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It Means No Worries
Published: October 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered where a font maker draws their inspiration from? If so, here's your chance to take a peek into the brain of an artist! :)

Browse through song selections (usually fitted to the context) while taking a sip of your drink and perhaps even putting on some music yourself. Enjoy! (Brownie points if you can name the song I'm referencing! ;))

Howdy! Do you have any ideas on how Altador Cup prize points work? If someone got All-Star rank from 2,000 Yooyuball wins, and another person got the same rank from 24,000 Make Some Noise games, do you think they would have the same amount of prize points? ~ 777hyperkid777
Yes, they would. Each Yooyuball game is equal to 2 Slushie Slinger games, and also equal to 12 Make Some Noise or 12 Shootout Showdown games.

Each winning Yooyuball game is worth 12 prize points, each Slushie Slinger game is worth 6, and Make Some Noise/Shootout Showdown games are worth 1.

Tsamina mina zangalewa, this time for Altador!

I just got the Snowager avatar (yay, finally!) and I was wondering if having an Ice pet and the Winter Holiday site theme helped improve my chances at all. I've been trying for several years to get that avatar but I didn't get it until after one of my pets was zapped Ice by the Lab Ray. Is there any way to test that theory? ~ Anonymous
The Snowager avatar should be completely random, but nothing is stopping you from trying to prove a theory!

The best way to try to test it would probably be to visit the Avatar Neoboards and attract a throng of followers. In fact, if your theory proves to be fruitful, be sure to let us know! ;)

There are a bunch of avatars that involve refreshing a page a ton. Well, I've tried getting some of those, but, for some reason, I can't! I thought I refreshed more than enough times, so is it possible that they don't work with my browser? I use Google Chrome, by the way. Thanks! ~ havocandchaos
All the avatars that require refreshing are available through every browser, whether it's Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

The amount of refreshing required is different for everyone, so try refreshing some more. :P You can also try checking your avatar list in case you missed the random event.

When getting the I Taunt the Pant Devil avatar, do items in the Trading Post (which are technically in your inventory) count towards the value? ~ Anonymous
No, items in the Trading Post do not count.

You can, however, apply this method to the Chokato (TCG) avatar.

I'm too expensive for the post, too expensive for the post. So expensive it hurts.

I was looking through the premade fonts you have, and I tried a few out. It seems that when I use italics when posting on a board, the font gets messed up. Is there a current list of board fonts that do not get messed up when using italics? Thanks! ~ gracesneos
When you use the coding offered by TNT in the sidebar of the Neoboards' reply system, all the coding in your NeoSignature area becomes void. The only fonts that would be able to remotely bypass this would be ones that do not require the NeoSignature space.

All coding in the NeoSignature space would also become void if you use the square brackets ([ ]), or sometimes, angular brackets (< >).

WAHHH!!! I was trying to get the "Nimmo - Emote" avatar so I made a topic. Then I received a warning; I never got a warning before. :( Why was I warned in the first place? ~ monicamsa
It's very possible that TNT viewed your thread as spam. If you were warned for something else, TNT may have made a mistake, and you can always send in a ticket to clarify what happened.

While it's possible to get this avatar by making a thread, it's advised to post the message (by itself, nothing added) in an existing topic (in the Avatar/Neosignatures Neoboard). :)

I have a question regarding the Faerieland Employment Agency. How come there are days when I can do 5 jobs and days that I can only do 4? ~ Arn
If you take multiple jobs during a single restock, your maximum limit could be lowered.

Do you have a lower chance winning a site contest like the Customisation Spotlight if you have broken rules or have been permanently silenced? ~ anonymous
I would think not because TNT don't check your "permanent record" (so to speak) while judging these contests, especially since Customisation Spotlights have no interaction between users. However, note that if you have been permanently silenced, you do not receive Neomails from anyone, including TNT. What this means is that if you have won a contest, you would not be notified, and thus will need to figure out for yourself whether you have won or not.

To obtain the "HT - Rich" avatars, is it necessary to buy the Grimoires at the Hidden Tower, or could they be bought at other places? ~ Anoymous
They must be bought at the Hidden Tower. In fact, once you buy them from the Hidden Tower, you'll see that Grimoire of Affluence, Grimoire of Prosperity, and Grimoire of the First Order are No Trade items, therefore not able to be purchased anywhere else. :)

Now Neopoints are fallin' from the skyyyyy.

