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The Jelly In The Staff Room: Episode 1
Published: June 23, 2012

Mika del ShadosMika del Shados dramatically opened his chestnut-coloured curtains, letting the morning sun pour into his third-story bedroom. It was rare for his days to begin this early, but he was jolted awake by the delicious aroma of his family's chocolate. He needed his several hours of beauty sleep, but he needed chocolate more, and he was going to do anything to get it.

Mika lived a lavish life, and he didn't bother to hide it. Being the only living relative of the famous chocolate magnate Davio de la Slothio, he knew from the start that he was going to inherit a lot of things (the mansion he lived in, his grandfather's vast fortune, even the chocolate business!), but his inheritance only seemed to grow bigger with every passing day. Recently, Davio had started raving about a "secret family treasure", though Mika hesitated to believe anything his grandfather said; the man was not as young as he used to be, and Mika had caught him absentmindedly praising Sloth on more than one occasion. Still, the young man could not deny that he found the idea of a secret heirloom, a gift passed through the generations... fascinating.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Pingu Baba Sometimes he felt his grandfather was being too generous, but those thoughts only lasted a second or two, as he did deserve the fortune more than anyone he knew. Except he didn't know very many people at all; he rarely left his mansion, so the only people he spoke with on a regular basis were his grandfather, his maid, and his butler. He was simply far too awesome to associate with the vast majority of the population. He did occasionally entertain thoughts of firing his butler, Pekka Bouquet; and his maid, Pingu Baba--

--but that would require him to do work, which in his eyes was unacceptable.

Mika headed downstairs with a sprint, barely bothering to get ready for the day to come. In the dining room he was met with Pekka, who was wearing an apathetic stare and carrying a box of chocolate truffles.

"Good morning," Pekka greeted in a tone as callous as his stare. "You're awake a lot earlier than usual..."

Mika was far too groggy to come up with a witty retort, so he relieved Pekka of his chocolates without a word and escaped to the porch to enjoy his breakfast.

Mika escaping to the porch to enjoy his breakfast

The porch provided a great view of the house next to his own. Back when the house was occupied, Mika would frequently sneak out into his porch to spy on his neighbours, an elderly couple who took an almost scary enjoyment in criticising Mika's sense of fashion. They left the island on their forty-sixth anniversary -- one of the best days of Mika's life.

They had chosen to put their house on sale, a decision that Mika did not appreciate. Fortunately for Mika, though, the house proved to be extremely unpopular; the couple had been away for over a year by now, and the dwelling was still looking for a new--

Clouds, the strange foreigner Who's that?

Standing just outside of the aforementioned house was a strange, stick-wielding female. She was a foreigner, he could tell -- one does not wear fur coats on Jellios Island. Frowning, Mika made a mental note to avoid this lady; not because she was a foreigner, but because she looked far too much like one of those get-off-my-lawn types.

Not wanting to be seen by his new neighbour, the young man hid his chocolates under his favourite palm tree and ran into his house. Little did he know, Pekka had been watching him all this time...

"I guess this means I have to invite her to my house, since that's the courteous thing to do," spoke Mika to himself. "Only then can I start ignoring her."


3 hours later...

Mika stumbled downstairs with all the steadiness of a person who had just woken up after a three-hour nap. By now it was lunchtime, and he was more than ready to enjoy another box of delicious chocolates. Much to his disappointment, though, Pekka was nowhere to be found in the dining room; instead, the butler appeared to be chatting in a room downstairs with two female voices, one of which belonged to his maid Pingu. The other one, he figured, was his new neighbour.

Mika stormed down another flight of stairs and burst into one of the three living rooms his mansion boasted. "I knew you lacked the tact to wait until I was awake to invite the new girl over, James!" the young man shouted, his practically opaque sunglasses concealing an angry glare.

"You're making an awful first impression," Pekka said with as much tact as he could muster. He exchanged a sideways glance with the newcomer sitting next to him, trying to make it clear to her that he did not approve of Mika's behavior. "Please excuse him. Ms. O'Blake, this is Mika, the silly person for whom I work. Mika, this is Nuvola O'Blake, but you can call her Clouds. In case you were not aware, she is our new neighbour."

"And James...?" she questioned.

"Me. Care to explain more about yourself to Mika, Ms. O'Blake?"

