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Zelda's Late Night Q&A
Published: August 6, 2011

Note to self: procrastination only works when unforeseen circumstances which decrease your estimated productivity do not occur....

What would happen if Snorkles joined Meepits? ~ madelinechick
Dreadful things. Dr. Sloth might take over Neopia forever, and we must never--*scuffling noise* *scream* *flash of light*

(Automated Voice:) Dr. Sloth will rule. All hail the Sloth. Dr. Sloth will rule. All hail the Sloth.

What just happened...?

Many times in the auction house, I have seen items that I have. Yes, I know that this is normal, but then when I try to auction them, I get the "Sorry, *item name here* is too cheap to put on the auction. Only items that sell for roughly 200 NP or more qualify" message! Why is this and can I do anything about it? ~ pang0lin393
What the auctioneer is trying to tell you is that your item must have an estimated value (not the same as shop wizard value) of at least 200 NP in order to put it up for auction. This is to ensure that the auction house isn't littered with lots of 1 NP sorts of items.

There is something wrong with one of shop blogs on Neopets. It's the first one on page 11 (Hugs For Sale). I entered the code into my shop description, but the words were outside the box of the shop blog. I was sure I hadn't erased any code. So my question is, where do I go to tell Neopets to fix the code? (You could check out my shop to see the problem if you like.) ~ Chaleeny623
Ah. For that blog, the order of the table cells was switched. Here is the correct code, with some improvements:

If you would like to report the error, then head down to the very bottom of the Neopets page where it says "Contact Us." Choose the "Submit a Ticket" option on that page. For the issue type, select "Bug Report," then describe in detail what you did and what went wrong. They'll look into it and make sure the code works properly.

Hi JN! I used to own a magic gallery a long while back. I purchased Bubbling Fungus when it was only about 1,000 NP and was happy with it. A long time later, someone mailed me an offer of about 75,000 on it while it sat rotting on my small gallery's shelves, and I was shocked. I checked the Trading Post and the price had exploded with inflation! I was really happy and sold it off at about 150,000. Like a said, this was maybe a year or two ago, but I still wonder what suddenly caused it to inflate so drastically. I've looked in the Item Database, and still don't see anything too great about it, even with the possible stat increase/decrease it can give. And to add on to this random inflation, it wasn't slow or steady. It was just kinda... BOOM! Please oh please explain your ideas on my odd luck! Thanks JN! ~ azule1010
That sort of thing happens inexplicably every once in a while. For example, the Mootix recently dropped by nearly two million NP within the course of a single month, despite its popularity and status as an avatar item!

(Isn't he cute? Don't tell him he's not worth as much as he used to be....)

In the Hall of Heroes in Altador, what is the swirly thing on the wall behind the stone statue of King Altador? ~ rivmcd
I believe it's intended to be the sort of plaque one finds in a museum detailing the exhibit you've entered and the people or organisations responsible for its funding.

When I made my account, I put my age as something silly (like 56 or something) but I'm actually 13. Is that against the rules? Could I be frozen? ~ crystallizedginger
Yes, this is against the rules. Mostly, they want you to put your actual age so that people don't gain access to age-restricted portions of the site before they're supposed to, but even if you put your age as 120 as an obvious joke, it is technically against the rules.

Hey, JN! I feel extremely lucky. Coltzan's Shrine made my pet level up twice already! Two days in a row! Wheeee~! After becoming level 3, I read your guide about the shrine. Is it true you can earn 1 million Neopoints? Just to clarify. :D ~ ang3li3
Yes indeed! If you're extremely lucky, the shrine can actually give you the million NP jackpot. The chances are incredibly small, however; I've certainly never received it!

Hey there! *gives Kelpbeards Trident* Just wondering, I see a lot of paint brushes listed as "Retired." How are people still getting them? ~ kappa_otaku_122
Oh thanks! *puts in gallery*

There actually aren't that terribly many retired paint brushes--only eleven. And there are five more that are artifacts (rarity 200). A few, like the royal and faerie paint brushes, are available at the Hidden Tower. Some contests and plots also give out paint brushes as prizes, as well as some levels of the referral program. Furthermore, many users store paint brushes in their safety deposit box and decide to sell at various points after retirement, which explains some of the new trades popping up from time to time.

