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The Jellyneo Trivia Challenge Spectacular!
Published: March 31, 2012

Chesu: Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the Jellyneo Trivia Challenge Spectacular! The rules are simple: three seasoned (and lightly buttered) Jellyneo staffers will be competing to answer questions YOU send in, the winner coming away with fame, fortune, and the coveted Trophy of Blandness!

Wow, is it ever bland!

Chesu: As always I, Chesu, will be your host this evening. Incidentally, if you would like to have your question answered in a future edition, feel free to send it! Now, put your hands together and welcome our three contestants!

Chesu: Contestant number one is Grog, a 28-year-old Content Writer who has been playing Neopets nearly as long as I have. Tell me, Grog, what keeps you coming back after so many years?

Grog: The single aspect of Neopets that drew me in and has kept me is the games. I love games of every sort: casual, browser/Flash-based games; games on Wii/PS3 (I don't own an Xbox); table-top games; everything! So it's no wonder that I took the Jelly Sceptre in the last JN Altador Cup Staff Tourney. Shenkuu for life!

Chesu: Hahaa, I know that feeling, I really do. Next up, contestant number two is Noir, a 23-year-old member of Jellyneo's Petpet Park Crew. So Noir, I hear that you love obscure facts and trivia?

Noir: Indeed, indeed, indeed! Did you know, for instance, that there are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the observable universe? Granted many of those games are just random movements of pieces around the board rather than anything resembling two people playing chess. In the first eight moves alone there are over 988 million different positions for--

Chesu: Fascinating! You really are a wealth of useless information. Moving on, contestant number three--

Noir: ...Encyclopedia of Chess Openings that carries the opening moves of millions of players throughout history! Just entering the first several moves opens a window into the numerous opening sequences played out by grandmasters -- the Accelerated Dragon, the Fried Liver Offensive, the Neo-Grünfeld Nadanian Variation, The Inverted Hungarian Opening, the Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation Doubly Deferred -- or DERLD...

Chesu: That's quite enough, Noir. As I was saying... Wait, Fried Liver Offensive? ...Ahem. Anyway, contestant number three is Will, a 17-year-old Item Database staffer. Rumor has it that you're quite fond of Xweetoks, Will!

Will: Well, I actually just like rodents in general. Like, a lot. A lot a lot. A lot a lot a lot a lot a lot--

Chesu: Is that so! Well, with that... Interesting revelation, let's get right into it! Question number one...

Hi! *gives plate of cookies*... oh, wait, you're not TNT. *takes cookies back* Anyway, the question: How is it possible to make more than 7,050 in the wizard battle game? Eliminating all the wizards on the other team gives you 2,350 per round. Do you know if there is a way to get a bonus in the game? Like winning the round in a certain number of moves, or not having any of your characters die... ~ anonymous


Will: *gives answer* As you suggested, Sorcerers' Skirmish does award extra points for finishing a round in fewer moves. According to both our guide and the in-game instructions, you'll earn fifty bonus points for every turn under thirty. Oh wait, you're not the host! *takes back answer*

Chesu: That is correct! Unfortunately, since you took back your answer, you will be awarded no points.

Hi! I just added a background to my userlookup. But the background image keeps repeating, rather than just staying 'still' and keeping to one place. My question is: how do I scroll down my userlookup without having my background image repeatedly go down my page? I just want it to stay in one place, while I scroll down the page. Hope this makes sense :) ~ anonymous


Grog: From your description, there are actually a few different CSS attributes to use to accomplish what you want. Try this out in your userlookup (but use the URL of the image you want)!

<style type="text/css">
body {
background-position:right bottom;

Grog: If you would like more help, there is a whole subsection of our Forums to help you!

Chesu: Couldn't have said it better myself! I do something similar with my pet lookups, though my code isn't quite so... Non-disastrous.

Hi TJNT! *sees a Baby PB* Could you throw that at me? It's your turn! Anyway, what happens to P3s if they are tired or hungry for long enough? ~ Ultraboy999 The Boochi Fan


Noir: Baby PB? Sure! Er... I'm not quite the best thrower though... *throws the PB... which travels only three feet in front of him and lands with a thud*

Er, right.

Anywho! If P3s in Habitarium are tired for long enough, all that'll happen is that they'll stop what they're doing and fall asleep. Right on the spot they're standing on. From there, their energy should slowly regenerate. Hungry on the other hand... well... they'll slowly starve to death. Their health will deteriorate, and before you know it, you'll have a tiny gem in your hands. Sorry. :/

Chesu: Correct! *discreetly pockets Baby PB*

You'd better NOT leave me hungry for that long!

