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Devious Delicious Doughnut Delight!
Published: October 29, 2011

Mmmh, talk about a sweet tooth. I wonder what this delicious editorial has in store...

The Breadmaster starts to shout at the customers as you work with Skylar. "Yo, eata loafa breada day!"

When Neopets first went online, what species were available for adoption? Thank you very much you rock even more than rock and roll. ~ Aniqaz
Something like: Aisha, Chia, Flotsam, Grarrl, Jetsam, JubJub (JibJib back then), Kacheek (Badeek back then), Kau (Macy Gray back then), Kiko, Korbat, Kyrii (Fuzio back then), Mynci (Mellish back then), Nimmo, Scorchio, Skeith, Uni, Usul, Wocky.

Unfortunately, TNT didn't start archiving their news until January 2000. You can check out everything from Year 2 in our museum. Did you know that the very first pet was created by Donna? It was a Chia named Thyassa. He is featured in many parts of the site, including Gormball.

Well, friends, let's start at the beginning. Here, we have a freshly baked Apple Spice Doughnut. I love the smell of the bakery whenever these are being made.

What should I do when someone changes my password on Neopets? I sent a request help ticket last month but nothing happened and I can't access my account! ~ werewolfsfury
Argh! I'm sorry about your account, but I don't think that us JN staffers can say this enough. It's important to read up and be aware of account safety. This is a must read for any player, new or old.

If you ever think someone else is in your account, quickly change your password, make sure your PINs are in place, and log off. Then you can go back in and change your e-mail. This will hopefully stop any person who is attempting to gain information. Since it seems that someone has already done this to you, you did the best thing by sending in a ticket to TNT. Hopefully they will get back to you soon...

Greetings from Brazil! *throws samba video classes at you* So, I was taking a look at old plot summaries, and I noticed that in both "The Volcano Mystery" and "Puzzle Adventure", Eithne appears. But didn't she die in the Volcano Mystery? I was almost sure of that! So is she a zombie now or did she free herself? ~ Otrebla1997
Samba video classes are just the thing I need to burn off these doughnuts, thanks!

You're right about Eithne. She was a Fire Faerie who took part in the Mystery Island Plot, which involved the release of the giant Moltenore, Moltenus, from the volcano. While she was originally thought to be devoured by Moltenus, she appeared again in Puzzle Adventure. For those of you who don't know the plot, Eithne and Tura-Kepek tried to free Moltenus yet again. So it seems that the original plot hadn't killed her off, or maybe TNT had just created an alternate universe to make Puzzle Adventure more interesting. Let's just hope that this time the evil faerie is gone for good...

To make this doughnut more festive, we'll grab some chocolate frosting...

How do you use the star data page? *passes Kou-Jong Cheesecake* ~ birdon14
Ooh!~ I love cheesecake!

Concerning your question, were you talking about Jellyneo's Constellation Finder? Click on the word "stardata", which will take you to a page filled with numbers. Copy all the stuff there, then go back to the finder, paste the data in the box, select a constellation, and click "Find Your Constellation!" The Farmer is my favourite--Florin ties in perfectly with the harvest and the autumn season.

First, I would like to say thank you for all the great help you've provided. So here's the situation: I checked for untaken pet names through the Neopets search bar, and one name was untaken. When I went to create a pet with that name, it said that the name was taken. Why is this? ~ anonymous
It could be a remnant from the old system where names could be claimed but pets would not be created until you went through more steps. Another possibility: the name could be or could contain an offensive term. Those are marked as taken but do not show up in searches (for obvious reasons).

Make sure to smooth out the chocolate frosting so the doughnut is evenly covered.

In Treasure Keepers, what is the time frame on health regeneration? I didn't see any sort of countdown clock when I hovered over my current health. Also, does health replenish while doing a quest map, or just while you're in a shop or not in game? ~ noongsaao
Your health regenerates only when you are resting in your shop. So just sit back and relax as you watch all of your treasures sell! To actually see how much time you have left until the next regeneration, click on your experience bar at the top left corner of your screen. This will bring up a window of all of your stats and the countdown clock will be shown if you are not at full health.

