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A Very Jelly Musical
Published: April 28, 2012

Hello, David Ixi with you here. Tonight's Neovision Public Broadcasting presents the newest musical breakthrough on Jellyway, A Very Jelly Musical. This show is set in the bright and bouncy [REDACTED] World in Neopia. Its entertaining theme leaves the audience on the edge of their seats. Be prepared for jaw-dropping entertainment and awe-inspiring performance, because you're in for a real treat! And we're not just talking about the free jelly afterwards.

We will show you excerpts from this bestselling musical, which went to the top of the charts in its opening week. Stay tuned, because you have no idea what you're missing!

First off, let's give a warm welcome to the author and composer of this musical,

Thank you for inviting me here today. It warms my heart to see my musical take the world by storm. The actors have done a fantastic job of learning and portraying their roles, and I'm just so proud of everyone!

And with that, we'll take our first commercial break. Stay tuned to hear some riveting music performed by the cast members themselves!

Does anyone know the origin of the Sands of the Dark Faerie? According to the item database, it's r101, so it can't restock anywhere, can it? I've asked around and it seems no one knows. Will it forever remain a mystery? ~ robamaya
The Sands of the Dark Faerie, as well as the other Sand Faerie items, were an accidental release to a few people in 2003 and 2004. Some people saw these items magically appear in their inventories. Of course, this glitch was quickly fixed, and because the items are one-use only Battledome items, to the best of my knowledge, very few exist anymore. There is no record of the items anywhere on Neopets, including User Shops, the Auction House, the Trading Post, and Galleries. They also lack an item page on the site. So sadly, the item was never officially released, and at this rate, it probably never will be...

On a sidenote, the plotline for The Darkest Faerie says, "The sands of time are shifting." Could these items be a play on words? I guess we'll never know!

How is Green Tea a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide... ? (it says so in your item database) The appearance? o.O I don't get it. ~ tubulina
Well, you see, the English are big on tea (just ask Rylon!) and the Hitchhiker's Guide reference was that their machine made, "a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea." This was much to Arthur's disappointment.

Green Tea
Do you know where your towel is?

Hi JN! *throws Water PB's* Hehehe. So, I was opening a mystery bag thing from Tarla and it gave me some kind of purple mist stuff from that event last year. I could of either taken a closer look at the mist or get the item instead. I tried one of them and I got an "Oops" message saying that I was directed to the page from the wrong place. I got my Neopoints back somehow. What happened here? ~ Chia_McBia1
For those who were unable to find all the mist during Tarla's Tour of Mystery, Tarla also sells mist in her mystery bags. Not every bag will contain mist, and you are still limited to finding one per day.

If you cleared away at least 1 piece of mist by May 26, 2010, you have another chance to clear away the rest and receive four of the five prizes. If you did not clear the mist at least once before that date, Tarla's secret will remain hidden to you and you will not get a second chance at revealing it.

As for the error, you should probably report it to TNT, but try again later (maybe with a different browser) as it may just have been a one-off.

Hi Jellyneo! With so many prizes coming from the Snowager last Month of Celebrating, I have a question about Neggs. Why is it that only some Neggs can be traded for Negg Tokens? For example, the Treasure Map Negg and the Patterned Chocolate Negg can't be traded. ~ aklwildwolf8
The Neggery is a place where you are meant to trade in basic Neggs for tokens that can be used to get rarer ones. For a full list of the basic Neggs, visit our Neggery page. The Treasure Map and Patterned Chocolate Neggs are not considered basic and so will not be able to be traded in for Negg Tokens.

Hello, Neopia, and welcome back to tonight's special broadcast. Here with us is Andrew, who is about to perform part of the opening song in his musical, A Very Jelly Musical. But first, Andrew, I must ask, what was the best part of putting this musical together?