Are any of the newer Paint Brushes available by converting a WC picture? I figured Maractite wasn't since it's buyable, and the same with Royal and Baby. What about Water, Woodland, Relic, Transparent, Zombie and Swamp Gas -- have they been reported as winnable from WC or even KQ? ~ Marquis


Grog: Until TNT make some updates to the World Challenge, you will not be getting any of the newer paintbrushes in exchange for converting a map.

For a list of prizes for converting a WC map, check out our guide!

Chesu: As for Key Quest, the rarest PB it currently gives out is Tyrannian.

First of all, I'd like to say your site is AWESOME! Second of all, I'd like to ask a question. Let's say Ferry enters the caption contest; you see, she used to have 100,000 NP. Now, while she's browsing the site, she suddenly notices that her 100,000 NP is now 105,000 NP. Does this mean she has won the caption contest? Or is it just pure luck? ~ anonymous


Will: The Caption Contest is a bit more complex than that! Generally a Caption Contest will follow the below format:

  1. New image goes up on Tuesday a bit before site sync
  2. Neopians have a few days to enter the competition
  3. Forty captions are put up for voting towards the end of the week
  4. Voting commences until the following Tuesday when the new image is put up
The twenty-five captions with the most votes have "won" the competition, and will eventually receive a prize. However, this often does not happen for several weeks, and the winners will find a neomail from theneopetsteam when they do get their reward stating "Congratulations, you have won a trophy in this weeks Caption Competition!!!"
All this being said, it's much more likely that Ferry simply happened upon one of the many NP-giving Random Events without noticing. If you'd like a bit more information on the Caption Contest, you can read about it here.

Chesu: You're quite fond of the Caption Contest, aren't you, Will?

Will: That I am! I enter it nearly every week!

Chesu: It's really a shame that you aren't very funny, though...

Will: Wh... What?

Knock Knock
Knock knock! Who's there? An Aisha! Ha! Hahaha!

Hey, I've been noticing that lots of pet lookups have the pet image enlarged. I'm kind of bad at coding, and I can't seem to find anywhere that addresses this. Do you guys know how to make the pet image bigger? ~ anonymous


Grog: Another CSS trick will do what you want! This code would go in the description for one (or more) of your pets.

<style type="text/css">

Chesu: Don't forget that you can set the height and width to whatever you want. Go nuts! Well, maybe don't go nuts. Have fun?

Hi! Okay, so in my Habitarium, my rock resource suddenly changed. It used to be all round and big, and now it has a big divide in the middle. Is this normal? *Chucks Royal Paintbrush and crosses fingers* ~ noahkim1234567890


Noir: AHHH I'M NOT GOOD WITH PROJECTILES *The Royal PB hits him squarely on the forehead*

Noir: OW! Well, getting to your question, yes, it's normal. Sort of. If an invading Petpetpet attacks one of your resources and isn't stopped quickly enough, it does have a chance of temporarily "destroying" it. That giant split you see? That's more than likely just a warning sign that it's about to be destroyed if it takes much more damage.

It's nothing to worry about, though. Gathering resources from it won't damage it further, and even if it does get destroyed by an invading P3, it'll regenerate in a few hours.

Speaking of rocks, did you know that there's a place where rocks seem to move on their own? The Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park features "sailing stones", rocks that seem to move very slowly all by themselves, leaving long grooves in the dirt. Theories vary on how they move, but it's most likely got to do with when the lakebed becomes wet and slippery from winter rain and ice.

Chesu: *Collects Royal Paint Brush while Noir drones on*

Next time, your rock will be a puddle of goo!

Is there a place to sell the berries we collect in Petpet Park? ~ Candyshopqwe


Noir: Hello, a Petpet Park question!

Well, it depends on which berries you're talking about. If you're referring to berries that you gather from the world itself (like Anchorberries, Blockberries, and Lanternberries), then unfortunately no. You do get Parkles for eating them, though! The exception to this is if the particular fruit or berry is involved in a repeatable collection quest. You can see what collection quests are currently up over in the Jobs section of our Petpet Park guide, under "Repeatable Jobs".

Now, if you're talking about the berries you grow yourself in your garden (like Striped Grapeberries, Scarletberries, and Springberries), then yes! Most definitely! You can sell them to Yorgo in the Pawvillion. He usually buys them in bunches of 50, so make sure you have enough before you head over to him!

