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Sunrise, Sunset
Published: May 14, 2011

Aurora, Illusioniste, Link, Noileh, Rosie, Suzuka, Uuliani--together they form... SINARLU? LUNARIS? Or maybe they just form the ragtag bunch of staff members bringing you Jellyneo's third podcast editorial. Run time is about 65 minutes (eep); a transcript is provided below.

Note: You might want to turn down your speakers before playing these audio files!

Day - Part 1 (04:59)

Illy: Hi and welcome to Jellyneo's 150th editorial. This time we're going to be doing another podcast, so let's introduce ourselves! I'm Illy.

Suzuka: I'm Suzuka.

Noileh: I'm Noileh.

Aurora: And I'm Aurora.

[Questions 1 through 3 are covered.]

Day - Part 2 (18:54)

[Questions 4 through 7 are covered.]

Day - Part 3 (18:22)

[Questions 8 through 13 are covered.]

Night - Part 1 (12:19)

Illy: So welcome back to our podcast and we're here with some of the members of the night crew. So, let's introduce ourselves. I'm still Illy.

Link: I'm Link.

Uuliani: I'm Uuliani.

Rosie: And I'm Rosie.

[Questions 14 through 21 are covered.]

Night - Part 2 (10:25)

[Questions 22 through 28 are covered.]

Extra - 1 (00:47)

Link sings part of "Misery" by Maroon 5.

Extra - 2 (00:33)

Link sings part of "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane; the Winnie the Pooh movie is briefly mentioned.

1. When did you first start playing Neopets? ~ anonymous
Suzuka: I started in September of 2001, so almost 10 years ago now. But not quite as old as you. I was in sixth grade! You were in 2000, weren't you?

Noileh: I was January 2002.

Illy: I was November 2000.

Aurora: I'm not sure...

Suzuka: Well I've still got my original account as a side, so it's just like I can look there and see that "I started on September 17th, 2001."

Noileh: January 7th, 2002.

Suzuka: But you don't have yours anymore, do you, Boiler--Noileh? I just instinctively refer to you as Boiler, it's kind of a problem.

Noileh: No, no it's not.

Illy: Okay, so we all started playing around the early 2000's then. We remember the "good ol' days."

Suzuka: Oh, good ol' days. Although I do remember buying a purple paint brush for my old Peophin for 11,000 Neopoints.

Noileh: I remember when you could buy Rock petpets, like, from the shop.

Suzuka: Me too!

Noileh: Only for 500 Neopoints and nobody wanted them!

Suzuka: I had 50 of them and then I sold them for a huge profit before they actually went way way up. They used to be lower rarity, didn't they?

Noileh: Well nobody wanted them. They were like, "Ugh, a Rock."

Suzuka: They didn't have the paint brush colours, that's what made them popular. Paint brush colours and I think their rarity changed. But they were so cute and I had one.

Noileh: They still are cute!

Suzuka: Well of course they're still cute, but, I mean I actually had one attached for a while on... an old account and... gosh I wish I had one now.

Illy: They're not that expensive now, are they?

Aurora: They're not.

Suzuka: I am just a tightwad. I can afford it, I just... like my money.


Uuliani: Some time in fourth grade, I think. Yeah. My grandma told me my cousin played it and my cousin lived in Hawaii, so, my parents thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with her.

Rosie: I started in fifth grade in 2003, I believe.

Link: I don't remember, but I used to go to a youth center and a lot of the kids in the computer lab played it and I wanted in 'cause I was jealous.

2. Dear JN: Does anyone remember Lilac Island? I read something about it when going through the older news archives for an article I'm writing, but I can't seem to locate the pages in the Neopedia. ~ brilliantgrey
Suzuka: It's also a ton of old Neopedia entries have since been rewritten, so we've got some characters in the Book of Ages that are no longer in the Neopedia that managed to get saved from the archives, but there are also some places and names that are considered sort of unofficial-official that were just made up in the Neopian Times and multiple users.

Noileh: It could've been renamed, so every mention of it has gone.

Suzuka: And it could've not existed 'cause she says (or he) that looking through the news archives, so it might've been something they made up for a storytelling contest or might've just...

Aurora: Been in the Neopian Times or something.

Illy: Yeah, it was in the Neopian Times, but the image for it, I don't know if it was legitimate or not, or if it was just a stock photo/piece of artwork that they had.

Noileh: Or maybe it's something just from a story where "Oh this person came from Lilac Island."

Suzuka: So... nope, I have no memory of it, but I also didn't discover the new features existed until almost a year in, so I thought you could only get it by clicking the--like, a few times they had it on the main page, a link to it.

Aurora: Same here.

Suzuka: And then I realised, "Oh wait, the 'news' button does not take you directly to the Neopian Times."

3. In your guide to the Haunted Woods, you mention the Outskirts and Berkshire Glen. How do you get there? I can't find them! ~ SilentAbyssZero
Suzuka: I don't think you can, can you?

Illy: No, we searched through the Book of Ages and they're just places that were mentioned in the books that you could buy, like Ghoul Catchers and the other books.

Suzuka: They've mentioned a lot of places that exist that you can't actually physically visit... It'd be kind of cool...

Aurora: Yeah, it would be nice.

Noileh: But what would they put there?

Aurora: Stuff?

Suzuka: I'm sure they could find a way to make it NC only.

*Everyone agrees*

4. Some random person Neomailed me saying, "Do you want a paint brush?" And I said, "Yes, I've been saving up for ages," and that person said she'll give me a paint brush if I gave her 50,000 NP. My question is: should I give her my NP or should I reject her offer? I am also sneaking in another question: Do you know when Faerieland will be up in the clouds again? Living near the Haunted Woods must be bad! ~ username removed
Aurora: Well, with the paint brush, I would say depends which paint brush it is because if it's worth 50,000 or less than that, then I would go for it.