Well, I think I'd have to say that, although I enjoyed writing it, overall the most fun was all the fun times I had with my friends. Especially when we laughed at my silly mistakes (and there were plenty). And Dream and I would often sit and talk to each other in dactylic trimeter. That was interesting...

Thank you for that intriguing answer. Now, I think all of Neopia is dying to watch you sing "Gotta Get Back to JN"!

The house lights dim as the curtains slowly open. Darkness prevails on the stage. In the center of the stage, the outline of Andrew sitting on a stool can be seen. A single blue spotlight suddenly shines on him, revealing his melancholic expression, as he begins to sing:

I look to the east,
I hear the sneers and feel the glares of
My dang teachers and the content beast.

Can't believe how cruel they've been,
And it pains my magic pen
To know they'll never ever give me what I want.

I don't deserve these occult,
Stupid rules made by the adults
Here in the U.S.A.

Can't take these stupid parents,
And yet it's still apparent,
I must obey.

I'm sick of high school and this waiting around.
Man it's the summer so I'm skipping this town.
Hey it's no mystery, there's nothing here for me now.

I gotta get back to JN,
I gotta get away from school.
Gotta get myself to JN,
Where everybody thinks I'm cool.

Back to staffers and Negg hunts and Cup
To forums and friends, it's my firmament.
It's all that I love and it's all that I need.
JN, JN, I think I'm going back!

What is that Sun Staff looking item that the shopkeeper of Magical Marvels is holding? It's not something that restocks in that shop nor is it a BD weapon with the term 'sun' in its name. I give up. ~ ruonfire
The shopkeeper's staff is just a shiny object to look at. It is not an actual item, nor can it be received in anyway currently. However, this could be in plans for the future. For right now, the kleptomaniacs rejoice while the obsessive-compulsive collectors groan.

Hey there, TJNT! *throws pancakes like a Frisbee* If someone used someone else's idea for a comic in the Neopian Times, would both people get credit and get a trophy, or just one? Also, the 550th edition is gonna be here soon, would both people get the avatar? ~ Anonymous
*noms pancakes like a vacuum* Okay, so the rules for receiving items, avatars, and trophies are the same across all aspects of the Neopian Times. As long as TNT is told that it was a collaboration and you give them the usernames of the people you worked with, all of you will receive the prizes. The same thing goes for 50th edition avatars.

If the person not submitting wishes to be mentioned in the Times, you'll want to mention that to TNT as well.

Who wouldn't want one of these flying around their head all the time?
"Hey! What did I tell you about pooping on me?!" *shakes fist*

Hi =) I was just wondering if you know when and why the game The Last Smiley was taken off Neopets? It's always been my favourite game, but I haven't been on in a while and when I found out yesterday it was gone it saddened me. Thanks for reading! =D ~ funeralfortheliving
I've narrowed down the game's removal to any time between August 27th 2009 and October 10th 2009. I was unable to get more specific than that. I'm sorry that you lost a favourite game of yours, but I hope you can find another one to take its place!

As for why, it was (to the best of my knowledge) one of the only games to use the 3D Life plugin, which was notoriously glitchy, difficult to install and incompatible with modern browsers. It's likely TNT decided the game wasn't worth recoding in Flash and opted to remove it altogether.

What I find interesting is that Shenkuu River Rush uses that plugin nowadays, but hasn't been taken down, despite many browser incompatibilities. Could this game be next?

Hey Jellyneo! *throws random Secret Lab Map pieces at you* So I just recently started playing Neopets, and I heard that TNT gave a prize code for its 1-trillionth page view! :D So I found the code on your site and tried to type it in at the warehouse but I didn't get the prize.Then I tried copying and pasting it but it still didn't work! :C...Was the only day you could get that the day it happened? ~ ligercat_123
*grabs at Secret Lab Map pieces* Now I can finally start zapping my pet!

Just as with all Grundo Warehouse codes, the trillionth pageview prize code was only available for a short time. I believe the code was up for about one or two weeks. Sorry you missed that one, but there should be more to come soon.

