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Super Informative
Published: September 3, 2011

I remember as if it were yesterday. Wait, *was* it yesterday? My pocket calendar seems to be broken. Must get the programmers to look it over. ...Hang on, let me start again.

I remember as if it were yesterday. I was Dream Something-Beginning-With-D, a mild-mannered content writer at Jellyneo Enterprises. I filled my days mopping the floor of the Neopian Museum and hammering out articles on my charmingly outdated typewriter. It was a quietly rewarding job, one I'd worked at for a year and a half now. I had no reason to believe it wouldn't stay that way forever.

Until one day, I was handed a fact-checking job like any other -- a question from a member of the Jellyneopian public...

Usul Reading Books

I was on the Neoboards and someone had their Neotitle bolded. How did they do that? ~ jcats26
There is no way to deliberately add formatting to your Neotitle. If someone's Neotitle appears in a different style from the others, it's because the Neopets Team -- for some reason -- programmed it to display that way. For instance, the Neotitle "Yurble Yoyo" is mysteriously bolded, no matter who is using it. Maybe we'll see more unusual-looking Neotitles in the future -- then again, the bolded titles may just be a bug.

I'd come down to the basement of Jellyneo Enterprises, a dimly-lit, dusty place filled with books on every Neopian subject. With a little browsing, I found the answer fairly quickly, and made a note of the details. Another Jellyneopian assisted!

Suddenly, I caught sight of a glow of green light out of the corner of my eye, and something moved towards me. I stumbled and fell from my stepladder, flailing ineffectively, but the mysterious glow followed me faster than I could move away... SWOOSH!

My notes, filled with details important to Jellyneo's loyal customers, scattered out of my hands as I crashed to the floor...

Hey guys! Have some cookies! *hands package filled with cookies* Anyway, my sister and I both use my e-mail address for accounts on Neopets. Some are forgotten, and I need to get a side account I will use, but there's no space! So is it all right if I create a new e-mail address and move my main (which is the only account I use) to it and create my side on there? I don't see the problem with it as long as I only use the accounts on the new e-mail address, but I want to make sure I can. Don't want to risk a trip to Iceland. Thanks! ~ anonymous
More than "all right", this is what you should be doing with all possible speed. Two players should not be using the same email address if at all possible. Go ahead and move your main to a new address, and tie all your future side accounts to that address. You'll actually have a better chance of avoiding a freezing that way, as TNT won't be so quick to assume you and your sister are the same person.

Glowing Book

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the basement floor, with pages scattered all around me. What was stranger still, my arm was bleeding from what seemed to be a collection of mysteriously glowing paper cuts... I realised at once what must have happened: I'd been bitten by the rare and little-known Radioactive Trivia Compendium (vol. IX, 'Marshmallow' to 'Origami')!

Clutching my wounded arm, I headed for the Content Department with as many books as I'd been able to gather up. No sooner had I left the basement, however, than I heard the scream of a Jellyneopian in distress. Someone was being menaced by the twin dark forces of Confusion and Ignorance! Oh no!

Before I knew what was happening, I found myself leaping out of the front door of Jellyneo Enterprises and rushing to the victim's aid...

Hey, Jellyneo folks! I was reading the Neopian Times recently, and one comic had a line in it invoking a certain curse word that began with a "p". While I was certainly surprised that got through TNT's content filters, it also got me thinking... I recently learned that a large number of Neopets players are between the ages of 19 and 24, even though the site seems geared towards kids. But, really, how and why did that word get through? Thanks! ~ Twilit_Grace
Neoboard posts, petpages, and so forth are made out of text, which means a computerised filter can read them and pick out any bad words automatically. However, you can't do that with a random image, especially if the text in it is handwritten or there are lots of distracting colours and patterns. So comics have to be read through manually by an editor, who is only human and may miss the occasional problem. That's probably what happened here.

