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We Interrupt Your Scheduled Programming
Published: June 12, 2011

Quick! Lawyerbot needs his soap operas!

Baby Lawyerbot
Thanks to Soap Opera Rapid Ageing Syndrome, he'll actually be 16 by the time you finish reading.

Where did Jelly World go? I just got a 404 when I tried to visit! What is Neopia coming to if even Jelly World is a 404?! ~ 936delete
Your jelly could not be found. Try refreshing the page, or come back later.

How come people say that sometimes when they read a book to their pet, it doesn't disappear? Is this a glitch? ~ Faerieprincessdreams
It's one of many nifty loyal user perks! If your account is 2 years or older, there is a small chance that it won't disappear after you read it to your pet.

Anniversary Negg
Nobody stays married long enough on The Bold and the Blockquoted to even reach a wedding anniversary.

Just wondering, is there any way to remove things from your closet? Because I have some pretty expensive things there and want to sell them. I just couldn't see any "remove from closet" buttons. ~ train23_1
There sure is! When viewing your closet, you'll notice that each item has a box on the right with a zero in it. You can type the number of items you wish to remove, then scroll down and press the "Move Selected Items" button at the bottom. The items will then be moved to your Inventory. Paint brush colour clothing currently cannot be removed from closets or sold.

Why does the description for the Jumbleberry say "it isn't actually called med_berry_3"? ~ wolflovermoon
This question is a rerun. Enjoy this answer from the JN archives, with our compliments.

My question is about the Jumbleberry. Why is the description "Yes, it isn't actually called med_berry_3 heh heh"? I'm so curious about that! ~ tori1237654

Weepit: If you look at the image properties for the Jumbleberry, you'll see that its URL is http://images.neopets.com/items/med_berry_3.gif. When items are released, the file name of the item (in this case, med_berry_3) contains useful information for Neopets programmers and Neopets users. The "med" part indicates that the item is a Medieval Food, and the rest is usually an indication of what it should be called. Try viewing the image properties for other Neopian items to see what I mean.

The description was probably a sarcastic comment on TNT's behalf about the length of time it took them to give the berry an official name, because when it was first released in the news, it was known as just "med_berry_3" to users (TNT rarely provide item names along with the images they post in the news). See, they can have a laugh at their own expense. :P

Hi, JN! I love this site! Anyway, I'm an aspiring writer and hope to get published in the Neopian Times. Now, I know you aren't allowed to write about Jelly World (because it doesn't exist, of course). Yet, I was wondering if it was possible to send in a short story where the main character thinks they visit Jelly World, but it's all a dream? I have this idea, but I don't want to spend a lot of time on it if I know it can't be accepted. Thank you if you answer this! =D ~ Anonymous
How can they dream about something that doesn't exist, has never existed and will never exist? o_O You'd have nothing to write about! Articles/stories about this so-called Jelly World have been accepted before, so your idea is fine.

Hey JN! I just finished listening to your podcast of the 150th editorial and I went to look at the podcast of the 50th editorial when I saw a question where somebody asked about World of Neopia. So, what is World of Neopia? I read in the answer that it was set to be released in 2009, but it wasn't. So, what happened? Thanks in advance! ~ roversydneygirl
World of Neopia was (is? will be? We don't know! :P) a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, much like Petpet Park. As you've noticed, it hasn't yet been released and we aren't sure if it ever will be. One of those hanging plot threads of life...

Thread Spools
Nooo! I can't wait until next season!

Do The Neopets Team delete Neomails after a certain amount of time? I used to have some messages in my box and a month later they were deleted. I am so confused! ~ guinea441
Yep - old Neomails are automatically deleted if they are over 30 days old. If there's something in your inbox you wish to keep, move it over to a Folder and save it as per the instructions on the screen.

I accidentally joined the Altador Cup with my guild account. What do I do now? I already received the background, so.. :S ~ anonymous
You can't switch or un-join a team once you've signed up, so your best bet here is to discard the free items (including the background) you received and make sure not to play any AC games on that account.

Hi JN Staff. My mutant Techo just turned invisible because of that crazy random event. I perfectly liked her as a mutant and dislike the invisible pets greatly. Is there any way to get her back besides another morphing potion? (I adopted her from the pound as a mutant so I don't know what happened to her.) I don't have money for the Lab Ray, nor any of the map pieces. ~ Odometers
In a word -- no. You'd need a Techo Transmogrification Potion, the Lab Ray, or a Fountain Faerie Quest. Sorry about that. :(

Can you model more than one item for the JN Model Wearables? Or does it have to be one at a time? ~ anonymous
You can model as many items at a time as you like! It doesn't matter if your pet is wearing other items that we don't need - we know what we're looking for. ;)

I have 10 Squid Sprinklers in my safety deposit box, but there doesn't seem to be such an item in your Item Database nor any available to buy anywhere. What happened?? Will they disappear if I try to sell them? ~ jtd522
Ah, but there is such an item in our database! They are r95, so there won't be too many floating around, but they can be bought, sold and left on the train just like any other item. :)

*makes grabby hands*

Hey... I noticed how the Wishing Well avatar has two coins. Does it have anything to do with the number 2 or the two coins? ~ Dcoolbananafan
It is quite possible, but we still haven't found the solution yet! Help us out by submitting your theories to the Project Wishing Well page.

