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Jake the Explorer and the Scroll of Potgatkerchi
Published: January 21, 2012

Hello there, Jake the Explorer here on another thrilling adventure! This time I'm looking for the fabled Scroll of Potgatkerchi, an ancient and priceless artefact hidden somewhere in the depths of this jungle. I've heard having plucky young sidekicks is all the rage with other explorers, so why don't you --

*dramatic zapping noise*

Oh dear... I feel, different somehow. What happened? Where am I? And how did I get here?

I was looking at the Notable Neohomes recently, and noticed that some of the outdoor furniture goes beyond the square boundary. I can't do this--is there some sort of NC expansion item or something? ~ pinkkea
No NC involved, this is actually a clever optical illusion, much like those pesky ghosts I bested in the Temple of Immediate Peril. The owners of the Neohomes have just made use of the ability to move an item up in the air. If you do this enough, it can appear as if the furniture, trees, or strange spooky rocks are actually sitting outside of the plot of land. The only problem with this is that the item's shadow will remain in the area where it is actually placed, rather than where it appears to be. But that's a minor thing at best.

Magic Portal, eh? Well, that suspiciously convenient sign clears that up. I suppose I should explore a little. The Scroll might be around here somewhere.

Will Neovision ever come back? It was kind of fun watching them. ~ coco4173
Never say never, and all that, but it seems that there is little chance of any retired contests returning. It may have been fun watching Neovision, but there were relatively few people making entries, it seems.

I'm confused about the number of points awarded in the Altador Cup V Prize Shop. A couple of years ago, I got all the way to the All-Star rank and had enough points to buy one of everything in the prize shop. For Altador Cup V, I got to the All-Star rank again and not only could I not buy one of everything in the prize shop, but I didn't even have enough to buy just one of either of the two most expensive items. It seems like the reward for the identical effort in different years is not the same. If I made it to the top rank, why don't I have enough points to buy the most expensive thing in the prize shop? Thanks! ~ anonymous
The thing about the Altador Cup is that, although it hasn't really become any easier to reach All-Star in the past few years since the round robin was introduced, people have become increasingly prepared to reach All-Star. As a result, many more people are reaching that level than before. It's not uncommon to now see people reaching double or triple All-Star and beyond. This means TNT have to tweak the prizes so the average player is still being rewarded the same amount, so All-Star no longer buys you as much as it once did.

I have a great idea for a series of articles (not stories) for the Neopian Times. However, I looked back at quite a few editions and noted that while rarely there is a two-part article series, I haven't found anything more than that. My question is, do you think I should submit a single article, a two-part article series, or my original series idea of three or four parts? Thanks for your help. ~ hisprincess
I seem to recall reading some longer article series than that in between reading reports of my adventures in the Mines of Moltara, so there shouldn't be any problem with a three or four part article series.

What's this? Some sort of cheat book? Aha! The Scroll of Potgatkerchi is located... in the fridge? What mystical place is this Fridge? I'd better start looking for it.

Can you use HTML in your Neopian Times submission? If you know how, do you send your article so everything is in order for a better presentation and a better chance of being selected? ~ mundim
You certainly can! However, the submission form gobbles up HTML brackets like a Krawken with a headache, so it is best to replace them with square brackets when you do the submission.

For example: [img src="http://images.neopets.com/trophies/107_1.gif"]

When it comes to the actual coding, the editor will replace them so they actually work.

I was wondering, do you have to link to your shop on your user lookup? I want to remove the shop on my old main account, as there's nothing in it and thus no reason for it to be there. Thanks! ~ Darigankat
If it's perpetually empty and will never be used again, then shops are one of the things on your lookup you can remove if you want without any problems.

Socks!? Why'd it have to be socks!?

I restocked an Island Kateil! Is that a farce? I'm not sure I can post links here but I saved it just in case. Thanks! ~ honeysalt
The Little Nippers Krawk Island Petpet Shop often gets some illegal shipments of painted pirate petpets like Kateils, probably because the restocking system at the shop works slightly differently than normal. This smuggling is often stopped when the Governor's enforcers get wind of it.

Sorry to give you another side account question, but I didn't find an answer to this. Anywhere. I wanted to submit a Neopian Times comic the other day, but then I realised that my username is filled with 'o's and 'x's and 'cute's and random numbers from my 5-year-old Neopian days. On the other hand, I really don't want to give up my trophies and achievements by switching accounts. So, my question is: can I submit Neopian Times articles from my side account? ~ anonymous
Submit from your main account, because the Neopian Times sometimes gives out item prizes. If you sent it in from another place by mistake, you could always resubmit from your main account, including a note to explain that the previous submission was accidental. That should sort it out just fine. :)

Are you guys going to add Lord Faerigan to the Book of Ages? ~ elementdragongirl
A note has been added to the Book of Ages entry for Lord Darigan, but I doubt Lord Faerigan will be added in as a new character - he's still Lord Darigan, you see? Just painted a different colour.

