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Tiny Doodles...
Published: May 12, 2012

It takes your eyes a few seconds to get used to the bright light, but soon you can clearly see inside.
In the middle of the lounge you see Pingu lying on the floor surrounded by pieces of paper and a bunch of crayons. She is happily humming as she doodles on the paper with all sorts of colorful crayons. You quickly realize that those aren’t just some random sheets of paper -- they must be the editorial questions.

“Shouldn’t you be answering those?” you ask, angered by the fact that your precious editorial is being doodled on.
Pingu raises her head and looks around. “Answer? What?” She stares at you, looking confused.
You tap your feet and point at the sheets of paper on the ground. “The editorial questions!”
She quickly grabs a piece of paper and reads it. “Right! I was just about to do that...” she laughs nervously, and picks up a crayon.

Red, Blue, Green…this is all I need!

I know that painting your pet Fire will prevent it from being "singed" by the Wheel of Mediocrity, but does this also work when your pet has taken a dip in the Magma Pool? ~ nolokeeper
Unfortunately getting a dip in the Magma Pool won't save your pet from the fire. This seems to only work on Fire-colored pets and Scorchios.

Heya TJNT! You guys have found a lot of fonts in your past editorials, but not the one I've been looking for... so just wondering if you know which font is used for the card names on TCGs? For example, on the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), what font is used to write "Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie" on the card image? Thanks! ~ sweep_the_doghouse
This took a bit of searching. The font is a TrueType called SchwarzWald. For some reason there are two fonts with that name -- "SchwarzWald" and "SchwarzWald Regular", but the second one is more like a cursive font, so not what you are looking for. Before you download look at a few pages to make sure you got the correct one.

"I knew I could do it. There was absolutely no doubt in me! Not even a bit!" Pingu smiles happily and you start to think that maybe you were a bit too hard on her. Just maybe you need to give her a bit more trust. But as soon as you take your eyes off her you notice that she started doodling again. You sigh loudly to get her attention.

"Errr... I was just drawing the answer..."Pingu laughs nervously as she starts to answer the next question.

I could have been a masterpiece! Just give me a chance!

Is it still possible to put marquees on petpages? ~ jjs1234
You can no longer put marquees on petpages or anywhere else you can customize on Neopets. I'm not sure when or why they were removed, as you could use marquees before. This used to be so much fun. Wheeeeee!

What are the different quotes that the loudspeaker booms at the Virtupets space station? ~ anonymous
This took me a lot of refreshing but the loudspeaker announcements are so much fun it was worth it. I'm not sure if I managed to get them all but here is what I got. Enjoy!

  • Remember, laughing is prohibited. A smile costs nothing, but will get you a fine.
  • We have the nicest space pellets this side of Ursa Minor. Come to Grundos today!
  • All plumbers on deck, please report to the sewage level.
  • Virtupets Good. Neopets Bad. Virtupets Good. Neopets Bad.
  • Next Thursday will be a holiday to celebrate our leader, Dr. Sloth.
  • Remember, all pets must be checked in upon arrival.
  • Looking for the best Virtupet weapons? Check out the Weapons store today!
  • Remember, it's only 3 weeks 'til lint inspection. Make sure your tumble dryer is clean today!
  • All garbage disposals on the detention level will be shutting down after lunch.
  • Those of you still needing to take the Sloth loyalty test must report to the Virtupets Mind Control Laboratory. NOW!
  • McCoy to the Sickbay, McCoy to the Sickbay...
  • Will the owner of a blue Vac-U-Jet, registration number C338H, please report to the main desk?
  • Grundo Leader Garb, please report to the Battle Level.
  • INTRUDERS SPOTTED ON LEVEL #!!! (Note: The # is probably from 1-10)
  • Donna please call reception, Donna please call reception.
  • Little Freddy, please report to the vacu-store!
  • Breakfast on Friday will be cancelled due to a space-gerbil infestation
  • Lunch in the dining hall will consist of space eggs and spam!
  • Please note that the Virtulift to the amusement level is currently out of order.

The loudspeaker booms 'Pingu's finger hurts from so much refreshing!'

I remember reading somewhere that certain Pick Your Own berries are only available during certain fall months. Which ones, or where can I find that information? Thanks! ~ kittykapow925
There is one berry that matches what you described: the Autumnberry. The description says: "Wow! This berry is only found in the month of Collecting and Storing". Besides this one I haven't found anything related to other berries that are only found in fall. If anyone knows better, please let us know!