Next up tonight is the saviour of Faerieland, the Ixi thief, Hanso!

Hanso, it's been almost a year and a half since your moment of glory from saving the Faeries. I'm curious now, what have you been up to since then?

Well, not only have I been retrieving numerous lost Faerie Artefacts with Brynn (those Faeries couldn't keep track of their wings were they not attached to their backs!), but work on this musical also started a few months after the Faerieland drama. Andrew quickly wrote up the music and the rest of the play followed suit. What has been kept a secret is that the song I'm about to sing for you all wasn't written by him at all. In actuality, I wrote it just for fun and it was later integrated into the plot! (But don't let him know I told you!)

Ooooh! How intriguing! Well Hanso, I'm absolutely dying to hear "All I Ask of You!" You may take the stage.

As the curtains move to the side, the thief's silhouette can be seen stuffing what looks like various desserts into his pockets. Suddenly he notices the audience and blushes as he turns to the front and begins singing:

No more talk of thieving,
Forget my flawed mistakes,
I'm here, nothing can harm you,
These artefacts can calm you.

Let me be your lover,
Let me be your knight,
I'm here, with you, beside you,
To guard you and to guide you.

All I want is thieving,
A world with no more cells,
And you always beside me,
To love me and to hide me.

Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime,
Let me lead you from your guard duty,
Say you need me with you here, beside you,
Anywhere you go let me go too.
Brynneth, that's all I ask of you.

Uhm.. where can I find a cute background for my user lookup? ~ Aynlien
If you're looking for a Neopets-related background for your lookup, you're in luck! JN hosts a Neopets image site, DrSloth.com. To be able to view background size images, just use this search.

If, however, you wish to use non-Neopets images, you can always use Google and adjust your image settings there. If you decide on this, make sure the background you choose is considered appropriate by Neopets standards. And ask permission before using someone else's drawing, even if you find it on a random Internet search!

Well, do you have any more Grundo Warehouse codes? I'm sorry for asking, but the last one was REALLY awesome, and my pets live off freebies... so... yeah... Please get more soon!
There have currently not been any more codes added to the Grundo Warehouse other than ones on their merchandise. We will post new codes as soon as they are discovered!

I believe we should be expecting more soon. The longest break there has been between adding codes was five months, and the Treasure Keepers code was added in mid-December. I expect there should be a new code by May! We can only hope.

OK, so I made a PIN on my side because I couldn't get on my main. I wrote it down, lost the piece of paper, and forgot the PIN. What should I do? ~ tobbie_ah4_aa
There's a way to retrieve your PIN, if you still have access to the e-mail connected to your Neopets account. Go to My Account and PIN Preferences is the third option down. Click on it and scroll down to the bottom, and you'll be given the option to send an e-mail with your PIN. The email should show up within a day at most.

The other day, I was looking at my Habitarium's XP bar and next to it a purple crystal thing appeared with a +1. I got 1 XP, but with a mysterious purple crystal. What was the purple crystal? ~ jisue_7fish
Based on the assumption that your Habitarium is level 50, from now on in your game, every time the experience bar fills up it will give you a purple gem. Clicking on this purple gem will give you 500 Neopoints. This process can be repeated indefinitely.

And now I'd like to welcome to the stage Link.

Now Link, what has been a memorable part of putting this whole musical together?

Hmmm... I think I'd have to say it was one time after rehearsal when I had a craving for some Mac&Cheese. I just had to have some, so I ate a ton!

Something tells me no one looked at you the same after that... *ahem* Why don't you go over to the stage and just sing "Neggs."

The curtains sweep aside, revealing a beautiful Negg-filled landscape. Link stands in the middle, gazing in wonderment at all the amazing sight surrounding him as he starts to sing:

Neggs, in your multitudes,
Members to amuse,
Filling the portals,
With puzzles and clues.