Suzuka: This sounds like a sketchy situation because it sounds like it's not in a trade or in a shop. It sounds like they're asking, kind of like when people are trying to scam you by saying, "Buy this 40,000 NP item in my shop and you can be my Neofriend for my Neofriend-only auctions, which is a scam. It's illegal. So if they're trying to do something like that, absolutely do not [give the money] and report it immediately. But if it's just in a trade, ask them to put it in their shop and if it's the cheapest, go ahead and buy it.

Aurora: If someone just randomly Neomails you saying, "Hey, you want a paint brush for this much?" generally it's not... legit.

Suzuka: It sounds kind of sketchy, and 50,000? Okay, that's not that much, okay, granted, I'm thinking relative, but yeah, I can't see any situation where somebody who legitimately had a paint brush that would be nice for you to get would Neomail you asking you for that much. If you had a really nice one [for sale], you would either just give it or you would Neomail and say, "I saw you were looking for this, it's going for this on the Trading Post, I'll give it to you for this discount 'cause I know you'd use it, not resell it."

Aurora: Yeah, you don't just randomly ask people.

Suzuka: I remember a couple of years ago when somebody figured out a glitch and they had to reset a couple of days because people kept cloning Royal Paint Brushes and selling them for 1 Neopoint in their shops. That was interesting.

Illy: What about the follow up question? When will Faerieland be up in the clouds again?

Noileh: I'm gonna go with "never."

Illy: They're just going to keep rebuilding and rebuilding...

Noileh: Not to be a downer, but I'm pretty sure it's going to stay there.

Aurora: I like it better there.

Suzuka: I like it better there, I think they'll put it wherever they come up with the next plot, I think they'll tie it in to putting it back in the clouds.

Noileh: I don't like it better there because I still click on the place on the map where it used to be. And then it doesn't take me anywhere.

Suzuka: I tend to go down the list of them in alphabetical order so it hasn't been different for me. I like the look better, 'cause I'm not a huge pink-y purple person. I'm very nature-based, I like seeing them on the ground and Jhudora's bluff and I am so weird.

I think honestly when they do it, it'll be part of another plot, so since on a lucky scale we get one-ish a year, that would require, I don't know if they'd do it on the next plot, or what they'd do 'cause there are so many places that haven't been explored.

Noileh: I feel like if they tied it in with the next plot, then it would just be too much Faerieland and then it'd just be the same thing all over again.

Suzuka: I mean it could be something where you're based in another area and that somehow magically ties in, I don't know. But I feel like when Faerieland goes up, it'll either be because of some mini-adventure kind of like the Negg Hunt, or it'll be part of a plot based somewhere else. Like, Tyrannia's never had a plot.

Illy: Yeah, it had the Land War. [I meant to say Tyrannian Invasion... *shifty eyes*]

Aurora: I wouldn't be surprised if they had a Tyrannia plot just to redo the whole map.

Suzuka: Yeah, that's what I was kind of thinking.

Noileh: 'Cause it's got one of the oldest maps now, doesn't it?

Suzuka: They haven't had a real modern plot. They didn't have a comic, did they? The Tyrannian Invasion/Land War?

Noileh: I don't think they did comics back then.

Suzuka: My first plot was the first Meridell plot and that one they had the animations for, I think, but I feel like in a lot of people's minds, that's the original plot-plot, if that makes any sense, 'cause a lot of people that I know joined around the same time I did and were here for either the first or the second of those. It felt like the first real plot 'cause we weren't here at all for the war and so, I feel like the next plot will either be something revealing Lutari Island (probably as an NC only place--this is me being pessimistic). But I think Tyrannia's going to get one if they can find a good story. The problem is that it's one of the least cared for lands, I guess.

Noileh: I usually use the omelette.

Suzuka: And I just kind of jabber, but I never ever see Altador Cup people being all like, "TEAM TYRANNIA!"

Noileh: I think they should do a Roo Island plot. That would be cool.

Suzuka: That would be interesting. I feel like you'd have to tie it in with something more though 'cause it is technically a mini-world. Maybe a multiple mini-world plot would be cool, like Lutari Island, Roo Island, Kiko Lake--that would be interesting.

Noileh: Roo Island really needs a redo, though. It's so old looking.

Suzuka: It is. I never go there, though, so I don't see it very often.

Aurora: Me neither.

Suzuka: I tend to automatically go from links: "Oh I need to go to such-and-such. Click!" And I just skip the map altogether. Just like "Oh where's my Healing Springs link? Toot!" And I'm pointing at things and I keep forgetting you can't see me. Sorry, I just kind of rambled again.

5. I was giving my pets a new spring/summer look when I tried to put the Hubrid Nox Mustache on my Xweetok that was already wearing the Brown Winter Hat. A weird message came up that said: "Error #10002: Zone Restricted! The following item(s) are restricting this zone: Brown Winter Hat Remove those item(s) to lift the restriction." I have never seen anything like it before and I want to know, is it a glitch, or is that something that happens regularly? And if it does happen regularly, how do I avoid it? ~ roversydneygirl
Noileh: No, it's not a glitch, it happens, well, I wouldn't say it happens all the time, but it happens if you have items restricting that zone.

Suzuka: Because you've got certain items that either say their zones affected or zones restricted, and usually it's just zones affected and when you put on another item that affects those zones it'll override it. But if you have an item that's on that's restricting a zone, you have to physically go to the items worn section and take it off.

Noileh: I guess a good example would be if you had a hat on your pet and you tried to put another hat on. Then sometimes it might take it off but other times it might tell you that the zone's restricted so you can't put anything else there.

Suzuka: But you can usually see that in the customisation module. It'll say when you're applying it: "zones affected" "zones restricted." And sometimes a wig won't let you wear glasses or something.

Aurora: Yeah but I don't see why it would block the mustache.

Noileh: Well does the hat have flaps? Maybe that would get in the way of the mustache?

Suzuka: I think the mustache probably qualifies as glasses?

Noileh: I would think it would qualify as face paint or something.

Aurora: Yeah.

Suzuka: But usually a hat wouldn't--oh this is making me curious now. Does anybody have a Brown Winter Hat?

