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Game Over
Published: July 23, 2011

Oh hey, it seems the old machine started up despite the dust and cobwebs. You hear your Neopoints clink, hitting the bottom as 8-bit sound effects start up, echoing throughout the empty room. You press the "Start" button to begin the game.

Game On!

For years, I have been able to go off the sides and top of the game Ice Cream Machine. In fact, if Adee is near the any of these edges, I can hardly help but accidentally do this sometimes. Someone told me that this was a glitch and that doing this (on purpose?) is abusing a glitch. Is this a glitch? The game already is dreamlike in that the scoops don't go evenly across the screen. I always assumed it was supposed to do this.
Hm, that's strange. Technically, the correct way to play Ice Cream Machine is to have Adee on the screen at all times. It may not be your fault that the game is doing this, but sending in a ticket to TNT would be an easy fix. I hate to say it, but abusing this glitch would be cheating.

Strawberry... Vanilla... Chocolate?!

In my Habitarium, I had trouble getting the resources for food, and, well, all of my P3s are now in the habitat in the sky. How do I keep playing? I don't have any nesters to repopulate my Habitarium, and I'm not old enough to have Neofriends, so they can't send me anything. Can you help? ~ qwerfvtgb
Have no fear, gamer!
If you run out of nesters, Professor Milton Clodbottle will kindly send you more. How nice of him! They can appear in a corner of your Habitarium, so look behind decorations and buildings.

If you refresh the game and this problem continues, feel free to send in a ticket to TNT!

In JN Editorial #139, a question was asked about 200m Peanut Dash. I have the same problem with the game: the screen gets moved up and down with the arrow keys. I tried your suggestion but it didn't work on two different computers (one was a laptop and the other was a desktop). I'm wondering if this is a problem that needs to be addressed to The Neopets Team since I now know I'm not the only one with the problem. Thanks. ~ anonymous
I personally find this to be an Internet Explorer error; I've recently switched to Firefox and all of my problems with my games moving (including Yooyuball) have been fixed. Plus, Firefox has spell check! Noileh can't yell at me for typos anymore, it's great!

Ergh, Typing Terror is still forever out of my reach!

Items from the Advent Calendar/Daily Dare/etc. cannot be obtained from anywhere else, right? If yes, can you get them from Wishing Well/random events/etc.? ~ Limlilikekacheek
Those events have exclusive items, but sometimes they have bonuses that already exist on Neopets (e.g., on December 25, 2008, the Advent Calendar gave out a Main Codestone; the 2011 Daily Dare had bonus prizes that were regular, commonly found items).

The Altador Cup and plots can give out existing paint brushes.

I'm leaning toward no as far as the Wishing Well/random events go. For example, I've never seen Hansos Thief Jacket given as something from a random event.

Hi JN! Do you guys have some kind of World Challenge guide? I want to know what the prizes are! ~ Pottingmix
We don't have a guide, but prizes from World Challenges are special map pieces that can be found here.

At the time of this editorial, there are currently 720 map pieces available!

Converting completed maps can get you codestones, paint brushes, petpet paint brushes--lots of possibilities, and you're not guaranteed to get something that's "worth it."

Gotta catch'em collect them all!

First, let me congratulate you on an awesome staff tourney! My question is that in Yooyuball, I keep seeing the letter "V" in a word balloon, but I can't understand what happens when I press it. What does it do? Also, ever since that appeared, whenever I press the up and down arrow keys, my entire screen scrolls up and down while the players hardly move. Is that a glitch in the game or my computer? What should I do? (For all those who stayed through my entire rant, I give thee free bubbles!) ~ naorli
BUBBLES! Gamer Tip # 23 -- Eh, forget it, I don't have a tip. Bubbles are just awesome.

As far as your questions go, "V" can be pressed to move the goalie. The scrolling issue I found to be an Internet Explorer problem.

Oh, and thanks for the congrats, I thought that I looked adorable as a Woolypapith! *sips Diet Terror--er, Terry*


Which is the most expensive petpet ever? Which is the oldest? ~ anonymous
Come on Sky, this is an IDB question, you're in gamer mode--Smiley at 40 million NP! *covers mouth*

Gamer, Skylar. Game mode--not game over! Just focus--ANGELPUSS IS THE OLDEST!

This can all be found by tinkering with the search in the IDB!

*sits in a corner* My job... is an addiction...