You are the prizes,
Taste like heaven,
Keeping watch o'er JN,
Keeping watch o'er JN.

You keep your place in the site,
You hold your honor and fame,
And each in this season returns and returns,
And is always the same.
But if you fall like Humpty did fall,
You fall in shame.

And so it has been and so it is written,
On the doorway to Dave's Office,
That those who falter and those who fail,
Don't get the prize.

So let me find you,
That I may see you,
Safe in my arms!
I will never rest till then,
This I swear, this I swear by the Neggs!

Hello there! So, recently I have been scammed by a fake log-in page, and am no longer able to get into my account. I sent a ticket in from my side account almost exactly a month ago regarding this, but I haven't been able to get a reply -- my ticket status still says "Open". Should I send in another ticket? Should I directly email Neopets support? Or should I just wait? I am very confused about what to do next. Thanks. ~ trash_is_telekinetic
Because your ticket hasn't been closed, we know that TNT hasn't gotten to it yet, and may yet be able to fix this problem. If the ticket is ever closed, then it would be advised to get their attention again. Submitting another ticket or email would just fill up their inbox more and slow down their progress in fixing frozen accounts.

I wish you the best of luck in getting your account back!

Dear TJNT, I was looking all around Jellyneo and I wanted to know. Is there a Jellyneo page where the World Challenge gallery is placed? ~ tromo3
Yes there is! Go to the World Challenges Guide and scroll down to where you'll see the Kreludor map. If you look just to the left of it, you'll find you can look at any of the World Challenges maps you want!

What's more tasty than Chia Treats? Maps!

Hello! *Throws Cookies and sunshine cookies* I have a Shop question. If I were to have something, lets say priced at 1000 NP, and some people put theirs in their shops for lets say, 900 NP, am I allowed to buy those up and put them in MY shop? Or is that Fake inflating? I just want to know, I saw this guy who bought almost all my stock then put it in THEIR shop for almost DOUBLE the price! It ticked me off. ~ Jillipenny
No, this is not against Neopets rules at all. In fact, that's part of the game. No matter how you get the item (as long as you don't cheat!), if restocking is your intent, you should always try to buy low and sell high. If you find that somebody drastically increases the prices of items bought off you, that's just the way it goes. They may have a lot more traffic to their shop and are able to do that, which is unfortunate, but perfectly legal.

I was reading an article, for some reason, about side accounts on Jellyneo. It stated that you can't have Neopoints, but what if a random event happens and you get Neopoints? Would you have to get rid of them? And I LLOOVE this website! ~ Anonymous
Random events are just that - random. TNT knows that they're outside your control and have stated that you're allowed to keep any neopoints you get from REs. :)

Next up tonight is the famed Shop Wizard!

Now, Mr. Shop Wizard, I must say that after watching you sing the song you are about to perform for Neopia, you have outstanding acting skills! To be able to so realistically portray a person fed up with searching for items must have been so difficult for you. May I ask what you did to prepare yourself for this role?

Oh, that wasn't acting...

... Well then... Why don't you just mosey on over and perform "Defying Vertigo..."

The curtains are rolled back to reveal a little JubJub hopping slowly across the stage. He turns to the audience as the music flares, singing:

Something has changed within me,
My sense of balance gone,
I'm through with searching through,
The many shops of Neopia.

Too late for Faerie Quests,
Too late to get avatars,
It's time to trust my instincts,
Close my eyes, and fall.

It's time to try defying vertigo,
I think I'll try defying vertigo,
Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying vertigo,
And you'll never pick me up.

Unlimited. My searching is unlimited!
And soon I'll be the greatest wizard there
ever was,
I know, you may think me crazy, and true Neopia's lazy,
But I swear some day I'll be,

Out of the search, I'm defying vertigo,
It's time to try defying vertigo,
Just look down here, I'm defying vertigo,

And from now on, no matter what,
No Faerie Quest or item search,
For searching now you're on your own!

