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Seventeenth Issue
Published: December 8, 2007

Another weekend, another late editorial. :) We really need to get on the ball with these things...

Have you guys ever talked to or met TNT? ~ Ravenpaw92
We have talked to TNT on a couple of occasions. But don't ask us for their contact info, as we aren't giving it out. :P

If Turmaculus eats your petpet Turmac, is that cannibalism? ~ tomboy235421
Holy cow, it is! :O Though I guess you could argue that the Turmaculus is simply a large version of the Turmac eating the younger Turmac. Animals do that in nature all the time.

Turmac: I don't know why I'm so happy! I'm sitting right next to something that could eat me!

On an average, how many pages are there in total on Jellyneo? ~ pokemonannique
There's over 500 pages of content on the Jellyneo main site alone, which doesn't count all of the information we have in the Item Database and the Book of Ages.

What will happen when we get to the 100th Editorial? ~ J1010101010
We'll probably have to do a little recoding to compensate for the fact that we have 100 links in that little "Select an Editorial" box at the top of this page. :P

I added my pet to the Pet Directory. But then I started looking at all the other cute colors and decided to paint her. I haven't changed her in 5 or 6 years, so it was time for the change. My question is: Is there any way to change her in the database? (Oh, and of course, this site is really great!!) ~ mulfan
The only way to have your pet changed is to send in a Bug Report letting us know. ;) Eventually, though, our Pet Directory Manager will get around to fixing your pet. We try to sweep the entire directory about once a month for error checking.

Do you have any clue as to what, "Neopian Justice is Served" ~ Battlechip_download
Yes, it is a coming-soon-feature that has been on the Coming Soon page for about 8 months now! :D

Apart from that, we have no clue. :(

Hey Jellyneo I love everything on the site! You guys work so hard and never let me down! *tear* Alas I do have one question to ask. I love the Pet Directory because many people no longer wish to update the new pet pics but I've noticed that you are missing a few pet colors. So, I was wondering if I could encourage others to register their pets to help fill in those missing spots? ~ paint_my_sky_blue
We'd actually prefer if you didn't do this to random strangers. :P It could get you into trouble, and we don't want you getting frozen! However, you can tell your friends about it to let them know so they can add their pets. :) And by friends, we mean the ones who won't report you for harassment. :P (Funny how we get some questions asking if they should report their "friend"...)

Hey I saw someone ask if anything happens when the wheel of excitment lands on "Something mysterious happends" And when I landed on it a few years ago (o.0) And I went to the boards and then checked my Inventory I had some of my items were tripled o.0 Like: I had one, And then when I looked I had 2 more. This happend to 2 of my items that were like 'Light faeire sword' and 'Light fearie sheild' It made good money but I am still woundering: Did the wheel do this? ~ Jamesanderson888
It was probably a random glitch from a few years ago. Back then, Neopets was much more prone to having weird things happen like that. ;) Nowadays, you can get random Faerie Ability upgrades, and apparently items too.

What was the first thing you added when jellyneo was created? ~ yoshi_sonic_90
Our first additions were most of the goodies we have today. The Pet Poser, Caption Viewer, Shield Viewer, and the no longer available paint brush viewer. (Since we have the Item Database now, the paint brush viewer seemed rather pointless. :P)

HOwdy Y'all, previously you have posted that they are starting to add neopet emotions in the battledome once again, whenever I see my Kougra getting whipped by Lady Frostbite and she is still smiling I just wanna punch my screen? ~ ginovelez
It seems as if TNT hasn't activated any of the emotions yet. They probably want to get them ready for EVERY combo of species and color before releasing them.

Also, from what we've seen, the emotions will only be happy, sad, and angry. It doesn't appear that TNT has any plans on re-introducing the battle poses that we used to have.

I am really glad you give us the "Cheats" for each the scrambled word from the Neopet issues. Will this be getting its own little section at Jellyneo? It's not so easy to hunt up where they are with the Google Search. Thanks for your time and consideration with my question. Ben and Daddyo Amrod ~ grass_ear
Whenever there's a new issue with the scramble, we post it in the news on the front page. ;)

The last post we made with the answers was on October 11, 2007. (Which is conveniently unavailable at the moment... We're coding our own custom news system, and we recently imported older newsposts into the news system, deleting them from the current system. It's a long story. :P)

How does the high score table for Lenny Conundrum work? ~ secretagentman02
The LC high score table takes into account how many gold "CHAMPION" trophies you have in the Lenny Conundrum. For example, the person currently at the top has won the Lenny Conundrum gold trophy 12 times, and therefore has a "score" of 12 on the table.

