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Interesting Due To Lack Of Cancellation
Published: March 3, 2012

Reporter Yurble

Jellyneo Headquarters, [REDACTED] World, Neopia -- For yet another year, Neopians are looking at their calendars to find nothing pencilled in for the 3rd day of Running but the words "Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest". After many years of these mysterious cancellations, it appears that the situation has become critical as Neopians everywhere decide to take a thoroughly uninterested doze.

For JNN, I'm Otto Yurblus, and this is normally where I'd expand on my exciting headline with all the significant details of a story. However, I've decided I can't be bothered, so I'm planning to sign off at the end of this paragraph. That would appear to be it for today's coverage of the situation, unless a substitute reporter with nauseating levels of enthusiasm and a frankly rabid appetite for answering questions shows up within the next fifteen seconds, and I don't imagine we're going to find one of th--

Can I help you?

Ah. Excellent. Well, I'll just be off, assuming I can be bothered to go anywhere.

What a weird bloke. Oh well, I guess I'll pick up where he left off.

I'm coming to you live from the bright and colourful Neopian land of [REDACTED], where on any normal day you'd see busy Neopians doing their shopping, walking their Petpets or simply queuing up for a daily helping of dessert. However, it would appear that today, Neopian citizens simply cannot find the motivation to do anything in particular.

But all is not lost! Forward-thinking Neopians are keeping their interest levels high with regular doses of Neopets and Jellyneo questions sent in by the Neopian public. Questions like...

Hello, just wondering what is the tallest and shortest a pet can be? Also is there a limit on weight, and if so what is it? ~ Aniqaz
Okay, let's break this down!

Currently we don't know of any ways to increase a Neopet's height. So the tallest a pet could be would be within the normal range for the tallest species, which our nifty Species Encyclopaedia tells us is the Eyrie. We've quoted it as 160cm tall on that page, but in reality pet heights fall randomly within a specified range. So the actual maximum height, which is to say that of a tall Eyrie, would probably be somewhere around 170 to 180cm, at a guess.

Decreasing a pet's height, on the other hand, can be done. As mentioned in JN Editorial #43, feeding your pet Pumpkin Neggs will gradually make him or her shorter. This stops when the pet hits 20cm. Most species, therefore, can't get smaller than that. However, the Flotsam comes in at an even smaller height: it averages about 15cm, and the low end of its natural height range is thus the shortest official height for a Neopet.


Official? Yep. There are a few unlucky Neopets out there who don't have any height or weight at all, coming in at a startling 0cm. Technically, these little anomalies would count as the absolute shortest pets. However, this is the effect of a glitch and not something TNT intended to be possible in Neopia, and there's no way to make one of your own pets' stats look like this (which is a shame, as it'd have some nifty RP character applications).

We don't know whether there's a limit on weight, or whether a pet can just keep getting heavier and heavier. This editorial question makes reference to a 1000-lb. Neopet, so I'm suspecting the latter. If anyone has any data on this, we'd love to hear from you!

Do you guys find comics for us? If so, I've been looking for this one about a pet who keeps arguing with a peanut. ~ blaaze6
Nope, Jellyneo staff are not paid to hunt comics. (Well, we aren't paid at all, but that's beside the point.) If you want to look for something that's appeared in the Neopian Times, it has its own handy little search engine in the right-hand column, just above the "Great Stories" excerpts. Simply pop in a keyword like "Meepit" or "peanut" and search to your heart's content! (Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to find articles from the Stone Age Neopian Times, so that is one area you'll have to look through by yourself.)

Sleepy Usul
It seems that Neopian citizens everywhere have become so apathetic that they are literally failing to do anything today. I've asked several noted scientists to let us know their opinion on the subject, and they should be getting back to us any minute... now...

Oh dear. I think I see a flaw in this plan. Er, we'll be back after these messages.

Hey, Jellyneo!! Do you know if TNT is ever planning to bring back mr.coconut? ~ anonymous
Unfortunately, our telepathic link to TNT seems to be functioning about as well as the Neocam, so no, we don't know. If mr.coconut does ever return, though, I imagine it won't be for a while yet. Silly in-jokes online are like chilli pepper in cooking -- a little bit every so often makes things more exciting, but if they get used in large quantities all the time, nobody has any fun at all. Mr.coconut will be all the more welcome after a while spent in retirement.

