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Summer in the Park
Published: June 25, 2011

Job #1: The Constant Gardener

But I didn't see... that the joke was on me...

This is so stupid, but I was just wondering where Illy got those Doctor Who figures used in her past editorial? ~ najarin6
They're the Doctor Who Time Squad series figures. I got mine from a toy distributor in Ontario but Amazon should have them.

How can I get a Sloth minion trophy for my JN account? ~ stephanie18soccer
That trophy is retired. :( It was a motivational prize for JN staff members back when we were working on Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium and needed thousands of images tagged.

Hi Jellyneo! Are you planning to make more events on only Jellyneo? ~ jubjubloversboy
You betcha! The biggest one is of course our Negg Hunt, but we're not ruling out a sequel to our Soda Wars event. ;D

Job #2: Hot Dog Vendor

Marketing fail.

Do you know if Lutari Island is open? ~ anonymous
It is currently not open.

Why don't you have really old links that still work or sponsor games for Neopets in your dailes do-er? I am trying to look for Neopets Jr. but I can't find it. ~ ShadowsBlaze
Neopets Jr. is here: http://www.neopets.com/mini/index.phtml

Old/secret links are listed in the Neopian Museum.

As for sponsor games, they pop up and disappear at unpredictable intervals, so we decided to lump them into a sponsor guide instead (easier to update as well).

I noticed that in The Neopian Times during the week of April 1st, the theme seemed to be greatly centered on Lutari Island. Is there something about the island I don't know? Was it a two week early happy Lutari day? Or was everyone like a psychic that they knew there would be a rumour about access to Lutari Isle? See, I really want to get a Lutari and I'm pretty stuck. ~ Anonymous
April 1st, a day for pranks!

A group of regular Neopian Times writers like to get together a couple times a year to organise themed submissions. In fact, in Neopian Times Issue 500, some of the comics seem to have something in common... ;)

I noticed that I have two petpets that are old enough to be in the range for a PPL award, but I see no way to submit them. How do they create the list of petpets for the PPL award and is there something I have to do to get mine to appear? ~ mewmew_bit
You don't have to do anything, just make sure the petpets are still attached to your pets and that they're not the result of a Petpet Lab Ray transformation (as those are ineligible for the award). When it's time to give out trophies, The Neopets Team simply runs a script that goes through their database, makes a list of recipients, and gives each one the prize.

How do you view pageviews on any page on Neopets? Like, what if I wanted to see the number of pageviews on my petpage and userlookup and the explore page! How would I get around to it? ~ Teddy1997253
You can only monitor pageviews on your lookups, shop/gallery, and pet page. The explore page is something users cannot edit. What you want to get is a web counter. There are plenty of sites that offer the service for free. Usually, you sign up with an account, choose the counter style you want, and then they give you the code to put on your own web page. You can search for "neopets web counter" as a starting point.

When a Neopets item is retired, can it be sold in official shops? ~ gustavohdh
Retired items no longer restock in main shops. Certain party items, like crackers or the Small Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake, are still given out in random events.

Hiya TJNT! I was looking through your Item DB (great invention by the way) for more instruments to add to my gallery when I noticed the plushie instruments. Most of them are like the Plushie Drum or the Plushie Sousaphone. But then, I saw the Trumpet Plushie. Is it a plushie coloured trumpet or a trumpet shaped plushie? Wow, I said plushie in that sentence way too many times. Thanks! ~ alabamasax
You probably already know this, but they renamed it for consistency, so now it's called Plushie Trumpet. I consider them all to be plushies shaped like instruments. That doesn't mean you can't play them, though (if you can play a Dung Sousaphone, you can play anything :P).

Hi! I was talking to my friend about how people always share answers to the Lenny Conundrum these days so it's hard to get a prize and a decent amount of NP. Then I remember that I managed to win one once! Except I forgot the prize and my safety deposit box is so stuffed that I can't find it anymore. So I was wondering, oh mighty Jellyneopians, if you could help me out? I remember the prize being a scroll-like item (in that it was furled, fastened with a purple thingy). I think it was release around the time of the Lost Desert plot... Help! Thanks so much! ~ dumbadum
Sounds like Pyramid Painting Vol. 7: Faux Finishes.

