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The One Where Cake Is Withheld
Published: August 21, 2011

How do you get a trophy in Wise Old King or Grumpy Old King? And how do we add those games to our games played? Because I've played those two games a number of times before to get the avatars and those games still haven't showed up in my High Scores List. ~ jenlin_25
Getting a trophy from the Wise Old King or the Grumpy Old King is just luck. Depending on how well the kings like your wisdom or joke, they might give you a score out of 1,000. If you manage to score highly (usually above 800 or so), then you may get a trophy for your efforts! However, if you don't get a numeric score, then your achievement won't show up on your games played list. - Kaurevir

Hi TJNT! I was just wondering, if I want to enter my userlookup for the userlookup spotlight for a specific festival, how early beforehand should I enter it? Oh, and how long does TNT usually take to send out rejection/accepting emails? Thanks, you guys rock! :D ~ 9kas
As with all competitions, for a thematic deadline, you'll want to try and submit your entry fairly early. You won't need to do it a month or two in advance, so a fortnight should be sufficient. When selecting themes, the judge will search keywords (draik, faerie festival, sloth...) in order to pick a winner, so it will help your chances if your entry description is relevant to your theme. Yet sometimes the complete opposite happens, as my most recent entry was chosen in less than 48 hours after it was submitted, so it'll all come down to your theme, your keywords, and a little bit of luck!

As for the rejection Neomails, these vary greatly. Through my own experience, an entry will sit there until the judge specifically tries to find it (e.g., by searching for its theme), and so the rejection note can take months to actually get sent. If you're lucky you may receive a "your entry is being held over for another time" message, which means they like your entry, and may come back to spotlight it in the future. Acceptance mails happen on the day of the news (Tuesday for Wednesday news), and will be sent out a short while before the day's news is updated. - Rylon #braggingrights #highfivestoallthetwotimesuserlookupspotlights #snortle

1. Why does Mr. Insane smell of fish? 2. Why doesn't TNT acknowledge Jelly World? 3. Why is Adam referred to as Number Six? 4. Why do the Meepits want to take over Neopia? ~ kideliteneo
1. The cafeteria was sold out of hamburgers.
2. It doesn't exist.
3. Number Five was taken, plus Adam likes The Prisoner.
4. It looks good in pink.
- Noileh

Hello! *throws Draik Transmogrification Potions* Maraquan Myncis can wear clothes, right? This is because their bodies are almost the same as normal Myncis. But what about some of the mutants? With a little tweaking of the pictures, couldn't Lupes, Buzzes, and Blumaroos be mutant and have dresses? They look quite like normal in shape. I don't see why they can't be clothed. And why can Mallow Grundos wear clothes? They have no arms or legs! Can they wear gloves? ~ chuckeroo777
AHAHAHAHA! It's mine! All mine! YES!
Oh. Right. The question. *cough*
The only answer I can give on the mutants is that TNT just does not want to have that option available. Perhaps they think the word "mutant" does not inherently coincide with "normal clothes," or perhaps they do not want to tone down the mutant appearance. They may come out with more mutant-specific clothing soon since it is Mutant Day on August 25.

As for the Mallow Grundo, they do conform to the standard Grundo body type, the limbs just aren't included. They can wear gloves and shoes, but it might look a bit disembodied. - Link

My precious...

What is the Grundo's Gym? Is it only for Grundos? When will it be back up, because when I try to go, it gives me the "Oops!" treatment. ~ anonymous
Grundo's Gym was a game which was taken off the site many years ago. Basically, you were a personal trainer to some out-of-shape Neopets and had to get them exercising by moving your mouse over a target point at the correct rhythm. You did not have to have a Grundo to take part.