I've always wondered this but didn't want to test it myself: What would happen if a Neopian shopkeeper wanted 5,000 NP for an item and you accidentally offer 50,000 NP while haggling? (Assuming you have at least 50,000 NP on hand.) ~ anonymous
Ugh, I do this all the time. Fortunately, TNT has built sort of a safeguard on "over-haggling". If you go too far over the amount asked, the shopkeeper will exclaim something along the lines of, "The Shopkeeper says 'I don't think you want to pay THAT much!'" From personal experience, I've noticed that if you still want the item after the mishaggle, it behaves a little strangely. I find that I need to try and click on another item and then go back to the original intended purchase. This clears out anything that you had typed in before.

An example of this would be the item Chocolate Techo Foot. The restock price in this example is 1,500 NP. If you were to instead haggle the item for 15,000 NP, the shopkeeper would say the above message. But, if you tried to make the next haggle the original 1,500 NP, it would give you the message "The Shopkeeper says '1,500 is not enough... give me 15,002.'"

Wow, it looks perfect! Let's move on to the next step.

I am wondering what is actually done to combat cheaters in regards to restocking. It's very frustrating as an honest player to have to compete with regular restockers but also cheaters who use programs such as autobuyers. I have been playing for three years now and the problem hasn't seemed to get better but worse. By the time I refresh and see something of value it's already bought by a cheater. Thanks you guys are fantastic! :) ~ kaos7777
The measures in place now include a confirmation pop-up, a "click-the-pet-image" test, a waiting period between purchases, and restock bans. If you're shop banned, though, it doesn't necessarily mean you've done anything wrong, it just means that you've been refreshing too much. Shop bans usually only last for a couple of hours. So if you're a legitimate player and you find yourself unable to restock for a while, don't worry, your account is not in any trouble.

Sometimes it's very easy to spot a cheater, and then the Neopets staff have the option of freezing that person's account(s).

Hi TJNT! Why doesn't the Item DB have the Neopets Estimated Value for items that cannot be bought in shops? ~ limlilikekacheek
Why hello there! *waves*

Estimated values are prices that are assigned to items that restock in the different Neopian shops. To read more about it, check out Jellyneo's news post here. That's why you haven't seen any values for items that are given out through other ways. Ian is the staffer mainly responsible for adding Estimated Values into the Item DB. He will forever cry over the items that are constantly being added.

Let's get ready to add some Halloween sprinkles!

Do you like jelly? ~ nycluver
Yes, we like jelly!

(Sadly, none of these doughnuts are jelly filled...)

I entered the User Lookup Spotlight a few times over the last year, and the spotlight page says they will Neomail you telling you if you won or not. Right now, I have the best lookup I've made--it's for Halloween, and I'd really like them to see it before Halloween. A few people on the Neoboards said they think I could win. How long does it take to get a Neomail back? ~ blackbelt_brad
It depends on the lookup and the staff that's judging. Sometimes TNT will save lookups for later, while other times they'll accept or reject them right away. It's really just the luck of the draw.

Make sure to evenly spread the sprinkles by twisting the doughnut back and forth.

Call me crazy, but did the Randomly Firing Freeze Ray deflate from 300k to 150k? I got one from the Daily Dare a long time ago, and then I bought another one, hoping to sell it when it inflated. I think I bought it at 300k, and they were all that price. Yet now it's sitting at 150k. Or should I be thrown into the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Mentally Insane? ~ tente2
The Item DB has a nifty feature that lets you view the price history of each item. According to prices in there, the item has deflated. It seems that you're not that crazy after all!

Will Lutari Island ever be open to people that just use neopets.com because I am not quite sure how I am supposed to get Neopets Mobile. ~ Lilybox2
Lutari Island was available to mobile users a long time ago. This has changed with the cancellation of the project. For now, Lutari Island remains hidden in the mist, but who knows what secrets Neopia has in store...

Ah, and there you have it! An Apple Spice Halloween Doughnut ready to serve to the JN Staff! Don't worry, I'll be sure to save some for my readers.

I'm a Battledome newbie, so can you tell me which bottled faerie gives the Heal ability? Thanks! ~ age109
The "Heal" pet ability is obtained by blessing your pet with a Bottled Water Faerie. Water Faeries have always been notorious healers. Just think of the Healing Springs. To learn more about different faerie abilities, check out Jellyneo's article here.

What happens if a Kyrii eats an Imposter Apple? ~ kappa_otaku_122
If you feed a Kyrii an Imposter Apple, they still get sick! A little funny considering that an Imposter Apple is really just an orange. Maybe it's just a mental thing...

Now for a little added Halloween fun! Did you know that many JN staffers have never had candy corn? The horror!

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Stay up late to get your very own special treat. Happy Halloween!