I recently ran out of NC, so I visited a side account to buy stuff at the NC Mall... but when I got there... THERE WAS THIS FREE ITEM GIVEAWAY THAT I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! I know getting free items on side accounts is illegal, so what am I gonna tell TNT if they catch me now? ~ superlegion's question clone
Free items from the NC Mall are generally okay, actually, since they're mostly Neocash items that don't give you any advantage. If you find yourself accidentally collecting any Neopoint items from a Mall promotion, follow the usual advice for if you obtain anything you shouldn't on a side account: discard the item(s), and donate any Neopoints to the Money Tree.

Above all else, don't panic! I've said it before and I'll say it again -- TNT know mistakes happen. They aren't going to come down hard on you for a single accidental click. (Now if you were claiming to have "accidentally" participated in a contest from ALL your side accounts, they might get a little more suspicious.)

I'm under 13 and I have one question... why can't under 13 users send items? It's just an item and it's quite annoying with people I know in real life... we have to set up trades. Is it because people could spell out words (Holiday Decorated Tombstone, Earth Faerie Snowglobe, Light Faerie Breath Mints, Long Tiger Drawer, Orange Staragus = hello)? It's not like anyone would do that. ~ prinveli
It's never wise to underestimate the stupid things some people will do. If you can imagine it, some idjit has probably tried it. -_- Sadly, TNT have to be very strict about what under-13 accounts can and can't do, to avoid getting into trouble with American child safety laws. It's not so surprising that they tend to err on the side of caution, even if some of the results are a bit frustrating for players like you.

Milton Clodbottle

Good news! We've found a scientist who's awake enough to comment on the Lack Of Interest epidemic. Let's see what he has to say.

There's a tried and tested solution to this, don't you worry! You simply need to pick up all the apathetic Neopians by the scruff of their necks, wiggle them around a bit in mid-air, then drop them through the roof of the hospital and leave them there for a while! Or just force-feed them some candy sprinkles.

Um... WHAT kind of scientist did you say you were, exactly?

I have a question about JN Editorial Issue 148, Question #12. I've wanted to be in IDB for a long time, and I think it was Ian who said that they look at who helps change prices. If a price is flagged, will that be added, too? ~ yellow4me
Yes, the Item DB Crew can see who flagged items for price changes, and they certainly may take note of that if a promising application comes in. However, while an interest in the IDB as demonstrated by item-flagging may well count in your favour, it won't land you a staff job on its own. You'll still have to show us that you have the enthusiasm, commitment and skill to do a sterling job as one of the Crew. That's unlikely to change in the future.

Hello JN! *Hands plate of cookies* I recently made a new side account, but it seems funny. It says I bought a Air Faerie Bubble Necklace on 4/20/08, when this account was made two weeks ago. So why does it say that? ~ jisue_7fish
Possibly some data from an old account got mixed up with your newly created one, especially if the name was the same. This is more often seen with pets (who occasionally show up with petpages or descriptions that their owners didn't make, which once belonged to older versions of the same pets before an account purge), but it's not impossible something similar could be happening here. If it's really bothering you, send a ticket to TNT; it sounds fairly harmless, though.

How can I get people to join my guild? ~ ShadowsBlaze
There's no magic formula for guild popularity, but here's a few tips.

  • Make sure your guild boards are lively -- nobody wants to join a community that has virtual tumbleweed blowing through it!
  • Know what your guild's theme is, or what kind of people you want to get together; too often it seems like someone is trying to run a guild just for the sake of having a guild, and nobody quite knows what they're supposed to be doing or talking about.
  • Try to pick an original theme, if yours is a themed guild. If there's already umpteen thousand guilds for, say, pop music fans, and you absolutely want to be in a pop music guild, it might be better for you to join one of the existing ones rather than expecting everyone to leave the longer-established ones and come to you.
  • Advertise on the Guild Boards, but make your own thread; don't push your way into other people's topics just to spam about your guild. That's bad manners and will make people less interested in you.
  • Make sure you're well aware of the rules about what a guild can and can't do; nothing makes members run away faster than the fear they might get a warning.
  • If you don't know much about coding, either leave your guild's design simple or get a more knowledgeable friend to help you. Clashing colours, badly-displayed text and things that are hard to read scare off potential new members.
Above all, don't neglect the members you've got in favour of seeking new ones! It's not about how many guildmates you've got, in the end; it's about how strong your community is. So don't forget to have fun with the people who are already there.

