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Sixteenth Issue
Published: November 28, 2007

Huzzah, it's the 16th Issue, written by Terry! (Of course, it'll probably be late and have off-topic questions. :P)

A few things, mainly because I relate to a lot of stuff that goes on in the editorial here: First, Now my actual question: I know you said you had no graphics section, but is there anyway for you to make some sort of neopian times image viewer? Some of those pics are really cool. (and black socks NEVER get dirty, the more that you wear them the blacker they get) ~ 111kyttibaby
We have some interesting ideas in our projects brainstorm topic that may encompass something like this. But it won't be something we do for a very long, long time. :P

Hi Guys (and girls =]).Jellyneo rocks ^^But I have two very serious questions.See,you have this Kiko on the 'Submit an Editorial Question-page'.He keeps writing and writing.So,my two questions are: 1.What is he writing? And 2. How much has he written already? Have a nice day ^^ ~ Lara_x
He is writing more content for Jellyneo. ;) (Unfortunately, it comes out all as gibberish. That's why we have Content Writers.) He's probably written over a few trillion pages. We throw away a few hundred thousand pages a day. It's a giant waste of paper.

We fold the paper into ninja stars and throw them at our soda machine. :D

You guys, Great. 'Nuff said. :P But, the real question, I've noticed you guys have quite a few affiliates, did they contact you, or did you guys contact them? (Just something i wanted to know, because the hive is losing people.) ~ brandon_chutuk
We used to have a form that you could submit to have your site added, but we stopped doing that a long time ago. We stopped mainly because it was annoying to always be updating the list. :P

When you steal joodles from someone on the forums, are they notified of that, or do they have to find out on their own? Thanks, and before I forget, you guys RULE! ~ narfsensical
Nope, it's a complete mystery! So steal away. :P Except you can't take anything from banks, so be sure the person's Joodles aren't all in the bank.

How do items retire? ~ Maple4ever
Whenever TNT decides to retire an item... it retires! However, some things like plot prizes and advent items are automatically "retired" when they're released since they won't ever be given away after that.

Hey I remember a long, long time ago you had a whole bunch of premade layouts and backgrounds. What ever happened to them? ~ jacyjae123
We've never had any of those... Actually, Dave's memory isn't all too accurate when it comes to JN's past graphics affairs. We used to have an actual graphics department, but it was scrapped years ago due to it never being finished and a lack of graphics. :P

I always see people saying "1337" can you guys tell me exactly what that means?? im so confuzzled.... also, what species of neopet is the RS machine? ~ swim_chick3226
1337, pronounced leet, is chat speak for elite, which means something really good or above normal. For example, my 1337 restocking skills would indicate that I can restock every r100 that comes into the shop. ;)

As for the Restock Machine, he is species-less. He's more of a program than anything. :P By the way, the Restock Machine comics are run by one of our staffers, Rosie! (So go visit! :D)

So what does a Pocket Lab Ray do? ~ Jedi_master_george
It's like a one zap Lab Ray, except it's aimed at your opponent in the Battledome. Anything that can happen to your pet at the Lab Ray, can happen to your opponent. It's fragile, though, so it could break. (It also won't do any species/color changes in the 1-player battles.)


How do you guys find out the answers to the crossword puzzles so quickly? Are you psychic or just fabulous that way? ~ stellaluna82
We have this great thing called the Jen-O-Matic! She automagically comes onto JN at midnight to post the answer to the Daily Puzzle, the Crossword answers, along with anything else that needs updating at midnight NST. (She also gets to play Deadly Dice everyday! :D)

What are magical plushies and what are their purpose? People are always talking about them and I don't know what they do! *sob* ~ dancerchick_95
Playing with a magical plushie will change your pet into that species and color. So don't play with it unless you plan on changing your Neopet! They look the same as regular plushies, too, so you need to make sure you read the name of the plushie before playing with it.


If someone were to, oh, theoretically have an Ace of Cakes cake made for the jnstaff, what would you want it to look like? ~ 111kyttibaby
It should look like a Jelly Kacheek. Or a large cake shaped in the letters "JN" in our JN font. Feel free to send it to Dave. ;)

Hi JN, I have an important question about Neopets: are automatic refreshers allowed to be used on the site? I think the answer might be no, but I just wanted to make sure. I don't want to get a trip to the freezer :O ~ username removed
o_O Auto-Refreshers are not allowed to be used on the site. (I think Neopets also covered this in an editorial. Something about a keyboard and a cat holding down F5.) If you are not doing the work yourself, you shouldn't use it. (Unless you're adblocking ads.)

