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Under My Umbrella
Published: July 9, 2011

Everyone loves the sunny days of summer. But what are you supposed to do when the rain starts? Why, come to Jellyneo, of course, and head for the editorial department. As someone who's completely used to unpredictable British summers, I've taken the liberty of waterproofing the archives and preparing some new reading material for whenever you need to curl up on a rainy day...

Kacheek in the Rain

Hi. Yay, I'm in the editorial! :) Anyway, I was wondering if you knew if there was any significance in Igneot's cavern or the Kreludan Mining Corporation. They really bug me every time I'm doing something and I see it. Thanks for your help! ~ metalicsnipe
Igneot's cavern? Well, it's useful when you're having trouble making decisions and can't find a coin to flip. That would seem to be it, as far as we know.

Judging by the games and stories that mention it, the Kreludan Mining Corporation was probably created during the early planning stages of the Return of Doctor Sloth plot; it certainly related to Sloth and Virtupets in some way. Sadly, TNT seem to have changed their minds about including it in the finished plot, so what's in there remains a mystery. (Before any of you out there start trying to brute-force the authorisation code, incidentally, we believe there's no correct code currently set active. Dr. Sloth evidently doesn't want mere Neopians nosing around inside his territory.) However, you can always play the Flash game of the same name if you want a peek at what might go on in there!

Is TNT retiring items completely randomly or are they just doing it with the old items? ~ neogirl4749
The decision to retire an item (that is, to stop it being sold in the main Neopian shops) is generally made by looking at which items tend to clutter up the shops without being bought. However, very outdated art or a description that doesn't really fit with Neopia as we know it today will also often be taken into consideration when deciding which particular items should get the axe.

Toy Car
Let's pretend we didn't see this.

Did TNT say it wasn't allowed to make your own Neopet colours, because they might get sued if they ever make that colour? Why do so many people have their own paint brush colours? It's just bothering me. ~ neogirl4749
It's fine to draw Neopets in whatever patterns and colours you like -- there's nothing wrong with that. Creativity rocks! However, TNT can't accept any pictures into the Art Gallery, Beauty Contest or any of the other creative competitions if they show a colour, or colour/species combination, that doesn't already exist on the site.

Hiya TJNT! I was on a user's lookup, and they had a screenshot of the Merifoods shopkeeper saying, "I accept your offer of 1,111,111 NP" for a Zombie Draik Egg. Do they really cost that much when they stock? Also, what's the safest way to carry around that much NP while waiting for restock? *has seen and heard that darn Kadoatie far too many times* Thank you! ~ mariav13
Draik Eggs are pretty expensive items, you know! TNT have stated that they intentionally put high prices on the "painted" Draik eggs to help stabilise the economy. Normally, the advice for players handling that kind of amount is to avoid refreshing as much as possible, but since refreshing is an essential part of restocking, it can't be helped in this case. Sorry, but if you want a chance at that elusive zombie Draik, you're just going to have to cross your fingers that you don't see the wailing Kadoatie... or worse, the Tax Beast.

Hey. TJNT, I got the Neopets toolbar, and I tried to go to TTT (Tarla's Toolbar Treasures) but it doesn't work. What did I do wrong? ~ meepit master
It's hard to know what's going wrong without being able to see what you're doing, but here are a couple of general pointers. First, be aware that Tarla isn't around all the time. She only shows up briefly a few times a day, and certainly not every day. If you click the button (or link) when she isn't there, nothing will happen. Secondly, there are a lot of browsers (including most versions of Firefox) in which the alert light on the toolbar doesn't work as it should -- it flashes all the time, or doesn't flash at all. If you have one of these browsers, I'm afraid you'll have to lurk on the Neoboards if you want to know when Tarla's around. Finally, you can only get a prize from Tarla once a day -- even if you were slow earlier in the day and only got one of the "dropped items," you can't come back later and collect the main prize the next time she visits.

Hope that helps, and if not, feel free to write back with more details!

