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Sarah's Helpful Edition
Published: November 18, 2007

Hi there! My name is Sarah, and I know everything about Neopets. So, I'm here to help you with whatever questions you may have! :D

What's up with the honey potion? What does it do and why is it so expensive? ~ Jnenebug
The Honey Potion is a very powerful battledome item. It's expensive because it does a decent amount of damage in the battledome, and it is only available by completing Illusen's 35th quest. According to the good people over at the IDB, the Potion does anywhere from 13.3 to 16 icons, most of which are Earth. It's also one use per battle.

My friend was frozen, but she came back on a new account. I'm wondering if that's against the rules. If so, should I report her? ~ creamybunny5
Doesn't really sound like she's your friend if you're willing to report her! :P

As for creating a new account, you can do that. However, your record doesn't simply disappear. TNT can track you by IP, which for some may not change. So, as long as you follow all the rules on your new account, you should be able to keep it.

Do you answer every questions submitted or just the good ones? ~ macangei
We try to answer as many as we can. However, a good bunch of them are basically the same question. Another big bunch are somewhat silly questions that we'd rather not spend time answering when more important things can be answered. (But that doesn't mean some of those slip in! :P)

Hey JN! First of all, I wanna tell you that you rock! My Christmas Paintbrush was in my invetory for 3 days and then, it was gone! What do you think that happened to it? ~ sora_oronei
First off, never keep things in your inventory! All sorts of bad things could happen to it, such as Pant Devil attacks, or Dr. Sloth turning it into Sludge through a random event. In this case, one of those things probably happened to your poor PB. :(

Hello! I want to ask: As we know, when you finish a FFQ(Fountain Faerie Quest), you are allow to go to the Rainbow Fountain. If you do not go there for three day, can you still paint you pet in the Rainbow Fountain? ~ flyer626
You have as much time as you'd like to visit the Rainbow Fountain after you complete the quest. :)

Hey JN, according to an old New Features update from 25th June 2002, Baby PBs were once in the hidden tower for 200k. Was this true or just a joke somehow? ~ handscript
Yep, this was in fact true! That was the initial release price, however, TNT slowly but surely kept incrementing the price until it arrived at its current price tag of 600,000 NP.

Original Price: 200,000 NP... Current Price: 600,000 NP.
The look on Neopian's faces when they saw the price rise... priceless.

So what's the deal with the Symol Hole, anyway? Ever since the link went up in the "Dailies" section I've been clicking it, but I have no idea why I do. Do you get an avatar or something? ~ garinawk
Yep, you can win some rare items from the hole, or an avatar if you're really lucky. However, you'll need a petpet to enter, so make sure your active pet has a petpet attached!

When will the LI Plot Prize shop be closed, do you think? What's your favorite flavor of cheese? Do socks with mushrooms in them really taste like pizza? ~ plotterorquest
You squeezed in so many questions!

For your first one, most likely never, unless TNT feels as if they must close it if there's ever some sort of "part two" to the Lost Isle plot.

As for your other questions... cheddar, and I haven't really come across the answer to that one in Neopia!

Hi Jellyneo! Last week someone asked about how to get a certain trophie. When i saw this question i couldn't help but ask you this: On the userlookup of the TNT member: DONNA there is a trophie entitled Root Canal Champion! with a picture of a tooth. How is this obtainable? ~ darknell
In order to obtain this trophy, you must have a Root Canal, and be a Neopets staff member! :D

About Robot Pets, Last time you said it was the casing and the interior of the ruki. When your pet is zapped into robot does it become the one with the Exterior? or interior? Or is it totally random? ~ small_Redmachine
Your pet's "skin" is the interior of the robot, but the actual outside are clothes that you can remove and add as you like! :)

is it possible to get the "tnt a splode" avatar that tnt uses? ~ silky_smooth_hair
Nope, this avatar is only available to TNT accounts. :(

what neopian shop has two dubloon coins ~ wilgum
No shops in Neopia sell Dubloon coins. :( You can win some, however, from various games and freebies such as Buried Treasure and Coltzan's Shrine.