I've seen many petpages and shops with backgrounds, and I know that you have to type in an HTML code, but where do you type it? ~ cathy_p36
To edit your petpages, you'll need to go to your My Account - Control Panel and select the "Edit Pet Page" link at the bottom of the "Neopets" box. There you can edit the HTML and CSS code of each of your petpages to your heart's content (assuming you've observed Neopets' coding filters).

Similarly, in order to edit your shop, you'll need to go to the Shops - Your Shop - Create/Edit Your Shop link and type in the appropriate code to the "Shop Description" box. Keep in mind, though, that if you look at your shop front to check your code, and your shopkeeper is no longer the one required for the Emo Usuki avatar, you will lose the avatar! (But you can always get it back by changing the shopkeeper again.)

I'm so confused right now. I've been plotting which colour to paint my Bori. I noticed that when I go to play games, there is a little screen shot (so to say) of (what appears to be) a Royal Bori. I checked the Rainbow Pool, and Bori can't even be painted Royal yet. Is my mind playing tricks on me? ~ 1_doglefox
That is the Bori Mage. Since she is a special non-player character, she can be drawn in clothes or styles different from regular Neopets. You are correct, Bori cannot be painted Royal yet, but even if a Royal Girl Bori did exist, it would most likely look different from the Mage.

Nobody can copy my look!

Hello! I have a question about the Neomail Addict avatar. Is it really true that you can get it by refreshing your inbox or refreshing a Neomail you received? Thank you! ~ anonymous
As it's randomly awarded when you're in the process of Neomailing, you can get it on the inbox page, the send page, or on a received message page, though if you plan on refreshing, I would imagine it might take an exceedingly significant amount of time. The quicker way is to sign up for the Neopets Premium trial offer (after 15 days, you can choose to cancel the service or become a paying member).

When I was little, I would make an account, quit, and a year later, I would make another account with a different e-mail and do the same every year because I always forgot the password. Now I'm wondering if I could get frozen for doing this... Can I get frozen for doing this? Also, please remove my username if this gets through. Thanks! ~ username removed
If TNT was watching your IP address, they might have found your behaviour odd or vaguely suspicious, but if you have stopped doing this for a few years, I doubt you would suddenly get frozen for past actions. After all, people join Neopets and then leave after a short time fairly frequently for whatever reason. Nowadays, I would suggest that you do not do this. Write down password hints or the password itself and hide it somewhere safe. If you really want to quit or delete your account, there's a remove account form.

Say I were to obtain a theoretical Year 12 Gnome from the Advent Calendar; would this gnome only be obtainable through the Calendar? Or, in other words, could this gnome be obtained through a random event? Once the chance to get this gnome from the Calendar is gone, will there ever be any more released? Or does it have to be classed as retired for no more to be released? ~ djhanky222
Most likely, the item in question would only be obtainable through the Advent Calendar and would be retired as soon as that day was over. (And perhaps un-retired for a day of the next year's Advent Calendar.) In some cases, however, the Advent Calendar might give out an ordinary item, such as a petpet, which is available year round in Neopian shops. So basically, it depends on the item.

Hi JN! I have been working toward the Number Six avatar for a long time, but it costs too much for me to obtain! A few weeks ago, I suddenly found that it only cost 5.3 million Neopoints to get it, which was much lower than usual. Have you noted down the cheapest price for 1 kilogram of asparagus? A cup of asparagus is great! ~ diamondharmony
I don't know if someone has kept track of the exact range that the price has spanned, but I've never personally seen it drop below 5 million.

My Neopet is a Uni. I was playing a Daily Dare game and won a prize. When I went to see my prize, I caught a glimpse of the picture of my Neopet at the side of the screen and it was gone. I refreshed a couple of times but still no Neopet, so I went to quick ref and it said her colour was invisible! I want her old colour back, I'm mad, real mad! ~ lyddyloumaple
What most likely happened is that you received the following random event and didn't notice it:

Something has happened!
Invisible pose of your pet Oh no! Where on earth is [active pet name], you cant find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be? [Effect: Changes the colour of your pet to Invisible.]

You can find a list of all the possible random events here (note that you can switch event categories by clicking the links after "Types of Random Events:").

There is no "undo" function for random events, so if you want your Uni back to her previous colour, you will have to find some way to paint her again.