Tarla: Quit saying bad things about my toolbar, or I'll... go on another mystery tour!
JN Staff In Charge Of Twitter Feed: No! No! Anything but that!

Do you know if cardboard petpets are able to win Petpet Protection League award? ~ Matter
At the time of writing, it appears that the Ditsy, Frogler, Liobits and Weeble have never been selected for the PPL Award. Nevertheless, there doesn't seem to be any good reason why they shouldn't be selected at some point in the future. Unlike labbing (which is hazardous to the health of your petpet), owning a cardboard petpet doesn't seem like an activity the PPL would frown on. With hundreds of petpet/colour combinations in Neopia to choose from, however, I wouldn't hold your breath for any specific one.

Now, I know most Classic items can go into the new Neohomes. But can all the new Neohome items (except NC Mall and flooring/wallpaper) go into the old ones? Thanks! ~ The_trumpet_player_
Unfortunately not. There are quite a few 2.0 Neohome items (such as the Moltara Christmas Tree) that cannot currently be used in Classic Neohomes. We don't know whether these items will ever be compatible with Classic, but it's a pretty safe bet that making old items work in new homes is more of a priority for TNT than vice versa.

Hello there JN. I was browsing around some Neopets history and stumbled across a Time Machine on the Tyrannian Plateau. I am really curious to know...what happened to it and the crazy scientist Wocky that was fixing it? ~ mysti_lilac614
Presumably the Wocky scientist has managed to get back to his own time. If you visit this corner of the Tyrannian Plateau, you'll see the message "Oh, the Time Machine doesn't seem to be here any more... looks like he finally fixed it! :)"

Unfortunately, we don't know when and where his home might be -- but given that he hasn't been seen in Neopia since, we can only guess it's still a way off in the future. So be kind to any annoying little Wocky kittens that ask you for help with their homework... after all, you never know!

Netscape? Where we're going, we won't need Netscape.

I want to write a Neopian Times story involving a young female Neopet (maybe about five years old). Here's my question: since little kids tend to not pronounce everything perfectly, is it acceptable to have a few words 'misspelled' to represent attempts at pronunciation (as long as the word is recognisable), or would they just mistake it as a spelling error? Thanks! ~ kittenkutie936
That sounds like a cute story! My advice would be to put a note in the little box at the bottom of the submission form telling the editor that your misspellings are intentional. I wouldn't be too heavy-handed with them, though -- a little characterisation goes a long way, an Im shor nobodie wonts too reed a Niopeun Tyms stawry that luks lyke this.

I was wondering if gifting boards are against the rules because every time I go on one, there's always some person who says, "These types of topics are against the rules." They quote the NT editorial #386, which says, "...[A]nd therefore disallow all giveaway boards." But that's a really old issue and I want to know if this is still in effect. ~ anonymous
We just celebrated issue #500 of the Neopian Times, so 386 really isn't that far back in the grand scheme of things. In this case, I would say that since nothing has been published since then that would contradict that editorial, it can be assumed that it's still in effect.

Why were Meepits made evil? They could be cute little hamsters that love Neopians. Is there any history on this that says why Meepits are evil? Thanks in advance. ~ doritochip28
Well, Meepits are classed as Spooky Petpets, which means they originally come from the Haunted Woods. As I'm sure you know, that part of Neopia is full of all sorts of sinister vibes, malevolent creatures and bizarre experiments. Maybe some of the evil in the atmosphere rubbed off on the Meepits?

If you're looking for a cute hamster-like petpet with no villainous tendencies, I would recommend the Yullie. Much cheaper than a Meepit, too!

I'll be your friend forever!