Can you get to Neovia from the map? ~ wockyfanatic9
Yep! Simply visit the Haunted Woods and click on the Gypsy Camp towards the middle of the right side of the map. :)

When I was browsing through the item database here at jellyneo, I noticed something that looked like a kadoatie morphing potion! Do you know anything about this, or if there will be any more petpet morphing potions? ~ pichupuffball
Those petpet morphing potions were announced in the news on September 3, 2004, but it seems as if TNT changed their minds and never released them. I'm not sure why, but it probably would have been pointless having petpet morphing potions around when the petpets themselves are much cheaper. (The ones shown were for the Doglefox, Noil, Kadoatie, and Faellie.)

*poof* Hey, I love your site and everything, but since you have an Item Database, would it be possible to have a "Pet Database" where you have pics of what the Neopets used to look like when Neopets was first created? I think that'd be pretty awesome! *unpoof* ~ firefactorx
Jellyneo already has a great feature like this on their site! I use it all the time whenever I get asked about older pets on Neopets. Take a look at their Pet Poser for an archive of all old pet poses.

Every so often the Giant Jelly/Omelette get entirely eaten. Is this a regular occurence (eg. every 6 hours) or is it entirely random? ~ garinawk
It happens every day, but apart from that, it seems to be an entirely random occurrence!

why i can't play dice-a-roo, or double of nothing, or some games in neopets,even though i've got the parent permission┐? ~ pollo_man29
Unfortunately, all "gambling" games are not able to be played by users under the age of 13. This was implemented back in 2004 when some bratty kid said that your Neopet gets sent away if you don't gamble for food. :(

Is it within the neorules for guilds to give presents?? ~ Galaxa310
As long as they are random presents and not the result of any contests, then that should be just fine. :)

My question is does the smugglers cove currently restock any items? ~ slander44
Considering the fact that only 120 of each Smuggler's Cove item can be stocked and the last Cove item to be introduced (the Ship in a Bottle Snowglobe) was quite some time ago, I'd say that no items are currently stocking.

Update! The Pirate Ship Float Pen is currently stocking at the Cove. It costs 15 Dubloons. There'll only be 120 of them, so get one now before they're gone!

Which one is better for training low leveled Neopets? Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy or Mystery Island Training School? ~ Pyr0mag3
It depends on the economy. If dubloons are cheaper than codestones, then go with good ol' Cap'n Threelegs. However, if for some bizarre reason codestones are cheaper, pay a visit to the Techo Master!

Another thing you could consider is time. The Techo Master can teach your pet far faster, but his codestones are much more expensive. So it all depends on how much you have to spend, and how fast you want to do it.

Arrr! I be cheaper, sometimes!

What happens when you get the "Secret Item" in the Wheel of Excitment? I get "Something mysterious happens to you and your pets... you are not sure what it is, however...", and I'd like to know exactly what happens, coz I don't see anything! :( Thank you! ~ helmfinland
Absolutely nothing... sometimes! According to Jellyneo's Wheel of Excitement guide, though, some people have reported getting items randomly, yet most others reported nothing. There are even reports of the Light Faerie trying to up your Faerie Abilities. So it's pretty random.

Why do user shops have a limit of 99,000 NP. I'd much rather sell some of my items valued over that price through my shop, not an auction ? ~ samos1234
That was simply the price that was set as the limit for items to be sold. It used to be that any item over 99,999 NP was considered a "gallery" item and couldn't be bought. However, with galleries now an actual feature, the price does seem random. As an alternate, try using the Trading Post to sell any items valued under 800,000 NP. Anything higher than that, you'll have to either trade items or go to Auctions!

