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Published: November 12, 2011

In NeoQuest II, how many skill points does Mipsy have when you first see her? ~ anonymous
That entirely depends on Rohane's level! For example, if Rohane is Level 12 when Mipsy joins your party, then Mipsy will have 11 skill points waiting for you to spend.

I wish I didn't need these stupid shoes...

I'm trying to figure out what something is in Faerieland. If you go there, you need to look below the dock of the lake, or slightly above and to the right of the golden statue at the Healing Springs. What are those two things? It sort of looks like rocks, or a gateway, but there's nothing else near them and all other rocks are pinkish! Thanks, you rock! :) ~ dalmation_puppy_123
Story time! Once upon a time, there was a fence. It was a truly beautiful fence. Babaas of all ages and sizes jumped over this fence. It looked like this:

It was actually a link to Maths Nightmare.

Then Faerieland crashed. The beautiful fence was ruined! The Babaas were devastated. The fence was devastated as well.

Poor fence.

Now it sits in the middle of Faerieland, wishing that somebody would return it to its former glory.

I rather enjoy looking through the Pet Directory, finding misplaced pets. Is there any form of mini-staff spot open for little things like this? ~ Billie_2011
The Pet Directory is maintained by a bot named Dorothy. We used to have a Pet Directory Manager, but -- thanks to our little bot -- the position is no longer needed.

Dorothy isn't perfect, though, as she only works once every two weeks. That's where you come in! If you see any misplaced pets in the directory, just file a bug report, and an administrator will fix the error as soon as possible. That's pretty close to being a Pet Directory Manager, is it not?

I'm not a Kacheek, I'm quite clearly a Poogle!

I was just curious, whatever happened to the staff member Aznmiguel? I often saw his name in older posts on JN, and of course now I'm dying to know who he/she is. Thanks! ~ Raichu_66
Aznmiguel (also known as Mike) used to be a News Poster. (Jen wasn't always the only one!) Eventually, real life caught up with him and he was forced to retire.

I'm doing everything you say to do in JN Editorial 159, but I can't seem to find any "About Me" box to edit my user lookup. By the way: Meepit or Feepit? Neocola or Achyfi? Pie or cake? ~ aventure5000
Because of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act -- usually referred to as simply COPPA -- you need to be thirteen years or older to customise your profile (and other things, too!). If you don't want to wait until your thirteenth birthday to access the restricted areas of Neopets, you can ask a parent or a guardian to fill out the Parental Permission form.

Feepits, Pekkasi, cake. What, is Pekkasi not an option? Oh well. :)

Hi TJNT! *tosses plants* I was wondering which weapon(s) could beat Punchbag Bob the quickest. ~ Camprok
Plants! *catches* If you're looking for a cheap weapon that packs quite a punch, I'd suggest the Scarab Ring (6 attack icons). If you're willing to dish out a little more, try the Golden Compass or Psellias Fighting Fan (both 9-iconers). You want to buy weapons that deal out the most amount of icons within your price range. A pet's high strength stat will also help you win quicker.

Of course, it is perfectly possible to defeat our favourite punching bag with the Trumpet Of Blasting and a lot of patience... but I can't see why you'd try that. (For the curious, it's a one-iconer.)

I am incredibly insulted by Clouds' statement. How insensitive!

Would it be cheating if you created lots of e-mail addresses and used them for the referral program to gain the prizes on your main account? ~ username removed
Yes, it would. Not only is it against the rules to go over the five account limit, but it is also forbidden to refer your own side account(s). Quoted from our Side Account guide:

Skirting the Rules:
Using the referral system to create a side account - the referral program is intended to attract new players to the site, abusing it to create another account for yourself is against the rules.

You are, however, allowed to have your accounts spread over several e-mail addresses -- just make sure you don't go over the five account limit. It'd be safer to have all of your accounts connected to one e-mail, though.

Is there more than one level to the JN bug reporting trophy, or is "Error Fixer Extraordinaire" the only one? I'd like to think that "extraordinaire" means Dave is boss at error fixing (though we all know he is, Dave is boss at everything). ~ superawesomecoolgirl
There is only one level of the Error Fixer Extraordinaire trophy. Dave is pretty boss at error fixing, though!

Is there a place where I can find pictures of robot pets without their casings? ~ anonymous
Not that I know of, but I'm sure you can find plenty of casing-less robots in the Pet Directory.

...Like this one!

I read the thing about not putting fake random events in your shop just recently. I didn't know this. I put a random event in my shop that said "Something has Happened!!! Your petpet has died!" Under it, I put "Haha just kidding." Is this still against the rules? ~ username removed
I'd say it's fine, but the death part might be a little iffy. If I were you, I'd change it to "Your petpet has run away! Just kidding!" or something similar.

How do you get a high score in Test Your Strength? Is it determined by luck or what? Thanks! ~ kirish_kirish
Yup, the game is determined entirely by luck. Unfortunately, this also means you'll never know how strong you actually are. :(

If you'd like to learn more about Test Your Strength, check out our guide!

I just wanted to ask, I noticed recently that newbie packs give out different items than they used to. Besides the starter paint brushes and cardboard petpets, are the other items given out randomly? Or is there at least a rarity restriction? ~ Ray
When I redeemed the newbie pack on my side account, I received these items:

Currently, it is the same for all new accounts.

I was looking at old JN news posts to see the comments, but there was no way to view them. So is it possible to view the comments from old news, even if you can no longer comment on it? ~ Musicgirl59
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to view them. Cherish the comments while you can!

Hi JN! I was wondering what the cheapest way to get a Krawk is. (As you can see, I am desperate to get one and only have 341,886 NP in the bank.) Thank you. ~ crazyfordasher
According to the Item Database, Krawks (the petpets) cost approximately 15.5 million more Neopoints than Pirate Krawk Morphing Potions. It's also possible to win Magical Pirate Krawk Plushies or morphing potions from Anchor Management or the Forgotten Shore -- the chance is slim, but there's still a teeny tiny bit of hope. Good luck getting your very own Krawk! :)

While perusing the Item DB, I encountered an item called The Golden Bringer Plushie. It said in the item note that only one was awarded. So if you know that, do you know who got that incredibly, extremely rare plushie? Also, if that user's account were to be deleted, and the plushie along with it, what would happen? Would TNT make another and give it out to a random, active user? I must know! ~ azienskieth
The user who got the plushie was "xxxx" but they apparently gave it to another user whose account has since been disabled.

And nope! If the owner's account were to be deleted, the plushie would be deleted along with it. A sad fate for such a rare (and shiny!) item...


I bought all the Petpet Laboratory Map pieces, then searched around your website and found out I couldn't use them until I got the Secret Laboratory Map. I can't afford those pieces! What should I do with the pieces of the petpet map? ~ arty32097
If I were you, I'd put the pieces in my Safety Deposit Box until I complete the Secret Laboratory Map. Really, though, you can do whatever you want with them -- you can sell them, trade them, even auction them off. The pieces are pretty cheap, so you can just repurchase them when you need them.

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