Has anyone compiled a list of unbiased criticisms of Neopets? I love Neopets, but it would be nice to see other people's opinions of it. (Or are you not allowed to say anything? Blink twice for yes.) Has anyone ever been a web critic and dissed or raved about Neopets? ~ lawyerbot V.2
We don't tend to put our own opinions and criticisms up here; rants, reviews and opinion columns don't really fit with our site's policy of providing objective and useful information. However, you can always find people sharing their opinions about Neopian features old and new on the Jellyneo Forums -- if you want to make a general topic about it, I'm sure some of us will reply. There are also quite a few blogs and journal communities on the Internet dealing with Neopets in a less objective way than we do here, if you fancy a bit of exploration.

Hey JN, I was just wondering, what happened to the Trading Card Game and the Neopets Magazine? ~ Cearalucaya
There's still a TCG page on Neopets where you can view checklists for all your carefully collected cards, but TNT haven't announced any new decks in some time and I would guess there are no plans for new ones in the immediate future. :( As for Neopets Magazine, you can read all about its rise and fall here.

Trading Card packs

*gulp* *shiver* H-H-Hi...I was v-v- *slaps himself* I was visiting Neopets and well... (before you read further, thank fate I was using Google Chrome)... I got redirected to secure.neopets.com. Please don't visit it! But... my friend said it was a phishing site and Google Chrome said it was modified by an attacker to steal bank accounts (and blah blah blah etc.). I was wondering... what is it like? Chrome blocked it and I didn't have the guts to go to that horrible website. Oh, and dear people reading this... do not attempt to visit this! ~ superlegion
*Offers you a mug of camomile tea* Here, this should help you calm down. I'm happy to say this is not the case.

Of course, it's important to look at the address bar before you give your details to any Neopets page. (This page has more on why that's a good idea.) However, in this case, you have nothing to worry about. Anything with the address [something].neopets.com (with a dot before the "neopets.com" bit) is a subdomain of Neopets itself, not an outside website. For instance, if you look closely at the NC Mall address bar, you'll find you're on ncmall.neopets.com -- all without having left Neopets. And if you look through the images in Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium, all of which are official Neopets images, you'll see they all come from images.neopets.com.

Secure.neopets.com is just another one of these subsections of Neopets. (And no, you won't see anything horrible, criminal or top-secret if you type it into the address bar -- just the regular Neopets homepage.) You don't mention what you were doing when you were redirected there, but I'm going to guess it was something that needed some personal details from you. This may be why Chrome mistakenly thought it was a phishing site. False positives like that do show up every once in a while -- even the mighty power of Google isn't immune to making mistakes.

Blumaroos Scared by Falling Dice
Oh, wait, that's just some Gummy Dice. As you were.

Hey TJNT! I was wondering, can the Lab Ray change my pet's colour to Maractite? I want a Maractite Usul so bad, but that paint brush is ridiculous! Thanks! ~ culler_bye
Good news for you! It appears there have been some cases of pets being zapped Maractite since the colour was released, so you're in with a chance. Bear in mind that the Lab can change species as well as colour, though, so it's worth weighing up the cost of the paint brush against the cost of all the Usul morphing potions you'll need to restore your pet when he or she gets a species zap.

I was thinking about an idea for the Neopian Times, but I wonder, is there something wrong with the use of a cabaret club or a pub in a story/comic? Not that I'm planning to put something inappropriate in it, but are these places allowed to be a part of the story by TNT? Also, could I use it in other things like for the art competition or the beauty contest? ~ gerardz2893
I have no idea about cabaret clubs, but there's at least one canonical pub in Neopia -- the famous Golden Dubloon Tavern on Krawk Island. There have certainly been stories and comics featuring it in the past, so I'd assume you're free to do the same. I'd steer away from explicit mentions of alcohol, though, as that definitely isn't allowed on the site.

Hi! So I was viewing a user and they said that in the past, you could have 6 Neopets. I don't think so. Is this true? ~ anonymous
Actually, we're now allowed more Neopets than we used to be -- the original limit was three. It's never been possible to own six Neopets on the same account, but with the right coding tricks, a user might have been able to make a user lookup appear to show six Neopets instead of the normal four. If you see an account that seems to have more than four Neopets, it's either clever coding, a temporary glitch, or a member of TNT testing something.