And speaking of berries, did you know that raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries aren't actually berries? They're called "aggregate fruits" or "etaerios", and are formed quite differently from what we botanically call "berries". True botanical "berries" include the cranberry, the wolfberry, the gooseberry, the elderberry, the blueberry, the grape, the tomato, the persimmon, the banana, the avocado, the watermelon...

Book of Facts
Someone stop him, before it's too late!

Okay, so this has been bugging me way too much. Why is it that we can't make or take art commissions of Neopets, even offsite? I understand taking commissions for Neopoints and items are wrong, but why also real money? I mean, Neopets is owned by Viacom, and I've seen a lot of Nickelodeon-based commissions. Since I'm a college student who needs to way to pay tuitions and part of the Neopets art community, commissions would be a nice way to earn some extra cash. Thanks, and pardon for the rant. ^^; ~ anonymous


Noir: This rule is really in place to protect people -- particularly young children -- from being sca-


Chesu: Sorry, that is incorrect. Will or Grog?


Grog: It's mostly because TNT and Viacom say so ;) It would be their Intellectual Property that you would be making your commission off of. It might be a different situation if you licensed IP from Neopets/Viacom/Nickelodeon to create your commissions but I don't think TNT and Lawyerbot are going to be changing that stance any time soon.

Noir: I-I knew that! Of course I knew that!

*throws ice cream party at nice JN people* LOVE YOU GUYS! Would you say that a Xweetok looks more like a chinchilla or a chipmunk?I got in a very heated debate about that. Chinchillas are fwuffy... ~ pokemon56476


Will: Well uhh, Xweetoks don't seem to be based off of any one rodent. I've never quite been able to explain the distinct mane they have! But on to your argument. Let's see what we know:

Chipmunk Chinchilla
Markings on back and tailVery fluffy neck area
Four front toes; five back toesFour front toes; four back toes
Small-ish earsBIG ears
Fluffy tailFluffy tail

Will: I'd say they're more chipmunk-like, but really the choice is yours!

Chesu: Huh, so they're not skunks?

Chipmunk vs. Chinchilla

Hi, in the World Challenges topic, someone said to me that it is against the rules to post the max score of a game that goes under review, as stated by an editorial. So I was trying to find this Editorial (using Editorial Database and some keywords) but I couldn't find it. So, if you can, please confirm to me, is it really against the rules to post the scores in games that goes through without being reviewed? ~ someone


Grog: This is really a question for TNT, as they determine how to interpret the rules. I personally would argue that posting the number at which a score would undergo review should not be an issue, but I can understand TNT's position.

Chesu: It IS a difficult subject, isn't it? However, Grog is correct to the best of our knowledge.

I'm confused! According to my high score table I have 27,595 Points in Jhudora's Bluff, and the high score table for Jhudora's Bluff says the minimum to be on the high score list is 23,096 points. But I'm not on it :( What is going on? Am I missing something? ~ yukiarishima


Noir: Oh, er, have you made sure to check the Top 100 chart? There should be a link that reads "Top 100" up above every high score sheet. The minimum score to get on the high score list and the minimum score you need to get a trophy are actually rather different, and the minimum score listed in GIANT NUMBERS is to get to the Top 100 High Score list. It's also possible that your score is more than a month old; the Jhudora's Bluff score table only pertains to scores updated within the last month. Speaking of absurdly high scores, did you know--

Chesu: Moving right along, an anonymous--

Noir: --world record for highest score in the classic arcade game "Asteroids" was broken by John McCallister? Ending with a jaw-dropping 41,338,740 points, the game lasted 58 hours total, but it only took one quarter to beat the old record of 41,336,440, set in 1982 by Scott Safran.

Chesu: ...If you're quite finished...

Noir: :D

I feel like I've seen the item "Metallic Sun Staff" somewhere before....do you guys know if it's a reference to anything particular? ~ anonymous


Will: Well to start off, its description is a reference to the juice drink Sunny Delight! Additionally, some have said its image may be a reference to the staff Wizardmon (a Digimon) holds.

Metallic Sun Staff
Just a coincidence, we're sure...

I've been using NoScript on Firefox to browse Neopets for quite a while now, but as of late I've been completely unable to play any games on the site. I don't typically let through sites like google.analytics and such, but I let them all through this morning and I still couldn't play any games--I get stuck on the "such and such game will load after this message" and don't even get a loading screen. I've also consulted JN's wonderful Safety Guide and its sections on NoScript and RequestPolicy, to no avail. Is the guide up-to-date with the newest re-launch of the Games Room? What settings should I have to keep my computer safe, but also play Neopets games? Thanks. ~ niddyz


Grog: To the best of our knowledge, our Safety Guide is correct and current. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache and cookies? Have you tried playing games in an alternate browser (e.g. Google Chrome)? If none of those things work, you should probably let TNT know about it by sending in a bug report.