Illy: The mustache is classified as glasses. That's weird.

Noileh: That shouldn't affect the hat, though.

Aurora: That's what I'm saying!

Suzuka: The hat would have a "restricted: glasses" zone because of the... flaps.

Noileh: But why?

Suzuka: I don't know why!

Noileh: The only thing I can think of, is, looking at the mustache in the wardrobe, is that it sticks out really far and it would just interfere with the ear flaps.

Illy: Yeah some of the earlier items, the zones make no sense.

Aurora: I think that's what it is, because I'm looking at it in the wearables [previews] and it shouldn't interfere.

Suzuka: Some of them are really weird in what... I don't know.

Illy: Brown Winter Hat restricts glasses, head drippings, hair front, stuff like that.

Noileh: Well that's rude.

Illy: Yes, it's a very rude hat.

Suzuka: Oh, hats... Mustache is so weird. Sorry, now I'm looking at every single pet with this mustache on.

Noileh: That's what I'm doing.

Suzuka: I'm glad we're all so mature.

Aurora: I'm looking at the hat.

Suzuka: The Aisha makes it look like it's coming out of its nose--it makes it look like nose drippings--like whoosh! I... sneeze... mustaches?

Mustaches I think just look weird depending on the type of pet face. The ones where it has a distinct nose, it looks good, but the ones without it look a little bit off. Looks actually pretty cool on the Bori. And the Mynci, despite how much I don't like those.

Noileh: I liked them before they redrew them and now they have the fist thing and that bothers me.

Suzuka: For some reason, I just do not like cartoon monkeys. I love real monkeys, the cartoon monkeys for some reason really bother me.

Noileh: Scary, they bite your face off!

Suzuka: Well I don't generally go and try to hug them! I get so picky on the cartoon style when it's based on a real animal, which might be why I like some... Like the Acara, it's obviously similar to some animals but it's not one you'd look at and say... like with the Mynci, it's clearly a monkey. The Acara's a little different so I like the cartoon style better. But I really like the unconverted royal Myncis.

Aurora: They're nice, but that's really it. Other than that, I really don't care for them.

Suzuka: Unconverted plushie was pretty cute, too, but I wouldn't want one.

Noileh: Unconverted plushie Yurbles are adorable!

Aurora: I like the Shoyru.

Suzuka: I do not like Yurbles!

Noileh: I don't either, but I like the unconverted one!

Suzuka: That's probably why I hate the Foreman.

Noileh: He's your friend!

Suzuka: Oh gosh. In my real life there's just a "foreman" thing, like with the word itself, so it doesn't help.

Noileh: We could call him a janitor, would that help?

Suzuka: Maybe we could not talk about him... I don't care.

Noileh: Well what if we had a question about him?

Suzuka: Did we?

Illy: No.

Noileh: We could make one up!

6. I have a question about the Neopian Times. Is there a problem if I send my comic in two different languages, I mean first I send it in Spanish and then the other version in English? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Noileh: I'm not sure but I think it's unfair, isn't it, if it gets published in both versions?

Suzuka: Yeah that sounds a little bit sketchy to me, then you're getting dual credit for the single thing.

Aurora: Leave it in one or the other.

Suzuka: Do whatever one you think will have the better chance of getting in, 'cause some comics' jokes tend to get across better in one language than the other.

It's probably better to send it in whatever one's your native language, unless you're considered a native speaker in both, in which case then you'd choose whichever one you think has the better chance of getting in.

Noileh: If you're looking just to get it in, I would go with the Spanish one because I imagine that one's a lot easier to get into because they probably get less submissions.

Suzuka: But if you only knew Spanish from three years of high school, it might not be the best idea, 'cause it's possible your joke would make no sense. I would definitely not send it in both.

Illy: But if it gets rejected in one, they can send it in the other, right?

Suzuka: Oh yeah, I'm just saying if it gets accepted in one, don't submit it for the other.

Noileh: I wouldn't submit it in both of them right off the bat.

Illy: And when is a good time to send in a comic? Beginning of the week, or can you do it right up at the last minute and it could still get picked?

Suzuka: If you do it at the last minute, it depends on how last minute, it will either get held over for a decision on the next one or it will get rejected outright because they had too many good ones.

Aurora: I think it's best at the beginning of the week so they have more of a chance to look at it.

Suzuka: If you send it on a Thursday, unless you're somebody who's frequently published... Because, the people who decide these things do remember... In Poetry, I've gotten in a number of times, so I tend to get held over pretty frequently. Even if I don't get published, I feel like sometimes they just hold over people they know automatically or will give you a better chance if they remember your name. So if you're not a frequently published person I'd definitely say submit pretty early in the week, 'cause there are so many people entering.

And if you're going for a specific issue, you want to submit a couple of weeks in advance. Like it's Issue 493 right now. [494 by the time this is published.] So, 500's coming up.

Noileh: How do you know that off the top of your head?

Suzuka: Because I'm in the Neopian Times right now, I've got the window open!

Noileh: I thought you just knew it.

Suzuka: No, I'm afraid I'm not quite that magical. Pretty close, but not quite.

But if you've got something that's issue-specific for the 500th issue, which is going to be a pretty big deal, you would want to get it submitted within the next two weeks, I would say. There are going to be a ton of submissions for that one and unless it's issue-specific it's probably not going to get in. Unless you're a long-continued series in which case they do every week.

Illy: You can specify, right? Like, if you write an article and you say, "I only want this to be considered for Issue 500"?

Suzuka: You can, but if it doesn't have a specific reason to, like some people might do a history of the Neopian Times up until now, or something that has a reason to be in the 500th issue. If you just write a game guide and say, "I only want this to be published in the 500th issue," it's probably not going to happen.

Noileh: There's less of a chance...

Suzuka: But if you write something that has a reason to be specific to the 500th issue, then it makes sense. Then you can get held over for that one. For those issues, it's a really long shot at getting in because so many people try and you'll get a lot of competition so you'd have to have something that's original, well-written, and interesting. I'm sure they're going to get 20 articles about "500 awesome things from the past 500 issues" or something like that, so you have to do something interesting--I mean it'll have so many comics that are just people celebrating 500 issues.