"I'm afraid that I would rather not," Clouds replied, the annoyance in her voice as clear as day.

"Madam Nuvola is from the North," Pingu (who by now was feeling more than a little sorry for Mika) explained. "She first met your grandfather several decades ago, long before you were born. He was just trying to get his business started back then, and he decided to visit a couple of foreign countries to spread the word."

Dave travelling to Clouds's native land to advertise his chocolate

"I disliked his chocolates very much," Clouds bluntly said, "and that was coming from someone who loved chocolate but did not get the chance to eat it very often. I explained to him his product's shortcomings, though he did not take my criticism very well.

"Eight years later, we met again. He let me try another one of his chocolates, and this time, it was delicious. I still don't know what he changed about the chocolates to make them superior, but it was an amazing improvement and I feel that he must've taken my advice to heart."

Mail A realisation hit Mika. Without this lady, he thought, I wouldn't be as rich as I am today... He was about to fall to his knees and thank the foreigner, but he managed to regain his composure just before the first tear of joy could slide down his cheek.

Pekka rose from his chair and glanced at his watch. "How rude. Excuse me, Ms. O'Blake, the mail."

A few moments later, Pekka returned with a large bundle of mail. The butler silently stared at Mika, holding his hands out with numerous letters. "Your mail has arrived. I suppose you want me to dispose of them, however most are from your grandfather and I advise you to at least take a look at them," Pekka said in a cold monotone voice before handing over the letters. Mika frowned before muttering, "Go away James, it's my me time now."

The butler turned his back quickly and walked off in a hurry while mumbling something about his name not being James. Mika unwillingly tore the envelopes apart and started reading.

Ok, why do items that get released in little gift bags and such like the Banan get called "Retired". While an item like the BBQ Porkwich, which can only be made in the Island Cooking Pot, is not considered "Retired" despite one of the components needed to make it (Bread) being retired? ~ blackTobago
"Is this supposed to be one of his riddles? Too easy! My grandfather must think I'm a fool," he chuckled to himself before answering.

Mika: Well, items like Banan previously restocked in Neopian shops. Once they don't appear in the shop anymore, they deserve the title "Retired". As for the BBQ Porkwich or any Island Cooking Pot items, they are items that can be created by users over and over again, if they have the ingredients. Even if one of the components is retired, it does not affect the result, it just means it will be harder to make it.

"I hope there aren't too many of these. I'd rather eat some chocolate... all right, next one."

*throws Meepit smoke bomb so Meepits cannot see me* Why does TNT keep denying the existence of Jelly World? Don't even try to deny its existence, because not only do you have a guide to it at http://www.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=guidetoneopia&world=13&map=0 , but even though there's no link to it on Neopets, the address is http://www.neopets.com/jelly/index.phtml. please answer my question without denying JW's existence. ~ anonymous
Mika: Here at Jellios Island, we believe in the power of Jelly; I even consider it the second best food, after chocolate of course. But a land made of Jelly? How is that even possible? Do not bother me with such meaningless questions, I won't believe it anyway, no matter how many facts people bring to my attention.

He laughed at the foolishness of this letter and tossed it over his shoulder.

I believe in the power of jelly, I do, I do!

Hey Jellyneo staff! *throws magical plushies* I was just wondering... with all of the old-fashioned-looking clothing that has been coming out for pet days, do you think that this year's plot will be time themed? ~ ninjawolf23
Mika: Sorry to disappoint you, but it's probably a no. You see, every pet day, two different sets of clothing are released. If we follow your logic, the next plot could be farming-related, or emo-related. Besides, plots usually lead to a new land or a land's revamp, so it will probably not be time themed.

"I'm quite getting the hang of this. James probably thinks I can't do something as simple as this. He clearly doesn't know how awesome I am. I'm getting thirsty... where is that useless maid when you need her?! Pingu?" Nobody responded to his shout. "I'm guessing she'll arrive late, as usual." Mika sighed and continued reading.

Well, I have a restocking question. (You guys must get hundreds of these...) What are some of the best Unbuyable restocks you can get in the School Supply shop? I restock there, but I've only gotten one unbuyable; a Usul Backpack. And it only sold for 200k... So I'm curious about what's good and bad there... so I can snipe it! *Evil face* Thanks. eWe ~ anonymous
Mika: Restocking might become a game of luck sometimes. You need to be patient and hope you get a good item. The School Supply shop has a few good unbuyables, like the MSPP Notepad, the Rainbow Pencil or the Scorchio Calculator. If you wish to find more of those, just search in the "School" category in the IDB.