You could win vegetables and "lifetime membership" cards, which increased the amount of NP you got per game. The NP payout was quite high if you played it often enough, which seems to be why it was destined to be put forever under maintenance, as TNT said in this editorial that it would probably not be coming back. :( - Lollie

Suppose there is a song with a little bit of foul language, but you have the MIDI (wordless) or off-vocal version of the song. Is it okay to put on your page? And if you can do this, and someone recognises the song, can they report you? Thanks! ~ Anonymous
This should not be a problem anymore as both the <embed> and <bgsound> tags are filtered out. However, in general, if it does not contain any material that is against the rules then yes, it would be okay. Users should not report you, although they could, but you would not be in trouble. - Kayte

Hello! *hands you a mutant Meepit holding a Triforce* I was logging on one day and I got a pop-up. It said something like, "Take this short quiz to win 1,000,000 coins!" I took it and at the end, it asked for my gender and phone carrier. I don't have a cell phone and why did it say coins instead of Neopoints? Should I put a PIN on my stuff or what? Please answer! ~ anonymous
Neopets has third party advertisements so it can make money. If you closed it, your account is fine; it doesn't sound like a Neopets offer anyway. With online quizzes, surveys, and contests, make sure you read everything fully and check for any fine print/special rules, especially at the end. Don't give away your personal information without understanding what you're getting into!

If you ever see an offensive ad, you can report it to TNT.

Also, I find putting a PIN on everything to be an excellent idea, just in case something else comes up! You can do so by going to your PIN preferences. - Link *charges at Meepit* FOR HYRULE!

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to find which wearable items are clickable (for example, the Poppable Bunch of Balloons). Thank you. ~ pizzachalet
The Mall items that allow for interaction all have the word "interact" within their item image URL. This means we can use the advanced search function of the Item Database to find out which items are interactive. The resulting search brings up the items, and you can preview them by going into an item's database entry and clicking on the "Preview this item" banner. - Rylon

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Hey, JN! I recently made a board on the Newbie Chat titled "[My username] is an idiot." It received lots of posts, and I was silenced for bad language. I didn't regret it, since I have a side account, until I realised I was permanently silenced! I of course freaked out, but after I was calmed down, I sent in a ticket. I've never, ever been silenced before, and the only bad words I used were "stupid" and "idiot." Could this have been an error, or did I really deserve it? ~ LOLy
Sorry, TNT has been very strict lately about this, and language such as the words you used would be considered harassment--even if you did use your own username. :/

It's best to refrain from using those words to describe anyone, even yourself, because TNT has been cracking down on emoticon use, profanity, as well as spam (which is what your topic could've also been considered to be) in these past few months. - Marie

If you get silenced permanently, will your avatar be set back to default? ~ nate97
No, it will not. It will remain the avatar that you have set, unless you lose an avatar (such as the Emo Usuki one).

For example, if your avatar was set as "Chia - Florg" when you were permanently silenced, it will remain like that.

If you have several Neoboard pens, your pen font (second font) will have its avatar displayed on the Neofriends Online Beta Bar and the avatar you have on your default Neoboard font will be displayed on your userlookup. - Marie

Hi! *throws jel--wait, never mind. In the JN Editorial's Issue 61, Terry asks what jelly is, and then shows a picture of this so-called jelly (with a bandanna) that is captioned, "I do not exist!" However, in Issue 126, Ian says jelly does exist, while Noileh dodges blobs of... jelly. Who's right? ~ pinkkea
Jelly absolutely exists! It's Jelly World that doesn't... such a silly myth, don't you think? I mean really, a world made of jelly? Ridiculous. As for JN Editorial 61, we cannot be held responsible if Terry doesn't know the meaning of the word "jelly." Besides, that image was just a stylish rock. - Noileh

Hey there TJNT! *throws Altador Cup* You've won! :D Anyway, I was wondering, if I wanted to write a Neopian Times article with multiple parts, how should I submit the different parts? Thanks so much! ~ sarah_123213sowner
For articles or comics where you have a series, you submit each part as a different article/comic using the normal submission form, normally with Part 1/2/3/etc. in the title box. For comics, it is normal to submit all parts of the series together, so that the editor can get an idea of where you are going with it. This doesn't matter as much with articles as there doesn't tend to be a story, but submitting them all at the same time is still better as it means they are likely to be published in issues that are close together. - Herdy