7. I was wondering, because Hubrid Nox is dead, does the event "Something has happened! Hubrid Nox stares at you, and his eyes glow. All your Neopets have come down with a bad case of '[name of disease]'!!!" happen anymore? ~ noahkim1234567890
Suzuka: I don't know.

Noileh: I haven't seen it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot to take it off the site.

Suzuka: It's also possible they would've replaced him with somebody else.

Noileh: Maybe his ghost makes you come down sick.

Suzuka: I've only gotten that event once and that was a couple of years ago, so I have no idea... I haven't heard of anybody saying it, 'cause I feel like if somebody got it, it would've been kind of amusing for them, they would've shared it, but it wasn't a super-frequent event anyway. It's not like finding 50 Neopoints on the floor, which I always seem to find in my inventory... Is it just my Neopoints that I drop and then I regain, or...?

Illy: It's the same 50 over and over again!

Suzuka: Pretty much.

Noileh: Once, I had the event where the bullies came and took Neopoints from me but I didn't have any Neopoints so they actually gave me Neopoints.

Suzuka: Really?!

Noileh: It was the weirdest thing ever. It should've [been negative Neopoints] but I guess that one glitched or something and they actually gave me 50 Neopoints.

Suzuka: Those are pretty cool bullies.

Noileh: Yeah. I got reverse pickpocketed.

8. What would be the right Neoboard to advertise Premium referrals? I want the referral prizes, but I don't want to spam. ~ redherochild
Suzuka: Help board. Help chat. But really, you're not going to get that many people. I have had premium for... oh gosh, it's almost 8 years now--I feel old. My referral came from one of the first beta testers who's a good friend of mine and I've referred some people but it's pretty much by chance. You can post in the Help board but generally people just say, "I want one!" on your board and the moment you posted that board, about 10 other premium people are stalking it and they're going to dash out those referrals as fast as they can. So you're almost never going to get one unless you say, "Neomail me!" But even then there are very few people who you are going to find randomly who are just like, "Yeah, sure, I'll try it." And even if you do, they're probably not going to stay.

The people I got were because it was a little harder to find referrals back when I referred them and because I kept a note on my user lookup and on my shop, like: "Hey, if you're looking for a premium referral, go ahead and Neomail me and I'll toss you out one." Usually, people tend to know somebody, so they'll ask but it's not that easy to get people to refer.

Illy: Are the prizes super special awesome?

Suzuka: Just for the first few; the later ones... not that... great, especially these days. I think one of them might give you the Mystery Island Aishas Stamp still, which is now retired.

Noileh: Isn't that worth 15 million now?

Suzuka: Oh gosh no.

Noileh: I feel like it was when it first retired though, and everybody jacked it up really high.

Suzuka: That doesn't make it worth it, it just means... What people ask you to pay and what it's actually worth is very different.

The [premium] avatar's nice, I almost never see people using it; the site theme is nice if you like the Space Faerie, which I don't...

Noileh: So it's not nice.

Suzuka: I always use either Maraqua or the Faeries' Ruin now. I used to use Altador before.

Aurora: That's the one I use.

Suzuka: I don't like the book of ages popping up out of the bottom part though--that was before they changed the site layout. The one nice thing from referrals is the Lucky Space Faerie Charm, which I think is on the second referral and I love it, I love it so much because it's pretty on your user lookup and it makes it exactly five in that one section of my trophies. And I'm that picky. But when you're playing games, it will occasionally double your points, so it can be a nice little thing to have around because then you're randomly like, "Oh I just make 1,000 points from Kass Basher." And all of a sudden, boom, you've got 2,000 Neopoints, which is kind of nice.

Illy: It increases random events, right?

Suzuka: They've never said and I don't think it actually does, that's just a claim, if I recall correctly, kind of like people claiming the Lutari Talisman does. The Lutari Talisman--I've got two beads on it, 'cause I actually had Neopets Mobile on my old phone back when I had it for a little while, and... people constantly claim that the two of them give more random events but I actually don't see random events very often at all.

Noileh: I don't think there's any way to prove it.

Suzuka: And Neo has never said anything so I don't think you can claim that, I think it's just a way for people to try to say, "Hey you really want this." And the Lutari Talisman is kind of similar to the Space Faerie Charm but where the Space Faerie Charm will just randomly double your Neopoints from a game (and that's Flash games only, you don't get it from the games I usually play, like Sakhmet Solitaire), the Lutari Talisman will occasionally increase, but it will not double. It'll just increase by a random percentage or it will give you a slight discount in shops (official shops, not user shops), but it's usually so minimum that... If it was going to be a big enough discount, it's probably an item you're going to type so fast you're not going to haggle to make that discount worth it. If that makes any sense.

The premium referrals: hard to get and not really that interesting. The secret avatar doesn't count in your collection; the only interesting thing is number two, the Space Faerie Charm, but even so, you're not going to get it that easily (the referrals). You're going to have to either go onto the boards and post in Help chat. If you post in the regular boards a lot, it can be a nice thing to have in your signature ("Premium referrals available!") so if people get to know you, they'll know you can give them a referral if they want one, but you don't want to post and say: "Hey, I've got premium, who wants a referral?" because there are going to be dozens of other premium people there, every one of them wanting to give out the referrals just as much as you, and the moment somebody posts in that board, unless you're refreshing like mad and are really really on top of it, somebody else is going to get those referrals. Kind of pessimistic, but really really really true--I've seen it happen so many times.

And then you get people who try posting in the premium boards like, "I have premium!" They'll go to the Main Hall... There are four premium boards and when you first join, even as a trial member, you can see three of them: Spotlights and Games, Help and Newbies, and Main Hall. Most of the chat actually goes on in Charter, which shows up after you've been premium for a couple of months. But you'll see a lot of people in the Main Hall who've just gotten this trial, all of a sudden... every few days you'll see somebody like, "Who needs a premium referral?" and we're like, "Um, nobody who can see this needs a premium referral."