I was on Neopets today and I saw that my precious Camouflage Kougra was, quote, "miserable"! I figured that he had just caught a flu or something from Bart or one of those scarabs, but when I clicked on him, it didn't say, "... is suffering from _______." So, I rushed over to the toy store and bought him a yo-yo. But, when I was back at my inventory and played with him, his mood did not boost! What is wrong with him? Will he survive? Will I ever get the Wishing Well avatar? Will these questions ever be answered? Important! Thanks so much! ~ roversydneygirl
When you get the message "PetNameHere is suffering from _______," it means that they are sick and need to be healed using either the Healing Springs or by feeding them the cure indicated at the Hospital.

"Miserable" just means a mood decrease and yes, playing with toys will make a pet happier. However, you will need to play with them a lot in order for mood to improve substantially. Or, you could feed Happy Neggs to your pet, but it would probably take more than one.

Yes, he will survive; I don't know if you'll ever get the Wishing Well avatar; yes, these questions got answered.

Now what starts with the letter "C"?
[Magic] "Cookie" starts with "C"!

I've written TNT about this a couple of times, but they ignored me. I used to have both the WoE avatar and the Snowager avatar. About three years ago, both of them disappeared from my list. They aren't in the source code or anything. Have you heard of this before? Do you know if I can get them back the way I got them in the first place? I'm really tired of spinning that wheel. ~ weeairycreature
That's really odd. o_o If you sent in support tickets but never received a satisfying answer, then I suppose the only way to get those avatars again would be to continue spinning the Wheel of Excitement and visiting the Snowager. Sorry about that!

Dear Jellyneo, what type of items can you get from the Snowager? I've only heard of Neggs and toys. ~ Poogle_lover
You are able to receive the following from the Snowager: Neggs, scratchcards, weapons, toys/plushies, Snowager-themed items, snowballs, or snowball-themed items. Happy venturing!

Do you plan on updating the goal counters with more options, such as the Water Paint Brush? ~ wateropal
Yep! Our lovely graphic makers have already made more, and they should be available (including a counter for the Water Paint Brush) here.

Maraqua is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there.

How difficult would it be for you guys to post Tarla alerts on Twitter? With TNT not updating their toolbar for Firefox, I can't get Tarla alerts easily using FF7. But it would be "problem solved" if Echofon could notify me. ~ ruonfire
After consulting with our almighty Sloth-worshipper, Dave, I have an answer for you!

The fact is, the Neopets Toolbar was made for Firefox 1.5 and none of us folk on the staff use it. In short, we have the same problem as you: we can't get Tarla alerts easily. :(

If you have some time on your hands, we did mention alternate solutions way back in the days of Firefox 3.x (here and here). Maybe with a whole bunch of tinkering... But then again, Firefox 8 is already in beta...

Hello there, Marie! You're a font maker, I see. I know there's only one other of those (Kayte) so I'm asking this: Is two enough or do you need more? I'm considering becoming one as I like to make my own fonts to use on the Neoboards. Also, when you become a staff member, can you choose what name you're known as, if you don't want it to be your forum name, and can you also choose what item will represent you? ~ Musicgirl59
Hey there! Yes, I am indeed a font maker. It's not up to me (or Kayte) to decide whether or not there are enough font makers; rather, it's up to the Jellyneo admins. :)

If you see that we are hiring new font makers - by all means, go for it!

Also, yes and yes. You do get to choose the name that you'd like to go by (if we went by forum names, I'd be the289thday, the font maker. I think Marie's a lot better). The item you choose is up to you, as well.

What happened to Petpet Spotlight 310? Everything says "stolen." The Editorial Database sheds no light on it either... ~ dolamant
Do you mean Spotlight #311?

The entry most likely contained plagiarised material that was reported after the winner was announced.

Oh I wanted words, but all I saw [from TNT] was nothing.

Are you guys the new owner of In-Depth Battlepedia? If so, when will you guys have it working again? I'm not a big fan of the other Battledome info sites, so I'm quite excited to see it be available again. ~ anonymous
Yello! Alrighty, I'm sure lots of users are wondering the same thing, and I'm quite privileged to be able to answer this!

At this time, everything is in the early stages. We have received the database and are sifting through the data. We also have one staffer (special shout-out to Benladesh!) from the previous iDB (lowercase "i" is used to distinguish it from the IDB - Item Database) on board with us. Other than that, there's not much else to share - be on the lookout for any updates, avid and novice BD'ers alike!

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