(1) So, I've been writing a short story to go on one of my Neopet's petpages, but I'm really liking how it's coming along, so I thought I might enter it in the Neopian Times. The main character, my Eyrie, is a detective, and she spends a lot of her off time, like when she's waiting for a case on one of those drizzly late-summer days, in her office with a newspaper, cleaning her gun. The only real mention of her gun is in the beginning (there are a couple others, but whatever), and I was wondering if it would still be okay for the Neopian Times. (1.5) Also has to do with the story. My Ixi is another main character. He's a voodoo man and sort of a criminal. He cons people out of their money. But, he and my Eyrie have a sort of flirty relationship, and I'm not sure if that'd be okay. (2) And now for a story on another account. I have a side that is a freak show. They recruit other freaks, instead of something inhumane. I have a centaur, a Kougra with four arms, and a Spyder-like Yurble. Also an archivist, but he doesn't count. I wanted to know if that'd be alright. ~ lumosmaximos
Guns are typically a no-no in the NT, but there are other replacements you can use such as crossbows, ray guns, and things like that which exist on the site. The flirty relationship might be on the lines of what's allowed, that depends entirely on what exactly is said. If things are only ever loosely implied, you should be alright. As for your freak show, I can't think of a reason why that would be rejected. Good luck! :) - Herdy

Does the Island Mystic's prediction ever actually come true? For example, the Island Mystic says you will have good luck at the Wishing Well; would you actually have good luck or if you had good luck, would it just be a coincidence? ~ anonymous
I suppose that's for you to decide what you believe in. ;) If you opened a fortune cookie and it told you that you would encounter unexpected financial gain in the near future, and then later that day you found a dollar lying on the sidewalk, would it be coincidence? What if you never received any money at all? What if you actually lost money? I suppose it's all a matter of superstition. - Nick

Spotted Blue Fortune Cookie
Variety shall soon be the spice of your life.

I've been feeding my Neopets gourmet food and clearing out my Safety Deposit Box. While doing the latter of the two, I came across some extra dubloons and I was wondering, are there any foods that come from Krawk Island? Or more specifically, that cost dubloons? ~ tsunamichick89
Why, yes there are! Now that the whole Krawk Island debacle is over, the Golden Dubloon is again open for business. As long as you've got a few dubloons in your inventory and the restaurant isn't overcrowded, you can buy food to feed your pet. Unfortunately, since this is a restaurant and not a food mart, your pet will eat as much as they can in one sitting, and hopefully leave something for you to take home. However, you must buy at least one piece of food from each category available, and even then the chance of taking something home is somewhat slim. Check out our Golden Dubloon guide for more information!

(And speaking of pirates, did you know that many pirates used to pierce their ears not to look wealthy, but to improve their eyesight? They believed that piercing one's ears with precious metals such as silver or gold would make them see better. Of course, now we know that glasses help more than earrings, but hey, it was the 1600s.) - Noir

Hey JN! I was rifling through your snazzy Item Database the other day and I found an item called TLB Item 6. Does this actually exist on the Neopets website? ~ smart_and_sassy
Yes and no. The TLB Item 6 (Rebreather) is searchable on Neopets because it was added to Neopets' own database, meaning it'll show up on Shop Wizard searches. However, the item does not truly exist--you can't own it or find it in the ownership of anyone else. Likewise, its name is simply a placeholder (TLB = The Last Blast), and the item has the status of "Not Announced" in our Item Database, meaning it was never mentioned on Neopets. - Zador

How does the Chuchuana end up at the Money Tree and be sold at as little as 1 NP, and still be sold for 10,000 Neopoints in Geraptiku Petpets? Is it given out somewhere? ~ wolflovermoon
The official shopkeepers use an item's "Est. Value" to price their items, along with the current inflation rate. In addition to that, depending on how high the rarity of an item is, there is a minimum price that shopkeepers sell their items for. Rarity 85-89 items have a minimum price of 2,500 NP; it is 5,000 NP for r90-94 items and 10,000 for r95-100 items. In the case of the Chuchuana, it has an Est. Value of 6,464 NP, so the shopkeeper thinks that they can sell it for a lot more than it is worth on the open market! The petpet is given out frequently as a Key Quest prize, so that explains why it is so deflated. - Ian

Hey guys! Quick question about Habitariums: I have some eggs in my item bag that are very old, probably too old to hatch honestly because they never do when I try. I keep trying to delete them but they just freeze up my game! What on earth do I do with them? ~ peacebuggiee
You can bake us a birthday cake!