But then you'll also see people... the moment you give them a referral, will come right back into your help topic where you gave them a referral, and be like, "Hey, I've got premium now, who needs a referral from me?" I am such a pessimist.

All the referrals I've given out have been... I get people Neomailing me still, 'cause I've got two left, and they'll have seen me on my user lookup or on my gallery or shop or in my signature that I have premium referrals and they'll be like, "Hey, can I have a premium referral?" And I'll be like, "Okay!" and I give it. Being active is just going to stress you out; being... there and having it so people will eventually visit your shop 'cause maybe they're buying something or your gallery 'cause it's pretty dang cool or they just know you from the boards, then you'll get people Neomailing you and that's how you get the good referrals--the ones who are genuinely interested and not just like, "Meh, I'll take a look." 'Cause they're going to have to wait 15 days after that referral until they actually join, 'cause a lot of people will, especially if you find them randomly, like, looking for them, they'll be like, "Sure!" But within those 15 days, they'll quit and you won't get anything and you'll have wasted your time. And I should probably stop being such a pessimist 'cause I've said the exact same thing about 10 times.

I just see so many people in premium, when they're new, being like, "This isn't cool..." And we're like, "Yeah, it's kind of a fact of life."

The reason I keep premium, besides the fact that my parents pay for it as long as I keep my grades up, and have been doing so for seven years, so it's no money off me... I love the Super Shop Wizard but the Charter boards actually have some really really nice people and just being able to go into the NC trading boards there... People will sell things at a discount to other premium members. I can be like, "Hey I'm looking for a Draik trans., is somebody selling it? I'm willing to pay full price." Well, probably not a Draik trans. because everybody wants a Draik, but, "Hey I'm looking for this paint brush, I'm looking for a rainbow paint brush to paint my Ixi. If anybody's selling, I can pay full in pure." But generally they'll Neomail you and say, "Hey it's going for this much on the Trading Post, I'll give you 100,000 off because you're a premium member and I know you're going to use it." And they know you. It's kind of a sense of camaraderie, I guess. I like it, because you get to know people.

9. I've been looking into Key Quest, and I've only got a few tokens: a blue Bruce, a Yooyu, and an Abigail. I like them, but I keep seeing people with yellow Poogles and green Cybunnies, which I heard are starters as well. I'd really like to know if there's a way to get them, because I like Poogles and Cybunnies more than Bruces (no offense to Bruce-lovers out there--they're adorable, but they're just not my favourite). ~ Anonymous
Noileh: There is not another way to get them. There's four starters I think and you only get one of them and it's random. You can't get any of the other ones.

Suzuka: Were the basic Poogles and Cybunnies, were those plushies?

Noileh: Yes, but you couldn't get them from the plushie, 'cause I won the blue Bruce plushie in the first giveaway they had and redeeming it didn't give you a Key Quest token back then.

Suzuka: I'm taking a look at my tokens, 'cause I went out and the first time they released, I bought one of every plushie, except for the gold 'cause I only got one gold, and I was an idiot and got some of the books and sold them instead of feeding them to my reader and I could've made a couple more million if I had waited.

Noileh: Gosh, Suzuka. Should've kept them.

Suzuka: Well, clearly I should've kept them but I was an idiot... as I generally am...

The starter four shows in the Key Quest collector's case, it shows the Cybunny, the Poogle, the Meerca, and the Bruce, and I feel like I only ever see people using the Bruce, which is what I chose.

Noileh: Yeah, I have the Bruce.

Suzuka: Collection 1 has a Cybunny but that was the striped one and we didn't have a Poogle then.

Noileh: There's no way to get it from redeeming tokens.

Suzuka: So how did people get them?

Noileh: When you first start playing, they give you a free token.

Suzuka: Is it just random?

Noileh: I think it's random now, but I think at the beginning, you got to pick one, because they needed people to test it, so you got to pick one and then they just gave everyone one for free to keep. And the one you picked for testing could've switched, so if you picked the Bruce, the free one you could've ended up with could've been the Cybunny.

Suzuka: Okay, got it. See, I started quite awhile ago. You know who I really wish I had? Amira. I really wish I had Amira, 'cause I was definitely one of those few who bought the trading cards when they came out 'cause they were at Target and they were cheap. I got both the Darkest Faerie and Jeran but I did not get Amira. I wish I could trade Jeran, 'cause I kind of don't care about him. ButAmira'ssocool! I'm a little biased, I have a desert Aisha.

Aurora: Why didn't you get that one?

Suzuka: You don't get to choose. In the trading card pack, every few packs you'd find this golden card that said Key Quest and you'd turn in your code and you would be randomly given either the Darkest Faerie, Jeran, or Amira. And it didn't matter which ones you had already, like I could've gotten ten more packs, found another Key Quest card and I could've gotten another Jeran. But it was random which one you got... Yeah, I've never gotten Amira and I've always been a little upset about that.

10. Whatever happened to Mrs. Worley and her yellow Blumaroo friend? ~ ShadowsBlaze
Noileh: I'm pretty sure they mysteriously disappeared, didn't they?

Aurora: They probably had to let her go.

Suzuka: They just got magically replaced.

Illy: She got Green Uni Potion'd!

Noileh: I think they mysteriously disappeared one day and then everybody came in and nobody was running the pound, so they were like, "Hey, Dr. Death, why don't you do it?"

Illy: 'Cause Dr. Death is the first choice...

Aurora: Well, I think they had to let Mrs. Worley go because she was scaring the children.

Suzuka: They replaced all of the human characters so I just thought they magically replaced and said, "Hey, this is how it is, this is how it's always been, what are you talking about? There's never been someone else..."

Noileh: They never gave us a backstory, they just said they mysteriously disappeared and one day they were just... gone.

Suzuka: So, nobody knows.

Noileh: You should check out the Museum for more information on that. Shamelessly plug that right now.

Suzuka: *sings* She disappeared into the Twilight Zone!