Hey JN! I recently got a random event where it said, "A beautiful Fire Faerie floats down and gives you a !!!" Except the image was broken and no item was given. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else before with this particular event, or any other for that matter? Or could the event be glitched? Thank you. ~ Anonymous
We've had quite a few reports of random events acting strangely recently -- characters that are supposed to give out special items are now giving out random foods. If you don't receive an item from a random event that's listed in our guide as giving one out, or if the item is something completely different from what's listed, send a bug report to TNT so they can look into it. Sorry to hear you missed out.

Fire Faerie
I'll have you know that my !!!s are the best in all of Neopia. Hmph.

What happened to Poogle Races? ~ wolflovermoon
Absolutely nothing, ever, as far as I can tell. The game still looks as ridiculously ancient as it did in my newbie days. If you're suddenly having trouble viewing it -- or indeed any other game -- make sure your Internet browser and Flash player are up to date and that your ad-blocker isn't prohibiting things from *.neopets.com. Some countries also have laws that don't allow gambling games to be displayed to children.

How does TNT know that you've broken the rules? Do people report you or has TNT already figured that out? I'm thinking that TNT gets those "report e-mails" every day! ~ peacefully_royal111
It's a little bit of both! TNT employ monitors who watch the site day and night (yes, even on weekends and bank holidays). It's these monitors' job to keep an eye out for anything that shouldn't be going on. There are also computer programs that keep an eye on things like Flash game scores, and alert the monitors if someone tries to send in a score of nine thousand million points for Hasee Bounce. TNT can then take a look and figure out whether the weird score is a glitch, or someone trying to cheat.

However, the monitors are only human and can't be everywhere at once. This is why they need people like you to use the Report button when you see something dodgy going on. A report is basically a way of telling one of the monitors "Come over here and look at this!" He or she will do exactly that, and decide whether a rule is actually being broken. Beware -- if you try to report somebody just for the fun of it when no rules have been broken, you're wasting a monitor's time, and you could get a warning yourself.

Is there a limited amount of pauses in Sutek's Tomb? ~ anonymous
Yay, another Sutek's Tomb fan! From my many hours wasted rearranging blocks, I can inform you that you're limited to three uses of the pause feature per game, so be sure to use them wisely.

Sutek's Tomb block

I was in an auction for a Magical Golden Nerkmid and had put in 50,000 Neopoints. After the auction ended, I never got my money back so I sent a ticket to Neopets. A few minutes later, I got my Neopoints with no reply from TNT, so I'm afraid they'll think I was lying. I left the Neopoints untouched--will anything happen? ~ anonymous
If a ticket becomes obsolete, you can add extra information to it or close it altogether by clicking the buttons at the bottom when viewing the ticket in My Support. In this case, I'm sure TNT will be able to track what happened by looking at the auction records, but it can't hurt to let them know the full story.

For future reference, auctions can sometimes take awhile to process, especially when the site is busy. The Auction Status page should give you a general idea of how much backlog to expect, though it may not always be accurate with regard to waiting times. If you still haven't received your Neopoints 24 hours after an auction closes, however, it is a good idea to send in a bug report.

Congrats on your 125 million hits mark! Why can't you give a Facebook code like Neopets! ;) Anyways, can you guys create a page for explaining the process of price rise or fall in Neopets... For example, Faerie Paint Brushes have retired yet they stay in the 500,000 NP range, while Randomly Firing Freeze Ray is steadily increasing in price! ~ Nikh
You've come to the right Neopian! My article on Neopian Economics 101 should help you feel a bit less puzzled. Admittedly, it's not always easy to see the exact reasons behind an item's price rising or falling. It's helpful to know a bit of history and to consult the Item Database's notes for any items you're confused about.

The Randomly Firing Freeze Ray was a prize from a one-of-a-kind competition. Even if TNT decide to run the same kind of contest next year, the prizes probably won't be the same. That means there may never be another chance to get a Randomly Firing Freeze Ray again. A lot of people will want to put it in their galleries, or equip it to their battling pets, so the number of people with a Freeze Ray for sale will keep getting smaller -- which, in turn, means they can charge higher prices.

