his private space, he was stealing his things!

How rude, Iggy

"Grandfather did tell me to enjoy my life to the fullest. He said: I can tell you've had a hard life so far, so Sloth tells you to catch up on lost years..." Iggy laughed, with a smug look on his face. Annoying Mika was possibly the most fun thing he had ever done. He leaned back in the hammock and started swinging back and forth while stuffing his face with Mika's absolute favourite chocolate. Humming a song, he acted like he had no care in the world, which clearly made Mika's head boil. "When I visited the institution, he clearly told me that he'll make sure I live a life of luxury from now on," Iggy grinned.

That senile old man! He's lost the last bit of his mind. He's gone crazy! Mika fumed.

"Institution? By institution, you do mean the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium, right?" Pekka (who had mysteriously appeared next to Mika) questioned, but Mika was too angry to care at this point and just wanted to hide in his room and eat his chocolate. Before he could proceed, however, Pekka promptly stopped him and pushed a bunch of letters into his hand. "I don't care how angry you are. You have to answer your letters!"

Hello JN! I have a quick question about the item database. Every time I try to change a price, it is flagged for review! Most of the time it DOES change, but Iím just curious to know why it keeps doing this. Have a great summer! ~ neomikey07
Mika: Well, a price change can be flagged for a few reasons. First, if the item has never been priced before. Second, if the price you submitted is such a big change that it needs a verification. Third, if you don't give me enough chocolate (okay, I'm lying about the last one, but you should give me more chocolate now).

He looked at Pekka, who was clearly dissatisfied with the answer Mika had given. "Leave me alone, James Bouquet," Mika snapped. "I can't answer my letters with people staring at me."

Pekka frowned and muttered, "It's pronounced Bucket, ŗ la English. I'm afraid I can't let you answer your questions unsupervised."

Is there a good way to identify the source of rarity 101 items? For instance, Enchantment is listed in the Item Database as a Magic Item, but I don't know where to go find it (other than user shops, of course). ~ edstock
Mika: That's a vast question. There are hundreds and thousands of r101 items and each has a different story. First, you must know that r101 items aren't sold in Neopian shops. You can get them in user shops, trades or auctions. Some r101 items are plot prizes, others are really old, and there are a few given out by Random Events (such as Transmogrification Potions).

Hi TJNT! Why does the Blue Wocky Costume get priced so high? It was released a long time ago and has a low rarity. If you look at the pricing history, the price went pretty high in February. ~ amymko1999123
Iggy: Due to the release of the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, people can now essentially pay to receive at least one Faerie Quest every day for a week. With people receiving more Faerie Quests, the prices of once cheap, low rarity items have gone up significantly. So much for TNT saying they were going to stop the inflation of items, eh? :P

Iggy felt satisfied seeing Mika's head turn a bright shade of red. After a job well done he decided to reward himself with an afternoon nap. However, he remembered that first he should check up on his pet. He made sure nobody was following, and returned to his own house.

Iggy wasn't the poor homeless unloved boy he made himself out to be. In fact he owned a rather large house, though it wasn't as large as Mika's. In the basement was his favourite Zomutt. With a large bone in his hand, he smiled at the dog. "Were you a good boy? Making sure our guest is safe?"

Iggy visiting his pet Zomutt...

Back at the estate, Pingu locked herself up in her hiding place. She wanted to read some of the letters she'd got, and didn't want Pekka to find her.

Are the Royal Girl Aisha Slippers supposed to look exactly like the Christmas Aisha Shoes, or is that a glitch? I've noticed it at the Neopets Rainbow Pool as well as your customisation wardrobe. ~ swisscat
Pingu: You are correct; they are exactly the same. I searched around a bit and the Royalgirl Aisha Slippers seem to be the same as the Christmas ones everywhere on the site. I found a few images, such as this, where you can clearly see the hoof-like shoes on the Aisha, suggesting that this isn't a glitch. However, I suspect that this was a mistake, since all the old Royalgirl Aisha images show the pet wearing blue slippers. Not to mention that these don't really match the pet's clothes at all. It might have been a mistake when the pet was changed for customization that was unnoticed or ignored; I'm not sure. You might want to poke TNT and remind them of this mistake.