Sending a ticket in to TNT seems to be a quick fix. - Skylar

Hi JN! *throws Mootix* I just got a Mootix in my inventory and I have no idea how I got it. I don't know any random events that give you a petpetpet in your inventory so can you tell me how I got it? Thanks! ~ pinkcrown123
First of all, congrats on receiving a Mootix! There actually is a random event in which you get a petpetpet. You probably just didn't notice it when it appeared. That happens to me all the time! If you'd like to see what the random event looks like, check out our Good Random Events Guide! - Emily

Why does TNT want our zip code? ~ labpartnerincrime
Zip codes are one of the elements used to specify your location on the planet. :) In the past, they helped TNT and their sponsors market to the proper audiences when sponsor events/games/promotions occurred. If your zip code said you lived in Singapore, for example, you would not receive sponsor ads for things that were exclusive to U.S. residents. Nowadays, they still might serve some purpose for the support staff when it comes to giving back lost/abandoned accounts. - Nick

It's actually so Sloth knows which location to obliterate next. *cackle*

Since it's JN birthday, I think this would be a good question to ask. In the "History" section of JN, it says that "Jellyneo was restarted by Dave, former Admin of the old JN, on August 22, 2004." That makes me wonder, what was the old JN? How different was it from the JN of today? Who ran JN at that time and why did it end anyway, so it had to be restarted later by Dave? Thanks for the great site with awesome content and events and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELLYNEO! ~ camilamundim
Well, there's probably no better person to answer this than me, since no one else was around! :P

Long story short, Jellyneo used to be run by a group of people named Brian, Jordan, and Gizmoe. Brian and Jordan were largely given free rein to manage the site however they wished, and Gizmoe was the guy who paid for the hosting. Jordan eventually left the site, leaving Brian as head honcho. Prior, though, I was hired to help out and was eventually made an admin myself. While I was away on vacation during the summer of 2003, Brian decided to fire Gizmoe and remove his access from the site since Gizmoe wasn't very active. Now if you're following along, you're obviously thinking right now, "Why would you fire the guy who paid for hosting!?" Don't worry, I asked the same question when I got home and discovered Jellyneo to have suffered a "Connection cannot be established at Jellyneo.com" death. (Yep, that's why we're Jellyneo.net, not .com!)

At the time, I was a bit upset, since I had put so much time and effort into the site. But, I let it go since school was starting up and I had other things to worry about. Fast forward a couple months to the next summer, and I started my grand re-hatching of JN scheme. That's where the history page picks up. :) - Dave

Kia Ora, is there any way of finding out how many wishes I have had granted by the Wishing Well in the past? ~ Sweety-Pie-Tuskie
Sorry mate, there is no way for you to find out, unless you kept all of the congratulatory e-mails from TNT. Here, have some L&P. - Kayte

Hi guys, I know you get a ton of stupid questions about this, but I started my account 10 years ago and left about 6 years ago. Upon searching, I found my old username and can't get back in. I would contact the staff but I have no clue if the account is frozen and no clue what e-mail I used! Any ideas? Thanks! ~ Anonymous
Six years is a long time--I'd try searching it via the Neopets search bar for starters, to see if it still exists. After a certain amount of time, a lot of inactive accounts get "purged" from the system (aka. deleted completely). If it does show up in a search, and still has the same information from when you created it (rather than having been re-created by someone else), you can try submitting a report form with all the information you have that would prove you the owner of the account. Useful things to mention include Neofriends, which pets you created and which you adopted, how your pets changed from what they were when you originally had them, items in your SDB, etc. Submitting the report when you're logged into a side account will allow you to track the progress of your ticket. - Suzuka