Only really smart people can get the answer to my conundrums!

A friend of mine has a problem in logging in neopet, Everytime she log in it ask about a Birthday but she forgot what she put so she cant remember, How can she log in without giving the date, month and year of her birth? ~ abbeylou2005
Your poor friend can't remember her own birthday!? That's pretty sad. :( Good for you though, as you never have to get a birthday present!

Lesson of the day: Always input real information when you sign up. :) You cannot retrieve your birthday, so it'd appear your friend's account is essentially locked.

Hi! Love your site *^_~* . . . ANYWAY!! Onto my question: Do you know if Neopets is ever planning on making it an option to give multiple items to one person at once? Trades do help, but I think it would be easier to just give them over instead, what do you think? ~ sailorsolarstar1
This would likely never be an option. Just think how much faster a hacker could empty your account if they could move multiple items at once. ;)

Do any of you know where I could print off a stamp album list? I have one from 2003 but Neopets have added new sections and I like to keep track of my stamps so I know what to buy. Thanks for the help. ~ harriot_porter
You can get complete stamp lists from our Item Database. Simply swing on over to the Special Searches page. At the bottom, you'll see links for individual stamp albums.

You mentioned last week that the only difference between the snowager centerpiece and ornament was the price and so on. NOT TRUE! As an avid neohomer I must point out that they ARE different sizes once put into the neohome itself. That being said, how long on average does it take to research the answers to the editorial each week? ;) ~ Auron_tsunami
Oops, thanks for pointing that out. :D

Anywho, usually, the majority of questions are those that we can easily answer ourselves. However, a couple that we need to research do get in each week.

Do Adam and Donna still work at neopets? I've heard many rumors that they don't, that they do but they don't own neopets, and other farfechted stories about how they got fired etc on a neoboard. And I'm not sure /what/ to believe. ;-; ~ alexajt1881
From what we've been able to gather from various sources, it seems as if Adam and Donna have retired and have returned to their hometowns in Europe. :(

As a side note, Adam and Donna have not owned Neopets since January 2000. It was at that time that Doug Dohring bought the site, and later in 2005, Dohring sold the site to Viacom, the current owner we all know and love. ;)

why is it that the wishing well seems to only grant the cheap wishes? ~ draco_draco_2
The Wishing Well will give out the lowest rarity item that matches the thing you ask for. It also won't give out anything of super high rarity, despite how specific you may be.

Hiya JN! *throws Plushie Rock* Do you think you could have a sort of "PetPage Directory" on the site, much like the Pet Directory? It would be cool to have all the petpages of Neopia all under one roof. Some pet pages give out really handy information, and I'd like them all in one place. ~ spiffy_wiffy23
This is something we've talked about a couple of times, but right now, we have a ton of other projects on our minds. :(

Hey JN (throws jelly in face) Everyone loves ya! So here's my dilemma. I just started collecting everything negg related (I know, huge undertaking) but I was looking into buying a Bag of Infinite Neggs. My question is, can you take any of the Neggs you get out of the bag during the Battledome and transfer them to your account so you can, say, sell them? Or use them in the Neggery? Is it really worth buying if you don't use the Battledome? ~ Sidhlairiel
Nope, the Bag of Infinite Eggs (along with any other items that give you items during a battle) cannot be taken out of the battledome. They disappear after the battle. When I was a newbie, I thought I had hit it big when I bought a Wand of Nova that could create regular Novas by just battling with it. :P Much to my chagrin, I didn't really get anything.

Is the land above lutari island ever become a island where you can visit. I know it is an island because it has a sidewalk. ~ goofballmigee12
Perhaps one day it will. If anything, it'll be released with a plot of some sort. Maybe it's the island that Professor Fairweather visited in the Journey to the Lost Isle?

The 3rd of march, WHAT IS CANCELLED DUE TO A LACK OF INTEREST.I WANT TO KNOW!(please) ~ the_very_cool_guy
March 3rd many years ago is when Neopets decided to change up their news posting system so that they post the news the night before it should be out. So, they had to skip one day in order to get on the right schedule. ;) Ever since then, March 3rd has been routinely not celebrated.

