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Suzuka's Splendiferous Seasonal Special
Published: December 24, 2011

The holidays are here, and I'm ready to take full advantage! Since it's the 24th of December, I've answered 24 of your questions. All sorts of questions are answered herein, covering multiple aspects of both Neopets and JN. I hope everyone enjoys it, and has a wonderful holiday season!

Let's say I did a quest for Edna and for some reason, I was unable to do it within the time limit. Would anything actually happen (since her quests aren't numbered...)? Thanks bunches! ~ 1_doglefox
All that would happen is that you wouldn't be able to take another Edna Quest until you spent a second or two clicking. If you fail, you'd have to visit her, let her yell at you, and then refresh the page or go back to the Haunted Woods and click on her tower again. A similar thing happens with the other Quests of this type - Taelia, Island Chef, Esophagor, and Brain Tree.

About two months ago, I reported another user on Neopets for having shops on side accounts. Whenever I happened to come across this user again, I would check to see if anything had been done about it. Yet, this person continues to have multiple shops. Is it possible that The Neopets Team overlooked it, either purposely or accidentally? Should I re-report the offence? I don't want to be in trouble for abusing the report form by reporting multiple times. ~ Anonymous
Are they selling anything currently in said shops? If they aren't, TNT is likely to consider it a forgiven infraction, if they've clearly stopped (since it seems to be impossible to un-create a shop, as I've discovered on my old main account).

If they are selling items in these shops, and it's been that long, I'd report them again. Make sure you list each account specifically, as well as any place that makes it clear that all these accounts are run by one person. It's possible they aren't aware it's against the rules, and hopefully TNT will deal with it soon!

In an old editorial, someone mentioned their petpet that is a Skeleton Pirate. Not having any idea what it looked like, I decided to check it out. Now here's the question part. When I saw the petpet, it said its age was somewhere around 3,000 days old, but the pet it was attached to was only around 2,000 days old. How is this possible? ~ 1_doglefox
Most likely, this was a complete accident. During some of the earliest account purges, people found that if they created a pet with a name that had previously been purged, it would often still have the petpet, petpage, and pet description it had had when it was purged. While this no longer happens, many users were able to keep the petpets they'd received unintentionally.

Psst! If you want to see Neopia's replaced petpets, you can go to our page here!

I've been having problems logging in to my Neopets account. After The Neopets Team did the whole update thing, I haven't been able to log on. I typed in my username and password, and it said that the password was incorrect and to type in my birthday, too. But the box to put in my birthday never shows up, so I'm not able to do that part. I sent in a ticket about a week ago and I checked my user lookup a few days after and it said that my account was disabled. Does that mean that TNT is working on fixing my account, or did someone hack it? And about how long will it take for TNT to get back to me on the ticket I sent in? Thanks! ~ anonymous
It's really hard to know the specifics of what happened to your account without having the details available only to TNT. It's possible your account was automatically frozen because the site detected what it deemed "suspicious activity". If you submit a highly detailed report, you should hear back in a few weeks.

Note: Since most of TNT are on break through the new year, replies to reports are likely to be somewhat delayed as the support staff sort through the holiday influx. Don't panic!

In JN Editorial 163, a robot named Dorothy was mentioned. Can you post a picture of her? I want to know what she looks like. ~ thefraggle
Dorothy's not actually a robot, she's simply a helpful little code-bot that assists in running a section of JN efficiently. There are several others that help on JN, each with a very specific task. Hector, for example, figures out the exact size of every image added to Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium. We tend to choose names that have Greek origins, after doing so somewhat accidentally at first.

Dorothy's name, if I recall correctly, was taken because she deals with pet colours, and was then connected to Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz. So, while we don't have a picture, thinking of that Dorothy would get you close to how I, at least, envision her. ;)

I know that in the Item Database, the items without prices, such as the Tyrannian Marlock, mean that there is no known price available (possibly because no one is currently selling one). How would I go about pricing an item like that? I mean, I guess technically I could set whatever price I wanted, but how would I know what other users are willing to pay? ~ Wanna-be Brit
Usually a good idea is to find comparable items, and use them as a guide. With a painted petpet, you'd probably be best off taking a look at the price of the standard petpet and the petpet paint brush. Add those together, and that should be right about the price you'd ask.

