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Keep Calm and Carry On
Published: February 4, 2012

Robot MeepitRobot MeepitRobot MeepitRobot Meepit

It was a fortnight that would live in infamy. The Robot Meepits decided in that fateful Month of Sleeping that they would be silent no longer. They rose up, as one improbably squeaky metal contraption, and declared war on the beacon of facts and information that was Jellyneo.

Havoc was wreaked. Soda was spilt. Dave couldn't find his favourite Dr. Sloth shorts for days.

Yet even in the darkest hours of the Robot Meepit Invasion (later known to the history books as the DreamHost Server Outages of 2012), all hope was not lost in Jellyneopia. Even as the sound of reinforced steel teeth echoed from outside, loyal JN readers and staffers remained convinced that the site would return.

A lone figure picked her way through what was left of the Content Department...

Tattered Note
Aaagh! This article was going to be my next masterpiece!
Curse you, Robot Meepits... CURSE YOU...

Oh well, I guess I'd better get to work on my editorial...

I was about to post a board about lending me the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), when I got this message saying, "You have attempted to post 1 chain letter(s) now" and this really scared me. I clicked the button that sent it in for review, but I am still worried. Will TNT hold this against me in the future? I'm also worried about the Super Shop Wizard link that many of us accidentally clicked. Will this, plus the chain letter thing, be a potential threat to our accounts? Or is it just a random thing that TNT doesn't take into account when looking at us, and they just figure it might be a mistake? ~ anonymous
You don't mention exactly what happened with the link, but I'm guessing you clicked on something that turned out to only work for Neopets Premium Members. I can't see that getting you into trouble; you weren't using programs or coding tricks to try and fool the site into thinking you were a Premie, you just clicked a link and ended up finding out it wouldn't work for you.

Posting chain letters is against the rules, but false positives like the one you mention aren't all that uncommon; the automatic filter seems to be a bit slow on the uptake at times. It's good practice to read all your messages thoroughly before you post them to make sure there's nothing that could be misinterpreted as breaking the rules, but I wouldn't worry too much about a single filter trip.

I have problems logging into an account. I was under 13 when I registered, but now I am over 13. Is it possible that I can get a password reminder? I want it so much, because it was my real first account. ~ a sad lupe
TNT mostly can't restore accounts made by under-13 players, since they don't have an e-mail on file to correspond with the user. For the same reason, they can't send a password reminder. There's little harm in sending a ticket with as much information as you can, but don't hold your breath -- you're probably better off trying extra-hard to remember that forgotten password on your own.

Question Mark Cake

Can I use a program to change my IP address and get exclusive sponsor prizes? ~ onddyz
Although meddling with your IP isn't specifically mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, you shouldn't be using any kind of program to interfere with Neopets under any circumstances. Even if you weren't intending to sell the items, you're still using a program to do something that isn't meant to be possible for you, which is not allowed. If TNT had intended sponsor prizes to be available to users all over the world, that's how they would have designed the giveaway in the first place. Why don't you buy the prizes from the Shop Wizard or an American friend instead?

Hello JN, I'd throw stuff at you but that is not really your thing, is it? How many visitors does this site average every day and every year? Your counter has about 108,815,000 (at the time of writing) since 24th of August 2004. Let's say that's about 6 years, so 108,815,000 / 6 = 18,135,833. So on average, 18,135,833 per year (hits that is). 18,135,833 / 365 = 49,737 per day (again in hits). But I'd love to know accurate details. Why? Because I'm a very nosy person that's why. :) ~ djhanky222
We can't give you an average per day (even if we did, it'd be skewed by the disproportionate number of visitors that come crashing in here during big Neopian events), but we're delighted to tell you that JN is doing even better than your maths would suggest! That's because the counter on the homepage only deals with the main site -- not the Item Database, Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium or the Book of Ages. Across all our sites, we managed to clock up a truly flabbergasting 90 million hits in 2011 -- a lot more impressive than 18,135,833, I'm sure you'll agree!

Shoyru with Firecrackers
These will do for celebrating hit counts AND scaring Meepits away!

Is there a full list of items that protect our inventories against bad events, such as those of the Pant Devil, Grundo Leader, Meuka, Shadow Usul, and Sloth's Ray? It's well known that "Pant Devil Attractor" distracts the Pant Devil, and consequently, many people keep about 5 attractors in their inventory at all times. Has there been any further research into items that protect against the other bad events? ~ anonymous
At the moment, we don't know of any items that counteract the other item-stealing/sludging random events. It seems the other bad guys and girls of Neopia just aren't as easily distracted as the Pant Devil. :( If we find out about any new measures to take, we'll be sure to let you know.