Hello! *Throws a Jelly Meepit* I was just wondering, does anyone who works at JN like, or have they even heard of, the duo Daft Punk? It just popped into my mind one day... ~ anonymous
Pingu: *snaffles Jelly Meepit* I don't know about other people, but I just love Daft Punk. I do know that some of the staff have heard of the band; I'm not sure if there are any fans besides me, though.


Later, we asked Mika and Clouds the same question; the former responded in a most patriotic fashion with "They're French, of course I love them. They have great songs! =D" When Clouds was asked, she said "The Daft Punks? Who are those? o_O" It is unknown if she was joking.


So my friend is a Jelly fan, and I discovered in your Giant Jelly guide that there are two relatively new jellies known as the 'Oil and Grease Jelly' and 'Nuts and Bolts Jelly'. Unfortunately, I can't find these two jellies anywhere! The JN Item Database says they're active. Are they just extremely rare? ~ Anonymous
Pingu: Although the items are active and the Giant Jelly can give them out, I'm assuming that since they are relatively new not many people have them yet and so far nobody has put them in shops, galleries or trades. You should keep checking for them, as new items tend to appear more frequently as more people obtain them.

Chocolate Jelly
Mika's second favourite food

Umm... hi! It's that newbie again. I've looked through here to see if there are any mini-plots other than the Altadorian one but I kinda got.... lost. Hehe. Also, who is mr.coconut? ~ charleytheguineapig
Pingu: If you mean mini-plots that are still active, then I'm sorry, only the Altador Plot is still available for people to complete. However if you want to see every plot (or mini-plot) that Neopets has ever had, just go to our lovely Museum where there is a section dedicated to Neopian Plots.

Behold the birth of mr.coconut:

Hello, TNT! I was wondering: how do you guys choose the captions that go into the contest? Do you actually go through all of them and pick the best, or is it random? Also, is it true that you can be banned from the contest if you send too many entries or something? Thanks, and have a great day! ~deboratibi

We look through as many as we can within the time allotted for that particular task, which is several hours. If we picked randomly you'd know it pretty quick. As an example (this is always fun), we went through and DID randomly select five captions from competition #1107. Here are the results:


Why are you looking at me.

"Ahh Mr.sneky i see you are wering your fance top" "You are wereing yor's too mr.coconut" "Speaking of coconut,were did you get the new flying hat of coconut?" "Wat coconut?" "Ohh that coconut near my had WAT a coconut on my had!" "BOOM!" "AHHH MY HEAD" "GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut" (12:30pm)

oh...dear,this is horrible

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any mental or physical injuries sustained while participating in Tarla's Tour of Mystery event. This includes but does not limit to: concussions, insanity, random girly stances, loss of hair/fur/feathers, hallucinations of red Ixis, or twitching. Enjoy the event.

Okay, hehe, that last one was pretty funny, but the rest (as you can see), while amusing in their own bizarre way, are a bit... erm, nonsensical. As for the second part of your question, you can't be "banned" from the Caption Contest for sending in too many entries. If you spam the same entry enough to annoy our contest judge, however, it's unlikely he'll select your caption, no matter how funny. If you submit pages and pages of unique captions, it's a little overkill, but as long as they are quality attempts it should be fine. As always though, it's at the discretion of our judge. :)

GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut

I have a custom world on a petpage, and I'm wanting to make a custom plot on it. Would I be allowed to give people prizes for participating in the plot, as long as it's free for them? Also, could I make a fake trophy for people from this plot to put on their userlookups? ~ redherochild
Pingu: It would be fine to make the custom plot, but offering any kind of reward for completing it (as in NP, items, pets, etc.) is very much against the rules. However if you want to make some sort of spiffy graphic that the participants and/or winners can display on their lookups, that is fine.