For other items, I've found a good strategy is to find comparable items of the same rarity (or a very similar rarity). For example, if you had an R92 book, you could look for the price other R92 books are selling at, and go on the higher end of that range (discounting items that were released for Key Quest or such). A general rule is that newer items tend to be more expensive than older ones, since there are a great deal fewer in the economy.

A couple of days ago, I found that I had nearly 10,000 NP on hand but before, I only had around 50. I accidentally clicked Neoboards, saw the thing about rules on the bottom and thought I was in trouble. I filled out a form about other people because I couldn't click account access. They probably won't ever reply to that... Anyway, I was wondering where the money could have come from and what I should do with it. ~ anonymous
There are several ways this could have happened - usually someone misses a random event such as the Golden Pteri coming around. However, you also may find extra NP appear if you won one of the site competitions, turned in a treasure map (such as the Forgotten Shore Map), or if you have a petpet that was the species/colour combination featured by the PPL (you'll get 10NP for every day it's been attached).

If you're nervous, you can always switch your password and PIN, just to be safe. That said, I think you should be perfectly fine.

Oh, the things you can find along my shores...

Sometimes, I will search for something like "Shiny Apple" and buy all the ones for 1-5 Neopoints each. Is this alright? There are other cheap special stuff I search for. Is it moral? ~ wsedc__3_7_7
You're allowed to search for items and buy the cheapest of them to resell at a slightly higher price. What you aren't allowed to do is purposely price gauge, or work with another person to do so. Price gauging (or false inflation) usually comes into play with more expensive items - typically someone buys up all of the item, puts on one the Trading Post for an obscenely unfair price (usually several million NP), and then bids on genuinely rare items in an attempt to trick their owners into accepting a falsely inflated item. Doing this is considered scamming, and will almost certainly get you frozen for good.

"If someone is willing to trade a large [NP] amount for something, suddenly the value of the item becomes askew as other traders try to match the price. Not to mention re-released [items] that can shake the system even more. [P]eople would claim we do not update the prices." What do you say about that? Huh? ~ perduco
I'm a little confused on the question, since it's slightly altered from the NC-related answer from JN Editorial 164, but I'm guessing it's in regard to the Item Database and our prices there.

We try to keep our prices updated in accordance to their current value in Neopia, but we're definitely not perfect (and don't claim to be!). We have staffers who follow strict guidelines regarding updating prices, but they are limited by the sheer number of items in Neopia. Precedence in price changes goes to those that have been submitted by users. The system allows price changes within certain ranges to be made by users automatically, which has led to abuse in the past. Those that are outside the range go to the top of the update list, where the staff members look at them and update prices individually. After that, we have a page that shows the items that haven't had their prices changed in the longest amount of time, and the staff works through them to make sure they're as current as possible.

We're not perfect. Our Item DB prices are not the be-all end-all. Our goal with providing them is to allow users a general sense of where the item is currently valued in the Neopian economy. We do have complaints and accusations of price-rigging (which is strictly against our staff and site policies). We are never going to be able to make everyone happy and I am truly sorry about that.

It's because of our experiences with the Item DB that we know we'd never be able to make an NC trading values guide that would please even a small amount of NC traders. Those items are even more volatile and incredibly case-specific. In addition to programming in the new sections and starting them off, we'd have to find one or more staffers that would be devoted full time to obsessively tracking values, and since the values are biased on a case-by-case basis, it would essentially be impossible. There have been attempts at petpages in the past, made by users far more familiar with NC trading and its values. Hopefully one or more of them will be able to stand the test of time and bias and prove to be both useful and fair in the long run.

If you (or anyone else) have specific concerns about the Item DB, please don't hesitate to contact us. While perfection may be impossible, the ultimate goal of JN is to be helpful and fair, and if there's something we should be looking at, we want to know. We exist both because of and for our users - it's you guys that make JN possible.