Quick question: What was the longest plot ever on Neopets? (Aside from Battle for Meridell.) ~ redherochild
Things just seem to happen at a more relaxed pace in Meridell, don't they? According to the dates listed in our Museum Timeline Gallery, the Champions of Meridell plot took a whopping 274 days to conclude. Turning to non-Meridell-related world events, the Faeries' Ruin plot took 91 days, the Lost Desert Plot 92, and the Ski Lodge Mystery 113 (killing off thirty staff members takes patience, you know).

My question is about ages. When I made a Neopets account 2 years ago, I set my age as 13 because I wanted to access the whole site (now, don't judge, I got curious). The problem is, I am actually turning 13 soon, and I want to apply for a couple of up-for-adoption pets. I want to list my age on the application, but if I put that I'm 13 and my account says I'm 16, will I get frozen? Thank you, and happy new year! ~ Anonymous
You won't get frozen for having listed your age incorrectly, but you may well get the age adjusted by a moderator. Most likely, it'll be set to your correct age, but there have been reports of people being bumped down to Neopets Junior and needing to send in their permission slip again. Congratulations on your newfound honesty, though, and don't let the inconvenience put you off -- it really is the best policy!

Xweetok mending pipes
Ah, that's more like it. Even in times of strife and server outage, the JN Editorial can still stand as a fortnightly fixture of edification and enlightenment and what do you mean the communication pipes aren't working?

How do you add your own pictures to a Neopet's petpage? Just wondering... I'm not an artist... Or am I? ~ Bluetutu53
To get a picture onto a Neopet's page, you'll need to use the code <img src="Image URL goes here">, with the URL (link) to your chosen image pasted in between the speech marks. If the image you want isn't on the Internet -- for instance, if it's a drawing you made yourself -- you'll need to upload it to an image-hosting site so it can have its own URL. There are plenty of image-hosting sites out there; here are a few.

Hey Jellyneo, I really could use some help! See, several years after I made my original Neopets account, I decided to make another account. So, about a year after making the other account, I foolishly decided to let it rot. Well, now I have to change the e-mail my original account goes to, and as it turns out, the only e-mail I can change it to is the same e-mail I used to make my other account. To make matters worse, I forgot the password to my other account, and it still hasn't finished rotting yet. So, my question to you is: What should I do?! ~ anonymous
If you don't ever log into your abandoned account, there shouldn't be a problem with having another active account tied to the same e-mail. Plenty of people have old abandoned or frozen accounts linked to their e-mails; TNT understand that sometimes all you can do is wait for the next account purge.

If you're really worried TNT will think you're cheating, though, you could always make an entirely new address instead of using your existing one. There are plenty of free e-mail services on the Web, and none of them will mind if you create a new account just for Neo-related stuff.

I was just reading about battling on side accounts. You mentioned that side account stuff is okay if it "doesn't give you an unfair advantage." I had an idea and I was wondering if it was okay. My idea was to transfer my Battledome pet over to my side account so that I could get a high Battledome average, since my average on my main was wrecked from my days of inexperienced battling. Would this be taken as an unfair advantage, 'cause if I didn't have my side account, I wouldn't be able to do this? ~ anonymous
Since there's no prize for a high BD win rate, I don't see why there'd be any problem with doing this. Be sure to bring him/her back to your main account for any plot or event battles, though.

Xweetok at computer
Of course! Translate the editorial into machine symbols and send it alongside the Meepit Threat Monitor bulletin! Perfect!
Um... ah... ""... that means "custard", right?

qstion: dos txtspeak anny u ppl as mch as it annys me? cuz i men lyk com on dis is ridiculous ~ DayDreamyr
Please. My favourite webcomic contains harder-to-read typing quirks than that. I eat txtspk for brkfst. :P

However, we'd like to request that you keep your questions as readable as possible when writing to the Editorial, rather than trying to grab our attention with chatspeak or bizarre spelling. We'd really hate it if we answered a question wrongly because we weren't able to understand what the sender was talking about. So keep it clear and unambiguous, please!

I often see that the Mystery Pic has been judged, but there isn't a new pic. Every time, I click on the box at the bottom to tell you what the answer was, but I get told, "Error: Ooooh you little cheat... you have been reported to the Neopets Team!" Why does this happen if the round has already been judged? ~ Chia_McBia1
The Mystery Pic and Lenny Conundrum sometimes take awhile to synchronise with the rest of the site after the news has been released. The error message seems to have been a rather strange joke on TNT's part that was never taken down. Don't worry, nobody is really going to get reported for gawking at Mystery Pic archives.

