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Rosie's Duhn-Duhn-Doooooodle Edition!
Published: May 28, 2011


Hey there JN. I have a question: I want to make my side account as my main account and transfer all my items to it, including Neopoints. Is it legal to do so, or is it against the rules? Thanks. :D ~ lupe_loops841
It is acceptable by TNT to make one of your side accounts your new main account, but there are precautions to take to do so safely. This is what I recommend: When you decide to switch your main, you should stop all Neopoint-making and item-earning activities for a minimum of 24 hours on both accounts. This includes dailies, games, freebies, etc. After that period is up, you're OK to start transferring your items and Neopoints from your old account and return to your normal routine of playing Neopets on your new main.

You can find more information about transferring main accounts and the do's and don'ts of side account usage in our Side Account F.A.Q.s.

Hey JN! About the last JN Editorial (150), what was the song Suzuka sang part of? It's been driving me crazy! ~ mishaluna
She had "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring in mind when she sang it.

If you'd like to listen to other podcasts we've done, there's one for Editorial 50 and Editorial 100. Suzuka also sometimes uses singing as a means of intoning her speech.

How do you know what the Jellyneo Staff look like? Do they describe themselves for you to draw them? ~ petalshine_3
Very early on, many staffers were providing me with only descriptions and I had to fill in the gaps with my imagination (this is why some of us look more anime-ish than others). But recently, staffers have been supplying me with fantastic photographs so I can make the caricatures resemble them a lot more. =)

Usually Dave's around to model the body types for me, including females.
*Disclaimer: Rosie does not endorse using your thumb for distance, measurements and angles when drawing.
It doesn't help because it becomes a crutch and she thinks you just look silly doing it. :D

OMG!!! My name is Rosie too!!!! (I'm not kidding.) ^0^ Anyway, say if you have a red Moehog, and you take it to the Lab Ray, and it turns into a Ruki, will it still be red? ~ the_otaku_princess
OMG. Another doppelganger! O_O

Possibly. After some research and a little reminiscing on my own Lab Ray log, it seems that when a species change occurs, it will be randomly assigned one of the four basic pet colours (red, green, blue, or yellow). So you've got a 1 in 4 shot for the colour red, but you're out of luck if you're hoping for the Lab Ray to change, say, a Halloween Moehog into a Halloween Ruki in one firing.

Hello! I am a Kougra plushie collector. I saw on your Item Database that an Electric Kougra Plushie exists on Neopets; however, when I explore to find out more about this plushie, there is no description to be found. What does this mean? Did Neopets forget to release the plushie? How does one resolve such an issue? ~ anonymous
The Electric Kougra Plushie (as of this editorial release) has been marked with "Not Announced." This means that the item's image was found by our staff members, but the item was not announced in the news, and most certainly is not released. The item has been named by our team since it's an easy assumption that it will be called "Electric Kougra Plushie" when and if it's announced. There could be many reasons why it hasn't been released. The image itself is quite old, maybe it was uploaded but didn't make the cut, or it was forgotten about.

I could have bet my plunger you were called "Dung Stepping Stones" a few years ago...

Hello there Rosie and JN! *gives Dung Catapult* I was wondering if the new wheel really gives a rarity 100 item. I look at the boards and no one gets a rarity 100 thing. Also, in the rarity 100 space, is it possible to get Golden Dubloon items or something useless like Sticky Snowball or Banana Grub? I was just wondering... thanks if this gets answered... :) ~ misty_lax
*Happily accepts* Yes, the space with the silhouette of the Scorchstone awards you a rarity 100 item when you land on it. And yes, that includes Banana Grubs! (Which by the way, are not entirely useless!)