What prizes come out from the Krawk Goodie Bag? ~ e_universe
If you look at our Items That Give More Items article you will see a list of items that when opened will give you other items, such as the Birthday Goodie Bags. There you can see what items can be obtained from opening the Krawk Goodie Bag.

If a guild has 0 members and therefore no leader/owner, is there a way you can claim it? Also are there any records of TNT cleaning up guild names (like something similar to the purge)? The guild HQs surely need a revamp. ~ xhriis
You can join guilds that have no members, and you can even apply for council like any other guild, but since you don't have any guild leader powers you can't appoint yourself as guild leader, therefore you won't be able to claim the guild for yourself officially. I don't think there are any other ways to do this. As far as I can tell TNT don't clear out old abandoned guilds, since there are still ones on the guild listing that have been inactive since 2004. So until they do clear up old guilds, you might want to make your own.

How do you earn points for your goal counters? ~ kohrma
Our goal counters let you show (on your lookup, petpage, etc.) how far toward achieving your goal you are. You can earn the Neopoints, avatars or whatever your counter is for in the normal way; the counter simply lets you reflect your progress in the form of an image. Just enter the numbers for your Max Goal and Current Goal when editing your counter and the counter will calculate what percentage of your goal is done. You can periodically edit your counter to reflect your progress, and show it off on your lookup.

How are game trophies ordered in user lookups? I'd try and figure it out myself but I'm experiencing an intellectual low atm -.-' ~ tubulina
Game trophies are ordered on your lookup by the Game ID, starting from the lowest on the left.

Although this isn't quite what you would expect of your average editorial, it seems Pingu can somehow manage, when she's not distracted by the crayons that is. You decide to stick around until the end just in case she forgets to finish.

Pingu: I never get distr... oh look a butterfly! :D

Dearest Jellyneo, I have attempted multiple times in the past to join the Jellyneo Forums. Needless to say, I have failed miserably. :P This last time the Email didn't go through and it's been over ten minutes. This is my emails fault, though. It's always had problems and doesn't receive messages seemingly half of the time. I'm going to get a new Email on the fourteenth, (now you can guess which service I've been using, Neopets Webmail, anyone?) and will want to use that for joining Jellyneo's forums. Although, I want to use the names from when I last attempted to join. So, my question is, which of you here at Jellyneo do I contact? And how so, besides sending editorial questions? I'm entirely clueless, and whoever here is answering the editorial is all I have to help. :( I want to join in on the fun, and I also want to be a Petpet Park Guide Writer! Although in order to do that, I have to be a forum member. Oh, great Jellyneo staffer (Andrew didn't mention who'd be answering this week), please help me! You're my only hope, and I require an answer ASAP. :( ~ Sincerely, Miss Morgan JoIsle ~ Miss Morgan JoIsle
Suzuka: Hello, Miss Morgan JoIsle! I'm interrupting this week's editorial to answer your questions, since it seems like I can probably give the best answers :) There are several ways to contact us when you don't necessarily have the ability to wait for an editorial answer - the first is by looking at our Contact Us page. If you have inquiries regarding site issues that the contact us forms can't address, or the hiring process, you can also contact us by e-mailing hiring@jellyneo.net - that way it'll reach our admin team right away!

Hi! While I'm waiting for the Wheel of Monotony to stop, I was wondering if any prizes from wheels changed when Save The Wheels event was over. Thanks! ~ 2beornot2be
Yes, some prizes have changed after Save the Wheels, but as far as I can tell only the Neopoint prizes changed. They were raised slightly, probably to keep up with the current Neopian economy.

Hi guys! Love the site :) Now to Serious Business! I have 2 questions. First, I am missing one piece of the Secret Laboratory Map, but no matter where or how I look, it's only located in the Trading Post for over ten times what you say it's worth on the Item Database! What should I do? Next, on the Database it says the Basic Lightning Beam is worth 60NP while the Improved Lightning Beam is supposed to be worth 50NP on the Item Database, how so? ~ shark_2_6_3
The prices listed in the IDB are estimated prices. This means that, on the date mentioned under the amount of Neopoints, this was the average price of that item. They might not be completely accurate as Neopian prices tend to fluctuate a lot. If you think the price of an item in the IDB is incorrect feel free to edit it. But unfortunately this means you will have to either wait for the price of the Laboratory Map Piece to drop or save up for the current price.