If you use an auto-refresher, I'll pull the trigger.

When you collect all the lutari beads and put them on your talisman what happens? I have heard people say you get more random events, a lutari paintbrush, or even a free visit to lutari island! Thanks^^ ~ grey_faerie_3
When you collect Lutari Beads, three things randomly happen:

  1. Increased chance of Random Events
  2. Random increases of NP from sending game scores
  3. Neopets' shop prices are sometimes lowered

I've heard of there being one more thing that can happen, but it's not confirmed. :P

*Does the whole u rock thing* I was wondering... Lets say you completed a Fountain Faerie Quest but you never got your reward. Then TNT comes out with a new color. Would you be able to paint your pet that new color or would you only get the colors from when you completed the quest? Thanks!!! ~ chick_a_fairy
Yes, only when TNT has released the colour for your pet and only if the colour can be painted in the Rainbow Fountain. *nod*

Of the frequently asked questions of the JN Editorial, you said that there are no more TCG's to predict plots by. Does that mean that Wizards of the Coast aren't releasing any more expansions? ~ Jockylocky
Well, we aren't sure for sure, but the last TCG to be made was released over a year ago. Usually, they were released every three months or so. So it's come to a screeching halt since last year.

How do you guys answer all the questions asked? How do you limit it down to such a few? By the way, you rock! My socks! (Even though I'm not wearing any) xD ~ kellyroxmysox_
I (Terry) go through the questions and see what I can answer based on what I know right now. Of course, Google helps. But there are just some things I don't know about Neopets. (Such as which staffers on Neopets have Root Canal Champion trophies. :P)

Root Canal

Is Neopets Mobile available on the iPhone? ~ krazycapital
Neopets Mobile will most likely not work. (Apple has locked down the whole adding applications thing until they can get a Software Development Kit out. Of course, you can Jailbreak it or whatnot but it most likely won't work. :P Just don't try it.) However, Neopets WILL work. You know, with the Safari Wi-Fi thing. Yeah.

Hello, Jellyneo! I was just wondering, why does the lutari have such few color options aside from their basic colors? Does TNT not pay attention to lutaris anymore? Even Krawks have more options! ~ saku_gaa_all_the_way
I'd have to make a nice educated guess and say that it's because you have to pay in order to get a Lutari. Draiks (which has the lowest population) can be obtained through Draik Eggs, Lab Ray, Draik MPs/Trans, etc. Lutaris (with the second lowest population) can be obtained through the Lab Ray and the Super Lutari Creation Zap Ray thing on Lutari Island.

I'm more popular than the Draik but I don't have clothes! :(

Where do faeries come from or how are faeries made. ~ brookehope
Faeries do not come from anywhere nor are they made. They just... exist. (They are captured by your pets. They are given to you by the Tiki Tack Man. They are found by your pets on the ground. They also disappear when they are zapped by some mystical force, be it a wheel or just some evil zapping ray.)

Hey Jellyneo you asiroid.If I answer 42 on all questions on a math test will I get an A+. ~ ghostred99
I asked my Trig teacher that a few days ago. He said no. You should ask your teacher too. *thumbs up*

Disclaimer: Jellyneo and all its staffers are not responsible for any Velociraptor or Red Spider attack. *nod*

Back when we had the old site, before all the new layouts, etc. (Man, I remember those days!) you could get the Meerca Chase avatar from either version, 1 or 2. And I used to access it through the side bar, when the little link would come up. But that was on my old account. Can you still get the avatar from the Game Graveyard, because when I got the avatar on my old account, I remember it being distinctly easier to get on Meerca Chase 1... ~ thedoveswing
Nope, unfortunately TNT removed the old way of getting it from Meerca Chase 1. They removed that little hole when they redid the gamesroom last November.

And you are right. It was far easier to get it with the first Meerca Chase. (Proof: Dave was able to get a flash game avatar because of Meerca Chase 1!)