I think someone stole 1,000,000 Neopoints from me! So yesterday, I was out food shopping for my Neopets. I bought them and logged out. Today, I went to the bank and collected my interest. I couldn't because the bank said that I had already withdrawn today. I looked at my Neopoint amount, and found that I only had like 75,000 NP in my bank! I had around 1,500,000 before! I checked my inventory for clues, and found out I bought a Starry Petpet Paint Brush. I was food shopping, and I didn't remember buying a Starry Petpet Paint Brush. I might've accidentally bought it, but that woudn't cost me 1,000,000 NP because I was shopping on the Shop Wizard and the maximum price for that is 100,000. Also I don't remember withdrawing 1,000,000 to buy some cheap food. So, I tried to withdraw NP so I could see how many withdraws I had left. And guess what, I could only withdraw 13 more times! And I didn't withdraw at all before this! Please help! ~ username removed
This is definitely something you should report to TNT - I hope you've already changed your password and PIN, as well as your e-mail password (just in case). Unfortunately, they can't replace any items you've lost, but they may be able to help prevent such incidents from happening again.

Could you create a special category for all the items in the Item Database that reference something pop culture related? I'd like to look through them, but searching item-by-item is really troublesome. ~ anonymous
No need to create a special category; go to the Advanced Search page of the Item Database and type in reference in the box for Item Notes (everything else can be left at their default value).

The Neopian Museum also has a section devoted just to pop culture references!

But what does it mean?

Maybe I just got extremely lucky but I was wondering if anyone else who played the Wonderclaw game with the widget from the Advent Calendar got a gold tiered item and the special item. I'd never played it before and perhaps it was just a case of beginner's luck. ~ velpuxzo
Wonderclaw is completely random - the widget from the Advent Calendar was no different than the standard widgets. You just got super lucky - congratulations!

In the Advent Calendar, how come in 2007 for December 22-31, you can get NP and 2 normal prizes, or the same amount of NP but 2 Green Apples? Were the apples booby prizes or something? ~ Megamanlan11
This was a glitch that occurred because the Green Apple is item ID "1". Sometimes the Advent Calendar would fail to give out the prizes with the proper item IDs for the day, and instead revert to item 1.

Can the Pant Devil steal Neocash items that are in your inventory? I tend to leave some NC items out after buying them, and the Pant Devil took a Neopoint item I had, luckily, but then I thought of this question. I'd submit to the NT editorial but it may go unanswered and I'm super curious now. Thanks! *Gives you all Jinjahs* ~ Anonymous
Don't worry, your NC items are safe! They cannot be affected by random events like the Pant Devil or Dr. Sloth.

Run, run, as fast as I can - you can't steal me, I'm the Jinjah-bread man!

1) Do you guys sometimes choose questions that have been answered way before the current editorial? 2) How do you mass donate items to the Money Tree? I can only donate one at a time. ~ anonymous
1) We have a question database in our staff area that contains quite a large number of questions, and each staffer who's writing an editorial has access to the full list. While we tend to look at the most recent ones for the sake of relevance, it's definitely not unheard of to find some long-ago-asked questions. Sometimes, we will pick important questions that have already been answered months or years ago because reminders or clarifications are in order.

2) You can mass donate by using the Quick Stock option. This allows you to move around items from your inventory all at once, and to many different areas. I use it when mine gets cluttered - sending the junk off to the Money Tree, and rarer items to my shop or Safety Deposit Box.

Hello staffers of Jelly! I have a question regarding frozen accounts. My account was frozen recently after being compromised, so I sent in a ticket to TNT regarding getting it back. It has now been three weeks and the ticket has not been addressed. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Should I contact them again? Can I have a hug and some reassurance? Thanks. ~ Lizzie T.
Let's start with the most important part - you may definitely have a hug. :) I'm kind of a hug monster. :D

Regarding your account, I wouldn't worry quite yet. From what I've seen, it currently seems to take a few weeks before you hear back. TNT receives a lot of frozen account reports, and the staff in charge of them have to look at each case individually. I'd wait a bit longer before submitting another report.

Hello Suzuka! Two questions: One, how do you get utility fish? I have been wondering that for a while! Second, do you like cheese pizza? I baked one up for you. If not, I'll give it to my Pinchit knights. ~ Ultraboy999, the pinchit lord
Hello, Ultraboy999!

Utility fish have been retired since 2001 and are almost impossible to find these days. They used to restock in an official utility fish shop, but that was a long, long time ago.