If you see a comic that contains inappropriate language or otherwise breaks an important site rule, you might want to send in an abuse report. If you do, be sure to include a link to the comic in question -- TNT aren't psychic, nor do they want to spend all day reading Times archives!

I stood in the street, panting, as the sinister shadows faded back into the alleyways. I had taken on the forces of Confusion Itself and prevailed!

Something had changed, that was clear. I was no longer the humble content writer I had been a few hours ago. No. I was a force for education and enlightenment in a world of never-ending questions, most of them concerning Meepits. I was... I was...

Fyora with Wand

I transferred my pet to my side account and adopted some other pets, then I moved the pet I adopted (which was a Disco Meerca found at the Pound) to trade pets. To do so, I would need 1,470 NP, but my side account has only 1,091. Help! How can I make NP but not break the rules? ~ anonymous
Don't make Neopoints; send them! Throw some cheap item (an old boot or something) to your side account from your main, using the "Give to Neofriend" option. Then log into your side and put that boot up for trade. Go back to your main and bid some Neopoints on the boot, and voilà! You now have Neopoints on your side account with no rule-breaking involved.

I returned to my office in the Content Department and slipped off my regular hooded top and jeans. Taking a deep breath, I pulled on a leotard and cape in the Jellyneo colours (by happy coincidence, there happened to have been one hanging in the company dry-cleaning department. Finders keepers losers weepers). Who would know me for a shy, retiring contenter now? Absolutely nobody! From now on, I would be Editorial Girl, saviour of the especially curious masses and wielder of... wielder of...

Well, wielder of a mop, for the time being. Don't look at me like that! It's not like this job has a salary!

Mighty Mop

How do you decorate your shop with cool lions and stuff? ~ katz
If you're talking about your Neopets shop, you can add text and images to it by clicking "Your Shop" in the Shops menu and then "Create/Edit Your Shop". You can add HTML coding to the "Description" box, including as many pictures as you want. Be sure to get permission to use any images you didn't create yourself, though! If you don't have any suitable lion images you want to use, might we interest you in some lovely Noils?

If it's your Treasure Keepers shop you want to decorate, you'll find all the help you need in our newly released Treasure Keepers Guide. Happy interior designing!

Is there any way to find the e-mail my Neopets account is registered to? I registered a long time ago, and I never really used the e-mail and now I can't remember. Thank you, and wait, I found a missile! *Blue Uni Plushie goes flying* ~ anonymous
If you still have access to the Neopets account, you should be able to see the email address associated with it on the Email Preferences page. Remember, it's always best to keep your account linked to a valid and active email address, just in case you ever need to retrieve some important details.

Lightning BoltFireballThunder Tail


I patrolled the mean streets of Jellyneopolis in search of an application for my newfound talents. But there weren't any, so I went and patrolled the not-so-mean streets instead. The lighting is better there.

Jellyneopians young and old stared as I did battle with the forces of Confusion. "Thanks, Mysterious-Girl-Who-Definitely-Isn't-Dream!" they cried. Yep, all of them at once. It was kind of spooky.

I had no time to rest. Every moment, new questions were assaulting the minds of JN readers, sending them into despairing spirals of ignorance. Questions like...

Hello! I didn't know what to get you so I got this! *throws Magical Surprise Gift Box* If you win NC from the Qasalan Expellibox, does it disappear after one year or not, and if you win NC from it again before the year is up, does the year get renewed or not? ~ Megamanlan11
I can confirm that Neocash won from games or gained in promotions does expire like any other NC once a year is up. Newly-gained NC doesn't affect the NC you have already -- if you have 50 NC due to expire in three months and you win 150 NC from Qasalan Expellibox, the new 150 NC will last a year, but the old 50 NC will still run out in three months.

I found a question in the Editorial Database that wasn't really answered, and I really want to know the answer: "What happens if a Lupe plays with a Magical Chia Plushie? Will it get ripped or will the Lupe turn into a Chia?" I'm not going to risk my Lupe for it! Do you know the answer? ~ wolflovermoon
On hearing your question, some Lupes I know got very worried that I was going to turn them into their species' mortal enemy for the sake of science -- and I probably would have, too. However, on closer inspection, it turns out the reason this question hasn't been answered is that there's no such thing as a Magical Chia Plushie. Cue a sigh of relief from Lupes everywhere!