Can you add a section to the Item DB search where we can search by the ID? I had a shop bookmarked with the item ID in the URL, and the item has been bought, so I just want to find out what it is. In case you're wondering, the ID is 45209. Maybe you could also add a section so that we can see the ID for a certain item. :) ~ Anonymous
Giving out every ID is something we don't do. Imagine the chaos if someone found a way into the item creation code and created loads of 00 Neggs or some other über rare item because they'd obtained the ID from our database. We could get into a lot of trouble. As for the item you were wondering about... - SciFi

*TPs the bathroom*

Hi Jellyneopians! I love your site you do a fantastic job. I really enjoyed the Krawk Island event and thought I participated every day. I guess I didn't and missed getting the site theme and stamp! I am a stamp collector and wonder if you know of another way to get the stamp; will it be available to buy at the post office or was it just an exclusive prize that you can only buy through trades at a very expensive price? Thanks again for a great site. You all rock! ~ harriot_porter
Unfortunately, the only way to get it now is to buy it from another user. On the bright side, though, it is nowhere near as expensive as many of the other stamps that are sold in the Neopian Post Office. Some of them sell in excess of 10 million NP in the Auction House and on the Trading Post! - Ian

See? I'm not as rare as people think!

Hi there! In the Neopian Times Editorial 506, the 6th question mentioned memes, and then had three images underneath it. I recognised the "double rainbow" one, but I did not recognise the other two as memes. Can you tell me what they reference? I live under a rock so I do not know these things very well, and would appreciate your help. Thanks! ~ Lizzie T.
This is what was shown:

The Ghostkerchief in the first one references the "Awesome Face" meme; the Mynci could also be considered a reference to the Rich Boy meme. In the second editorial image, the shopkeeper named Cats is a reference to CATS in the game Zero Wing. His grammatically incorrect phrase ("All your base are belong to us") achieved meme status. - Illy

Now, where did that horse go?

Hello there Jellyneo. I was wondering if you are going to make a Treasure Keepers guide. And are you going to list all items we can find there in your Item Database? I was wondering this because Treasure Keepers is on Facebook but it is owned by Neopets and is still a game for Neopets. Thanks if this gets answered. ~ misty_lax
We did end up making a guide for Treasure Keepers. :) The guide can be found here!

As for the items, we ended up creating an item listing instead of the Item Database we've used in the past for Neopets and Petpet Park. This does mean that images, item notes and the like are not shown, but the important information such as rarity, required table space and original list price are all there. - Zador

Golden Pteri Random Event
"Soon I'll have all the treasure. All of it."

Hey guys, why is your guide named 50k a Day if you clearly make more than that? For example, it says I can get almost 100k currently. Thanks. ~ Yoshinho
Re-naming the article after every ratio change would be confusing and silly. :P The aim of the page is to showcase games which, when played to a certain level, will net you a minimum of 50k a day. If you end up earning more, even better! Sometimes the ratios are good, sometimes they are bad. Lately the ratios have been in your favour! Pass GO! Collect eleventy squillion Neopoints! :D - Torratz

Howdy, partner! I mean, JN. I tried to get the Chef Bonju Avatar in 2009 and I had bought the items in March or April to be prepared. In August, I tried to get it but I got the message that I gave the wrong items. Thanks for answering! ~ Chia_McBia1
Hey! Did you make sure your active avatar (on your default set if you have a Neoboard pen) was set to "Mad About Orange" and that you went to the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island (not Bonju's)? These tend to be the most common mistakes. If you had all your settings correct, and tried mixing the correct items, it should've worked. :) - Suzuka

What happened to the old Mossy Rock image? You guys didn't save it (as you usually do with old item images in the IDB)? I've been trying to find it but no one seems to have it saved anywhere. Which brings me to a real question: How do you manage to save those old images? Do you ninja store them all, just in case? Do you carefully go through old screenshots to find that specific item? Inquiring minds want to know! ~ anonymous
Here you go:

It has also been added to the Item Database under "Old Versions of this Item."

Sometimes one of us will have a bit of foresight and save it before the change; other times we manage to dig up a cached version. - Illy

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