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A Letter To Santa
Published: December 10, 2011

I scored 273 points in Ultimate Bullseye I (yes 1), but since it's no longer a game, will I get my avatar? I use a link that still allows me to play and gain Neopoints from it. I am also wondering if doing this can get me frozen since it technically is a glitch to gain points. By the way, my score was being reviewed when I sent it. ~ anonymous
Scout: Sorry, the avatar's now only available if you send the required score in Ultimate Bullseye II. As for the second part of your question, people do a similar thing with old sponsor games, so I believe it's okay as long as you're not playing games on side accounts. Of course, the safest route is to only play active games and not use old links.

Is Dave the top assistant of you-know-who? I've been wondering about that... ~ ken404
Skylar: Dave is one of Santa's helpers?! No way! We'd better be getting Christmas bonuses this year...


If you claim the newbie pack on your side account, is it against the rules to send it to your main? Are you allowed to create up to five accounts just to get the newbie pack? ~ actingrox295
Scout: Although I'm not sure why you'd want to create up to four side accounts just to get the newbie packs, this is perfectly fine. Some items in each pack, though, are set to "no trade" status, meaning you can't sell or trade them.

I was collecting Pteri plushies when I found the Magical Red Pteri Plushie. However, I soon realised that there is no such thing as a normal Red Pteri Plushie. What would happen to the magical plushie after my pet played with it? Would it just vanish into the void of Neo-nothingness? ~ Kitrusa
Skylar: Good question! When used, the Magical Red Pteri Plushie will turn your pet into a Red Pteri. Then the item will become a regular Orange Pteri Plushie!

How often does the Smuggler's Cove restock? Because I know it's hard to find anything there (and I never have in my life). ~ leo_flores
Scout: The Smuggler's Cove is stocked every time the smugglers manage to smuggle in a new item, which is very rarely. The last time an item was in stock there was back in June, I believe. As for why it's hard to find an item there, it's because only about a hundred of a particular item are released (gradually, over many weeks). When they are all bought up, the item is essentially sold out for good.

Arrgh, I be valuable...

Why don't you guys have a section dedicated to Neopian history? I mean, there's tons of it to go around. Instead, you have it all sprawled out, and it's very hard to find certain answers to history-based questions. Best of Wishes, The Toast (or you could just call me 'JN staff wannabe') ~ toastyee
Skylar: A staff wannabe should know the site inside and out! We actually have a whole section dedicated to Neopian history. The Neopian Museum records events that have occurred throughout the many years that Neopets has been online. There are certain exhibits that the Museum features, such as timelines, image galleries, plot summaries, and trivia!

Hey guys! I was wondering, how do you get the code for your wishlist to put on your petpage? I don't know how you do it. ~ grazel_9_9
Scout: Simple: head on over to the Item Database and click on the "My Wishlists" button in the top navigation. That'll take you to the "My Wishlist Tools" box. You want to click on the link that says Generate Petpage Coding and customise the wishlist settings to your liking. When you're done, click the "Generate Code" button and copy and paste the code into whichever petpage you want.

Why is it that some items won't appear in the search box, like when I put in "Delicious Chocolates", it says that nothing was found. Am I doing something wrong? ~ socergrrl
Skylar: Hello, question loving Jellyneo member! I have an answer. The search box on the Neopets site only shows buyable NC items and items that are below rarity 99. Items that are rarity 99 are considered "super rare" and that poor Grundo doesn't seem to know where to find them.

"But I swear, your item doesn't exist!"

In Deadly Dice, my active Neopet is level 1 but my other is level 5 and I can't use my level 5 Neopet. Why can't I? ~ Billy
Scout: Because your active pet is level 1. Switching your active pet (through Quick Reference) to the pet that's level 5 will let you play.

Is putting multiple questions in an editorial not allowed? ~ superlegion's OTHER question clone
Skylar: You can ask as many questions as you like, as long as they are appropriate, are Neopets/Petpet Park/Jellyneo related, and haven't been repeatedly asked before. You can check the editorial database first to see if your question has already been answered.

Hey JN! It's your turn to throw something at me! Anyway, I saw a page called "Don't poke the Chokato" and I clicked on the image of the Chokato, and it changed everything! How is it possible to do this? And can you please eat my username? ~ *username eaten*
Scout: Well, I am pretty hungry...