When TNT does an account purge, does it take frozen accounts with it as well? There's a lovely pet name that I have my eye on, and by typing the pet's name in a petpage URL, I was able to see the owner's name. However, that account is frozen, and I have no idea how long it's been frozen for. Is there any way to see how long it's been inactive for, or at least know when the next account purge is? Thanks! ~ zieloh
Yep, frozen accounts are indeed included in purges, so you'll have to watch for the next purge to see if the name you're looking for has been removed.

If you have any other questions, check out our Purge Guide for details.

If there was a Jelly World plot, and it was Jelly vs. Meepit, which would you go for? I think you would go for... *gets dragged away by a swarm of Meepits* ~ Unknown due to jelly experience
I think, being a staffer here, I would have to say my allegiance must lie with the J--*attacked by Meepits*--I mean, the Meepits, obviously. *nod*

Okay, so this is my (rather paranoid) story. I'm wondering how many accounts I would be considered having if I have: 1. One main account. 2. Two side accounts that I can access. 3. One side account I haven't logged into in years that isn't connected to any e-mail. 4. One account I use to host my fosters. 5. An account I accidentally created and immediately froze when attempting to make the foster account. Would it be four accounts, five, or six? Please help, I'm really worried about what most might consider a silly question, and only you guys can put my mind at rest! ~ Anonymous
I would have to say that would be four. As you've guessed, your main, foster account, and two regular sides definitely count. If you asked TNT to de-activate your accidental account and it no longer exists, that account would not be considered one of your possible five. The side account you haven't logged into in years would be considered yours if it were connected to your e-mail, but as it has no associated e-mail, it is not. Furthermore, if you haven't logged into it in a very long time, it may be included in a future account purge if it hasn't already been. If one day you manage to access it and started using it again, then it would count as one of your side accounts.

Today, I went on one of my side accounts and found a petpet paint brush in my inventory! I was surprised, and have no idea how it got there. Maybe I got a random event while I was zoning out at the Soup Kitchen, but I'm not sure. Am I allowed to use it or send it to my main account to sell it? Thanks! ~ Ducky555999
Quoted directly from our Side Accounts guide:

Random Events:
If you receive items or Neopoints from a Random Event on one of your side accounts, you ARE allowed to keep what you win and transfer it over to your main account.

This is a friendly reminder to check our Editorial Database for the answer to your question before submitting.

Does the Neopian Word of the Day ever give prizes? If they do, how do you get them? I have put the word of the day in a couple of caption contests, but I didn't get anything yet. Is TNT just messing with us or can you get a prize? ~ anonymous
I would say that you didn't receive the prize for one of two reasons: it may be that your entry must be chosen in order to be eligible for the prize, or you may not have been selected though you were eligible. It says that the prize is random, so a few winners are most likely picked from a hat out of everyone who uses the word of the day in their submissions each day.

Hi Jellyneo Team! :D Well, I have a Neopets TCG deck (in real life) and it has got the card "Library Visit" in it. Its description is: "Fyora keeps every book in Neopia within her extensive library. All, that is, except one." Well, after some time searching for what could this book be, I discovered that the description for the book "Faerie Secrets" is: "The book the Faerie Queen doesnt want you to read." So, is the book "Faerie Secrets" the one that isn't in Fyora's library? ~ autoreevee
Well, there is a conspiracy theory that says the greatest faeries from the past have written all the secrets of their race in a single book. It is passed down from faerie queen to faerie queen, and each queen hides it somewhere. Who knows, maybe it's hidden in a secret compartment of the library after all?

Can you get a random event by doing the Dailies Do-er? ~ ouke
Yes, anything that normally happens on Neopets can happen while you're using the Dailies Do-Er. Basically, the Dailies Do-Er displays its own sidebar with your dailies list, then runs the Neopets site as though it's your browser. You can click anywhere on Neopets and do whatever else you do, and never need to leave your daily list!

*Hands Faerie Meepits* Is it considered cheating if I use my Wacom tablet for some games? Thank you! Oh, don't feed the Meepits carrots. Bad things will happen. BAD THINGS. ~ petalshine_3
*Offers a carrot*
*The universe explodes*

Cockroach: *squeak*

MWAHAHAHAHA! Oh, and no, it's not considered cheating,
as it's not really any different from playing on a regular tablet computer.

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