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Illusen Day Editorial!
Published: March 17, 2012

Disclaimer: This editorial has nothing to do with Illusen.

But it got you to come in here, right? So perhaps I can be of some use in answering questions!

I just need more green...

Hello :) I have a question that I need help with that I can't get a perfectly clear answer about from the Neopets boards. If someone had a user lookup with the layout of the Facebook profile or something like that, it would be against the rules to steal their coding and use it. But would it be against the rules to use your own coding and make that UL? I can see how it would be if it was their own design, but if it was not their design and they used it from a different site, would it be against the rules? Thanks for the help! :) ~ anonymous
This gets into tricky territory - you can make a code to 'mimic' a Facebook profile (I'm guessing it's within the rules as long as it's not personal info or whatnot), but you can't do it by simply staring at the other person's lookup and copying it. Even if you're doing the code on your own, they did the adaptations to the Neopian site first, and outright copying how they did it or had things laid out would be basically the same as stealing their code.

If you just want to take inspiration, then look at the original site to come up with your own way to layout a userlookup. You could also, instead, take a closer look at their page and see if there's a credit to the creator - it's entirely possible that they got it from one of the dozens of incredible petpages out there, which provide lookups for free; in which case you could also use the lookup, assuming you credited the creator :)

Hi! I currently own a Pinchit, which I bought for about 200k a long while back. Its recent price in the Item Database is now 500k, which means profit! But TP price is currently 3 million... 3 million! That's extreme inflation right there. With so many people asking for the same price, what's the right/moral price to sell it for? ~ _bonning_
It's a good idea to take a look at the Item DB Price History when it comes to items like that- we try to keep it up to date, but the TP price is what we go with, which is what it was selling for at that last price update (December 27, 2011, so it's been a few months!). The right price is what you feel is right - the lowest TP price is usually a good thing to base off of, and then assume that most people will offer slightly less than you're asking, though if you're the lowest price you may get people offering exactly what you ask.

Prices sometimes naturally rise at high rates. Selling for the going price is not immoral, and is perfectly reasonable. Doing the right thing means selling it in a way that does not trick the buyer, so as long as you're not trying to fool someone into paying an unfair price, you should be good!

Hi! How are you this fine day? Anyway, my question. In the last editorial, it was said that using your FFQ on someone else's pet is against the rules, so I was just wondering... to cut it short, a couple years ago, my older sister had used a FFQ to recreate a dream pet I had applied for and been rejected for, and now I'm worried about our accounts' safety. Will we be okay? Should we be worried? Is there anything we should do? Please tell me...! Nothing has happened to either of us regarding this before, and like I said, it was a couple years ago. Thank you! ~ A worried little bunny
In this case, the idea of the FFQ being used to paint someone else's pet is in reference to doing so in exchange for a pet trade, monetary value, etc. In your case, your sister wanted to make you a pet that you could love because she was much nicer than I would be to my sister. (At least, I assume so, since my sister doesn't play Neo). You should be perfectly fine :)

But how do you pick?

I was wondering, if you guys can make an avatar checklist, why you no make a Neodeck card checklist? It'd be wonderful! ~ anonymous
I think so too, but it's definitely lower priority - mostly because Neo has one of their own here! Just replace "snarkie" with your username. You can also get there by going to your Neodeck and clicking "My Album" on the top. Maybe in the future we'll have an auto-checklist, too!

Hello! TNT's Editorial has been talking about avatar lending a lot lately and I also have a question about avatar lending. Let's say Bob was lending George MSPP. George gave Bob a Pirate Draik Egg as collateral. When Bob had the Egg in his inventory, a Random Event took it. Would George keep the MSPP (TCG) or would he just give it back to Bob and be up an avatar and down a Draik Egg? ~ anonymous
I'm going to pretend for the sake of the explanation that the two items are worth the same.

The big part of collateral is that it exists as an insurance against bad events - but it is not a binding trade. In this case, Bob would be responsible for replacing the Pirate Draik Egg, and trading it back for his MSPP, because the Draik Egg is actually something that can be purchased on the open market (unlike the MSPP). The end result should have everyone with exactly the items that they started with.

If in a different scenario George lost the MSPP, he should attempt to recover it, but in the case that doing so proved impossible, Bob would keep all the collateral.

Does paintbrush clothing count towards your 650-item closet space? Or is that just Neopoints and NC items? ~ anonymous
PB clothing counts, too! However, if you don't want to worry about the 650 limit, you can always disable it here. (Although keeping items in your SDB might make everything load faster)

Hey Jellyneo Team. I was just using the old pet poser and was wondering, why do you guys put the new colors such as Wraith, Woodland, and the other recent ones in there? They weren't around before customization became available, so it doesn't make sense that there would be an old pose of an 8-bit Chomby, for example. ~ the_humble_comedian
JN actually has a central list of pet colours that runs all the different colour-related parts of JN - so whenever a new colour is released, that bit of code is updated, and automatically transfers over to all the sections on the site.

