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Auld Lang Syne
Published: January 7, 2012

Welcome to the first editorial of 2012! We at Jellyneo hope you had a safe and happy festive season. Here's to another fantastic year full of fun, laughter, and lots of Neopets goodies!

Have you written an article about Mysterious Morphing Experiments? If so, where is it? ~ Wymble
We sure have! You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about Mysterious Morphing Experiments right here! You can find it under "Miscellaneous" on our Articles page.

Recently, I came back to Neopets after a few years away. A friend in real life asked me if I had any Secret Laboratory map pieces, and I said I did. I gave them to her and she said she'd give me the pieces back later as well as something in real life. Is that okay, or a freezable offence? If it is, I'll give her back the "thing" she gave me in real life. I'm just wondering. ~ anonymous
Don't accept real money (or arguably items) for on-site items or currency. If it was a gift for being a good friend (giving her the pieces as an act of kindness), that is okay, but if it was a Neopets-virtual-items-for-real-life-stuff sale, then give the item back.

A little tidbit: Treasure map pieces are used up when they are redeemed as a whole. You can buy more pieces through the Shop Wizard, though.

Lawyerbot note: Playing Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds games is not a way to make real money. It is against the Terms of Use to sell virtual pets, items, or accounts for real money. I would argue that money includes real life, tangible items. So don't do it. Ever.

You would listen to me, your fearless leader, wouldn't you?

Hey, Jen! If a person lent someone an item and that person lost it, would they have to pay the owner of the item back? Just wondering. :) ~ thefraggle
It really depends on a number of things. By "lost it" I assume you mean something like the Pant Devil stole it? In that case, the person who lost the item would not have to pay or replace the item unless a prior agreement was made (e.g., collateral). My tip to you, if you plan on lending items, is to always make a contingency plan! (Kind of a you break it, you bought it type of thing... well, more of a you lose it, you replace it if you want to get technical!)

Hi, Jen! I'll make it short. I want to change the e-mail of my main account. However, when I try to do it, it says that there are already 5 accounts with that e-mail. I have three side accounts with that e-mail. I deleted one side account, but it still says I have 5 accounts with the same e-mail. Why is that? Should I just contact support? Thank you very much. I made this plushie of you, you can take it. :3 *gives you the plushie* ~ anonymous
You can't actually "delete" your own Neopets account, you can only self-deactivate it. When you deactivate your Neopets account, the account still exists within the Neopets system and is still connected to the e-mail address you used to create it. If you want to make another account you will have to use a different e-mail address. (I love plushies, thank you very much!)

I was just wondering if you guys think it's creepy to stalk abandoned pets... Because my Usul's new owner seemed to think it was. Have you guys ever done it and what's your view? ~ trekkiechick
I think it's only natural to want to check up on pets you used to have on your account. I can understand how it could be perceived as creepy if you consistently stalk the pet and send the new owner lots of messages but if you just occasionally view the pet then I see nothing wrong with that! In fact, I've done that myself in the past!

Lawyerbot note: Make sure you know where to draw the line. Unwanted attention may be considered harassment and that is against the Neopets Terms of Use. Don't get yourself into trouble!

What petpet did Turmaculus used to be before... how do you say this without making this weird? ~ wolflovermoon
Before he ate a lot and grew to be big and strong? That would be the Turmac!

Poster child for reasons not to eat your greens.

Hi JN! I was wondering what a "clutch" situation is. Thank you! ~ anonymus
It's one of those situations where you need a handbag to keep your phone and lip gloss, but because of the occasion, it needs to be small and elegant. ...Oh, not that type of clutch? :P

This isn't exactly a Neopets question (unless I'm completely out of the loop on a new fad!), but why shouldn't we have a little Vocab 101, huh?! Clutch has a number of meanings, and in terms of a clutch situation, the meaning you're looking for is a pivotal or tense situation. People say things like, "She came through in the clutch" or "She is good in a clutch" meaning the person does well in tough situations.

I was looking at your account purge article and it said the username donna. So, I looked up her account knowing that it was very old. Thyassa, her Chia, had a trophy that said oldest on it. What does this mean? ~ anonymous
Donna is of course the co-creator of Neopets and her pet Thyassa is the second oldest Neopet. That is why the pet has the trophies (a silver and a bronze) with "oldest" on it! There is actually one pet older than Thyassa and that pet is HollyNoel!

How come when I look in the Item Database, there are two different versions of the Christmas Baby Blu? Thanks! ~ anonymous
That's because The Neopets Team created two of the Christmas Baby Blu items - one with old artwork and one with new art. Both items have different item IDs, which means you can purchase either version from other users. However, if you were to paint a Baby Blu Christmas today, you wouldn't get the old version but the new version instead.

Hi. I was playing Neopets on my iPhone and I saw that some of the prices for items in the auctions were in red. I had my theme set to Valentines. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but I've never seen this before. One of them was a Woodland Elf Usuki for several million Neopoints. Does this usually happen? ~ anonymous
iPhones automatically recognise a string of 7+ numbers as a telephone number and make the string of numbers an active link, enabling you to click and initiate a call to that number. When using the Valentines site theme, links are coloured red - including the strings of numbers recognised as a telephone number by the iPhone!

Click to see larger images!

