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Skyra and Sumlar Switcheroo!
Published: June 9, 2012

Summra: Yellow!
Skylar: Blue!
Summra: Irish!
Skylar: Dude, Italian.
Summra: Butterflies are beautiful.
Skylar: Yet, have you ever heard a Skylark sing?

Hm, this may take longer than you thought. You might as well take a look at the questions that they were talking about in the meantime...

Hi again, I love the article that Dave wrote on Maraquan Pets and was wondering if there was anyone on the staff who would write an article or knew of an already existing page on what plants/trees the woodland pets are based on? I thought I saw a page once but can't find it. Thanks. ~ wateropal
Summra: Nope, we do not have an article yet covering the botany of the Woodland pets. While most of the pets painted Woodland appear to be your generic brown wood and green leaf arrangement, others (such as the Woodland Uni) do have a very specific pattern. If you still wish to see a guide that covers what we can identify, suggest the idea, and someone in the Content Department might take a crash course in plant fauna. :)

So, I was wondering, what is with the rare item prize codes? Is there a way we can figure out specific items that you buy for the prizes? Because I'd love to know which items to redeem for some 5m+ prizes. ~ Anonymous
Skylar: Rare item codes are codes that you can obtain by purchasing and redeeming real life merchandise or formerly by participating in testing. For example the 30,000,000 Np Faerie Acara Plushie was gained from a item code during the Neopets merchandise test on November 10, 2001.

Beautiful AND expensive!~

I was wondering if you use a transfer at the end of one month, but the person doesn't accept it until the next month, do you still get the next month's transfer? ~ john78903
Summra: When the transfer is accepted by the person on the receiving end of the exchange, the transfers for both parties will be counted to whatever month the transfer was accepted in. For example, say we were trading pets. On May 31 you start the transfer, but I do not accept the offer until June 1. For both of us, we have now used one June transfer, even though it started in May. If you must carefully regulate your transfers, I highly suggest you either trade towards the beginning of the month, when the risk is less, or make it explicit to the second party that the trade must be accepted before the midnight reset at the start of the month. :)

Skylar: The 1920's was the golden booming age of new creation and-
Summra: Actually, I prefer something more medieval and rustic...

I know you can earn a trophy by battling Inflatable Balthazar in the Battledome, but do you earn it by beating him multiple times, or by dealing the most damage in a single fight? ~ anonymous
Skylar: It seems your answer can be found here...

How do you get the Balthazar basher trophy? ~ nooneknowswhoiam16

The scores you see on this high-score board are equal to the damage done to the Inflatable Balthazar with a single attack. This means, to get the trophy, you will generally need to hit him for around 2,000 or more points with just one turn. Quite a feat! Your Neopet will most likely need at least 700 strength and some amazing weapons to take a shot at that trophy.

Time for some training!

Hey, so I was wondering: what was that site event where they handed out milk glasses of every land at the end? ~ Anonymous
Skylar: The Sponsor Event in which seven chocolate milk glasses were handed out was known as Cocoa Krispies CocoaWorks. The event included finding Snap, from the rice crispie-filled cereal, in different parts of the Neopian world. There was also one bonus item, the Magical Chocolatey Spoon. The glasses of chocolate milk can still be bought today in the Food Shop.

Summra: I like artsy things, like crafting and baking.
Skylar: I love to bake! My favorite thing to make is cupcakes!

I have 3 accounts. I made one four years ago and completely forgot about it, so I made a second one. I used my mum's email address, but I forgot the password for it, and my mum got a new email address so I will never find out my password. So I made a 3rd account, but today my brother found a book with my Neopet details for my first account. I've decided to never go on my other account, because I don't want to get frozen. Would I get frozen if I got my Neopoints from my new account and transferred one or two of my pets to my first account? ~ anonymous
Summra: Well, you should not be in any trouble at all. In fact, according to our side account guide, you are still in good standing! However, if you do want to leave your current side accounts behind and move just to one, there is no problem in transferring pets or NP to your declared main (you can find more information on account switching in the previous link). And if you really want to stay with one account forever, then you can self-freeze the remaining accounts when you are ready.