The reason so few are receiving these items is because the Wheel of Extravagance is designed to be a Neopoint sink (meaning it receives more Neopoints from users than it gives away, and it reduces the amount of Neopoints circulating in the economy). So, you are more likely to get something "bad" (nothing, 25,000NP, 50,000NP, etc.) than something "good." What keeps users coming back, though, is the small possibility that they'll win something amazing and sell it to become a millionaire. ;)

Yo TJNT! *throws Royal boy Draiks* I was searching in the Neopets search bar for random pet names to see if I could find any cool pets in the pound and I searched flamingcoconut and it came up with "Error: This Neopet was abandoned and has run away so as not to be placed in the pound!" Did the Meepits scare this pet away? ~ Chia_McBia1
*Hands one to Link*

Nope, we can be sure this time that the Meepits are not to blame. Lutari have a very perpetual habit of running away when an owner attempts to abandon it at the pound. So flamingcoconut is possibly relaxing on an island somewhere, drinking out of flaming coconuts and catching some rest and relaxation until the next purge.

You may abandon me, but you can never insult me. Who am I?

From JN Editorial 150, I know Rosie and Kataklysmos made the Negg Hunt. My question is, does that mean people don't write their own clues? Did the editorial just mean Rosie and Kata did the art? ~ jcolinj
The Negg Hunt Event is ultimately a melting pot of months of work from nearly the entire staff, but I think the specifics of the Negg Hunt production is still shrouded, even to other staffers. So here's a summary!

Kataklysmos and I are the tag team duo that gets the Negg Hunt up and on its feet. Kata is the mastermind behind things related to jnAccounts. This includes the inventory system, puzzle checkers, and clue and Negg activators! He also hides the Neggs, writes descriptions, sets up the portal entrances, and lays traps for cheaters (boo!).
I usually take care of all the Flash portal and puzzle coding, animation (pfft, like there's ever time for that!), and non-Neopets-drawn art that appears in and out of the portals--including the Neggs created for the event. Most of the puzzles are brainstormed and created between the two of us, sometimes on the fly while the portals are being coded (e.g., Simon fountain!). Many puzzles are inspired by famously pre-existing puzzles/games and are thematically adapted for the Negg Hunt and its portals.

Much of the raw data needed for this event is supplied by the rest of the staff. This includes Negg ideas, Negg hiding places, clues, preliminary puzzle ideas, puzzle data (like the questions/answers used in this year's Beast Lair puzzle), miscellaneous graphics (like Illy's pretty fridge and museum art!), megaphone announcements and other tidbits and goodies. Once the Neggs have been selected for the Hunt, staffers will claim a Negg/herring on a first-come-first-serve basis and create the clue and hiding place. The entire staff also play a big part in testing the portals before they are released (and sometimes that can be a window of only a few hours! o_O *shame*)

And of course, let's not forget the dedicated team of staffers who keep all of the commenters company during the Hunt, 24 hours a day for over a week straight!

Hi Rosie! *gives dung* I have two questions. The first one is: what program do you use to make your graphics? And the second: do Jellyneo staffers get paid? Thanks! ~ yellow4me
Answer #1: I have a plethora of tools I use for the art I make on JN. The big contender being JASC's Paint Shop Pro 7 (the latest version of this program line is owned by COREL). I use this program for the majority of my hand drawn art (including staff caricatures, trophy cabinets, and the wearable preview's Lenny Wizard!).

Other programs I use for drawing/art include Adobe Flash, Manga Studio EX 4.0, Anime Studio Pro 7, Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes even Autodesk Maya.

Answer #2: Of course we do! We're paid with the love and satisfaction we receive from the visitors who use Jellyneo's site. Thanks guys! <3

Just 'cause I like to do this: *throws a Mega Mushroom at Rosie* For some reason, it won't let me play Poogle Racing. Every time I try, it says, "Sorry, this game is unavailable." But awhile back, it let me play it, before they updated Faerieland and it still was in the air. So, what's preventing me from playing it? ~ jisue_7fish
*Gapes at the Mega Mushroom and avoids it like a pile of dung avoids a bar of soap* O_O

I've seen this specific problem happen quite a lot over the years where TNT has reset the age restrictions for some accounts by accident, so it might not be directly related to the previous Faeries' Ruin event. Try sending a ticket to TNT with an explanation of your problem to get it rectified.