I was wondering, is there any way I can get rid of the basic Neocash gift boxes? Frankly, they are annoying. I know they don't do anything to hurt me, but they're still annoying. ~ noahkim1234567890
Oh believe me, I know how annoying they are! Alas, there's no way to be rid of the Neocash gift boxes. You can, however, use the Quick Stock tool to move your Basic Gift Box into your Safety Deposit Box. Sure, it's no permanent fix, but at least it gets them out of your inventory!

Okay, so I have no items in my NP inventory, and yet the caption under the Aisha says I have one item in my inventory. Do the NC items count toward the total? And yet, I have 9 Basic Gift Boxes. I am so confused. ~ noahkim1234567890
Yes, Neocash items do count toward the total number of items in your inventory. They also "stack" which explains why you have 9 Basic Gift Boxes in your inventory yet the Aisha says you only have 1. Just to explain a bit further, you could have 10 items in your inventory: 7 Basic Gift Boxes and 3 Floating Tooth Faerie Dolls. The Aisha would say you have 2 items (counting 7 Basic Gift Boxes as 1 item and the 3 Floating Tooth Faerie Dolls as 1 item), even though you actually have 10 items total.

Hi JN! You have an awesome site! I have two questions. *clears throat* 1) My sister and I have two separate accounts on two separate emails. If I send my sister the Mysterious Valentines Card on Valentine's Day, is it allowed? Just being cautious for fear of being frozen. 2) If you get a site theme like that (you know, day-specific), do you keep it afterward? Give Rosie a hug for me and if this gets in, thanks! ~ ninjawolf23
Thank you very much, we love warm fuzzies! To answer your first question, that is allowed. The Neopets Team understands that whole families often play Neopets. Should they suspect you of any underhanded behaviour, they have a plethora of mystical powers at their disposal to determine whether or not you are cheating. You should have no problems sending A Mysterious Valentines Card to your sister on Valentine's Day.

In terms of your second question, if both of you do not have the Valentines Day site theme, sending the Card will unlock it for you and the recipient. Once you've sent (or received!) the Card, the site theme is unlocked and yours forever!

Is there a list of Daily Puzzle prizes here on JN? I'm curious as to what the prize was on December 25, 2011, since I didn't get to answer the Daily Puzzle that day. :( ~ anonymous
No, there isn't a list. We used to update a list each and every day, but the page got longer and longer and just too big. Can you imagine the size of it now, after over 4 years of the Daily Puzzle?! My brain can't even handle that math! As the person who updates the Daily Puzzle, I can, however, tell you that the prize for December 25, 2011 was 500 NP and a Spearmint Ribbon Candy.

5 times 4 ... carry the 2 ... *boom*

How do you work the Coconut Shy game? Is it random or what? ~ anonymous
The game is mostly random - it's a game of luck. There are no special techniques to knock down a coconut or make it explode if you do manage to hit it. Check out our Coconut Shy guide to pick up some tips and techniques to improve your aim and therefore your chances of winning! *fingers crossed*

I've noticed lately that on the guild and role-playing Neoboards, people have been spelling "vampire" and "werewolf" in various ways (like v a m p i r e), that appear as if they are trying to circumvent some sort of filter. I've been able to use these words just fine, without a warning thus far. My question is, is there a rule against vampires and werewolves in role-plays or at all? Or are these people just being silly? ~ sonicsega
If a new Twilight film comes out, the Neoboard filters might change so that "vampire" becomes "Xweetok" and "werewolf" becomes "Werelupe" ("v a m p i r e" would go through unfiltered). But currently, there are no extra filters; these people are just being silly, really. Even though certain non-Neopets related content is not allowed on the Message Boards (along with any other material Neopets deems inappropriate for the site), vampire and werewolf RPs are allowed. The key point is not to allow the RP to turn into anything romantic or allow it to become inappropriate. So long as you keep your RP clean, you should remain warning free.

I recently priced the Spiral Faellie Cake in your Item Database. When I looked on the Shop Wizard, the only price for the item was 75,000 NP. But right after I submitted the number to your database, the price went up by about 10,000 or 20,000! Could I get in trouble for this since those prices changed so fast? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Don't worry, you won't get in trouble. I just did a quick Shop Wizard search and found a number of the Spiral Faellie Cake ranging from about 70,000 NP to 99,999 NP. That item appears to be reasonably rare as it is an exclusive Rare Item Code prize - it's only natural that the price fluctuates rather quickly!

What do you guys think of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? I'm a huge fan, but what about you guys? Also, if you guys are fans of the show, who is your favourite pony? ~ 1_doglefox
I am going to take it upon myself to answer this question on behalf of the entire staff of Jellyneo and without actually asking the other staffers' opinions. Actually, I think the following image more than answers all of your questions:

I was browsing some shops on Neopets, and I came across a World Challenge piece. I checked around JN, but I couldn't find any articles on WC pieces. So, my question is: What is the best experiment I can do for this year's science fair? Oh, wait a minute. Sorry, wrong question. Brain cramp! (I was doing my homework while I typed this.) Anyway, what are WC pieces all about? If you have a guide, can you point me in the right direction? And if you don't have a guide, do you plan on making one? Thanks if this gets answered! ~ ryukondrup
Personally, my favourite science fair project was growing things with different stimuli. You could do different soil depths, the effect of light (or different colours of light!), amount of water... the possibilities are endless!

Oops, that's not why we're here! There is an explanation of how the World Challenge works in an old JN editorial. We don't have a guide for it yet, unfortunately. It is on the to-do list, so do keep an eye out! I can't make any promises as to when though!

I can, however, point you in the direction of the World Challenge pieces - they are all listed right here!

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