Chia Plushie

So I saw a picture of a Juppieswirl Chia in the Editorial Database... Why doesn't it show up in the Old Pet Poser? You have the option but all I get is a red X! And for my silly question... In an election, McGill or the Squid? ~ Anonymous
The Juppieswirl Chia was an idea of TNT's that was never made into an actual Neopet. That would be why it doesn't have poses like the other pets -- the artists never drew them! As for the election, I'd go with McGill on the basis of his less-destructive history... if I can't have a write-in vote.

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it that unaccountable dragon that's always flying overhead to Mystery Island?"

"Do any of those things tend to come in here for smoothies?" I asked the clueless Tuskaninny. "I'll have a small Chocomato, and extra ice."

Being Editorial Girl was proving to be harder work than I'd thought. No matter how many confused citizens I set straight, there seemed to be more just around the corner. Something else was going on. It had to be. But I didn't know what it was, or how to find out.

I knocked back my smoothie in a single heroic gulp, as a small display of my strength and determination. Once I'd stopped choking and the Tuskaninny shopkeeper had helped me get the last of the tomato seeds out of my hair, I was ready to hit the streets once more.

I got a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest but I have no NC and it is no trade so what am I going to do with it? It is in my gallery. ~ Limlilikekacheek
Well, you could ask one of your friends who has Neocash to send you a key. You could keep playing Petpet Park and Qasalan Expellibox in the hope of receiving some NC, then buy something to trade for a key. Or you could always just keep the chest in your gallery as a souvenir. There have been plenty of useless souvenirs from big historical events over the years -- nothing wrong with treating this as just one more!

Who're you calling "useless"?

Would the easiest (and cheapest) way to get a Kiko be to wait until the clock strikes midnight on the 16th/17th (Kiko Day is the 17th), or does TNT release X Kikos every X hours? ~ meepit93393
When Limited Edition pets are made creatable on their festival days, it's fairly random when each batch of them will appear. This is why you'll inevitably see a "Kiko Waiting Board" (or seventeen) if you visit the Neoboards early on Kiko Day. A release starting at midnight is actually a fairly rare event. If you want a free Kiko, do some forward planning so you'll have at least a few hours spare on Kiko Day to "stalk" the Creation Centre and wait for them to be released.

How was TNT inspired to make Neopets? ~ roversydneygirl
The old About Us page used to tell us that Adam and Donna, founders of Neopia, had the original idea for Neopets while at college, "possibly eating kebabs or pizza". It's said that they originally wanted to invent a kind of "pet" that didn't need space, real-world money, or constant attention, but could still entertain animal-loving students who'd had to move away from home and into small college rooms where no pets were allowed. Since then, of course, the site's audience has expanded to include players of all ages, and many different ideas have gone into making the Neopia we know and love today.

Original Scorchio Design
We've come a long way...

If I send a six-part series to the Neopian Times, will I receive one trophy or six? ~ anonymous
You would receive six trophies, one for each week in which you were published. Take it from a girl who's got thirty-three!

With the forces of Confusion duly held off for a little while, I headed back to Jellyneo Enterprises. I had to make sure my lovely colleagues were coping well without me. And check whether my costumed heroics counted as overtime, of course.

The Content Department was deserted. Unusually deserted. Oh dear. I looked around with trepidation for any claw marks on the walls, but everything seemed peaceful. It looked like my colleagues had managed to escape the Content Beast this time. With a sigh of relief, I walked over to the office letterboxes.

A few anguished pleas for assistance had already come in addressed to "Editorial Girl". With a glance down the corridor to make sure nobody was watching, I snatched them up and tore the first one open.