Hello, I've been working on my gallery recently and have been using the Item Database to determine the cheapest items so I can start with those. I have come across a few price errors and know that I can edit the price, but I was wondering, is it worth it to edit the price of an item that's only maybe about 200 NP off? Thanks for your help! :D ~ elloyellow99
Ooh, another IDB question. One more can't hurt.

As part of the IDB Crew, I believe that all price reports should be taken into consideration. If you ever think a price isn't right, feel free to send it in. However, keep in mind that we take the average of the lowest prices. We have no control if people price their items to go 200 NP below the average just for a quick sell.

In the end, it's your call. The IDB staff will always check whatever is sent in.

Good luck with your gallery!

Hey Skylar! I was making a new petpage for my pet, and this involves an intricately-coded layout that doesn't work well with JN wishlists. I was wondering, can I use part of your coding for the lists (just the part that gives you the image)? I'd still give credit to JN, of course. ~ anonymous
The wishlist code from the Item Database is for you and you can trim/edit it to your liking, as long as you're not taking credit for making it. :)

Obey the law!

I've really enjoyed playing Key Quest's ti-key board and getting all the seasonal items. :D I've played quite a few times now, but still continue to win items I've never won before! I was wondering if you had a list of this summer's seasonal items? Please and thank you! :) Hope to play Key Quest with you some time! ~ xpoisonxhearagramx
A list of seasonal Key Quest prizes can be found here! (It has been updated for summer 2011 :D)

Hey Skylar! *tosses potato chips around us to distract the Meepits* On July 1st, Nynex made a post about the new Smurfs sponsor event that we can go to once a day until the end of the month. I'm curious, are the prizes for that random? I only ask because sometimes I feel like I didn't click it the day before and I kind of can't check. I was also curious if you guys are going to write a prize page up for all us humble, forgetful Neopians? I know it is just a sponsor thing, but it does last a whole month. ~ myloveuntoyou
*swipes some chips* Om nom nom!

Gamer Tip #25358 -- Always indulge in some serious gamer snackage so as to avoid fatigue (which can seriously throw off your game!).

Moving on to the question, you can actually visit the sponsor page and click the "scorecard" and it tells what items you have collected. We have a page for the sponsor event here.

What is the point of online TCGs? I've been wondering this for four years. They're just so... GAHHH! Please answer my question or I'll go CRAZY! Don't make me join the Meepits! ~ samnb_j62
No, not the Meepits! Don't go towards the dark side!

Some TCGs, such as the Chokato (TCG), are used to obtain avatars. But honestly, like some other items in Neopia, users just use them for collection purposes.

I always thought it would be a cool idea if you could use your virtual trading cards to play against other users online, but maybe that's just me. It would be a great way to raise their value. The cards are long dead and are super hard to sell to anyone besides collectors. The only thing that keeps their prices up is the fact that they are available through merchandise codes and random events.

I'm super inflated! :D

Our guild was wondering, can we have a guild website and are we allowed to post it in our guild? ~ pienoair
I don't know how I'll manage to relate this back to gaming but the answer to the latter part of your question, sadly, is no. Offsite links are not allowed to be posted by users in places like guilds, the Neoboards, petpages, shops, etc. We recommend using one or more petpages as a guild site--it's easier to update and you can share the Neopets link(s) with all your guild members. :)

The "no offsite links" rule applies to JN as well. We know we were recently mentioned on Neopets' Facebook page, but that's Facebook, not Neopets.com.

A-ha! Wait! Facebook has games! See what I did there?

Hello Skylar and Jellyneo! I was wondering if we can view in the Item Database what Habitarium items look like in the game (like the Neohome previews you have in the database). If not, can you please add this feature? I would like to buy a Pot of Neopoints for my Habitarium but I'm wondering if it will fit my design. Thank you. ~ misty_lax
A game question mixed with an IDB question? Oh happy day!

Currently, this feature doesn't exist, but you know what, it sounds like a good idea. I'll mention it to the crew and see what we can do!

Since you asked nicely, here is what the Pot of Neopoints looks like in the game (normal view on the left; zoomed in once on the right). :)

Do the Magical Marshmallows in Habitarium ever go away? ~ tsunamichick89
Your little petpetpets need to eat and re-energise, too! So the marshmallow and meatball can both be used up (keep those blue pests away or they'll eat your food!). Say goodbye, Magical Marshmallow!


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