Answering another question successfully, Pingu stretched a bit to make her already numb limbs come back to life, but while doing so she bumped her elbow on the back of the cabinet. Not long after hearing the bump, Pekka opened the large kitchen cabinet to find Pingu rolled up into a ball and clutching onto a bunch of letters. He had already been looking for her to confront her about the incident earlier.

"I believe I have already stated that a young lady of high status should not hide in small dirty spaces." He glared at the maid, and proceeded to question her. "Lady Pingu, would you be willing to explain that situation earlier? I'm certain that I didn't make a mistake in trusting you, however... I am ready to change my opinion and to become suspicious of your every move," he stated, in an even chillier voice than usual.

Pingu made a sad face, and began to explain how she didn't really want to help Iggy, as she didn't trust him either. "I was... I was just trying to... to make Sir Shados just a bit jealous." She blushed, not able to look at the butler. "He never takes me seriously. I'm just a maid so I thought... I was foolish, but I was desperate!" she exclaimed. "You know. I... for Sir Shados... I think I lo--"

She was interrupted in the middle of her sentence by the butler.

"I've known that for ages. Only a fool like Mika can be that oblivious. Although I'm surprised you finally decided to tell me." Pekka shook his head, thinking that she had horrible taste in men.

"Would you let me answer the rest of my mail?" she asked in a low voice, feeling a bit silly after being scolded. Pekka agreed to let her, but didn't leave her side.

Hiya, Jellyneo team! :) Just a question about the Sewage Surfer avatar. Since you don't earn any Neopoints by getting that avatar, is it okay to get it on sides? I realize it is a game, but since one doesn't earn Neopoints by getting it, I am confused. Help? Also, we are not allowed to watch concerts on our sides to get the avatars because we gain an item after watching it, correct? Just asking for some clarification. Thank you. :) ~ anonymous
Pingu: I checked our lovely Side Account F.A.Q. and past editorials, and apparently it is okay to get concert avatars on your side. I don't see why, since you do receive items, but here is the relevant editorial:

Are you allowed to get the concert avatars on your side accounts? ~lhunar

We don't see why not. Just buy the ticket on your main account blah blah blah. (You know the drill!)

As for the Sewage Surfer avatar, I'm not too sure on this one. TNT stated that game avatars are not okay on side accounts, although for this one you wouldn't earn any Neopoints or items after getting the avatar. However, since I'm not completely certain, I would advise you to ask TNT and avoid it until you get a clear answer. Better safe than sorry.

In Maraqua there used to be a place called ''N E O Nautical Adventure", what is it supposed to do? ~ anonymous
Pingu: Unfortunately I couldn't find much about this, since it had been taken off the site so long ago. The only thing I could find is that it was a game that was playable in Maraqua.

Pingu finally finished her last letter and looked at the butler. "I hope I won't lose your trust. I'm truly sorry for acting that way," she mumbled, looking at the ground, then back at Pekka. He sighed, and helped her get out of the cabinet. He kept thinking how this girl always hid in such strange places. However, Pekka wasn't angry anymore; she wasn't a bad girl. Was she silly? And did she have a horrible taste in men? Of course. But she wasn't evil, and she only wanted what was best for Mika.

He decided to tell her a secret. With a gentle smile, something rare from the aloof butler, he leaned closer to her and whispered, "It was a girl..."

Next time on "The Jelly in the Staff Room"...

Iggy reveals his secrets! Who is that mysterious person in his basement? Pekka told Pingu a valuable family secret, but who is he referring to? Can Clouds uncover the truth behind the family, the cold butler and the formerly rich maid? Will Mika ever stop being awesome ignorant of the world around him? What will become of the estate?

Find out next episode on "The Jelly in the Staff Room"!

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