Bank Skeith

Excuse me? I was wondering if you had any comments about today's complete and utter Lack Of Interest. Do you happen to know what's been cancelled exactly, or--

Well, it seems to me the problem is obvious. All these Neopians have simply been withdrawing and depositing Neopoints first thing in the morning. No wonder they aren't able to get any interest.

I think you've got the wrong end of the stick somewhere.

Hey JN! I just got a cool new Android phone and I wanted to see if you guys have an Android Market app I could download? I just like keeping JN close to my heart, er, I mean in my pocket. Thanks! ~ tatewhitenoise
We're very flattered, but at the moment we don't have a JN phone app, and I wouldn't advise you to expect one in the near future. Our programmers are busy with other very shiny things that we're sure you're going to love!

Why is "expression" a disallowed word on neopets? That doesn't even make any sense. o_O ~ anonymous
Sometimes, TNT have to temporarily or permanently block words not because they're rude or offensive to other users, but because people have been using them to do nasty coding tricks that don't fit in with the friendly spirit of the game at all. "Expression" is one of these unfortunate casualties, and there's a few item names in our database that cause problems with the filters for the same reason. Yes, it is silly, but don't blame TNT for it entirely -- you should be saving your dirty looks for the people who think creating malicious coding is a good laugh. It's their fault we have an increasingly complicated set of filters to work around. :(

Hi TJNT! On the Valentine's Day site theme on Jellyneo, is the quote, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." a reference to the book Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex? If it is, who thought of that? It's one of my favorite books! :) ~ amymko1999123
I'm sure some of our staffers have read that book, but the quote you mention is much, much older than that! It originally comes from a love poem called "Sonnet 43" by the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It's not surprising that many authors have been inspired by it since then, as it's a very touching little poem -- you should look it up!

Hey Jellyneo! So I have been playing Neopets for a couple of years now and I've estimated that I have only gotten about five to ten random events. Why so few? Am I just unlucky?! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!? ~ ninjawolf23
Oh dear, you have been rather unlucky, haven't you? While Random Events are exactly as random as their name suggests, there are a few things you can think about that might help.

You have a chance of getting an event every time you load or refresh a page on Neopets. So if you spend a lot of your time playing games like Habitarium or Key Quest, which run everything inside a Flash screen on the same page, you won't have many chances to get REs. You can't get events on petpages or in Petpet Park, either.

The Neoboards are a good place to hang out if you want to get more events. Every time you read or reply to a thread, you're reloading the page. Another option would be playing non-Flash games like Cheat, Sakhmet Solitaire, Neoquest II and Gormball, where every move requires a page load. Finally, be sure to come on Neopets on your birthday if you can! Not only will you be treated to automatic ad-block for the day, but you have an increased chance of receiving Random Events (bad ones as well as good ones, so be careful!)


Dr. Gelert, what would you advise against this new epidemic?

Let's see... yes, I would advise eating a bowl of blancmange and then waving the spoon in the air while chanting obscure Mystery Island lyrics.

...You're just trying to make us all look silly, aren't you.

To be honest, I had thought you guys would catch on during the Scourgies attack last year. I mean, soup to the face? Really?

Hey JN, it's me again. c: It rhymes!! Sorta. Only if you say jay-en. Anyway, I've been planning to open a private guild when I turn 13, and I want my side accounts to join too. Is that allowed? I've looked through your database, and I haven't seen anyone address this. Thanks for everything JN!!! ~ The Anonymous Pie Woman
Since there's no benefit from joining a guild (other than a bit of friendly conversation), belonging to guilds from side accounts is fine, and I don't see any reason why your main and side shouldn't be registered to the same guild. As long as you don't try to abuse your accounts by making your guildmates think you're two different people, it should be A-OK.

Help! I read that there is a 'Did you forget your pin?' section on the PIN preferences, but I can't find it. My neopoints are rotting in my bank! D:! ~ pinkkea
Never fear! The option you're looking for is at the very bottom of this page. Be sure to check you have a valid email attached to your account here so TNT have somewhere to send the retrieved number.