This was the answer Mika chose, but he was clearly thinking that no matter how hard anybody tried, they would never reach the same fortune that he was set to inherit.

Hi Jellyneo! Where do Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie, Mystery Island Chef Stamp and Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp come from? ~ annoymous
Mika: Hey there, you who didn't sign this letter. My grandfather used to tell me boring stories about the ol' good times. But look at this mansion; aren't these times even better? Anyway, all three items were awarded in past contests: the Limited Edition Chia Plushie was rewarded to those who successfully answered the Lenny Conundrum #46; the Mystery Island Chef Stamp was released during a special giveaway back in 2002; and finally the Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp was the prize during Better Than You #56.

"I'm getting tired of all these strange riddles and questions," he sighed. "My grandfather might have been a genius once but he has clearly lost the last bit of his sanity. Going on about Sloth and sending me these questions and junk mail from people I don't even know. I wish he would just let me inherit everything already, I can perfectly manage it myself." Although frowning at the amount of letters, Mika continued to answer them, hoping to prove Pekka wrong.

The best staff member is Link. Link. Oh, and did I mention Link? ~ anonymous
As he started reading the next letter, Mika turned a dark shade of red.

Mika: I don't know who this Link is that you are talking about. But seriously... look at him, now back to me, now back to him, now back to me. Sadly he isn't me. I'm AWESOME, and if someone deserves the title of best staff member...

He paused for a second, thinking Staff member?? What is he talking about?

Mika: ...it should definitively be me. Have you seen my sunglasses?

He finished glaring at the piece of paper, infuriated with such a question.

Just for your added convenience...
Just for your added convenience...

"That was the last of my patience. How dare anybody question the fact that I'm the best? I've had enough of these junk letters. Pingu! Where are you?" Mika screamed as loud as he could. The maid stumbled into the room holding his favourite cup of hot chocolate.

"Get rid of these. I can't let James do it, 'cause he thinks they are worth something. So you do it," he said, then paused for a while and grinned to himself. "Better yet, put them in the new neighbour's mail. Let her have some fun too." He smiled to himself, nodding with a satisfied face.

"As you wish, Sir Shados," Pingu said. She bowed and left the room. After she had successfully delivered the mail to the neighbour, she hid in one of the corners with a few letters in her hand. Although she had been told to get rid of them, Pingu thought highly of the old man and wanted to at least know what the letters said.

I was just admiring my user lookup, when I noticed a third place Neopian Lottery trophy. Now I know I could have gotten a lottery ticket from playing Dice-a-Roo, but I never remember winning anything. I never got a Neomail from TNT saying that I won the lottery, and I don't remember seeing a massive amount of NP appear. So then how did I get that trophy? ~ anonymous
Pingu stared at the letter intensely, reading every line with careful consideration.

Pingu: There are actually multiple ways to win a lottery ticket. Either from Dice-a-Roo, from a Random Event or from the Wheel of Monotony. You might have gotten the ticket from one of these places, and since the ticket doesn't appear in your inventory and you don't receive any notification, you must have missed it.
The bronze trophy is awarded for winning anything from 1 to 500,000 NP, and since you didn't notice any massive gain of NP I'm gonna assume the prize was very small and split among a lot of people. Also for some reason you only receive an email, not a Neomail, saying that you won the lottery. You might not have won a lot of Neopoints or been aware you won the lottery, but at least you got a lovely trophy to show off.

She answered the letter, thinking that these weren't "silly letters" but interesting puzzles to be solved, and made a mental note to get more next time. Pingu smiled to herself. "The lottery. If I had that luck then maybe Sir Shados would treat me differently. If only my parents and my sister... no, I can't blame her."

Hello! I was wondering, if me and my sibling share the same computer, would it be allowed that he runs his habi on Browser A while I access my account on Browser B? In the same way, could we play KQ against each other on different browsers? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Pingu: Hello there :D It would be fine for your sibling to run his Habitarium while you play on your account. As long as you both follow the rules and you aren't up to anything fishy you can both access your accounts on different browsers. As for Key Quest, I'm not sure it would even work. For one, although you'd take turns playing, once you entered a minigame you would both need to use the same keyboard and mouse at the same time. Either it would not register for one of you, or it might just act strange. I'm not sure it would be against the rules, but I advise you against it as it could possibly be abused. If, however, you would like to know for sure, why don't you send in an NT editorial question to TNT?