Hello, JN. My question is about Treasure Keepers. So, I have two e-mail addresses, one for Facebook and one for Neopets. I tried playing Treasure Keepers on Facebook, but when I redeemed a code, I got nothing in my Neopets account. I was online at the time in both. Do I have to play Treasure Keepers on Facebook with the same e-mail address as my Neopets account for me to be able to get the code? Thank you. ~ kirish_kirish
When you earn a code for completing an achievement in Treasure Keepers, clicking on it should take you straight to the Gypsy Wagon on Neopets to claim your items, assuming you're logged in to Neo at the time. (If Neopets is down when you earn the code, you can claim it later by clicking the "Achievements" rosette in the bottom right-hand corner of TK.) Email addresses have nothing to do with it, as far as I'm aware. If you're still having problems, I would suggest contacting support.

Excited Treasure Keepers Wocky

Whenever I go to see what's new, I get excited and look forward to the next day... But when I go to the shop the item is in, it's not there. I wait all day long, I refresh the page every 30 minutes, but no... I can never get the new items. Can you help? ~ ninjagrl_22
There's sometimes a sizeable delay between an item's being announced in New Features and its being available in the shops. The artists who design new items probably aren't responsible for making sure those items appear during shop restocks, which is less of a creative-type task. (It's sort of the same in the real world, if you think about it. Inventing a new recipe for microwaveable treacle pudding is all very well, but the customers can't just reach into the inventor's brain and eat some. You have to think about how it's going to be produced in large quantities, and how many extra lorries you'll need to ship it to the shops... and that could take awhile.)

The Item Database's MIA category lists items that have been announced in New Features, but haven't turned up in the shops yet. There's far less of a backlog than there used to be, but you'll still find a few items languishing in there at any given moment.

I was playing Frumball the other day, and I grabbed this power-up that caused a giant Chokato to fall and land on my bat. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but my score increased by quite a bit. When I lost in the end, I had enough points for a first place trophy. So, I was looking through your Frumball guide, and didn't see anything about it. I'm not even sure what the power-up looked like. My question is, do you know what it is? Thanks! ~ memorysoul
If you were looking for a guaranteed gold trophy with no effort, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. As mentioned in the Power-Ups section of our guide, that power-up ("H") is worth 1000 points -- and the current high-score stands at well over five thousand. It might be just enough to give you an extra push towards the trophy, though, if you keep practising!

Weewoo with Post

With my newfound superpowers, I was quickly blazing through the inbox. Thankfully, the office fire extinguisher took care of that problem before any serious harm was done.

I popped my pencil behind my ear and reached for the last envelope in the pile, expecting yet another missive from a Neopian in distress. Instead, I found a slip of paper with a couple of lines of text:

Dear Editorial Girl:
You should not be afraid!
Do not beware!

"Um... okay?" I put the letter back where I had found it. For some reason I couldn't explain, it unsettled me. I couldn't wait to get back out on the streets and assist some more stricken citizens...

On Kreludor, are there any secret places that you can only tell are there by moving the mouse over the area? Or on Virtupets Space Station? ~ Lila8171997
Not that we know of at the moment! At the time of writing, Kreludor is fairly quiet as Neopian lands go, and the Space Station has shiny robotic signposts for all its many features. Then again, it's a long time since Kreludor's been updated. If it gets a makeover in future and you find anything interesting, feel free to let us know!


Say I was going to buy an item, like a morphing potion, worth 12 million Neopoints. I offered three copies of Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet to the owner, because they went up to around 2-3 mil last summer, giving them a possible worth of 8-12 mil. If by some chance those items weren't worth that much, and I had already used the morphing potion, could I be frozen for scamming? ~ reader8
The key point here is how you present your offer to the seller, I think. If you Neomail and explain why you're offering the items and that you think they might rise in price, and the seller understands that and accepts, then you're in the clear. You can't be blamed for what happens to the price of an item after it's left your hands. However, if you try to tell the seller that the items are currently worth the 8 mil, or that they're definitely going to reach that price, you might be in trouble when it turns out they aren't.