Hiya, Jellyneo. I just want to point something out to you about the Plushie Palace Shopkeeper-it says she makes no other significant appearances on Neopets. But I guess that was wrong. I see she has a NC Mall item, (Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress) the game Usuki Frenzy and is featured on the page where you make categories. So she makes at least SOME significant appearance, I guess! (If you read the description for the game Usuki Frenzy, the Plushie Palace shopkeeper's name is Lucie.) Thank you and you rock.:) ~ intheblue04
Thanks for letting us know! If I remember correctly, she was added to the BoA before Usuki Frenzy 2 had debuted.

Now, everyone go check out Lucie!

Out of my way!

At the employment agency, all jobs I see are called "Collect Items." Are there any other types? ~ kids_fbi
There's the occasional "score so many points in Gormball", but we're not even sure if that one still exists.

I think TNT should give a little love to the Employment Agency and update it so that there's a bigger variety of jobs. (Like sending a certain score on a flash game would be cool.)

Is it true if you feed your pet when it gain hit point? ~ ilovedrsloth
If your pet is low on hit points (and your pet is "dying"), feeding it may increase its hit points. However, it won't give you a permanent hit point, just the ones that a healing potion could increase.

I have seen several sites that have a NC Mall book on there lookup..how do they get it? ~ finnegan
It's called the NC Mall Album, and if you'd like the icon to appear on your userlookup, toggle it to public on the Album Management page. It'll display any items you've purchased from the NC Mall.

Hello again, your site is jellytastic! Lol anyway I was wondering if newbies are more likely to win at things, such as the neopian lottery, perhaps as a little extra help at getting started? Also, a little off topic - do neovideos have to be animation, or can you film, say, finger puppets? Thanks if you answer this, my curiosity wants to know :D (and sorry it's so long!) ~ mysti_lilac614
Hah! You sneaked in two questions. Luckily, we can answer both. Or at least one.

Newbies aren't more likely to win the lottery or get things from the Wishing Well. It's just that more newbies play those things than older members, so out of the members who DO play, more of them are newbies than oldies.

As for Neovision videos... we haven't seen any non-animation ones. However, TNT does support the uploading of video files that could be something you film, so I say go for it.

UPDATE: According to some other JN staffers who watch Neovision videos more than Dave, there have been some live action videos. So... it's been done before, and therefore is not impossible!

Will Zador/1337 ever answer an editorial? (If they already have then I must have gone blind) ~ mnbyiuopre
Terry and I are getting awfully bored of answering these each week. :P We'll be sure to get some guest editors in here soon.

if you give your pet a Transmogrification potion or a morphing potion, does it change their stats? ~_^ ~ asmartperfectionist
Nope, it will only change their species and color. :)

Is there any purpose to the concerts, other then spending neopoints on the tickets? ~ Shadowkhat
Of course! You can see your favorite Neopian bands play live. :D (And of course, get your free concert memorabilia afterwards.)

Hey JN...about how long does it take for Neopets to update their new colours into the Rainbow Pool? I remember when I wanted to paint my Quetzal Darigan, it took quite a long time. Is this normal? ~ lizrdlvr
It depends. Sometimes TNT releases new petpet colors immediately, but at other times it could take awhile. They need to add it to the item system before you can get one.

Pet colors shouldn't be affected, though. With the customisation system, new pet color options should be available immediately.

Hey JN!!! The other day I saw something called a Faerie League Key on a pets lookup. It was located below the area where Beauty and Customization contest trophies go... What is this? Also, I saw a trophy for a game called Tower of Turnips yet I couldn't find any info on it... What are these two trophies? ~ djtom1111
The Faerie League Key was an old site event where you could battle faeries in the battledome. It was from before Dave even started playing Neopets, so we aren't really sure what the exact details were.

Tower of Turnips on the other hand, was an old game that was removed due to users exploiting a large glitch and getting mega amounts of Neopoints. Both Tower of Turnips and Meristones haven't made a comeback. :(

Hey JN! Ok, so my question is... Is it possible to get a Draik Egg from the Monthly Freebies if it is Draik Day when you collect your freebies? Thanks! ~ prince_manaphy
No, because the Draik Eggs are all super rare and the Monthly Freebies only gives out cheap food items. :P

CORRECTION: In last week's editorial, we mentioned how Lutari Talisman beads may increase your random events, but according to multiple users who have done much research in this area, only the price decreases and game score increases are definite. Sorry about that!