She was getting more excited with every letter.

Meanwhile next door, Clouds had already started reading the letters. Back in the day, when she had met Davio for the second time, he'd talked about the family treasure to her. She was certain that the secret was hidden in the letters Mika was getting. She was also sure that unlocking these clues would let her not only get the so-called treasure but also claim the entire mansion and the factory for herself.

Is there anywhere I can find background information on a specific type of pet, particularly MSP Poogles? I'm sure that there is a great story behind their delightful evilness! How about the day they were released in the news? Thanks so much! ~ trollm
Clouds: We have a Species Encyclopedia that might be close to what you're looking for, but you may be disappointed to hear that there aren't any pages on our site or Neopets' for background information on specific pet/colour combinations. I can, however, tell you that MSP Poogles were introduced to the world of Neopia on 22 October 2003.

"These riddles are easy," Clouds said, leaning back in her chair. "Soon I'll have the whole fortune to myself. I can grow a lawn in that ugly front yard and scream at anybody who tries to step on it!" She laughed.

Get off my lawn you pesky Neopets!

Well JN, I have many questions for you to answer... here they go! 1) In the game of Yooyuball, if the opponent shoots the ball at their own goal, it will (of course) give you a point but... which player's goal count will it be added to? And is it counted as one of your Goals Scored? 2) In the Gallery Spotlight, if a player with the same theme as mine has already won, do I still have a chance to win? Last, 3) The 50k guide on this site seems to be not that easy because as a "not-so-good" player, I find it hard to reach those scores... but I do have some other ways of making an easy 50k. Well, if you'd let me help... How can I post my own guide? Thanks for helping, JN! This site is great! Keep it up! ~ baby_tenten
Clouds: Firstly, the own goal isn't added to your statistics; for example, if you send in a 10-0 game, and one of those goals was made when the other team scored on themselves, only 9 goals will be added to your stats. Secondly, TNT have stated in the past that it depends on the subject of your gallery. As for your third question, we always appreciate additions, comments, and suggestions for our articles, and the 50k-a-Day guide is no exception! If you'd like to see anything added to our guide, please click here and fill out the form with your feedback.

After answering, she anxiously opened the next letter.

I have a complex question. I left neopets for a few months when I lost interest. I have come back, to find my account frozen for "This account was using an 'auto buyer' to buy things from Neopet shops." I know for a fact I never did this. I suspect someone got into my account. I have NEVER given out my password to anyone but my brother, and he is a neopets n00b so it couldn't have been him. I submitted a ticket, but it's been three weeks, and no response. I made a new account and have been playing on it. So, two questions: 1. What can i do to get my account unfrozen? 2. If my account is unfrozen, can I safely continue playing on both accounts as long as there is no interaction between accounts? Or should I just abandon the new one? ~ Chuckeroo737
Clouds: Getting your account back from the frozen wastes of Iceland can be a lengthy process, but the first thing you need to do is to submit a ticket with the issue selected as "Frozen Accounts". (We suggest doing so on your new account; this way, you'll be able to track your ticket's progress.) You'll want to supply them with as much information as you can, especially the kind of things that only you would know; they already have several fields for you to fill, but some extra info can never hurt. Some things you can list in the "additional details" field include past PINs, Hidden Tower purchases, stocks you've bought and sold in the past, and former e-mail addresses.

Players are only permitted one main account at a time; so, should you manage to get your first account unfrozen, you will likely want to convert the new account into a side. And, of course, you're welcome to transfer any items and Neopoints you've earned on your new account to your original one.

Additionally, you should not share your password with anyone, no matter how much you trust them! Account sharing is forbidden on Neopets, so there's not much of a point in having your brother know your password.

Clouds sighed and poured herself her favourite drink. "I must get more letters somehow. I don't care how. I must get them."

Meanwhile, Pingu was still happily reading her own letters.