Will you answer this question? ~ meepitking1008
After speculating on this question for a million years, I have concluded that the answer is 42. Following millions more years of research, I have determined that the question is "What is 6 times 7?"

Hi. :D A while back, I made a side account to hold my neopoints while I went after the soup kitchen avatar. I made up a name and put that as the "real name" of the account, and I haven't used it for much. Can I keep the account if I now label it publicly "windowface_tingrin's side account" or will it have to be frozen? (I was planning on having one of my sisters take it and do with it what they would, but I heard that was against the rules.) Also, someone mentioned that you can tell when an account has changed hands. How is that? (You must have Chuck Norris hiding somewhere.) ~ windowface_tingrin
Yes, you are able to keep that account as a side as long as you don't do anything that in any way increases your ability to earn Neopoints.

Ordinary users can't really tell if an account has changed hands, but TNT try to keep an eye out for rule-breaking behavior, so I wouldn't advise giving your sister your account. Instead, just have them create a new account, to be on the safe side. That way they can still do everything associated with Neopets, instead of having to avoid all ways to make NP. They would enjoy the site a lot more with their own account.

In a verbal fight, who would win - Mrs. Pea, or Mr. Coconut? :o ~ mcquackers
Mrs. Pea and Mr. Coconut are now living a very happy, fulfilled, loud life together. They now have their very own baby. As all baby-lovers know, he is louder than both his parents combined...

Little Peanut says: "GOOD AFTERNOON!"

Hey Jellyneo! Okay, so I have been doing some stuff on Neopets lately, but I'm not sure whether or not it's allowed. Lately, since the price of Ten Dubloon Coins has dropped because of the large number of them being released from the Treasure Keepers code, I have been buying them, using the Dubloon-o-Matic, and selling the larger denomination Dubloon coins for more than I paid for the Ten Dubloon Coins. Is this legit, or should I stop? I don't want my account frozen; I've spent lots of time building it up to the point it is at now. Thanks if this gets answered. ~ anonymous
This isn't against the rules. You aren't personally able to control the prices of items, including Dubloons, so it's perfectly normal to want to take advantage of this chance while you can. If people put them on the market and their price deflates, you are free to find a way to make profit as long as you are not cheating in any way.

People do the same thing with plot or Daily Dare prizes. They just wait a few months until the prices have increased, and then put them in their shop. They are able to get a much better price for them by waiting. You won't get frozen at all for doing this, as long as you aren't doing anything against the rules.

Hi Guyz!!!! Going Crazy For You All!!! Do you have any idea of some Petpets that are related to Neopets? Like Baby Blu (Blumaroo), Lutra (Lutari), Babyca (Meerca), Albat (Eyrie). Can you give me some more Petpets? ~ Tamariley
Of all the petpets that exist, there are only two other than the ones you mentioned that appear to be related to current Neopets. The Barbat (related to the Korbat) and the Krawk, which can be turned into a pet Krawk through use of the Fungus Caves.

Our last guest for the night is Dream!

Dream, you have probably the saddest song from the musical. However, this is in no way related to your personality, from what I hear. I'm sure that your rehearsals have been jam-packed with hilarity. Tell me, what was your most memorable moment from rehearsal?

You should have seen everyone's faces when the trained Meepits called in sick right before tech rehearsal. The crew decided we didn't have any time to waste, so we had to... improvise. If you've never seen an entire cast trying to get through a serious number with straight faces while Andrew prances around the stage in a Meepit costume, complete with plastic teeth... well, you haven't lived, that's all I can say.

Well, I think we're all ready for your performance of "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables." The stage is all yours!

The curtains open slowly, revealing a rather dim scene, filled only with a table surrounded by empty chairs. Dream slowly ambles around the table as she begins to sing:

There's a grief that can't be spoken,
It makes itself quite blunt,
Empty chairs at empty tables,
Now the staff are at the Hunt.