Hey, Jellyneo! Austin, the LUZR NINJA NERD OF MUFFINY DOOM here. I was just wondering--and, this may be stupid, just warnin' ya'--have paint brushes EVER been able to be bought in stores besides the Hidden Tower? Just wonderin'. And, also, do you know if the right-click of DOOM that ends your game in Ice Cream Machine II is meant to do what it does? I told TNT about the bug before, but last I checked, right-clicking still ends my game of Ice Cream Machine-ey fun. Hmmm....*licks lips* Yummm....Anyways, you guys are awesomeicalz!!! *gives you a giant mushroom-shaped, cookie-flavored ice cream cake* =3D PEACEICALZ! *microwave dings and I poof away* ~ scorchlord227jr
No fair, two questions in one. :( For your first question, to my knowledge, no. For your second question, it is most likely programmed in on purpose. Why? Because it's an evil cheat. *nod*

I'll be here all weekend. Tip the writers. Hope The Office comes back on.

Hi, On the item database, the prices aren't always correct and some don't even show prices even though they are under 100k; how do you keep track of the price of items after they have inflated or deflated? ~ luverbunnyz
Hey, you got in one and a half questions. No fair. Again. The reason for the incorrect prices is that... there are a lot of you and few of us! Imagine a concert. There are a lot of fans, but only a set amount of merchandise for sale. ;) So... help us price by sending more price reports! (This answers your 1.5th question.) Some price adjustments are done by y'all and are done automagically (which only happens if it's a slight change), some are done manually. (This answers your first question.)

*threatens you with Sparkling Faerie Wand*

Since you've told us the meaning of life, maybe you know the answer to this question: Why am I typing this? (Oh, and do you have any idea why we can only five accounts?) ~ fishingmango

For your first question, it's because you can. For your second question, it's because (if I recall correctly) TNT thinks that no person can handle ((4 pets/account) x 5 accounts = 20 pets).

One line please... Unless you're at a U2 concert. Then two lines.

Heya TJNT! *Throws jellys* This question is bothering me for quite a wile now... How many people acually succeeded in getting the Bonju avatar? =/ ~ Cisko116
According to TNT, nobody has obtained the Bonju avatar yet. But don't lose hope! You can help out that chatgroup which shall remain unnamed! (They do their Bonju avatar stuff in the Avatars/NeoSignatures Chat.)

I'm probably very easy to get... Just try again!

hi jellyneo! :D:D okay, so recently, i got this neomail from this random person who gave me an address to a "beta neopets" site. is this site really a beta site of neopets? ~ username removed
No. That is a site most likely created to steal your Neopets cookies and hack your account. You can read up on this "scam", and others used by evil mean bad people on our Neopets Safety guide, written by our very own Dragonbeak!

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

hi Jellyneo, I'm wondering... how many times can i use a magical plushie? ~ someone
You can use a Magical Plushie once. Then it turns into a Regular Plushie. Then your pets can play with it FOREVER AND EVER. *nod*

Your new Electric Lupe can play with me FOREVER AND EVER!

Hi Jellyneo, I just sent tis to the NT editorial, but I don't think it will be answered. My sister was trying to get a score of 400 in Jelly Blobs of Doom for the AAA challenge, and she pointed out that in the description is says there is going to be a movie. I didn't believe her, but when I checked it out, it was true. It says "Jelly Blobs of Doom: In a world where everything is........Movie coming Winter 2009. Keep checking this page for updates! Do you know if it is true? ~ buzzbuzz_g27
Haha, I asked Dave about this and he said I was stupid. Why? It's Jelly Blobs of Doom. :P (And didn't they change the date twice? Hmm...) It's most likely not true. Anyways, I IMDBed Neopets and I found this little thing. It's a new movie, The Lost Tomb: A Neopets Adventure. Perhaps a Lost Desert or Geraptiku plot? (Or a plot related to a new undiscovered land...)

Why can't the Chomby from "Jelly Blobs of Doom" just eat his way through the big jellies? ~ macoronikevin
Because they're big and fast. And not yummy. :P (If they are small, slow and yummy, the Chomby will eat them. If not, then he'll just run away from it... OR BE EATEN. :D)

You nod a lot, don't you? ~ macoronikevin
Why, yes. I do. I'm like a bobblehead.