In the case of paint brushes, "retired" doesn't really mean a lot, since most of them aren't sold in shops to begin with. The price of Faerie PBs fell sharply this year because many people were able to get one without spending any Neopoints at all, as a prize for having participated in the Faeries' Ruin plot. If you've paid nothing for an item in the first place, you won't feel like you have to charge as much money for it in order to make a profit.

Hanso wielding magical artefact
He risked his life so we could all have free paint brushes!
No, wait, hang on, let me check my notes again...

Hi Jellyneo! *lightly tosses a bit of every kind of jelly... except dung jelly* Thank you for taking your time solving my strange predicament... I was playing Habitarium lately and I noticed that the Nesters' egg "incubation" bar went down... is there anything I should do? Or is there something wrong with Habitarium? Thank you again for your time! ~ Vanillaqueen18
*Is hit on the head by a Robot Jelly* Ouch.
Ah, the mysterious shrinking incubation bar! I was puzzled by this myself for quite some time, until some kindly Habitarium veterans helped me out. This is actually an effect that Pests (the little blue bugs) can have on your Habitarium. If you want your eggs to incubate quickly and safely, be sure to have lots of Soldiers around to scare those nasty Pests away!

*Gives everyone broccoli (kidding!) cakes and cookies* I just made a mistake. I painted my Nimmo Christmas but I wanted to paint my Koi Christmas. What can I do now? I need help! ~ alp_shadow
But, but I like broccoli! ;_;

Unfortunately there's no way of getting a paint brush back once you've used it, and even Fyora can't do anything about that. You'll need to buy another one if you want to paint your Koi. Happily, Christmas Paint Brushes are among the cheaper colour-changing items in Neopia, at around 50,000 NP, so it shouldn't be too hard to save up for a second one.

Christmas Coat
Who'd want to wear something like this in summer?

Do you know the help section? (Of course you do! I'm only checking!) Well, there is a giant problem with the help section. I sent in a question to TNT; a few days later, I click on My Support and all that happens is I get directed to the home page! Do you know why? Second question: I went to a user shop and they sold paint brushes that were 1 NP each! And the person was 28 months old! Do you know why? Final question: What is the value of a Striped Paint Brush? ~ mongal_9_3
The problem with the help page has been going on for a while, but I find that if you wait for the page to reload after you click My Support, then click it again, you can get the right page to come up after a few tries. Once you've done that, maybe you can send in a ticket about your problems sending a ticket... :P

According to our snazzy Item Database, a Striped Paint Brush should cost about 90,000 NP at the time of writing this editorial (July 2011, for any future database-readers). As for why someone would sell a brush for 1 NP, I'm afraid my powers of mind-reading aren't good enough to shed any light on that. Maybe the user was just feeling generous.

I have heard from friends that ad-block could be used to restock. I was also informed that it was okay to use ad-block to block images of the junky items of a shop. May I ask if this is a freezable offence? ~ anonymous
That would fall under "using a program to gain an unfair advantage," which you are not allowed to do. If TNT had wanted you to see only the expensive items in a shop, they would have designed restocks to work that way in the first place. Please use ad-blockers only for their intended purpose -- blocking adverts. (Well, I also use mine to block the "Nickelodeon Kids and Teens" button in the footer, but that's simply because it bugs the heck out of me.)

Bespectacled Lenny Looking Annoyed
I am neither a "kid" nor a "teen," thank you very much.