Why is there a rainbow bridge linking Neopia Central and Roo Island on the world map? And why do you suppose it doesn't appear on any of the Neopia Central or Roo Island maps? ~ peirigill
Pingu: I kept looking at the Roo Island map to find the end of the rainbow and possibly the pot of gold, but alas there was nothing there. Although you can't see it on Roo Island if you look at the Neopia Central map you can clearly see the rainbow. The Rainbow Pool has a rainbow going out of it and off to the right side of the map same way as it does on the World Map. So I'm gonna assume it's the same rainbow that you are looking for. Too bad it fades away by the time it reaches Roo Island.

Nothing could go wrong. These answers would definitely help Mika, she was sure.

I made a guild, but I don't know how to add pics and all that. Also, I don't understand how to put a shop in your guild and I don't know what happens with the money made. Please help! ~ pokemon_master_77_7
Pingu: We have a guide about Neopian Guilds that you will probably find very helpful. It would be a bit hard to explain in detail how to make a guild layout so I suggest you ask on the boards (possibly the Help Chat) for some HTML/CSS guides or Guild Layout templates. As for the guild shop: There is really no way to put your shop "in the guild". You just have to make a shop and name it the guild shop. The Neopoints earned in that shop can only be used for the guild. Also remember that guild giveaways and contests are against the rules. If you look at that guide I linked above, you will see these things explained in more detail. Good luck with your guild.

The last question was answered, but she wanted more. Quickly she checked the mailbox, but it seemed Clouds had already taken the letters inside. Disappointed, she headed back to the mansion where a new batch had just been delivered. Pingu looked around, grabbed the letters, and had started reading them without hiding when suddenly Pekka appeared from behind. Looking over her shoulder, he calmly said, "Lady Pingu, why are you reading mail? That is Mika's responsibility."

Pingu jumped, turning around. "I was taking these to Sir Shados, as he instructed me. Excuse me..." she quickly lied and ran off, hiding from the butler in the nearest closet.

Pingu was here

Nobody had noticed, though, that before the mailman had had a chance to deliver the letters and before Pingu could grab them, Clouds had already made her move. With a made-up excuse, she called the mailman over and managed to steal a few of the letters. Not wanting to waste time, she moved to the backyard of her house. Here she sat in her rocking chair and read the newly obtained batch of letters.

Is it okay to sign up for the Altador Cup on side accounts, only to get the free NC? Thanks for the answer :) ~ anonymous
Clouds: I'm going to say no to this one, as you'll also be getting a frame corresponding to the team of your choice, and earning items on side accounts is a no-no. As a rule of thumb, you can assume it's safe to claim something NC-related on your side accounts if it only involves Neocash and NC items, and not anything else.

She entertained herself with imagining how she would kick Mika out of the mansion once she had her hands on it.

I have a question for Forte. Did you get your name from "Megaman"? ~ Megamanlan11
Clouds: I'm not Forte, but he did indeed get his name from Megaman. A reliable source tells me that he boasts a large collection of Megaman-related paraphernalia as well, though you didn't hear that from me...

These were the only letters she could grab. Angry with her lack of success this time, she got up from her chair and started wandering around her yard thinking of ways to get more letters. As she was doing this she noticed that next door Mika was arguing with Pekka. Soon after, Mika wandered over to her with a strange look on his face. Clouds could tell that he wanted something.

"Sooo... neighbour," Mika started, trying to figure out a good way to say it. "How are you settling in... annnnd..." he stuttered before getting interrupted by Clouds.

"Do you want something, perhaps?" she asked in a cold tone which made Mika get straight to the point.

"The mailman gave me your mail. I can't be bothered with annoying things! Make sure it doesn't happen again!" was the obvious lie he came up with. Clouds smiled. "Why thank you. I'll make sure it doesn't," she said as Mika made some more excuses to get away.

Clouds couldn't believe her luck. What a fool, she thought. He literally did all the work for her.

I created an email address and an account just for the use of my two young daughters (ages 7 and 5) so that they could play games on Neopets. I did this because they always ask to play the games on my account. They do not know the email address, much less the password to the account. I monitor how long they play (taking turns) and oversee their account. I searched in the Editorial look-up and I could not find any real answer for this: is this particular type of account sharing ok since neither of my girls know the password? I will help them create a second account when they are old enough to play by themselves and if they are even still interested in Neopets at that time. (I've even been keeping track of who earned what items in case a second account comes around so they can each keep their own items.) Thank you! ~ neomosnter
Clouds: The best thing to do in this case would be to self-freeze the shared account and create new accounts for both daughters, preferably on separate e-mail addresses. As your children are young, you're welcome to aid them and supervise them while they play on the site, but that's the only kind of account "sharing" TNT allow. Your daughters may become a little disheartened when they learn that they'll have to say goodbye to their items, so explain to them that this is the right thing to do and the only way to keep their journey on Neopets a safe one.