Why is the Book of Ages thumbnail pic for the Lupe Mage a Kyrii Mage Cape? ~ BassAnly_X
We didn't want to create unique thumbnails for each character so we decided to use Neopets item images. Herdy picks out the best image that fits the look; sometimes this means using an item that's not directly related, but we don't display the item name so it's all good. :)

Is it true that if I have 0 pets, my account says "Buurrp"? Thanks. ~ anonymous
On your user lookup? No, it just says, "This user has no Neopets to speak of. How sad. :("

Job #3: Seaweed Scrubber


Out of curiosity, if you get the daily puzzle right, does it restore all of your pet's health points? ~ Aerrowbomber

This might sound ridiculous, but could you explain exactly how the Altador Cup works? Last year's was the only one I participated in because of a long hiatus but I didn't really know what was going on and I can't seem to find any information on what it really is. Thanks. ~ anonymous
Sure! It's like the Neopian equivalent of the FIFA World Cup for soccer. The first thing you do is pick a team to join--Darigan Citadel, Maraqua, Meridell, Krawk Island, Kreludor, and Virtupets are popular this year. Other Neopets users will also have joined your team so it's a group effort. A new match starts every day, and you can see which team you're up against on the Altador Cup page. Then you play the games. Yooyuball is the "main" game, so play as much as you can of that. It's also good to play the side games (Make Some Noise, Shootout Showdown, Slushie Slinger), because the best result is your team winning in all four categories.

You're also in this for yourself. The more you play (again, Yooyuball is the main important one), the more points you will get at the end, and those points can be exchanged for items in the prize shop. For trophies, what they've historically done is give out gold/silver/bronze trophies to those who joined the three teams that made it to the podium in the end. Everyone else gets a medal of some sort.

There's also an optional NC component, if you want to spend real money. This part does not involve playing any games and it also doesn't contribute to your prize shop points. All you're getting are NC wearable items. You buy a pass from the NC Mall and then go into the VIP Access area to enter the room. There are 7 prize items per room, 4 rooms in total, so you'd be spending $30 USD to finish it all.

Hey, I just made a side account and in my NC gift I got the Cherry Blossom Branch, which would look so good with my Ogrin on my main. Could I trade it to my main? ~ Spookyfun
Yes, that is perfectly okay. You will need an NC Gift Box, though, which can be obtained by redeeming Neocash/Nickelodeon Game Cards or by opening up a Gift Box Mystery Capsule (the Pink Swirly Gift Box Mystery Capsule will be on sale in the Mall until July 1, 2011!).

I was sta- I mean, "looking" at people's accounts at random, when I came across an account with the weirdest shield I've ever seen. It was some sort of strange Bruce and Peophin combo. What is it? ~ xxxtaetaexxx845
Bruce and Peo... was it this one?

That is Senator Palpus, a character from a very old logic puzzle called Usurper.

Dear Jellyneo: Where are the Faeries' Ruin forums? I can't seem to find them anywhere, but I like reading all the speculation and theories that people had during the plot. ~ supergurl364
Neopets deleted the Faeries' Ruin Neoboards, but our forum for it can still be found here (it can also be found under the Archives section at the bottom of our main forum page).

How do you know some of the things about the lands in Guide to Neopia? Like, for example, I know sometimes you look in the Neopedia for information. I just want to know what parts of Neopia I can learn more about the lands. ~ elementdragongirl
Other than the Neopedia:

  • The explore page and in the worlds themselves
  • The Neopian Times (articles, not stories; search for "history")
  • Being there when events happened (for example, participating in past plots, reading the Neopets new features). We have a plot summaries page and timeline if you don't want to sift through over a decade of news

Job #4: Fire Marshal

The other day I saw people selling their Neopets for Neopoints and I know it is against the rules. How do you report it? ~ anonymous
There's an abuse report form (in this case, the type of abuse is probably "Scamming to get items or Neopoints").

How do I put my story in the Neopian Times? ~ anonymous
They have a submission form for articles, comics, series, and short stories. The form for Neopian Times editorial questions is here.

Hi, I was wondering why TNT is no longer giving the 1000 NP award to Premium members each month? ~ jeanawei1234
It's a (prolonged) glitch. The good news is that they've said they're working on updating the Premium service to make it on par with the monetary fee you're paying to get it.

I have a house and shop in Neopia Central. I can see the land on the map. And even Kiko Lake has an team. So why isn't there a Neopia Central team in the Altador Cup? ~ anonymous
I've always thought of Neopia Central as a generic downtown area (all it has is grass, homes, and shops). The other places are like fantasy realms and have more personality/history on which to base logos and team players.