Xweetok with Microphone

As self-appointed representative of the Neoboards, I'd like to point out that the Lack Of Interest is absolutely certainly Viacom's fault, and that in Year Six everybody was interested in everything, twenty-four-seven.

Nobody asked you.

Also, I think this is definitely a plot. Plot plot plot plot plot.

I'd like my microphone back now, please.

Hey JN! So, I wanna know, how did you guys get so awesome? Is there a chance I can be as awesome as you? ~ bobizsweetcom
Interesting question! I can't speak for the entire team, but personally, I think the secret to our awesomeness is that above all else we're doing the things that we love. We wouldn't be Jellyneo staffers if we didn't enjoy Neopets, and more specifically, staff members tend to gravitate towards tasks that suit their individual interests.

When you find a job that lets you do something you're really passionate about on a regular basis, you'll often find yourself producing far better results than you'd manage if you'd just drawn a task out of a hat. The important thing is finding your individual passion! Here on the Team, we've got people who can't get enough of Petpet Park, people who like having every last detail on the items of Neopia, and still others who simply have to have the perfect font. And in each case, we've applied that burning passion to bring something spiffy to you, our loyal readers.

Don't worry if you haven't found your favourite thing yet! Just keep trying new stuff, and take note of what seems to make the time absolutely fly. When you've found the area of Neopets (or Petpet Park, or life in general) that gets you fired up and starry-eyed, then yes, you can and will be as awesome as we are!

I'm not sure if this has been in the editorial, but why are there 3 different types of Wheel of Slime? One has Aang, another has Spiderman and the last one has Fanboy. ~ Aerrowbomber
The Wheel of Slime is a promotion by Neopets' sister company, Nickelodeon, a TV channel which is constantly getting new shows and characters. It makes sense that the creators would want to add new icons to the Wheel of Slime from time to time to get people interested in their new programmes. Not all of us watch Nickelodeon on a regular basis, so adding new characters to sponsor promotions is a good way of making Neopets players notice them.

Am I allowed to put [a Japanese word referring to a certain kind of relationship] on my lookup? Because most children don't know what that is, and others probably don't unless they are fellow otaku. But it still means... that. (Oh, and if this does get answered, do you mind censoring the word? Don't want any kids looking it up.) ~ pokemon56476
Talking about things relating to adult relationships is generally a no-no on Neopets, whatever language you do it in. Fairly or unfairly, it tends to get people slammed with the "Neopets is not a dating site" warning, so I'd steer well clear if I were you. It's not the children you have to worry about, it's the Neopets Team -- some of whom, I'm sure, have checked out Japanese entertainment before. If you'd get in trouble for talking about something in English, assume you aren't allowed to do it in any other language either.

Scientist Ruki

While dosing the affected Neopians with a good supply of questions is working so far, it isn't a permanent solution. There's a limit to how long I can make this editorial. Dr. Rukhus, do you have any ideas on ways to resolve this problem?

In the past, high levels of Lack Of Interest have been safely disposed of by means of game tournaments like the Daily Dare and Altador Cup.

Makes sense. When one of those events comes around, all I talk about for weeks is...

How uninterested you are in them. Exactly. But this year's Daily Dare has been pushed back by a week, leaving the supply of Lack Of Interest without a suitable outlet. We'll have to find an alternative fix, something from before the age of the big Flash game tournaments.

Something from the past, huh? I think I know JUST the place.

How can I find all of the red codestones in an easy way? ~ psychic1aprentice
Red codestones are given out by the Mystery Island volcano in exchange for a combination of the regular golden-brown ones. However, the type of codestone that results from this is random, so it might take a lot of patience, persistence and luck to get a complete set. You'll probably find it easier to buy them from other users and let them do the hard work for you!

Hi. I have been playing Neopets for nearly six years now and not once have my pets been put up as notable. I am not complaining, as such, but how does it work? Is it a random pick or do you have to enter? Love your site, by the way. It's cooler than an Ice Bruce (and they're ice cold). ~ louise030596
Well, the Notable Neopet feature has only been around for less than five years, but I digress :P Notable Neopets are chosen randomly from among the entrants to the Customisation Spotlight. If you aren't in it, you can't win it!