Hi Jellyneo! I was sifting through some past news feeds *lets out a hearty cough and dust flies everywhere* and I saw something on the September 2008 news called the School Faire. I've never heard of it and it's not up-'n-running on the site anymore. What is it? What could you do there? What does it look like? Why do I have so many questions? Please tell me... Tell me... Wondering for ssssoooo long... *coughs hearty again* Thank *cough* you... ~ roversydneygirl
The School Faire was a sponsor area that showcased some existing school-themed Neopets games and icons and allowed you to feed your pets. It has long since been removed from the site, but related images can be found in Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium.

Hi Aurora and Torratz! *tosses assorted Richards and Hammonds* I noticed in a Neopian Times editorial that the non-existent world of Jelly World doesn't have an Altador Cup team because it doesn't exist. What confuses me is that the practice team seems to be some sort of Jelly World team that doesn't actually participate in the tournament. Has there ever been any explanation of this, and if so could you please tell? ~ shadowaura256

Jelly Chia Goalie
I don't exist.

The JN Editorial #151 news post has a picture of a surprised Moehog on it, but then I looked closer and saw that the Moehog has a Ruki body. Why does he have that body? ~ anonymous

It relates to a question that was asked in said editorial, about a Moehog that was zapped into a Ruki via the Lab Ray.

Since the Altador Cup is starting, I noticed you guys put your banners up again, where it's a different one every time I come to the home page. I saw the one for Lost Desert and it had some symbols on it. Naturally, I had no idea what it means. Care to inform us? *hands you a Roo Island trinket* ~ 1_doglefox

Hey Jellyneo! For the banner you guys have up for the Altador Cup, the ones that show the different teams, I was wondering what the quoted phrase was for the Lost Desert. You know, the one with Hieroglyphics. Thanks! ~ bylime99990

I believe the hieroglyphics say, "We say the Lost Desert will win." *Crosses fingers behind back* Who knows, perhaps they will!

*Resists the urge to mention a certain plundering team*

And before you ask about the Tyrannian one, it was already answered in this editorial.

What is the plural of Lutari? Is it Lutaris, Lutaries, or just Lutari? I know the Neopian Times has had this question before, twice actually; that's why I am asking it. They both got different answers (389 & 491). So please clarify... Which one is it!? *Throws two slightly confused Lutari/s* ~ Picadillys
The most recent editorial takes precedence. :)

What's the correct plural form of Lutari? Lutaris, Lutaries, what?!? Please answer. ;-; This is bothering me a bit. ~alexachomburi

The plural of Lutari is... Lutari. :)

What's the cheapest cure for Blurry Eyes? My pet has it and the cures are super expensive! ~ xxxtaetaexxx845
The best thing to do is go to the Healing Springs. That way, your pet can get cured for free!

How many games of Yooyuball and side games do I have to support my team with everyday? I just wanted to know because I don't want to be considered a "freeloader." ~ anonymous
There is no "set number" of games you should play each day. Play as often or as little as you feel comfortable with - nobody has the right to hassle you about how often you play. Every goal you score or slushie you sling is helping your team. :)

Yooyuball Snowglobe
I visited a psychic to see if my team would win the Altador Cup.
She told me, "You are all winners" in a spooky voice and ran away.

Hi Torratz and Aurora. First, let me apologise if I hurt your feelings Aurora when I put your name second. Second, I brought plushies for you! For Torratz, a Rainbow Brain Tree Plushie! And for Aurora, a Huggable Happiness Faerie Plushie! Now, on to the questions! Question #1: What AC Teams do you support? And I mean all of you, including the ones not answering the questions! Question #2: What describes a side account and how do you make one? Thank you and enjoy the plushies! ~ Megamanlan11
We *bzzt* all support *brrflp* Virtupets. It's Dave's favourite team.

For all your side account queries, visit our comprehensive Side Accounts article. :)

If someone put together a Rainbow Swirly Thing, a Cherry Wish Stick, an Oak Wish Stick, a complete Lutari talisman, a Pant Devil Attractor, a Four Leaf Cover, and an Amulet of Thilg, and it resulted in a Battledome item...what do you think it would do? ~ superlegion
Neopia would most likely implode. Which means All My Dumpbots would come back, yay!

Check out The Neopian Museum, Plots Department
This issue brought to you by:
The Neopian Museum, Plots Department

Neopia, home of the world's greatest soap operas. Who could forget Hanso and Brynn's epic love story? Or the evil Dirty Den Dr. Sloth wreaking havoc? And let's not leave out... you know what? Why not check them out for yourself. :D