Aurora: That's a good song.

11. When you abandon a pet, does its web page automatically set back to default? Does this also happen to its pet lookup? ~ Musicgirl59
Suzuka: Yes.

Illy: Yes to both?

Suzuka: It didn't happen for a while, but then people were putting inappropriate stuff, and abandoning, and people weren't noticing.

Noileh: Then you could report the person who adopted it and get them frozen.

Suzuka: So whenever you transfer or abandon, stuff like that clears, yeah.

Noileh: So if you have anything important on there, save it.

Suzuka: Especially if you're sending it to another account and want to put it right back on, you're going to have to make sure you save it 'cause it's not going to stay there.

Noileh: And if it doesn't reset, like when you switch it to another account, I think all you have to do is go to "Edit Petpage" and hit "Save" and it'll restart it.

Suzuka: It should do that by default though. If it doesn't, you might want to report a glitch.

Noileh: Yeah.

12. How are the contests of Jellyneo? I read that you can win anything from your wishlist, right? ~ Branuelto_88
Suzuka: I wish.

Noileh: If that were true, I think Dave would purposely rig them all so we would have to give him free things.

Suzuka: No, we're not allowed to give away... that's why we have things that we can give away like trophies on JN; we can't give away things that are actually real on Neo, we can't give you. A long time ago, we used to.

Aurora: We used to give out Neopoints, right?

Suzuka: Yeah, there used to be prizes, but, it's like... yeah you're not supposed to, so we don't. So, no unfortunately our contests are just competitions for fun, for glory and for trophies and little things you can unlock for your jnAccount, but not for actually on Neo. Sorry!

13. Hey Suzuka! Have a cookie. :) Out of sheer curiosity, what are your views on Lady Gaga? ~ anonymous

[And the Yurble janitor!]

Suzuka: Clearly, the Yurble janitor is secretly Lady Gaga in disguise...

Noileh: So you like him now.

Suzuka: No. Um, actually I had a couple of cookies yesterday. Me and cookies... I actually really like cookies that are burnt. I don't like gooey cookies like everybody else, I like the burnt cookies, or cookie dough.

Noileh: Why are we talking about cookies when the question was totally about Lady Gaga?

Suzuka: Well I had to first cover and thank them for the cookie. Thank you for the cookie, mysterious person... I don't know who you are!

Lady Gaga! That's very Neo-related. I like her? I'm not the kind of person who tends to be super passionate about things like that but I tend to like Lady Gaga; I think she's interesting, I think she's a really interesting performer and I feel like in an age where a lot of pop music is titillation based, I feel like Gaga seems to have at least some more purpose behind it. I might not understand why she chooses to wear a dress made of meat, I would never want a dress made of meat.

Noileh: You can just eat it when you're done.

Aurora: But you'd have to cook it!

Suzuka: I think she's... a valuable cultural institution. I don't have a problem with her at all, I kind of like some of her music. I don't know what I'm supposed to say!

14. Link, how can you work for Sloth if you are named after a famous Hylian hero? It doesn't, in fact, work that way. Just like windmills. ~ thisisinsane2000
Link: Windmills do work that way! I work for Sloth, because, um, he pays me? I don't know. I can't tell you the real reason why.

Uuliani: You're a bad hero, Link.

Link: I'm not much of a hero anymore, I'm more of a mercenary.

Uuliani: That's not good. That's... no. I'm disappointed in you, Link. *Plays Legend of Zelda - item music* There!

Illy: Link found.... Something.

Uuliani: He found his motivation!

15. Why is it you have staff members who have art in the Negg Hunt, but they don't have pictures in the staff listings, like Link? ~ Anonymous
Rosie: Oh, I guess that would be to me. Well, I literally did those the night before that portal was released, so, I haven't had a chance to get them up on the site yet, but they'll be there soon!

Link: Win! Can I just say I really like mine, too.

Rosie: Ah, good.

Illy: Rosie does all of our caricatures, by the way. And the Negg Hunt is her and Kata together.

16. How do you change the pose of your pets? ~ Fiona
Uuliani: You can't, can you?

Rosie: You don't change them, they change based on their mood, or a certain event. But, if you use our handy dandy Rainbow Pool, you can change 'em yourself.

Illy: But they used to have specific poses, like for the grey Cybunny, if it was sad, ears would be drooping down, flopping over.

Uuliani: I miss that.

Illy: They got rid of that.

Rosie: They still have the left attack and right attack, everything like that.

Uuliani: I like the battle ones!

Illy: Yeah, but you can't see it on the side anymore, when you're just browsing the site. Now all they do is they change emotions, like facial expressions.

Rosie: If they have them.

Uuliani: Angry faces...

Illy: I've never seen an angry face on a pet.

Rosie: I don't think they have them yet.

Link: I have.

Uuliani: I think it's in battle.

Link: Yeah, every time you're in the Battledome, they always have an angry face and they always look weird, like they're constipated.

Uuliani: Truer ner-words were never spoken... Truer nerds... Okay then.

17. Since the annual hundredth caption contest just ended, I started wondering which hundredth contest was the first to give the avatar to the winners? ~ cactusthorn2151
Rosie: Isn't it every 50?

Illy: It's every hundredth.

Rosie: Which one is 50?

Uuliani: Neopian Times.

Rosie: There you go.

Illy: It started with contest #400.

18. Which pet colours cannot wear clothes? I always see people say "colours like baby and Maraquan" but don't give an exact, complete list. Thanks in advance! ~ razrroth
Rosie: Certain types of colours can wear clothes, but not the mainstream wearables that most species can wear. 'Cause Maraquan has their own specific wearables that they can wear.

Uuliani: Mutant has that cape.

Rosie: Babies got all their bibs.

Uuliani: 8-Bits are going to get clothes soon, hopefully. I like 8-Bit so much! I want one.

Link: I just want a Draik! Geez!

Uuliani: Me too!

Link: 8-Bit's like, a fancy schmancy Lab Ray colour, I just want a Draik!