Aha! The Scroll of Potgatkerchi, at last! Let's see what it says!

I have three questions, actually. 1) If I refresh too quickly at a shop, can I be frozen? I heard somebody got frozen for refreshing twice in under 30 seconds. 2) I know about the restock ban, so, what if I had two tabs on two different shops open, and got a restock ban on one while the other was still haggling. Would I be able to buy that second one? 3) Is having more than one tab open (all for different shops) okay? Or is that freezable? Thanks. ~ anonymous
Refreshing quickly in a shop will not result in you being frozen, but you may be restock banned. My guess is you would not be able to complete that second transaction. As for your tab situation, whilst it is okay to have more than one tab open, you shouldn't be making use of any 'refresh all tabs' features certain browsers have.

A few days ago, I got a Faerie quest. I went to the Auction House to bid on the item I needed, but then I decided to cancel the quest and bank my NP so I wouldn't get the item. Problem is, I did get the item! Now I feel bad, because I don't think I paid for it! I'm worried, will I get in trouble for this? I haven't touched the item. Thanks! ~ Jillipenny
Never fear! When you bid on an item in the Auction House, the Neopoints are automatically taken from your on hand Neopoints. So you paid for it already!

What is that spaceship thingy rotating around the Explore map? ~ Mitsukune
That's an orbiting Space Station (different from the Virtupets one). It houses a guild neighbourhood. I had a good adventure there once, there were ghosts in it.

What's this? This isn't an ancient scroll at all! It's just a list of Editorial Questions! Someone has switched scrolls on me! But who could possibly be so evil as to do that?

Mwahaha! It is I! Hubrid Nox!

By playing Stowaway Sting, can you win dubloons like in the old Deckswabber game? ~ anonymous
No, they are different games rather than a direct remodel of the same game, so that doesn't apply. Besides, these days, dubloons are given out by dailies quite frequently, so it shouldn't really matter.

Hi Jake! *gives you a golden coin* What do you do during your free time? ~ Shockyz
Free time? An adventurer like me knows no such thing. When I'm not planning my next adventure to the perilous Caves of Untold Dangers in Shenkuu, I'm dangling from my fingers at the top of the Bottomless Gorge of Geraptiku.

Heya Jake! So, I have a side account. Is it allowed to earn NP even if I sincerely promise I will never, ever, ever transfer those NP/items to my main? ~ Ultraboy999, the pinchit lord
It's a funny thing, but people can make sincere promises over the Internet, and then do the exact opposite. So no, just don't do it.

Argh, it's Nox! Run away!

*dramatic reverse zapping noise*

Has Neopets had any plot holes? Like getting a random event from a dead Neopian. ~ themeepit32(Emilybat12)
Well, that's got rid of him. Hubrid Nox here, back where he should be - dictating his will to mindless followers and providing stylish moustache role models to Neopets everywhere. Random events from dead Neopians, you say? Well, I suppose there are examples of certain deceased Necromancers going about poisoning Neopets. But then, for that to be true, I'd have to be dead. And we all know that I'm just biding my time before I return, don't we? ;)

I just read January 7th's JN editorial and one person asked if they could send A Mysterious Valentines Card to their sister, insinuating that it was against the rules to send it to yourself (on a side account). I didn't think receiving a site theme did anything but give you the site theme. I don't have any Neofriends because I don't use Neopets as a social thing. So I'm curious, why is it against the rules to send the card to yourself? Also, does the recipient have to open the card before both parties receive the theme? ~ anonymous
Pah, Valentines Day - the weakest of all the non-Necromancer themed holidays! You're perfectly allowed to send the card to yourself on a side account; if you got that message from last time's editorial, it wasn't at all intended.

And no, the sender receives the theme automatically upon sending.

What Necromancer themed holidays are there, you ask? Why, there's Necromas, St. Abisma's Day, Hubrikkah, Shadow Grove Tuesday, and of course my personal favourite - Hubrid Nox Memorial Day.

What is the absolute maximum amount of points you can get in the game Ice Cream Machine? ~ myra30
Well now, using my superior intellect, I'm sure I can come up with an answer for this. Let me see... assuming you don't die at any point, and all the scoops you get have bonus toppings, you'll get 22,750 points just from finishing all the levels. But of course, it is possible to get bonus scoops - the highest value of which is the Ollie scoop at 1,000 points. So, if you got an Ollie scoop every other scoop or so (through fast finger movement and extreme luck), you'd end up with a total of 2,284,750 points. And that's assuming you don't get lots of extra lives and die repeatedly on later levels to farm points. Long story short - if you are absurdly lucky, or a debonair Necromancer like myself, there is no upper limit on points.

But enough with this editorial! With that meddlesome explorer gone, I can now study the real scroll! Its decidedly evil contents shall be mine!

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