While it's possible that section will get recoded in the future, it's not high on the list of things-to-do. :)

I'd rather just look at things I'll never have...

Can TNT freeze me if I play a game on my side account but do not send the score? ~ cool213704
I'm not sure why you'd do that (unless you were on a side by accident), but if you don't send the score, there's no reason they'd freeze you for it. Note that a couple of games, such as Splat-a-Sloth, send your score automatically when you play, so be careful which games you play when you're not on your main.

Me and my friend are in a little spat, and I need... *points to poor staffer who has to answer this* YOU! He says this ISN'T a scam: somebody puts a Baby Paint Brush on the Trading Post, saying, "Will beat lowest TP price!" and somebody else (a plant, who always has a PB handy) puts up ANOTHER Baby PB INSANELY low. (20K, 30K, 100K...) And you, in the middle, Neomail the first person saying something like, "Hey, this guy has a insanely low price! Can YOU beat it?!" And he beats it, and you get a Baby PB for almost nothing... Is this a scam? I say it totally is, whilst he says it's just taking advantage of a price war. So who is right? Thanks~ ~ anonymous
Oooh, boy, that is DEFINITELY a scam. The price of an item is determined by how it falls along supply and demand curves, but in the case of this item, it's also affected by a constant supply at a fixed rate. A real "price war" would mean that there were multiple sellers trying to sell for a certain price, and not enough buyers for them all to achieve the sale. Sellers would then begin lowering the price in an attempt to snatch up the buyers before they'd see other sellers. If your friend was actually willing to sell for that low, they'd be an outlier, and so greatly so that they'd immediately find a buyer and would once more be outside of the supply and demand curves.

To make things simple: The person who puts up the "insanely low" price is not actually planning to sell. They're attempting to trick someone else into selling for that price, at a loss. If you tried to do this in the real world, you'd be breaking the law, and you are most certainly breaking the rules of Neopets.

20k (Not actually selling, but you should beat the price!)

Okay, I was reading the question database ("scam" comes up in 342 questions, btw) and I read that pooling money to buy items isn't allowed. I gave my friend 7/9 of the SLM pieces, including the super expensive one, because I was nooby/just gotten back into neopets. So... later on... We pooled money to buy it back for myself. It's been about a month since we did this; and well... should I expect a freeze soon?! I don't wanna be frozen! (I'm sure nobody wants to!) D: So what should I do? We've BOTH already turned in the maps. ~ Jillipenny
This one skirts along the lines, but I wouldn't expect a freeze for it. The big idea with 'pooling' NP is that you're saving together to buy one item for both of you, such as an avatar item, or a "shared" lab map (definitely not allowed). In your case, it sounds like you were simply being helpful, and later on your friend helped you with achieving some of the pieces as well. Assuming you both stayed on your own accounts and didn't do anything else questionable, you should be fine.

Hullo. I am here to ask stuff. 2 things, really. I'm on the fence about this one; there's this guy on the Trading Post who put up a Plushie Cybunny Morphing Potion and said "FREE!" Is this a scam? My friend said he might be a cookie stealer. (And I like my cookies. >:I) Also, I see people putting stuff up for free, and adding somthing like "(Even thought the TP said --- np!)" Almost always it's over 100k. And the stuff is worth 100np to 1k np. So is this scamming, misinformation, or okay, since they're giving the items out...? And are all those "Free" trades I see around reportable, since they give things out? Thanks. Sorry for the long question! ~ A trading post surfer
Ooh boy, this is a complicated one. The problem with "Free" trades is that very rarely are they actually free. What a lot of those people do is buy items that LOOK expensive, and hope that when they say FREE someone will offer enough so that they think they're getting a deal, but will actually be overpaying. Technically just saying "FREE" is not considered a scam. Giving away items is not illegal, although announcing it on the Neoboards is, and some people genuinely are just giving stuff away (although the Plushie Cy potion sounds awfully suspicious), but if they outright lie about the value, or are clearly doing the same thing over and over (especially with items like cheap morphing potions, which can look rare), it most definitely is both a scam and reportable.

Hi TJNT *Tosses Thunder Cookies.* My question is twofold, one, there's a problem with the Stylish Nimmo Trousers, it says any species can wear it, but isn't it for the Nimmo? Two, I think I found out how to get an impossibly hard-to-get item, how do I tell you? ~ bassanly_x
It should be just Nimmo, but there's actually an error on TNT's side that makes it appear like that for all species! Once they've updated that, we'll be able to update on our side, too.

As for the item, you can contact us through the Item Database Report Form, but keep in mind that we cannot respond to reports sent in to the IDB!

Hi TJNT! So while I looked at the Faerie Paint Brush's price history, I saw something weird. It said from January 25, 2011 to February 13, 2011 Faerie Paint Brushes were 0 NP?!?!?! Was there a glitch in the history or did Faerie PBs vanish from Neopets for a few weeks? ~ amymko1999123
When the price is set at 0 NP in our Item Database, it means that the price was removed - at that point prices were either impossible to find, or, as in this case, fluctuating too rapidly to be stable.