Dear Jellyneo, I remember several years ago, there was a Neopets Toolbar with things like Tarla's Toolbar Treasures. Is this toolbar still available and compatible with current browsers? ~ anonymous
Clouds: The toolbar page was taken down along with old Premium, since they were on the same page; right now, it redirects to a decidedly non-toolbar related page. Because of this, you are no longer able to install the toolbar, though it's likely you wouldn't have been able to use it anyway as the toolbar hadn't been updated in several years and was not compatible with modern browsers.

I have been playing Neopets for a fair old while (5-6 years) and I often go into stores in the market with dozens of Paint Brushes! Is there some trick I am missing, or is it really that easy to get that much Neopoints, enough to gain so many Paint Brushes? Or are they simply working harder than I am? ~ louise030596
Clouds: There are a number of ways to obtain Paint Brushes, and not all of them involve luck. It's possible to win Paint Brushes from several of Neopia's contests, but if creativity isn't exactly your forte then you can try your hand at Key Quest which occasionally gives out these elusive brushes as prizes. Also keep an eye on plots and the Altador Cup, which usually have PBs in their prize shops. Others try sniping, which is made easier by Premium's Super Shop Wizard.

Paint Brushes are easier to find than the family treasure!
Paint Brushes are easier to find than the family treasure!

Pingu, who was still hiding in the closet, was going through the letters one by one.

Hi again JN! *hands rod of supernova out* Oh, darn. The pant devil stole yours. Anyway, if you have less than 100 np on hand and you pull the lever of doom, are you still eligible for the avatar? Thanks! ~ neomikey07
Pingu: I don't like the Pant Devil ;-; He reminds me of what I lost. I'm going to say no. As far as my research could find out, so far nobody has received the avatar while pulling the lever without the 100NP on hand. Since the Lever of Doom is meant to be a Neopoint sink to regulate the amount of Neopoints in the economy, if you could just get the avatar for free it would have no purpose. So unless you want to waste a lot of days pulling the lever, I suggest you prepare your wallet; this avatar might cost you a lot!

Hello, all powerful and destructive JN! Why does the item database say that the Deluxe Bouquet is a wearable, and shows wearable previews? I happen to have a Deluxe Bouquet, and it doesn't say that it's a wearable, it doesn't even let me put it in my closet! Why do you tease me with such a lovely wearable that I cannot have!? ~ amyzmother
Pingu: The item was made wearable for a short time, either by accident or on purpose, I'm really not sure. Soon afterwards, it was taken out of the wearable list, but we had already stored the wearable information on our site, hence why it showed up here but wasn't wearable on Neopets. Now as you can see in the Neopets News on May 11th it has now officially become wearable, hopefully permanently this time.

What if I played the wheel of monotony without any money (except in the bank) ? Also what happens if I open multiple tabs and keep spinning the wheel of monotony? ~ beach vacations
Pingu: You can potentially spin any wheel without Neopoints on hand, but it will soon tell you that you don't have enough to play. Except for the Wheel of Monotony, because it spins for so long. So assuming I've understood correctly, then yes it is possible to spin it without the full amount of Neopoints on hand; if by the time the wheel stops spinning you have earned the 150 NP that it costs then you will get your prize. If you don't have that much when it stops spinning, however, it will tell you that you don't have the Neopoints (even if at this point you remove them from your bank) and you will have to spin the wheel and wait all over again.

She started to hear a strange whisking sound, almost as if someone or something were heading towards the closet she was hiding in. Upon further inspection she realised that the noises had come from a cute little mouse... but now she could also hear footsteps, and they were loud ones...

I was playing Hannah and the Ice Caves, but I don't remember playing it on the computer I was using when I saw this. I was at Warm Up, but I only got that level on the other computer. I thought the levels were linked to your computer. Will I get frozen? ~ starry_zafara
Pingu: I've checked and it seem the levels are stored on your computer. So you might have played a while back and just simply forgot you did. I'm not sure what happened, really, but as long as you were the one who actually got to that level then there is no reason for you to worry about being frozen.