I was watching this video the other day and the person was talking about this website called [address removed]. The website was supposed to give you free Neopoints and paint brushes, but you had to be logged in to get it (it was even more strange that the person was already logged in and then logged in again to get the things)! The person making the video said he had got a Lemon Chia from it, but it seems like a scam to me. So I went on this website, and it was something totally different! I did a quick search of the whole site, and there was nothing to do with Neopoints. So, do you guys (and gals) know anything about this? If it does come back up, will I be suspended from Neopets if I use it? I need to know, because I want those things, but am afraid of the consequences! Thanks! Sorry if I blabbered too much. ~ roversydneygirl
You were right to be suspicious! There are quite a lot of these videos floating around, unfortunately, and yes, they are all SCAMS. The part where the person who was logged in "had to log in again" is a classic example of the scam known as the Fake Login Page. The user who claimed to have got a Lemon Chia was probably a friend of the scammer trying to make the scam look more believable.

Luckily for you, it sounds like the scam site was taken down by the web host (probably as punishment for scamming people!) and the address was sold to somebody else. If you do find another site like that, don't even think about trying to use it -- report it to The Neopets Team at once. No matter how tempting the free Neopoints and paint brushes sound, I can guarantee that they don't exist. Sorry. :(

I heard that if I have 0 pets, my account is frozen. Is this true? ~ anonymous
No, you won't be frozen just for having a lack of pets on your account. However, you won't be able to do much with that account, either. You need to own at least one Neopet if you want to do most of the important things around the site -- even things that don't appear to have much to do with pet ownership, like posting on the Neoboards. So while it isn't against the rules not to own a Neopet, you'll be missing out on a lot of Neopian life if you don't.

Annoyed Dr. Death
You could always take home one of the miserable brats in the Pound and make my job easier... *hmph*

If I already have access to the Lab Ray and collected a second set, could I turn that in on the same account for multiple zaps in one day? I'm just thinking with the prices so low, now is the time to act! ~ katpow89
No, however many lab map pieces you collect, you can only have one zap per account per day. However, there's nothing to stop you handing in the second set on a side account and having two lab accounts at the same time.

Hey there, Dream! *gives you a cookie* So, anyway, I was looking at paint brushes in the Item Database, and... I noticed the Lutari Paint Brush had disappeared! What happened? ~ dragonfur77
I've checked the Item Database and I can assure you that the Lutari Paint Brush's entry is still very much there. We've received similar reports from other users -- what was happening was they had already searched for an item but didn't reset the search parameters or load a fresh copy of the page, so they'd end up looking for potions when the category was still set to Toy or something.

Now, if only TNT would actually get around to giving the silly Lutari Paint Brush a use...

So, Dream, you've been a contenter for a long while now. I have two questions for you. 1) What would you say is your favourite thing about working at Jellyneo? 2) If you had the opportunity to blatantly plug one aspect of the site, what would it be? :P Thanks, and enjoy that Diet Terry! ~ Torratz
Heh, I guess I have been here for a bit, haven't I? Funny how time flies when you're being chased by the Content Beast. Of course, there are much longer-standing staffers than me, but I'm definitely not the office newbie any longer.

The best thing about working for Jellyneo? It gives me power. MUHAHAHAHAHA -- *checks notes again* Oh, wait. Not that kind of power. Basically, I've always liked coming up with Neopets-related ideas, and now I've got the power to make those ideas reality. In the past, I'd often find myself wishing that there was a well-known page that [...insert useful purpose here]. Now, as a contenter, I can not only make that page, but have it displayed on a fan site that just gets bigger, better and more trusted as time goes on. It's the best possible opportunity for an idea-filled Neopets geek, short of actually working for TNT. (You guys reading this in Glendale, if you're hiring and you ever decide to get in touch with your British roots again... well, you know whom to call.)

As for the blatant plug, I'm still rather fond of the Species Encyclopaedia the two of us worked on together. It may not be as immediate as a game guide or Altador Cup roundup, but it's fun reading for a quiet afternoon. Hopefully, all the JN readers out there will learn as many new things browsing through it as I did while writing it!

Rainbow in the Sky

Oh, look... it seems the rain's finally stopped! Go on... I'll fold up the umbrellas. You'd better hurry and get out into the sunshine. Save your editorial questions to ask for next time!