Can you please tell me what fonts are for? I looked at the Slorg ones, and they are really cute! Thanks! ~ skylerdoggy
Our fonts? They are used on the Neoboards (Neopets' version of a forum). Every time you post on a board there, it shows your avatar, your active pet, and then your message. By default, your message is written in a rather plain style--the term "font" on Neopets means a cool style for your message. So, if you applied the "Slorgs Slorgs Slorgs by Marie" font to your Neoboard preferences, the text part of your message would be written in light grey, and then beneath it would be rows of cute li'l Slorgs; this would happen every time you posted something.

Hi there! I was wondering, with bottled faeries, I know that you can get certain abilities when you reach a certain level, but what if your pet is at level 150 and there is no ability given at that level. Does the faerie just fly away and do nothing, or does it increase a level of your other ability randomly like it does on the Wheel of Excitement for example? Very curious to know. Thanks! ~ looney10
The faerie will fly away if your pet already has all the possible abilities it can give. Using your example, a level 150 pet with all the air faerie abilities (from Spark to Teleport) would gain no new abilities and using bottled air faeries on it would result in them doing nothing/floating off. However, if that pet was missing Teleport, using an air faerie would give it that ability, but further air faeries would be wasted. Bottled faeries do not increase the level of an ability.

That brings up a good point: The Neopets Team, if you're reading this, more faerie abilities, please! :D

I don't mean to be rude, but can we get frozen for competing in your games (because you give out prizes)? I still love your site though! ~ anonymous
We do not give out Neopoints or Neopets items as prizes for our contests, so no. :)

What is the feeling of becoming an admin, Illy? ~ aircool3r/shockyz
Panic...? Red is an alarming colour. It's complicated... On the one hand, I'm still doing the miscellaneous stuff I did before all of this, so there's no steep learning curve; on the other hand, there's pressure to do more; and on the third hand, I'm nervous about juggling JN with real life.

As a fan site, we are often at the mercy of Neopets' schedule. If the new features get released late or if an event is updating right at midnight NST, we have to be there. And if there's a lot that needs to be added to JN, then oh geez, it's full-on flailing time. So, that can take its toll on us. It's amusing trying to explain it to parents or job interviewers--we don't sit around all day combing the fur on our cutesy virtual pets...

This concludes my rambling. ;)

Dear JN, after 5 long years, I finally gained access to the Lab Ray and the Petpet Lab Ray. One of the first things it did was change my petpet into a Pile of Soot. But after a few more days of zapping, nothing has happened to it (except for a name change). So my question is, will a Pile of Soot stay a Pile of Soot forever, or can the Petpet Lab Ray change it back to something...er...prettier? ~ 1_doglefox
It can change a Pile of Soot to something else. Congratulations on getting the two Lab Rays! :)

Job #5: Egg Mobile Driver

*Gives cookie* Hey JN! I was searching Neopets on Firefox and I found something strange (http://images.neopets.com/js/swfobject.js?v=2). Do you know what it is? I wonder if it's a secret user lookup... ~ ShadowsBlaze
The comment in the file explains: it's a script that detects what version of Adobe Flash you have, and it makes putting up Flash components on the site easier. I suppose you could think of it as being similar to a CSS file--it's not dangerous/trying to steal information from you, it helps the site function properly, and it's not filled with Neopets' secrets. :P

If I had a friend in real life that would like to be lent some Neopoints to get their account back up, could I lend them the Neopoints without being iced? ~ username removed
You could... The Neopets Team don't go around freezing everybody for being a good friend. However, if it's an amount you can easily make back, then personally, I would just give it to them as a gift, without expecting anything in return. Loans can get... tricky... between friends, even in real life situations. Do you want to loan them stuff? What if they take a really long time to pay you back? Some people don't mind, while others feel bad for constantly having to ask, "Do you have my money yet?" It's up to you!

Hey Jellyneo! When I visited the Rubbish Dump in Meridell, there was dung and it said that it had been donated by the Dung Faerie. Is there really a faerie like that? ~ greycadro
At this point, she's on the site in name only (kind of like Cronjobbia, who also doesn't have a customised appearance). Is Neopia ready to see a Dung Faerie? Well, maybe one day she'll be fleshed out (or rather, "flushed" out--dung humour! HA!).

I searched for a Neopet, and it said, "Is not born yet!" but when I went to the create a Neopet, it wouldn't let me create it! Why? ~ abdielle
*cough cough* Editorial database. *cough cough*

Job #6: (Very Polite) Train Bandit

A quick trip to Durc and I'm rich! I'm rich!

Oh wow, you got a ton of money! Let's go shopping!
I saw the most darling outfit the other day in a catalogue. Here, try it on!

... HELP ...

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