As I hastened to the side of Jellyneopians in distress, a strange sound rang out across town... a high, mocking laugh.


I couldn't help it. Shouldering my mop, I headed towards the source of the eerie laughter.

About two years ago, I adopted a Desert Kacheek with all her clothing from another user. For some reason, all her clothing has vanished and it can't be found in my Closet, Inventory or Safety Deposit Box. I haven't re-painted or zapped her. Where could it have gone to, or is it a glitch or some kind? ~ anonymous
Check your customisation presets! Go to customise your pet, then click the "Presets" button. For each configuration slot, click "Load". If your Kacheek's clothes appear, take them off and save the unclothed pet into the slot by clicking on "Presets" again.

If the clothes still cannot be found, that definitely sounds like a glitch to me! Paint brush clothing shouldn't have any way of leaving your closet (unless it's through pet transfers), and there is (thankfully) no event that makes it disappear. The fact that your Kacheek is adopted shouldn't make a difference if she had all her clothes when she arrived.

Before you report the bug, try dressing your Kacheek in a different outfit and saving. It could be that the clothes are on her but for some reason not displaying properly; changing her appearance may restore things to normal. If that doesn't do anything, send in a ticket to TNT.

Desert Kacheek

A tall, forbidding figure was perched on the rooftop above me, still cackling as I approached. The nearer I drew to her, the fuzzier my mind began to feel.

"Wh-Who are you?" I stuttered.

"I am not your nemesis," she said casually.

"Um. Okay."

"I wasn't waiting for you. We are not destined to meet in mortal combat."

"Well, I guess that's reassuring." I scratched my head. "I didn't particularly want any mortal combat toda--"

Suddenly, a well-aimed Question Missile hit me in the chest. It exploded into a cloud of confusion, which I could only do my best to dispel...

Am I the only one who notices the Rainbow Reject Cybunny Plushie actually looks like a real Rainbow Cybunny? Real ones are completely rainbow, like the so-called "reject", while the plushie that is not a reject only has rainbow fluff around its neck. ~ kappa_otaku_122
Well spotted! Surprisingly enough, both types of Rainbow Cybunny plushie were released several months before it was possible to paint your Cybunny Rainbow. As such, they were probably based on a draft design that hadn't been finalised, or just an idea of what a Rainbow Cybunny might look like in the future. Personally, I think the plushie design is much prettier than the Rainbow Cybunny we actually ended up with, but there's no accounting for taste.

Rainbow Reject Cybunny PlushieRainbow Cybunny Plushie

I adopted a pet on my side account from the Pound (using Neopoints from my main), and it came with a Marlock petpet. My question is, could I transfer the petpet to my main and sell it if I wanted to? It's not worth risking my account over, I just don't know if this is allowed or not. ~ anonymous
As far as I know, there's no rule against that. The petpet is yours now, and can be moved between your accounts just as freely as if you'd attached it in the first place. (Bear in mind, of course, that if it's a labbed petpet, it won't stay a Marlock when you detach it.)

I emerged from the cloud of confusion, coughing and clutching at my throat. What had just happened?

From her perch, the mysterious woman in red watched me amusedly. I couldn't shake the feeling that she seemed horribly familiar. "Have we..." I took a deep breath. "Have we met before?"

"Of course we haven't met," she told me. "I haven't been your nemesis since you first set foot in Neopia, after all. You certainly haven't cursed my name many times in your travels, little, ineffective contenter..."

My brain hurt. Just being around this woman seemed to make me feel more confused. Panicking for a moment, I broke into a jog. Her mocking voice echoed after me. "You can't run, but you can hide, Editorial Girl!"

Wait a second...