I looked forever for an answer to this question and couldn't find one! Ack! So here we go: I'm in the process of creating my guild, and I want to start an Adoption Agency. However, I want to start a "request" service within that agency where a member can say, "I want a spotted Uni!" and then I go create a Uni and zap it until it's spotted and then I transfer the pet to the member. Is this allowed? I know that taking someone's pet, zapping it, and then transferring it back is not allowed, but...this is slightly different. ~ animantium
That would fall under custom Neopet creation, which is allowed. :) You could also take a Uni from the Pound to zap, if you were in a philanthropic mood. The only thing you can't do is take the requester's own pet to zap. Happy labbing!

Scorchio with Flag
"Zap", I said. "Zap." With a Z. Get your act together.
And quit whining about how the Meepits ate your other flag!

Maybe I'm just missing it, maybe I need new glasses, maybe I need to scour the entire Neopets site a little better, but for the Safety Deposit Box, is there a way to view just wearable items? Sure there's a "clothes" option, but there's accessories and trinkets and stuff that are wearable too. Help? ~ anonymous
At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any option for this at all -- which is a shame, because as you say, it would be very useful! Maybe it's something to start badgering the Neopets Team about?

Hey, okay, so I recently went and looked over the side account rules and requirements again, and realised I was doing a lot of things wrong, or had been in the past. There is evidence on my accounts of this, such as scores from games played on multiple accounts, and Neopian bank accounts open as well. Now I really want to go 'legit', but I'm not sure how I could repair the situation, or if I should just freeze all my accounts and start over, which I'd really, really hate to do. Any advice, ideas, or whatnot? I've also been playing games on my sides a bit more recently, when I've been too lazy for transferring NP between the accounts, and I don't think it's enough to just make myself stop, because the temptation is still there. Please help! Note: No sugarcoating! If it really is that bad, tell me! I probably deserve it. ~ anonymous
If you honestly believe you don't have the willpower to stay within the rules, it's probably best if you move everything to your main and just keep one account. Just because you've evaded TNT's attention until now doesn't mean you'll do it forever, and when they catch you they may well decide to freeze all your accounts. But do try and see if you can go straight, because it'd be a shame to shut down your sides. One bright idea that's served me well in the past is to use a different site theme for each of your accounts, so you have no excuse for not knowing which you're currently using (except on your birthday and other such nuisancey things, of course).

Fire Weewoo shaking Tail
Flap harder! Those smoke signals aren't going to send themselves!
Oh dear, I seem to have set fire to the curtains.

In my Habitarium, all of my P3s except for a Worker and Nester have died. Neither of them will fight the blue pests. Is there any way I can protect my Habitarium, or do I have to wait until I get more Soldiers? ~ aklwildwolf8
The lonely little P3s you've got left should be able to fight, in a pinch. However, I presume your Nester will be busy sitting on its eggs as you try to rebuild. If you keep the sound switched on to alert you to incoming invasions, you can refresh the page when Pests appear to temporarily send them away. This means paying a lot more attention to your Habi than usual, but you may find it the best option.

I have always dreamed of being a famous user. Any advice? ~ aventure5000
"Famous" is a bit of a weird word to use on Neo. We may all come together as one big community when it comes to things like saving the world in plots, but the rest of the time there's just so many of us that we tend to split off into smaller groups according to our interests -- and each of those groups will pay attention to different people. If your passion is Battledoming, you're less likely to take an interest in Poetry Contest winners, and if what you love is art, you probably don't have as much time for the people who get into the Flash game high-score tables.

So being "famous" on Neopets as a whole -- that is, being known and looked up to in all (or even most) of those different groups -- is hard, if not impossible. Trying to do everything at once to get around this is also a little futile; nobody can be good at everything. My advice to you would be to find out what you're really good at -- everyone on Neo has something -- and work hard on that, whether it's petpage design or Pterattack. You may not get noticed by everyone, but you might well get a following among people who share your interest -- and if any big events come up where your chosen skill is important, it'll suddenly be your time to shine!

Kyrii Studying Map
I think I see the problem here. I've been thinking far too small.
If I'm to get this editorial past the fiendish Meepits and out on time, I'm going to need a cunning plan...

What's the difference between a Tombola Keyring and a Tiki Tack Keyring? ~ ashipul
One is distinctly flatter than the other. Perhaps a coconut fell on it?

In your Safety Deposit Box, what is the category "Petpetpet Habitats" for? Is it for Mootix farms? Or was that an early version of Habitarium? Thanks, and have a Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie! ~ brownielauren900
*takes plushie* So cute! ...Oh dear. I seem to be a Krawk now. How vexing.

In any case, your hunch is right; Petpetpet Habitats was an early incarnation of the Habitarium concept that never made it out of beta. It shared a lot of its key points with the version we know today, but notably, it didn't run within your browser -- it had to be run as a separate program on your computer, and dear Fyora, did it slow the system down!

Some of the Petpetpet Habitats items were later redesigned into ones more suitable for the revamped Habitarium. For instance, the Pirate Flag was once the Wooden Sign Post. Personally I think some of the older items were much prettier, but there's no accounting for taste!