Chesu: No games? The horror... The horror!!

If I join a Key Quest game but I never choose a color and just leave immediately, will this affect my smiley face rating? I only play with the red base and will leave if it's already taken. Since I'm never actually part of a game will this affect me negatively? ~ silverxkey


Noir: This shouldn't affect the smiley face rating -- that refers to, as I recall, leaving in the MIDDLE of a game, not before.

Chesu: That it does! I know that I can never play if someone takes the green before I do, and leaving before the game begins has yet to affect my rating. I can't imagine the other players are very happy about it, though...

Key Quest
Wouldn't want to drop your fruit in the wrong basket...

I had my account hacked a couple of weeks ago. For now I am using a new one created just to contact TNT (the tickets I submitted kept disappearing). I am really hoping to get back my old pets, avatars, SDB, etc. What I am wondering is whether I should keep using the old account name here at JN, or if I should re-register with my new Neo name. I am still using the same email. ~ jtd522


Grog: Using your new name is probably fine. Of course, your old name is probably also fine to use since you hope to get your account back. People might be a little confused if your listed account is frozen, but I don't imagine that will be too big of an issue.

Chesu: Good luck getting your account back!

I saw both of the JN news posts about Water Petpets and I don't know if this might be an impossible question, but a really long time has passed since you guys mentioned the Water Juma and Drugal. Are the images you guys get supposed to be for near-future events, or is it just completely independent for each item to be released? Could it be anywhere from a few months to over a year before I see them released on Neo? ~ wateropal


Will: Generally, when item images are found, TNT plans on releasing them within the next couple weeks. In the case of the water petpets, I'm guessing they took a little longer because they were made before the paintbrush existed.

Chesu: Incidentally, the Water Petpet Paint Brush, Water Juma, and Water Drugal have just been released!

Hi JN! Alright, I couldn't resist asking this. I know there's probably a lot of different things that go [REDACTED] in the night, but has Dream and/or anyone else played Portal? It's important for the sake of the universe- and my happiness as a huge Portal fan. Thanks! ~ arty


Grog: After a quick survey of available drones staffers, 8 (including Dream) have played Portal, while 22 have not. Of those 22 who have not played, 11 would like to play Portal at some point (myself included).

CakeSlice of cake
This cake is tasty and completely truthful!

How do you change the hobbies on your userlookup to your own custom ones? I tried copying the code and doing all the steps I have heard, but it still doesn't work. I use Internet Explorer. ~ anonymous


Noir: Um... Er... Ah... There should be a whole listing of them in your Account Settings. Aside from that, I doubt there's another way...?


Chesu: Unfortunately for Noir, there is a way to do just what was asked. Will or Grog?


Grog: One way is to use some JavaScript to add some items to the list on the page - I knew it at one point, and I can't imagine it would be too difficult to cook up again.

Chesu: Hmm, I would like a somewhat more complete answer than that. Will, you have anything?


Will: The code should still work, but not the same way it used to, as browsers have changed the way they handle scripts in the address bar.

In Firefox the code should be entered in Scratchpad (shift + f4; press ctrl+R to run the code).

In Google Chrome the code should be run in JavaScript Console (ctrl + shift + J; click the >= symbol and enter the code).

It may no longer be possible in Internet Explorer.

Chesu: Okay, I'll give Will the point. There are several different ways to do it; my personal favorite is using the "convert select elements to text inputs" option in the Web Developer Toolbar. Bear in mind that it is against the Neopets terms of service to use codes or other means to change or hide important information such as your age or the date you joined.

Hi JN! So, I was browsing the TP the other day, and I saw a pretty interesting lot. It was ‘Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy’, and the person’s wishlist said “30k, worth a lot more!” when in reality it is worth about 25k. Now, I fell for it, and I’ve reported it, but I’m wondering if this WAS reportable. Thanks! ~ neomikey07


Will: In this situation it was most definitely reportable, as they were claiming it was worth more than it actually is. If they had left their wishlist at just "30k" it would not have been reportable. But hey, at least you didn't buy it at the Hidden Tower!

But Fyora said I'm worth 110k!

Do you guys and girls ever intend to add items' IDs in the Item Database? If not, why? If so, when? I mean with all the info you have on each item, I'm surprised you don't have each item's ID. ~ neopianchannel


Grog: No, we will not be releasing ID numbers for items. Because of the large potential for abuse by cheaters, we feel it is better for the Neopets community as a whole that these numbers remain concealed.