I absolutely love cheese pizza! Call me boring, but it's my favourite type by far. :)

Sharp fishy, scary fishy, angry ball of doom...

If I feed Glowing Jelly to my glowing pet, will she still get a disease as usual? I'm confused! ~ Ladycat1413
That particular jelly can still give your pet the Blurred Vision disease. Since your pet is already glowing, there doesn't seem to be much benefit to feeding her more Glowing Jellies. You can see a full list of other items that alter your Neopet's colour or species here.

1) What plots/mini-plots still give rewards like the Altador Mini-Plot? 2) I don't really understand side accounts. Are side accounts the accounts you have made under one e-mail address? 3) I just read about the World Events in Neopets and decided to check here in case you have a list of them (since some of 'em are secret). After searching, I wasn't able to find any page about these World Events. Any chance you have one? ~ seelkadoo
1) The Altador Mini-Plot and some of the item-giving steps from Atlas of the Ancients are the only ones you can do even after they've "ended" - all others have to be done while they're ongoing.

2) Side accounts are accounts that are not your main account. You are allowed to have five accounts total - one main, and four sides. You can only play games, do dailies, earn Neopoints, participate in plots, etc. on your main. Sides are there so you can have more pets, additional galleries, etc. We have a full guide to side accounts here.

3) I don't think we do currently (although we have a guide to Loyal User Perks), but we'll definitely consider making one!

So, on side accounts, are we allowed to make Neopoints if we have absolutely no intention of transferring them to our main account? Also, can we use the Money Tree on sides? ~ Anonymous
Much like the other side account question here, the answers are no, and no. Even if your accounts are completely unconnected, you're only allowed to have one that you can make Neopoints on, etc.

There are very limited exceptions - if your main is frozen for some reason (say it got scammed and you self-froze, and are now waiting for it to be returned), TNT says you're allowed to use a side as a temporary main while you wait to hear back.

You are also allowed to switch mains - if you want to change which account is your main one, you may stop earning NP/doing dailies on the former main, and start doing them on the new main. You cannot "alternate" your main account - switching your main is something that is usually done once, if ever.

Think of it like visiting a soup kitchen on the same day in different outfits... all you're doing is keeping people who may need something from getting it.

Can you have more than five accounts if you use all of them (except one) to only feed your pets? ~ anonymous
This seems to be the side account issue! Nope, no matter what, you can never have more than five accounts. If you currently do, the best thing to do is self-freeze the ones that put you over the limit as soon as possible.

Hey JN! I was wondering, since you posted the code here, is it alright to use that code even if we didn't play Treasure Keepers? I really don't want to get frozen for something like that! Oh, and be sure to let Link know that someone appreciates his singing! ~ Kief
You're perfectly welcome to use that code (which is NTKTHANKS) at Grundo Warehouse, as long as you only use it on your main account (since it gives you NP and items). It was created as a thank you to Treasure Keepers players, but the code works for everyone.

I'll be sure to let him know. ;)

I tried to obtain the Mad About Orange avatar. When I put 8 orange titled objects in my inventory, it didn't work. I added another one; still didn't work. What should I do? ~ maggiemay726
First of all, make sure that all the items with "orange" in their name are completely different. After that, you'll need to refresh - sometimes it takes a bit of time before the avatar alert shows up. You can also double check your Neoboard Preferences to see if it showed up in your list without you getting the alert. :)

Hi! I'm new to Neopets, so I was wondering, how do you edit your pet's lookup pages and your user lookup? I always see different layouts, backgrounds, icon things, etc. Also, people always have a nice picture at the top of their lookup and/or shop! Please help! ~ Wolfiewoofers
Welcome to Neo! You can edit pet lookups or petpages by going to your Quick Ref page (accessible by clicking the picture of your pet in the upper left-hand corner). Once there, click on the arrow next to the pet you want to edit, then select "Edit Homepage" or "Edit Description".

You can edit your user lookup by going to "My Account", and then selecting the Edit Profile drop-down.

As for where they get their lookups - there are piles of petpages out there that helpful users have created with special-made coding and graphics. They're often referred to as "Premades". CSS codes are those that are created for you to edit, meaning it's meant for you to alter colours and put in your own images. Here are a just a few of the many wonderful directories that will link you to excellent premades! One | Two | Three

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