"A lady of such status should not be hanging around in cramped, dirty closets," Pingu heard from behind the closed door. It was Pekka, standing outside. Pingu reluctantly climbed out of the closet and handed over the letters.

"How did you know?" she asked, looking confused at the butler.

"I'm the butler. I know everything. It's my job to know," he said in a monotone voice and looked around before continuing. "When do you plan on informing Mika that you were once a socialite from a rich family?" he asked, staring at her.

Pingu looked down. "It doesn't matter anymore, now that my parents..." she started, but was interrupted quickly.

"Your parents may have disappeared, but you are still a member of a rather distinguished family," said Pekka in his usual emotionless voice. Before they could continue, however, Mika ran into the hallway demanding his afternoon chocolate.

A faded memory in Pingu's mind, of the times when she was rich...
...what once was is now lost.

"What are you both doing chatting here so idly? I pay both of you a good amount of Jellios coins, so get to work," he growled at the both of them. Pekka sighed. "Such a child," he whispered, but Mika could hear it.

"I'm a full grown adult!" he snapped.

"You may be an adult but you sure don't act like one. Reply to the rest of your mail," Pekka replied in a commanding voice and handed him the letters.

Hi TJNT! How come, on the Altador Neopedia page, it says there are 10 remaining members? Is this a typo, or there someone else missing other than the Darkest Faerie? ~ amymko1999123
Mika: It's neither a typo nor the other option. If you read the article, it says Altador's Primary Ruler is King Altador. Then, the 10 remaining heroes are Council Members. King Altador doesn't have two titles. As the ruler, he is granted access to the Council. So in the end, we have ten members plus one ruler, hence 11 Heroes.

*chucks chocolate cake your way* Is there a limit on the NP you can earn? *doesn't bother to read editorial database* ~ anonymous
Mika: You don't bother reading the editorial database, I don't bother answering.

Please put this issue to rest! I've seen several boards speculating what the Neopoint limit is. Some say it's limitless; some say that it's 2,147,483,647 because that's the limit for a site that uses 32-bit (which I believe Neopets uses). Please specify! ~jone_bob

Technically speaking, a limit does exist because of the database restrictions, but as far as we know no one account has ever reached it, or even come close. We can tell you that we used to have a hard-coded limit (40 million), and if you reached it all of your NP would disappear. Whoops.

Pekka glared at Mika, as his last answer was rather evasive, but the chocolate connoisseur didn't really care. Mika began reading the last letter and started to smile. "This one seems to be for you," he said before handing the letter to Pingu. The fewer letters he had to answer the better.

Is it true that Pingu plays on a certain Altador Cup team with a lot of "Island Hospitality"? ~ Anonymous
Pingu: I don't know where this rumor is from, really, as for the past few ACs I have always supported Shenkuu *waves flag* And plays would be a bit of an exaggeration, as the most YYB games I have played so far was about five :P Although a certain person by the alias of Clouds has been trying to get me on Team Terror Mountain.

Clouds: I heard my name mentioned, and a certain person by the alias of Pingu has been trying to get me on Team Faerieland, which means she could be lying about being on Shenkuu. Though I'm pretty sure she's never been on a team with "Island Hospitality"...

Pingu: I'm gonna assume you're the one spreading these rumors if you make these clearly false claims. I have so far never played for Fae...

Mika: So that's the reason why everything here looks dirty! And I keep getting my letters and my chocolates later and later. Pingu, stop wasting your time on such time-consuming games and go back to work at once.

Pingu: Well, if Sir Shados says so, I will start cleaning now. *mumbles something about how handsome Mika looks in his new sunglasses*

Clouds: *stares at camera* Rumour has it that she once supported Haunted Woods, but I unfortunately do not have the sources to back this up.


Next episode on the "Jelly in the Staff Room"...

Another mysterious person appears to claim the fortune! Mika is still awesome and eating chocolate every five minutes. Will Clouds manage to steal more letters or will Pingu be able to stop her? Doesn't Pekka want to quit being ordered around by his useless employer? What is the truth behind the treasure?

Find out the answers next time on "The Jelly in the Staff Room"!

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