Hullo! *Waves* I have a question about modeling on Jellyneo. I wanted to model for a wonderclaw item I got, but, my pet was painted speckled. (She isn't now, LAB RAT FTW.) Does that hinder her from modeling?! Thanks much~ Oh, before I forget..*Throws Meepit bait* RUN, RUN, RUN!! ~ JP
It's not a problem! We accept pets of any colour as JN clothing models, as long as they're one of the species we want. Speckled, spotted, silver or snot, we'd be delighted to see your Lab Rat strut her stuff for our cameras any time!

Hey guys! Thanks for putting so much time into helping us out with neopets-y things, it's wonderful :D Anyways, my question is, sometimes when I play NQII, the 'neopets down - why don't you play these games?' page comes up, but when I go on neo on a different tab, it's fine. This happened a lot last night, and I just refreshed the page and it would keep working and come up with whatever page would've come next. I just wanted to ask, this doesn't count as cheating does it?? D: I'm not gaining something from it, but I just got a bit worried! ~ lupe2828_neo
This seems to have been happening to everyone in the last couple of weeks, so I wouldn't worry. It looks like there's a nasty case of Meepits in the pipes over at Neopets HQ. Hopefully they can get it sorted out soon, but in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with refreshing pages to try and bring them back.

Why is the Neopets fandom like a bottomless jug of lemonade?
Because we're constantly refreshing.

Hey, I was just wondering what a wig looks like on a mutant hissi? What with it having two heads and all... ~ anonymous
Unless an item that's worn on the body, like a dress, wig or pair of shoes, is specifically labelled as being wearable by Mutant pets (for instance, the Elegant Mutant Cape), a Mutant Neopet will not currently be able to wear it. The same goes for Baby Neopets, fruit and vegetable Chias, and most Maraquan pets. It's possible that this rather awkward situation will be remedied in the future, but for now, if you want to see a two-wigged Hissi, you'll have to draw one yourself.

Hello JN Team! I saw in a past Neopets Editorial (503, to be exact), the NP Team said something about 'OLDPDers.' I know a lot of Neopet abbreviations, but this was an unknown one to me. Thanks! :3 ~ roversydneygirl
Ah, now that brings back memories! OLDPD is a humorous abbreviation standing for "Obsessive Latest Darn Plot Disorder". An OLDPDer is someone who simply can't stop thinking about how to solve puzzle plots. The acronym also contains the letters "LDP", which can be used to stand for "Lost Desert Plot", and many self-proclaimed OLDPD sufferers have indeed been puzzle fanatics since the heady days of scarabs and statues in Year Seven. Look out for them on the Neoboards whenever cryptic danger next threatens Neopia!

Xweetok with Enlightening Book

I've found it! An old book with a chapter on the subject of today, the 3rd of Running. Let's find out once and for all what got scrapped and why the Neopians were so mysteriously apathetic on this day...

"Contrary to popular belief, no event was ever actually scheduled and then cancelled on the 3rd due to a lack of interest. In fact, the lack of New Features on that day honours the 3rd of Running in Year Six, when TNT deliberately prepared no news, in order to synchronise New Features more effectively and let more Neopians catch up with current events as they were happening."

Wait. Nothing was cancelled... because there was never any Lack of Interest at all? Then that means this whole situation is...

Er, actually, it's my fault. I'm sorry. I was testing out a new product for Habitarium and... I just MIGHT have misread the application instructions...

Let's see that...

Bug Spray

"Pest-D-Pressed. The ultimate in psychological miniature warfare. Make your Pests completely uninterested in chewing through your structures. Take the bite out of your bugs for just 250 NC!" ...Dr. Clodbottle, I think you have a lot to answer for.

On the plus side, examining my notes, the Neopian citizens' apathy should be wearing off right about now.

Well, if it hasn't yet, then this final question should do the trick. For JNN, I'm the Dreamer Girl. Thank you for tuning in, and we'll see you in a fortnight!

I see that some puzzle pieces have popped up. What are those for? ~ brynchilla
Now THAT would be telling! You'll just have to keep collecting them and see what's in store. ;) But rest assured that some very interesting things are on their way!