Rosie: Tell Ian to stop eating them.

Uuliani: I know, he makes me sad.

Link: Ian has no soul!

Rosie: Got some scrambled eggs, though.

Uuliani: Mmm, eggs.

Illy: And also, some invisibles can wear, it's weird. Some others can't. And the fruit/veggie Chia colours.

Uuliani: There's like Maraquan Myncis, right? Can't they wear normal clothes?

Illy: Yeah, those can. There's an exception to every rule with Neopets. Can't predict these things anymore.

Rosie: And of course, uncustomised pets definitely can't wear... or unconverted... forgot what the 'c' stood for.

[If you want a full list of colours that can't wear normal clothes, at the moment it's: 8-Bit, Baby, some Invisible, Maraquan (except Maraquan Mynci), Mutant, Apple, Asparagus, Aubergine, Avocado, Blueberry, Carrot, Chokato Chia, Durian, Gooseberry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Onion, Pea, Peach, Pear, Pepper, Pineapple, Plum, Thornberry, Tomato]

19. I was looking at old images for Tyrannia and it had a game called Switch a Roo (http://images.neopets.com/prehistoric/indexmap.gif), then I looked at the map Neopets has now and it doesn't have the game! Then I looked in the game graveyard and it's not there either! Where did it go? ~ ShadowsBlaze
Rosie: Looks like they did a switch-a-roo!

Illy: Ooh, I see what you did there.

Uuliani: I bet Sloth vapourised it.

Link: I've never heard of that game before.

Uuliani: Me neither.

Rosie: I remember it, I never played it.

Link: They probably had to get rid of it for some copyright thing.

Illy: Maybe. It was a gambling game. It was just like... you put the pea under a coconut shell and switch the three coconut shells around.

Rosie: I'm just astounded that they haven't found any kind of limit to how many words they can combine with "roo" for these games and whatever they come out with.

Illy: That's roodiculous!

Yeah, and some games, when they took them off, they didn't bother putting them in the game graveyard.

Link: Or that got taken off before the game graveyard even came out.

Illy: Yeah, probably. It's old.

20. So, whilst searching the Item Database for Doglefox related items, I came across a rather odd one. It was called pot_doglefox_morph. Now, it did say that this item was never meant to be released, but I must know more about it. Was TNT going to make an item that could morph petpets? Because that would be so cool! Also...*hands you a fluffy Doglefox* ~ 1_doglefox
Rosie: Looks like one of their failed experiments... never got released. It's interesting, but there are so many petpets out there, you imagine them making morphing potions for all of them. They probably make the Petpet Lab Ray around that time to solve that issue. That's my opinion.

Uuliani: I would like a Meepit Morphing Potion.

Link: I think Polarchuck's the best one.

Illy: I remember somebody saying something on the forums about this, think it was Snarkie. They drew the artwork and uploaded it before they actually made a final decision on it and then they decided not to released it, because how would it work with the Petpet Protection League awards? You morph it, and then it's aged enough and then it would just keep winning.

Rosie: Yeah, that does make sense, even more about the Lab Ray, 'cause they could just put one umbrella rule over the entire thing.

Illy: Alas, one more MIA item for Ian to cry over.

Rosie: It'll never be complete.

21. I was trading a 3rd Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule and the person I was trading with asked me to go first because she didn't have any NC boxes. She said that you got an NC box when you opened the 3rd Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Is this true? ~ rainbowkitty1217
Rosie: A box within a box a what?

Illy: It's a gift box mystery cap and yeah those do give out NC boxes.

Rosie: Inside the box is another box?! That's cool!

Illy: It's a capsule! Yes, it's a box within a box, essentially... Actually, it'd be like one to five boxes within the capsule, with a possibility of a limited edition box.

Uuliani: Fancy!

Link: Okay, the first thing that came to mind was: "Out of the box! Out of the box!"

Uuliani: I think I remember that show! It was a show, right?

Link: Yeah, it was.

Uuliani: Yes!! I remember it.

Rosie: People pay money for this?

Illy: NC trading's wildly popular.

Rosie: It's like one of those Russian dolls with the boxes.

Illy: They go crazy over capsules. If you haven't seen it, just go on the NC boards after they release one... it's... crazy...

Uuliani: I used to go crazy over capsules! No, not really.

Illy: I'm kind of sketchy on trades where you have to send something first in order for them to send you the thing that you were supposed to get in the first place.

Rosie: See now, that's where I got lost. When did trading NC items come to light, 'cause I thought that was a big no-no when this first came out. I'm hoping it's on the honour system? People are probably abusing that behind their backs.

Illy: Yeah, it is based on the honour system and yeah there have been scams. It depends...

Rosie: I guess they just had to wait to soften us up before they introduced it...

22. Ouija boards are bad, no? Spirits and ghosts are not for the light of heart, which makes me wonder, why do they have ads for them on Neopets? ~ 548_fat
Rosie: What? Have you ever heard of Casper? Slimer? Patrick Swayze? Not all ghoulies are bad! I mean, it's a one-way relationship between a Ouija board and ghosts. Ouija boards are definitely related to the occult and religious sense but that doesn't guarantee that ghosts are.

Link: Plus we have to keep in mind that Neopets was made for college students, so it's probably a really old ad that they had.

Illy: Do they even control what ads show up? I mean, isn't it just, they outsource it to some other marketing company and then...

Rosie: It may depend on filters, but maybe a few slip through. I'm wondering what kind of ghosts they saw...

Uuliani: I totally want to try a Ouija board someday. I don't know why.

Link: My mom did once and she told me never to do it.

Illy: Why not? What was wrong with it?

Link: Her friend and her were out camping one night and they tried it and they kind of got freaked out by it a little bit, but nothing happened. So they put it away and when they woke up, it was right between them.

Uuliani: I still want to try one.

Link: I wanted to try one after I saw Paranormal Activity.

Uuliani: I'm never going to see that movie 'cause I know it'll make me die inside.

Link: It was so cool! It was actually more hilarious than scary! I terrify easily.