Pirate FlagSign Post

What's going on with Lutari Island? Why isn't it accessible? ~ Bella_429
The canonical answer is that the Island is inaccessible due to heavy storms, and can't be reached by flight or boat. (You'd think they'd try digging up from Moltara...) The more technical explanation is that the service that was once used to access Lutari Island is no longer available, so the old method of viewing it (involving a mobile phone) can't be used any more.

At the time of writing (early 2012), there's no way of accessing the Island through a regular web browser. We don't know if TNT may send some intrepid Neopian out to explore and reopen the island for the main Neopets site in future, or whether they'll find some new service that will enable paid access. Until either of those things happens, sadly, this beautiful island will have to remain an enigma...

I think the National Neopian received a bailout recently. There are now advertisements where the NP details used to be! The banker is smaller! The layout is confusing! I am angry and blabbering needlessly! I am sad. :( ~ neo12345292
Well, that isn't really a question, but I'll do my best to answer it anyway! I prescribe a large dose of Jellyneo's Ad Removal Guide, to be taken before, during or after meals until the irritation subsides.

Adverts on Neopets are a regrettable fact of life (if you don't block them), and it's how the site manages to stay free-to-play. However, adverts should not be obstructing your view of any text on the site, so if you see a banner covering any details or buttons (rather than just moving them down the page a little), take a screenshot and send in a ticket (under the "Bad Advertisements" category) or e-mail adreport@neopets.com

Okay, so, my friend got a Fountain Faerie Quest! (Yay!) But she wants to paint her pet Lost Desert, and the paint brush costs about 3 million NP. But I have a pet I want to paint Maraquan, which costs 7-9 million! Whoa! So we were thinking... since she owes me a favour... can I send over that pet, let her use the FFQ to paint it, and send it back? Or is that against the rules? Our accounts are about the same age, but she's received two FFQs while I haven't gotten any. Thanks a bunch! ~ Jillipenny
Unfortunately, TNT have confirmed that you aren't allowed to use an FFQ on somebody else's pet. It seems a bit unfair on those of us who like being generous, but those are the rules, I'm afraid. :( Your friend will have to find some other way of repaying the favour she owes.

Robot Petpet Falling
...so when the petpet lands in the basket, the weight will turn the crank on the conveyor belt that brings in price reports from the IDB, and the handle will get pulled over to the right, tugging on the bell-pull that connects to the Museum...
What do you mean, just carry the editorial to the front page myself?! There's MEEPITS out there!

Would anyone be willing to help with a theory for the Faerie Caverns with me? The last three days, I have been on Neopets around 8:00pm NST. Each time I've gone into the Cavern, my answer has been Left, Left, Left. It just seems odd that it's been three days in a row, with three correct choices in a row at the same time. Is it possible I've stumbled on a pattern for it? Hoping I've helped unlock the randomness behind it! ~ hotchic943
I once thought the same about Right-Right-Right, but if there is any kind of pattern, it's doubtful that it would be something so simple. The 400 NP fee for using the Faerie Caverns probably means it's intended as an NP sink, a purpose that would be defeated if everyone could get out more than they paid simply by going left a lot.

There are a lot of things in Neopia that give the appearance of a simple pattern while actually being either more complex or completely random. (Look at all the people who swear the Lab Ray Scientist has it in for them.) Three days in a row may seem too good for pure luck, but it's not actually that improbable a random result. Now if you manage to rack up a fifty- or hundred-day winning streak, then it'd be worth looking closer to see if you were on to something. If that happens, do get back in touch. ;)

Hey Dream! Here's a freshly baked banana-nut muffin! I need some help here: When I went to the Mysterious Symol Hole and sent my petpet down it, it said, "Hang on. Munchy looks different somehow." But he looks the same, has the same name, and is the same level. What happened to him? Thanks. Enjoy your muffin! ~ brownielauren900
Nom nom nom nom! Although many people have speculated over the years, the most likely possibility is that nothing really happened to your petpet. Like the strange feeling you can get at the Wheel of Excitement that "something mysterious" has come over you and your pets, it's probably just a trick of the light. The good news is your petpet is fine, the bad news is it's not very interesting.


...then if we reroute the pipes used for the Meepit Juice Break walkthrough, then place a large electromagnet just *here* and point that mirror in the opposite direction, we ought to be able to reach the Image Emporium, and from there we can...

Suzuka: Dream! Good news from the admins! The power's back on, the Content Beast is chasing the last of the Meepits out as I speak, and the communication pipes are working again! You can get your editorial out to the JN readers the normal way!

Dream: Awww... can't we do it my way? It's so much more fun! And hardly anybody really needs to wear a crash helmet!

Suzuka: *sigh* Back to work, everybody...