Here they talked of guides and PRs,
Here it was that they had bonded,
Here they always worked unceasing,
Now my friends have absconded.

From the table in the corner,
They could see Jelly World reborn,
And they rose with voices ringing
I can hear them now!
The very words that they had sung,
Of Jellypets and puzzles,
In the lonely staffers' lounge at dawn.

Hey JN! *throws Baby Paint Brush* Eh, I don't need it! Anyways... I have two questions! 1. Is it possible to get a Fountain Faerie Quest from the daily quest thing? And... 2. Yesterday I was able to search the Super Shop Wizard (yay for Premium!) even though I had a Faerie Quest going. But today I couldn't! Why is this? ~ Chia_McBia1
*grabs at Baby Paint Brush* Yes! My Lupe can finally be the cutest pet on the planet!!!

In answer to your first question, during the daily Faerie Quest event, it was possible to get an FFQ, and, in fact, many people did. You may have been unlucky, like I was.

When you say you were able to use the SSW during a Faerie Quest, did you mean a quest given out by a Random Event or from the daily Faerie Quest event, or a timed quest? If one of the first two, it may have just been a temporary glitch in the system, because that shouldn't be possible. If you accepted a quest with a time limit from a Faerie like Illusen or Jhudora, however, it is perfectly normal to be able to access the Shop Wizard.

Hey JN Staffers, how come you spend what must be thousands of man hours constructing such an amazing and superb negg hunt, when you get no payment or nothing? You are some of the coolest, cleverest people on the planet and I am bowled over by your awesomeness! ~ elbandito999
Why thank you very much, kind sir. We love the Negg Hunt as much as you do! The reason we spend all this time is because we love each and every one of our users that much. Even though we don't get paid, I don't think Rosie and Kata would say no to payment in pillows and energy drinks...

These are like heaven to the overw--- Zzzzzzz...

Hi! I just wanted to ask, which of all the plot characters in Neopia does Herdy like most? ~ cherishtwilight
Herdy says his favorite plot character is Hubrid Nox, "because he's so cool! And sadly, quite dead." I believe Herdy maintains the hope that Hubrid survived as a ghost. His BoA entry seems to hint at this, but only time will tell. *crosses fingers*

Hello staffers of Jellyneo! *Throws Weeping Angel/Meepit hybrids* I've decided when my birthday rolls around, I'm going to send in an application for Content Writer! The thing is, I'm not really sure what to put on my application, other then a guide and basic information. So what should I send in? Also, does anyone have any advice on writing a guide? And watch those Weeping Meepits, I'm not 100% sure what they do. ~ jisue_7fish
Okay, I think I'm probably the best person to answer this question, being the last person to apply and get that position. I know that content is always looking for more people to join the crew, and we'd love to have you!

In terms of what to submit, there isn't really anything to submit other than a guide or article and the basic information. Just remember to submit the guide in HTML format, and feel free to upload it on a petpage so you can make sure the HTML isn't broken or anything.

As for guide advice, to make sure you've covered everything a basic guide usually does, you should check out other game guides on the site here. We include the same basic template for all guides, so that would be a great place to start!

And on a sidenote, don't mention the meepits, they might be listening... *shifty eyes*

I hope you have enjoyed this fabulous night of music! If you have been as enthralled by this masterpiece as I have, I'm sure you'd be happy to know that you may call our toll-free number, 1-800-MUSICAL for a copy of the soundtrack. A Very Jelly Musical will be playing nightly in the Tyrannian Concert Hall next month, so reserve your tickets, so mark your calendars. That's all we have for you tonight, so good night Neopia!

Check out Tyrannian Concert Hall
This issue brought to you by:
Tyrannian Concert Hall

The concert hall has been a sponsor of the musical arts since Jellyway's inception in Year 10. The only other concert hall in the world exists in [REDACTED] World. Jellyway highly encourages purchasing tickets for concerts here so that this exceedingly rare tradition in Neopia may continue.