As for the Lightning Beams, like any other item, the price is based on supply and demand, not necessarily on the items' effects or power. Some items might be harder to obtain than other "stronger" ones, making their price higher. It's just the way the economy works.

Is the answer to this question "no"? ~ anonymous
Pingu ponders on the answer to this question for a whole five minutes before she concludes that the answer is neither yes or no, in fact it is both at the same time.

Many great minds were asked. All but one have failed to answer!

Hey, JN! My beloved Lupe got zapped by the ray and changed gender. I followed your guide and refreshed like mad at the lab's "select a pet" page... but I never got the challenger to battle in the Battledome! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I really want to avenge my pet's gender change. (P.S. It's always nice to read JN and see that there are other college students floating around Neopia too!) ~ Anonymous
It can take a lot of refreshes to get a challenger. As with any other random thing in Neopia, it's based on some luck and I'm guessing you were so far unlucky. Don't give up yet, just keep refreshing and you will get him as a challenger eventually.

Hi! So, I'm a brand new Neopets user, and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for getting started? ~ heliotroper
Welcome to Neopets :D Why yes indeed, we have a whole section of dedicated articles for new members. If you click here you will see a category of articles For Newbies.

What happens if I leave my Habitarium opened on a computer, and I open my Neopets account in another? Will my Habitarium keep working? Is it illegal? ~ anonymous
Once you log into the same account on another computer you will be logged out of your account on the first computer meaning that Habitarium will stop running.

If such a place as Jelly World does exist, what flavour would it be? I know this may be a hard question as there is no such thing as Jelly World, but still! It might provoke inspiration for a more flavoursome world! *throws Giant Jelly* ~ ~Train23_1
I can't even begin to imagine how such a place could possibly exist, but for the sake of answering let's assume it could. I imagine there would be endless amounts of flavors to choose from. Anything from Blunella with its lovely citrus taste to such wonderful flavors as Purplum or maybe even cheese or chocolate...
But unfortunately such a wonderful place does not exist. :(

This is all in your mind!

Hey Jellyneo! *hands you a really large cookie* I was looking through my pet's list of read books and realized they weren't listed in the order I read them. What order are they in? ~ anonymous
Oh, why thank you! *noms cookie happily* The list of books read by your Neopet are listed by item ID. If you are curious how to find out an item's ID, you can check out our All About Item IDs page.

First of all, thanks for the amazing site and the wealth of information that you provide :) I was hacked sometime last year and got my account back in January. I just recently realized that the hacker also spent my plot points from both the Haunted Woods and Faeries' Ruin plot; would it be worth making another ticket and asking for them to be restored? I'm not sure if plot points fall under the category of items which cannot be returned. Thank you very much in advance. ~ anonymous
I think the plot points would fall under that category, but I still suggest that you send in a ticket. You really have nothing to lose if you send in another ticket asking the points to be returned. Even if they can't be, you'll at least know you tried.

Hello there! So I had bought 50 Usuki items (I made sure they were unique) and they were in the category Usuki Doll. However, I didn't get the Lawyer Bot Usuki Avatar. Feeling sad, I bought another Usuki item in hopes of the avatar appearing. I checked my Neoboards preferences as well, but the avatar isn't there. What should I do? ~ tombolababy100
Make sure all 50 of the unique Usuki items are in your inventory. Double check again to see if they are all unique; for a list of items go here. Then refresh the page. The alert will appear at the bottom of your inventory. If this still doesn't help I suggest you submit a ticket to TNT.

With the last question answered and daylight quickly approaching, you decide to leave for the night. It was long and tiring but at least now you know that your precious editorial is safe.

Before you leave you check to see if Pingu has started doodling again. To your surprise, she has already disappeared, taking all the papers with the questions and answers with her. You quickly try to find her, but she is nowhere to be seen.

As a last resort you check the editorial room, yet there's still no sight of her. Upon a closer look, though, you notice sheets of crayon-colored paper on the desk. You sigh happily knowing that those are the answers to the editorial and that Pingu must have dropped them off a minute ago.

Tired, but happy, you slowly walk home, thinking that maybe this whole experience was fun and that you might want to see Pingu make another editorial sometime.

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