Chesu: It's actually quite easy to find the ID numbers if you know how, but as Grog says, there's no real benefit to putting them on the Item Database.

Donny once repaired something for me for free, does this ever happen? I mean, EVER? I want to know! ~ anonymous


Noir: Well, of course! It happened to you, didn't it? ;)

Discounted or free repairs from Donny come by from time to time. Just consider yourself very lucky, and take the offer before he changes his mind!

Speaking about toys, did you know that rubber ducks were used to study ocean currents? In 1992, some 29,000 rubber duckies, beavers, turtles, and frogs were accidentally washed off of a cargo ship somewhere in the Pacific. Over the course of the next two decades, the toys started showing up on the coasts of Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, both coasts of the United States, and possibly Europe! Oceanographers, such as Curtis Ebbesmeyer and James Ingraham, usually do something similar in their studies -- drop about a hundred or so "drift bottles" in the middle of the ocean and hope some small fraction of them would be recovered -- so they took advantage of the thousands of drifting toys to track current patterns in the Pacific and the Atlantic, such as the North Pacific Gyre. For a certain period of time, there was even a monetary reward for finding one of these bath toys!

Grog: While true, it's not like the owners of that cargo ship intended for those rubber ducks to go overboard.

Rubber Duck
Look what the tide dragged in!

Another question. Is there a way to sort items by descending estimated value in the item database? That would make the "I Taunt The Pant Devil" Avatar much easier to get. If there isn't, this would be more of a suggestion then. Thanks! ~ Ray


Will: Alas, there is currently no search option for Est. Value. :( Some items that can be used to get the avatar include: 126 Sand Snowballs, 31 Blibbles, 46 Solitaire Champions, or 93 Golden Geraptiku Talismans.

Chesu: Correct! If you would like to learn more about how to get those elusive avatars, check out our Avatar Solutions section.

My friend wants to give me her Neopets account, but I'm not sure if it's legal. She only started playing Neopets because I was on the site, and now she's bored. If I make my original account my side account, can I still transfer my own Neopoints over? Is it even legal for me to keep her Neopoints (she swears it's only about 60k)? I told her to cancel the account, but she doesn't want her Neopets to disappear. (And I can't take them, because I have three and I'm saving a space for a special Neopet.) Should I take the account and leave all the Neopoints alone, or should I delete the account myself after she gives it to me? I don't know what's legal and what's not here. ~ anonymous


Grog: You are not allowed to take (or receive) control of an account that belongs to someone else, so your friend giving you her account would be very much against the rules.

Here is something you could do:

  1. You create a new side account (to hold your friend's pets. Each player is allowed to have 1 main account and up to 4 additional side accounts. See our Side Account guide for more.
  2. Have your friend transfer (probably the easiest way is to use the Trading Post) her Neopoints and any items she wants to your main account.
  3. Have your friend transfer her pets to your (new) side account
  4. After all of her Neopoints, items, and pets are safely in your accounts, she can self-freeze her own account.

Chesu: Agreed, this definitely sounds like the best way to go about it. Your original account will have more loyal user perks than hers would anyway!

My active pet (an Aisha) won't stay happy! She is full (actually bloated at the moment) and I play with her with different toys daily. What should I do? Sorry if I should have used the Neopets editorial, I was not sure.


Noir: Oh, no worries! We can answer that for you.

Well, for a quick fix (and if you have the Neopoints), you can send your dear Aisha for a ride on the Roo Island Merry-Go-Round. It's 50 NP per ride, and 2-ish rides generally translates to one happiness level. (Fortunately, Neopets don't seem to get bored with spinning in circles! Or too nauseous to ride.)

Sickbags cost extra, my dear.

Hey JN! Does the jigsaw puzzle have anything to do with the Big Secret Project nearing completion? *throws Sloth Plushies of all sizes* ~ ninjawolf23


Will: Actually, th--


Chesu: Well, that appears to be all the time we have today! The final scores are...

Grog: 12,010 points

Noir: 11,600 points

Will: 9,902 points

Chesu: With an astounding 12,010 points, our champion is contestant number one, Grog! Contestant Grog, what say you?


Grog: This trophy is just so amazingly bland! Does this mean that I have to come back next time?

Chesu: ... *Looks up, drops Sloth plushies he was stuffing into his pockets* Well, ah, ahem! That's it for this edition of The Jellyneo Trivia Challenge Spectacular! Until next time, keep those brains, er, thinking! Good night!

Sloth Plush

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