Is it against the rules to visit some part of Neopets where you get stuff for free on your side account, even though you did not know you could get stuff for free there? 'Cuz one time I wanted to buy something from the NC Mall on a side account... but they were giving away free gift boxes, and I didn't even know about the giveaway. HELP! ~ superle-...er...username removed
Skylar: Don't worry! It's against the rules to make Neopoints on side accounts purposely by playing games, selling items and other things of that nature. Finding a free NC item won't get you frozen. However, it's sometimes hard to tell what's legal and what will get you in trouble when it comes to this type of business. By reading this article, you can learn about what's okay to do on different accounts on different parts of the site and what's not alright. (There was even some stuff in there that I didn't even know. Nifty, eh?)

Learn ALL the rules!

In a previous editorial it is said that a few items were retired, such as the Denim Coveralls; however, a few of them are Faerie Quest items. So do the Faeries still ask for them, or not anymore? ~ anonymous
Summra: Nope, the Faeries do not ask for retired items; they prefer current trends over vintage? Either way, no item on a Faerie Quest exceeds a rarity of 100, and since retired items are labeled R180, they are ineligible. If you have any more questions about items for Faerie Quests, take a look at our fabulous guide!

Skmmra: I want to travel the world!
Suylar: Yeah, it would be cool to see a little bit more than just my own backyard.

Hey guys! *Shoots Trifle-O-Matic 3000*. On the IDB, it says the Citrus Trifle is in the 'Baked' Category but the Half Citrus Trifle is in the 'Jelly Foods' Category. How come? ~ shark_2_6_3
Skylar: Whoops! How did that happen? Thanks for sending us the error, I'll go yell at the other IDB staffers later. You know, some of us get lost in there for so long, we start going crazy! It probably just got thrown into the wrong bin by mistake. If you ever see anything wrong with any of the items themselves (not the prices) feel free to send in an error report. Every item is linked to its own report and the link can be found at the bottom of the item's page next to where you can report the price.

I've noticed that when you change the password to an account, your Petpet Park account password changes. When you receive NC from one account, your PPP account gets NC. Does this mean when you terminate one account, the PPP account will be terminated in turn? ~ cherishtwilight
Summra: We have some mixed reviews on this issue, it seems. While some players who lost access to their Neopets account, whether willing or not, also lost their Petpet Park access, others seem to log onto the Park with no problem. Just to be safe, you should make sure to keep your Neopets account somewhat healthy so you do not run the risk of losing that ID on other games.

Is it true that usernames that have a bunch of numbers and general nonsense have a less of a chance of being picked for stuff? Cause my friend says so, and I don't want to believe her *points to username* but just checking. ~ pokemon56476
Skylar: Myth! False! TNT does not prefer non-numbered names to numbered names or anything of the sort! If anything, Id say that your friend is just jealous of your awesome name.

My name is poertyrocks1234

Skyra: There's nothing better than a little bit of magic every now and then.
Sumlar: Heh, it sure makes Price Reports a breeze.

I remember that JN acquired the database of the In-Depth Battlepedia months back but I have not heard any news of it. Just wondering if you guys have forgotten about it or just doing some changes before really releasing it out. ~ robin_53
Summra: Rest assured, Max, Forte, and delinquentkitty are about to have a home! To quote our projects page:

"Jellyneo has acquired the former In-Depth Battlepedia and we'll be putting it live shortly. As of March, we're busily working on the front end to display all of that weapon-y goodness!"

As of this editorial, its completion status is at 80% complete and growing. Prepare to be amazed. :D

HELP! This editorial phone call is my last means of communication! I will die, but everyone must know: Sloth is back, and using some of those taxes he uses to take over Kiko Lake and Moltara in - SLOTHBOT7764: ELIMINATION. PHONE CALL TERMINATED. ~ anonymous
Skylar: Oh dung... not another one :(

Hello, Summra and Skylar! *Hands you two a cookie muffin* I wanted to ask about the Random Event Generator on Jellyneo. Are you able to put links (even if they're just Neopets links) in your Random Event? ~ Hereicomenow
Summra: The quick answer to this is "no." People have in the past used such random events for malicious purposes, as described in this editorial. Better to be safe than sorry. :(

Skylar: *Happily noms cookie muffin*

Skylmr: Science Fiction has to be the best type of genre.
Sumlara: I couldn't agree more!