I'm having an existential crisis...

Hi JN! I have a serious issue and I decided maybe you all could help! So awhile back (and I mean awhile) I changed my main account's Neopets password because I was getting jittery about password security (long story) but silly me, I didn't write it down and forgot a few days later. So I sent myself a password reminder email. Well, the email did not come, and I tried again. Many tries later, still nothing. I tried the username reminder email (I used the same email for my main and sides) but my main account was not listed. Obviously I freaked out. A week later I sent in a ticket to TNT to see if they could help solve my extensive issues. It has been 200 some days since. Nothing. I hope you all can help me!! Oh, and have some cake. *throws cake* ~ anonymous
Unfortunately that seems to be happening to a number of people these days. What you need to do is send in a contact form with as much information as you possibly can - especially those no one else would know. Good ones include which pets you created, which you adopted, items from your SDB, past passwords, codes from NC Cards you'd turned in, neofriends, how you achieved certain things (such as painting a pet, zapping it, or Random Event), etc. The more you know, the better! I had something similar happen recently, but I got it back by clearly proving it was mine :)

Hi TJNT! So I was looking at the history page, and saw the costume contests. Will we have one this year? I didn't see one for last year... :c ~ amymko1999123
*shifty eyes* I don't know what you're talking about, there was totally a contest last year...

The real answer is that I'm the one to update the history page generally, and it's usually only done every few months or so. I'll get to it again ASAP!

Hi there *hands you Draik Eggs*. You see, I had 5 Neopets accounts and I deactivated 2 of them, so would it be against the rules to make a new account now? Do I have to wait for those 2 accounts to be deleted from the site? ~ anonymous
Nope, as long as they're frozen and you don't plan to get them back (and you stay within the five-account limit), you're okay to create a new account to replace a deactivated one. You may have to use a new email address, though, as deactivated or frozen accounts do count towards the limit of five accounts per email.

For the fairest staffer...

Hi! *gives a wand and some cookies* So one day I was googling random Neopets things, and I saw this website and it said "If you download this you will get lots of money on Neopets!!" and I wondered was it SAFE?? I mean is it safe to download?? Please answer!! Byeeeee! ~ Lord Darigan's Sister
No, ABSOLUTELY not. That is a scam and all it's going to do is steal your account and information, and probably not just for Neopets. If you're unsure, always err on the side of caution. Never download anything, never give ANYONE your password, and never pay real money for anything (unless you're using the official Neopets site to buy NC or Premium).

On the rare occasion that something legal does pop up, we'll definitely let you know here on JN! You can see our detailed account safety guide here!

Ello Jelly, I just need to know about the random puzzle pieces on your site. I click on them and it takes me to a page where I can see all the pieces I've collected, but I don't have any. So could you please tell me how I can do this puzzle please. ~ anonymous
You can't quite get all the pieces yet, but if you find them in past news posts and click on them, they'll be added to your collection here. You have to click on the button that says "View the pieces you have" to make them appear!

Hello Jellyneo! *hands meepits* I was wondering, I sent in a item to the Jellyneo IDB through the Missing Item form, and it never got in the IDB! What happened? Was the item not approved? Please help! ~ anonymous
If an item truly exists, it should be in there. We frequently get reports of items that we do have, but the report either mis-spells them, or was accidentally doing a search with a category - such as 'petpets' - enabled, and didn't realize it. If you think something's still going wrong, you can always submit a Bug Report.

Soon, my army... soon.

So for almost a year now I have been waiting patiently for the Neoquest guide that has slowly been making progress on the "Coming Soon" page... However my patience has started to run thin. I understand that large projects like this take time, and that JN is working on multiple things at once, but would it be possible to give me (and others) tentative dates? I know that certain projects are bigger than others and ten percent left on the big secret project could mean next week or two more months, but I'm just about to pull my hair out with impatience. I need my Neoquest, and would love to know when I should start checking more regularly. Thank-ye-kindly. ~ savvywolf
Right now we're rather crunched - there are a few main people who have the ability to do some of the core programming on the site, so a lot of projects have to patiently wait for their tender loving care. They're putting in a lot of volunteer time, but we really rely on them - we can't hire more very often, because it's a sensitive position.

To my understanding, the Big Secret Project is not far off - I'm not sure exactly when we'll release it, but it's almost ready! As for the NeoQuest department, we've been working on bringing together some staff members from other departments to help flesh out the maps and such we've go so far into a full-fledged guide. My hope is that we'll have something ready for this summer.

I know exactly what you mean about patience, though :( We're so grateful to all of you for sticking with us for so long. We try to give dates when we know them, but in the past it's always seemed to jinx us to unforeseen complications. If nothing else, we promise upon arrival that they will be WONDERFUL.

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