I bought the Grimoire of the First Order on May 18th, at a 3% discount, and didn't get the avatar. Do you know why? ~ anonymous
That's because you're only halfway there! You need to also read the book to your pet in order to receive the HT - Rich avatar. ;)

Grimoire, indeed.

Hey JN! *throws Screaming Sophie Toy* Just curious, but exactly how many retired items are there on Neopets? I collect them, and it'd be nice to have to have a set number. :) ~ xxxtaetaexxx845
Since all (non-Neocash) retired items are rarity 180, you can always find an up-to-date number for this by simply searching for rarity 180 items in our Item Database. As of right now, there are 1437 retired items to collect! Good Luck! :O

I was typing the word "JavaScript," referring to a programming language, on the Neoboards and when I posted my reply, that word comes out like "-disallowed_word-." What is it and would I get a warning from TNT because of that? Thank you very much for your help. ~ anonymous
This and many other words that are essential parts of programming languages are filtered out on Neopets. The filter may have caught "script" or possibly the entire word "JavaScript" and blocked it to prevent any possible code that could cause damage to the site. You obviously had no intention of injecting JS code, so TNT wouldn't warn you for doing it in this instance. Just try to refrain from using the full word again, as it'll keep being filtered out.

Hello JN Staff! You guys are quite amazing! :) I am well aware that the Wheel of Monotony can take a super long time to finish. I spun the wheel and I constantly check it between tabs so I can continue to do things on Neopets. My time between the other wheels such as Wheel of Excitement and Misfortune were up so I decided to spin them. I checked my Wheel of Monotony before doing anything of course. I also keep nothing in my inventory besides my Pant Devil Attractor. I spun the Wheel of Excitement--nothing good, so I checked my Monotony wheel which was spinning at a nice speed. I spun the Wheel of Misfortune and to my shock I had a Tyrannian Paint Brush turn to sludge. Wondering what had happened I looked at my Wheel of Monotony and sure enough, it was still spinning and two minutes later it stopped...and gave me the paint brush which was now sludge in my inventory. My internet wasn't lagging, I take every precaution I can, I don't think anyone in their sound mind would spin the Wheel of Misfortune with something they didn't want anything happening to in their inventory. How did an item I didn't get until after it was turned into sludge turn into sludge? Thanks so much! Keep up the awesome work! ~ kaos7777
It looks like you were spinning too many plates wheels at the same time! And keeping your inventory near empty is what hurt you in this case. You should try filling your inventory with junk as an extra precaution when doing your daily activities--the Pant Devil isn't the only thing that can attack your items.

I'd hate to say it's predetermined but earning the prize before the wheel stops is a normal occurrence, and there is a reason for it. Let's say you were to spin the Wheel of Excitement and your fee was taken and prize was awarded after the wheel stopped; a possible way to avoid the prize would be to refresh and spin again if you landed on something you disliked. By taking the fee and determining the prize as soon as the wheel is spun, the prize will be in your possession in case of a refresh or other similar situations. The Wheel of Monotony works differently since it has a (long) delay between the time you start spinning the wheel and the time it enters its "slow down" period when the prize is determined and awarded.

So! In your extravagant efforts of precaution, recall the knowledge of your misfortune, for finding a non-monotonous way to complete your dailies may douse your excitement and end up bringing you mediocre results.

I didn't know where to put this without sounding rude.

In the game Ice Cream Machine, how many scoops of the "makes Adee smaller" scoops can you obtain until you can't get any more? ~ Jivabel
The minimise scoops are limitless. In fact, you can get to a point where Adee completely disappears if you accumulate enough minimise scoops!

If you check out our Ice Cream Machine game guide, all of the power-up scoops labeled with "can accumulate" are limitless. You will continue to accumulate their power until they are reset.