I was reading your guide on book reading the other day and I have a concern. Does changing the site language temporarily to read your pet books they normally would refuse to read count as cheating? I am worried I'll get banned in trying to up my pet's intelligence! ~ anonymous
That little trick has been around for many years now, and I've never heard of anyone getting into trouble for it, despite discussing it openly on the boards. It's even been featured in Neopian Times comics without any repercussions, so I would say TNT are well aware of its existence and don't mind in the slightest. Maybe someday we'll have a more sensible system for liked/disliked items, but until then, I reckon you're free to keep treating your pets to a bit of foreign-language literature.

Extinct Languages

"I know you!" I gasped, stopping still in my tracks. "No wonder my blood froze when I saw you! You're every Help Chatter's worst enemy... the dreaded Miss Information!"

"Absolutely wrong," she purred approvingly. "And now you haven't uncovered my identity, you mustn't die."

I picked up my trusty mop. "Not today, Miss Information. Not while Jellyneopians are waiting to be freed from confusion!"

"Silly girl," Miss Information chuckled. "You shouldn't know there will ALWAYS be confusion... as long as I'm around."

"Then I'll make sure you vanish from Neopia!" I yelled. "One question at a time!"

I love the Birthday Calculator Deluxe 2.0™! It's too awesome and amazing! I'm just wondering how you people created it. Did you find all the names and ages of Neopets? How long did the team take to work on this? Would you mind revealing the process? Thank you so much for answering! You people are super terrific! ~ anonymousss
No, we didn't tour Neopia asking every single Neopet his or her birthday (awesome road trip though that would doubtless have been!). Instead, the Calculator takes a Neopet's age as listed on his or her profile and does a quick bit of maths on the spot to work out the birthday. I'm not a programmer, but I'm told it's not hard when you know how!

As we all know, Faeries are captured in bottles by evil Neopets who sell them in markets, but we can see Faeries in many parts of Neopia that are too big to get caught. So my question is, what is the true size of the Faeries? Like the bottles we release, or are they Neopet-sized? ~ Vtx_11
After a quick browse through Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium, it seems like the most common size for Faeries is between twice and three times the height of a Neopet. However, it's true that images like this and this also exist, showing smaller ones -- and it can't be proportional to power, either, as the latter image seems to show a tiny Fyora! My guess would be that Faeries have a default height, but can change it if that would make it easier to get around. Balthazar seems to catch them on the wing, after all...

Balthazar with Bottled Faerie

Hello! *throws Faerie Meepits* Alright, do any of the pets in the Pound disappear? Or do they stay there for all eternity? Thanks! And don't pet the Meepits; they will get mad. ~ socergrrl
Pets may be taken out of the Pound and vanish from Neopia if they are found to have names that are offensive, or break the rules of the site (for instance, a pet named "Jellyneodotnet" would probably be removed, since his/her name would form an offsite link). So think before you name!

Under normal circumstances, non-rule-breaking pets can sit in the Pound for as many years as it takes for an adopter to arrive -- this is indeed what happens to many so-called "lost" or "stuck" pets. However, during the overhaul of the Pound a few years ago, a large number of pets were removed from the adoption halls to reduce server stress and get the adopting process working properly again. Those pets did not "disappear", though; most of them are still being looked after by the Neopets Team, and sent back to the Pound a couple at a time.

Cloaked Usul after Explosion

"Curse you, Editorial Girl!" Miss Information screamed, overwhelmed by the power of sheer fact. "This is over! You have heard the last of me!"

The supervillain vanished in a puff of ignorance, and I breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a difficult battle, but the truth had prevailed. Jellyneopians everywhere would be a little less confused in the morning.

And so, I found myself wandering back to Jellyneo Enterprises with my mop tucked under my arm. Daring fights are all very well, but part of being a superheroine is knowing when to hang up the costume and return to my regular life, helping JN in a less flashy fashion. Time to go back to being a contenter...

"Dream!" Suzuka's voice echoed down the corridors. "WHERE has that woman gone? I was promised that article on Items that Alter Your Neopet two days ago! How many missed deadlines does that make?!"

...On second thought, perhaps I'll be keeping my costume on. Just for a bit.