Uuliani: Dude, even some of the lamest movies ever can scare me. I'm a wimp.

Link: I got scared during How to Train Your Dragon.

Rosie: Whaaat? Oh my god I love that movie!

Link: I've watched it like 20 times now! That's not even a lie!

23. Is it against the rules to post song lyrics? Like posting most (if not all) of the song and its title somewhere: on your user lookup, on a petpage, etc. ~ anonymous
Uuliani: It depends on the lyrics, doesn't it? I seem to remember having a problem with this one time. I had a song lyric thing in my signature in my font on the boards and I had to ask the editorial about it and they said they cleared it for me because they weren't sure if that was good or not and it involved something. I didn't think it was bad but it was apparently sort of suggesting something bad.

Rosie: Huh, well, lyrics are words... that's all they are. Besides, Suzuka would probably combust if she couldn't post song lyrics somewhere on her user lookup.

Illy: No swear words, obviously.

Uuliani: Nothing suggesting death, apparently.

Rosie: Just following all the basic rules of Neopets.

Illy: Yeah, nothing religious.

Link: I post lyrics on my Neoboard fonts all the time and they don't ever get mad.

Uuliani: That was the one time I got kind of, not really in trouble, but I asked the editorial first and they said they cleared it for me, 'cause it wasn't good but now I just keep it simple, like, nice lyrics.

Rosie: Yep, any Eminem songs need to be made of chocolate.

*Long pause, then laughter*

Illy: I love the delayed reaction!

Rosie: Sorry it took you awhile to get that one.

Link: I had to think of that!... Aw, and now I want chocolate.

Rosie: Did you guys know that the yellow M&M is voiced by J.K. Simmons?

Link: I have no clue who that is.

Rosie: It's the guy from Spider-Man who was the head of the newspaper thing.

Illy: Oh, Mr. Jameson?

Rosie: Yeah. I was completely surprised... I was kind of amused. Off topic!

Link: Haha, yay for random facts!

24. What do you get when it's your Neopet's day? Are there any special offers I can claim? ~ kiara7293123
Uuliani: Free training at the Swashbuckling Academy.

Link: What is with you and interrupting me, woman?!

Rosie: You gotta hang on to Illy's last word!... Well you have all the time in the world now, what're you doin'?

Link: Crying in a corner.

Illy: In the basement, aww.

Link: With the spiders... Oh, um, you really don't get anything from pet days except for free training, and if it's a limited edition pet, you can go make another. Win! Except if they are Draiks.

25. Does Half Price Day happen in other countries besides the United States? Do other islands/lands besides Neopia Central participate in Half Price Day? If some do but some don't, can you please tell me only the ones that don't? And one last thing, on Half Price Day, is it half price in the Neolodge? ~ roversydneygirl
Rosie: Half Price Day lands on the 3rd of every month, doesn't it?

Illy: Yep.

Rosie: The 3rd of every month happens all around the world, doesn't it?

Illy: Yup.

Rosie: Answered that question!

Link: Neolodge does not participate in Half Price Day.

Illy: No, Neolodge doesn't. Hidden Tower doesn't, either.

Rosie: They give discounts, don't they?

Illy: Hidden Tower's the third Wednesday of every month.

Link: You have to be old enough to get that.

Rosie: Aw, man, I need a calendar.

Illy: And Igloo Garage Sale I don't think has a discount.

Link: I think it's only main Neopian shops.

Rosie: What about the Attic?

Link: No. That's based on estimated values, isn't it?

Rosie: Mmm.

Illy: They had a follow up question: what price is actually half price? Is it the restock price or is it the price that you can haggle down to?

Uuliani: I think it's the restock.

Illy: Yeah, they kept it simple.

[Neopian shops that don't follow Half Price Day: Ever Stocked General Store, Hidden Tower, Igloo Garage Sale, Little Nippers, Neohomes NP Superstore (not the same as the Neopian Furniture shop), Neopian Neggery, Shop of Mystery, Smuggler's Cove]

26. I'm just brewing a kettle of Dung Tea. Anyone want a cuppa? ~ jjs1234
Rosie: Me! Hello!

Link: I would like one but then I'd give it to Rosie.

Rosie: Thank you.

Link: No problem.

Illy: The follow up question was by someone else: Just curious, why would anyone want to collect 20,000 piles of dung?

Link: Why wouldn't anyone?

Uuliani: I know right?

Rosie: Because I... like... dung.

Link: Bravo! Bravo!

Rosie: Do I have to have a complicated reason?

Illy: I guess people are just shocked...

Rosie: I mean, the substance is just... there's so many things that you can do with it! It comes in all kinds of textures and ahh it's so great!

Link: It's so mouldable and squishy!

Rosie: Yeah!! See, you understand! Just an amazing thing!

Link: And the aroma just fills the air.

Rosie: And there are just six billion processing plants for these things, you know! All over the world!

Uuliani: My collection's sand snowballs. My goal is to make a beach in the middle of winter!

Link: My collection is things with Draiks in the hopes of one day getting a Draik egg.

Rosie: ...Sorry, I was searching for more dung.

Oops, we lied. We have some more bonus questions below!

27. Is it true that years ago, the Snow Faerie would give you Draik eggs when you completed her quests? ~ razich
Rosie: I think it was Draik potions.

Illy: I remember Dark Battle Ducks. Those were so popular.

Rosie: I saw a lot of people getting Ghost Draik Morphing Potions from her, which is why I was very adamant on her quests, too. But they stopped handing them out.

28. Well my question is: I changed the theme to Avatar and I can't change it back to the normal theme. Also, how do you guys draw yourselves that good? Bye! ~ alp_shadow
Link: Why would you want to get rid of the Avatar theme?! Kids, be different! Be yourself, you were born this way!

What was the other part of that question?

Illy: How do you change it back to a normal theme.

Link: You go to site preferences.

Rosie: Clear your cache.

Link: I always use site preferences.

[The question about our caricatures was answered way up above--it's all Rosie. :D]

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