*starts pulling random Lost Desert foods, Battledome items, fine suits and tuxes, glowing paintbrushes, and gems out of bag* Who (or what) is the content beast, and can you post a picture of him in this editorial? ~ anonymous
Skylar: That's like asking me to paint a picture of the wind, my friend. It's an evil thing, always coming in with piles and piles of work. We staffers do not speak of this creature unless you want to be wh- *turns head to look behind you, seeing something*... Uh, I have Price Reports to go fix. *scurries off*


In Meerca Chase 2, I got a Fish Negg once and it gave me around 100 points. In a video I saw, it gave someone 400 points! I'm kind of a newbie so I don't really know... But I think something's up with that! I'm not sure though... ~ anonymous
Summra: Well, welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Neopets gaming! If you take a quick look at our guide, you will see that Meerca Chase 2 has different difficulties you can play on, and the points you receive per Negg skyrocket if you play on harder levels. I will take a guess and say you were playing on Easy Classic, since the Fish Negg in that setup is worth 150 points. The gamer in the video played on Hard Classic, where the worth of the Fish Negg jumps to 400 points. So, nothing suspicious, but a great goal you might want to work towards!

What does "Pion Troect" stand for in the Shield of Pion Troect? My Altador Cup-numbed brain can't cope with anagrams any more... (assuming that's what it is, I couldn't figure it out) ~ swiss
Summra: You are on the right track; "Pion Troect" is a scrambled form of "Protection"! TNT certainly love their anagrams, no?

*Chucks Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) and waits for chaos* Hehe... Well this might be a weird question but I have a Farlax V (TCG) and it's an unpriced item... I usually have a lot of these in the case where there are only 2 or 1 more available so I was wondering how I would price this..? Any ideas or help?! Thanks, Alexander. ~ Kyuubi_9_Tails
Skylar: *catches the TCG and hides it before Summra sees it* Hehehe, thanks! Trading Cards are usually HTS items to begin with because they go on and off the market so frequently. When pricing an item it's easy to get a good idea by looking at the price history. For this item in particular, the TCG was recently near 7.5 million NP, but according the to Trading Post someone has recently cut the price again to 6.5M. Remember, the IDB is an average lowest price of the item at the last updated date. It's a good idea to always check around before setting your final price.

Summar: I wonder if Ian would get mad if I practiced the bagpipes in here after I finish Price Reports...
Skylaa: He seems to not mind my attempts at underwater basket weaving!

Hey dear JN staff, I have a question/suggestion about your IDB. You have the different Petpet shops in it, and you have the very useful category of "unpainted Petpets". However, when I want to find Petpets which are painted a certain colour I'll have to search for them in every single Petpet shop category. Could you add a feature which allows it to find ALL Petpets painted a certain colour with 1 search? If I overlooked how to do so I apologize ^^ Thanks for reading if you do! And thanks for being awesome :D ~ Maliechen89
Skylar: I'm sorry to say that there's nothing that will currently do this search for you in the IDB. But wow, I love seeing all of these suggestions from everyone! We're currently working to update the IDB to be in tip-top shape, so who knows what the future may hold. :)
If you ever have any suggestions for the IDB or any other part of JN that can make us better and more efficient, please feel free to leave a suggestion!

Okay, I admit it, I'm a packrat! Besides having to step over piles and piles of THOUSANDS of items, and dealing with the occasional "why do I have 55 of that item," I was wanting to know if there was a way to get a list of all the items in my SDB (for reference purposes only, of course...) Of course, having the option of price, item description, category, rarity, status, and wearability would be especially special! *throws NC Heart Head Bonk* Oh, and is there a way to do this for all the items in my shed and closet? ~ hazylazydaisy
Summra: Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, if you are willing, several Neopians like you maintain a handwritten list on a spreadsheet program. It might be tedious, sure, but the results are worth it in the long run, right?

Oh gosh: You know, we really need to stop this...
I don't know: Yeah, I totally agree with you-
Oh gosh: Stop that!

The.... End?

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