*eats your username*

Skylar: Don't do that, Scout! Give them their name back! Er, back to the question, the person used HTML to make the page scroll down every time you clicked on the Chokato, making it seem as if it changed. You can actually just scroll down on the page itself. But this, of course, would make it lose all of its magic.

I recently answered the Lenny Conundrum quick enough to earn the item prize plus the trophy again (and the Neomail mentions the avatar, too, which I obtained before). Anyway, I checked my lookup and, to my surprise, my trophy doesn't say x2 as it should, but rather it looks the same as before. Is this normal, is it a glitch, or does it take longer to add second trophies? ~ anonymous
Skylar: It's normal. To receive a gold trophy, you must be one of the very first few to answer the Lenny Conundrum correctly. If you already had a gold trophy (from a previous round) but submitted a bit late this round, you could still be in the top 250, but you might only qualify for a silver or bronze trophy. So after the round is judged, your lookup would still show your previous gold trophy, but there would be no "x2" underneath it.

What is the picture on the "Have Fun! Card"? It looks like a house that is on fire! ~ 936delete
Skylar: Erk, well... it seems that The Neopets Team knows how to have a good time. Let's just leave it at that...

Say, for example, I was refreshing at the Game Graveyard to get the avatar. When I get there, I realise it might be faster to open up several tabs to the Game Graveyard and use Firefox's "Refresh All Tabs" feature to get the avatar. Would this be allowed, or even possible? Thanks! ~ Cibeds
Scout: It is not allowed. For the sake of your account, you'd be much better off obtaining the avatar the old-fashioned way: by manually refreshing.

I'm attempting to finish the Altador Mini-Plot, and I'm using your guide to do it. I'm just wondering, though, will I be frozen for using your star finder and my up/down/left/right keys, or is it okay, or will it get me suspended, warned, or whatnot? ~ feathersoftheweather
Skylar: Jellyneo's Constellation Finder is perfectly legal to use for the Altador Mini-Plot. So no, you won't get in trouble for using it.

In JN Editorial #162, is that chocolate frosting Nutella? ~ dragons790
Skylar: Nah, sadly enough that was just normal chocolate dip icing. I've actually never had Nutella before...

Mmm... Doughnuts...

If you transfer a pet, does its fishing skill reset to 0? ~ anonymous
Scout: Yep, although 0 becomes fishing level 1 when you visit the Vortex. This rule also applies to abandoning your pet. It's worth mentioning, however, that if the pet in question was returned to your account, its fishing skill will go back to where it was before you transferred/abandoned it.

Hello JN! *tosses a Super Attack Pea, 'cause I'm just cool like that* This is random, but why does the stinky fish in Treasure Keepers look like it's smiling? I just realised that. ~ noahkim1234567890
Skylar: An attack pea of any kind is the perfect gift for any holiday wishlist (Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa!)

It's possible that the stinky fish is happy because it knows that a certain dung-loving artist loves anything that's smelly!

Hey Jellyneo! *hands over Rod of Dark Nova* I have two questions that Meepits would love. 1.) What would happen if a Neopets user died? Would their account disappear into a giant Jelly Chomby's mouth, never to be seen again? 2.) If they did die, and their account was bequeathed in their will to a good friend, would that be allowed, or be considered giving away an account? ~ domo_hello_kitty
Scout: Oooh, free gift, thanks! :D

If a player passed away, their account would just sit and gather dust until it gets purged by TNT. And although it's nice of them to include you in their will, it does count as giving away an account, which can and likely will result in the account being frozen.

I have a question for you, Skylar, or Scout if he chooses to answer. I was looking for a list of all the possible prizes you could win from the Snowager and realised that the article on the Snowager only listed its exclusive prizes. Is there somewhere that all of its prizes can be found? If not, could this be remedied? Thanks! ~ alabamasax
Skylar: Ooh! A question for me! The only reason why there isn't a list of all the items that the Snowager gives out is because... well, he can give out almost any keyring, basic plushie/toy, basic weapon, etc.! The prize pool was expanded and is now extremely large and unwieldy. If you wanted to see if visiting the Snowager was worth it, let's put it this way: it's free to try, only takes a second to finish, and you're pretty much guaranteed an item now that he's in hibernation. The exclusive prizes are the rarest/most expensive.

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