I have this question about the Closet. Once I put a wearable item into my Closet, I can't find a way to get it back out and put it back into my inventory. You rock, Sarah! ^^ ~ reikosay
If you'd like to remove something from your Closet, find the item you want to remove, type in the number of that item you'd like to remove, and then scroll to the bottom and press the "Move Selected Items" button. The Closet will only show you items that are currently NOT on your pet. So if you pet is wearing something you want to take out, you must take it off of your pet. :D

What is neopets mobile? And what does it have to do with lutari island? ~ _fluffyfeathers_
Neopets Mobile is a version of Neopets that you can visit on your cellphone. You get exclusive access to Lutari Island and its various features. It costs about $2.99 a month (plus the fees your provider charges to transfer data). For more info on it, click here.

Where do you paint your petpet? ~ yaoxiong
Visit the Petpet Puddle to make any changes to your petpet. It must not be zapped by the petpet lab ray to be eligible for a paint job. ;)

Hey Sarah! I was wondering if you guys knew what Grundo's Gym is. I visited once and got a message that it was down for maintenance. Could you explain what the Gym is/was? ~ ryoshikazuki
Ah, another old Neopia question! This was one of my favorite games back in the day. ;) Basically, the Gym was just a game where you could earn Neopoints and organic foods as prizes for having your pet exercise. You could also win gym cards to have your pet upgraded in the gym. It's a retired feature, now, and most likely won't be coming back in its old form.

What time will Edna won't be at her house to get quest from her? ~ chuanggarfield1
Edna is not at home from midnight till 1 am NST. This is because she's in the Battledome fighting other pets.

I can't seem to find the Avatar Collecter High Score page! It isn't on the High Score games list anymore. Is there a way I can access it? ~ hhmcsharry
It is still located on the High Score table listing. It's listed as NeoBoard Avatar Collector, in the "N" section. :D

on my premium portal there is this provocative question "Can you find the "BOSS" button?" Well, can I? What is it? ~ musemommy
I've asked some of the premium gurus out there, and they say the "BOSS button" is located in the very bottom right corner of the portal! You can't see it, but if you hover your mouse over it, you should see the option to click something.

Arrrrrgggg!!! Back to work you slacker!!!!

Hey Sarah! I have a question for you about petpages. Some people create their own petpage. How do I do this??? ~ Butterflyvj
Visit your Control Panel under the My Account tab. At the bottom, you'll see a link to Edit Pet Page. Click it, choose a pet, and begin editing as you like! If you need any help with HTML, visit the HTML Guide.

Is it possible to change my Faerie Pteri back to its old look? ~ Lotusmaster
Nope, once you convert a pet, there's no going back. :(

Hey there! Recently, I got a petpet specifically for one of my pets. But, my pet refuses to take the petpet. I've tried several ways to get him to take it (such as changing the language and waiting a while), but so far nothing has worked. By any chance, is there a way to get my pet to accept this petpet? ~ just_a_rabbit
If changing the language won't work, then it looks like your pet may not accept the petpet at all. :( It's all based on the number of letters in your pet's name and the number of letters in the petpet's name, which can only be changed by changing the site's language.

can you tell me what neopets are limited addition? thanks ~ 24_7musingmusic
You can find a full list of the Limited Edition pets on Jellyneo's Limited and Restricted Pets article.

ummm...what do the stone and glass pets look like?please tell me T_T ~ usiki_doll_fan
You can take a look at what the old glass and stone pets look like in Jellyneo's Pet Poser!

How do you get a marshamllow grundo!? Is it like, lab ray exclusive, or what? ~ Shimmyshoga
You can get this exclusive color through the Lab Ray only. For more Lab Ray only colors, check out the Lab Ray article on JN.

I'm so darn yummy.

If you defeat the snowager in the battledome, will it make a difference as to whether you get anything at the snowager's cave? Because if I was beaten up by a puny neopet, I would make sure they never got any of my treasure :P ~ dancerchick_95
Nope, the Snowager holds no grudges!

It it true that once a Treasure Map has been collected you cannot get the peices apart again? ~ lollipopper2008
Once you turn in the pieces for any treasure map (Space, Underwater, Lab), you cannot get the pieces back. Afterall, you go some NP and items for turning them in!

Hiya Sarah! Okay, while I was playing Imperial Exam, there was a piece of paper on the Imperial Exam sign in the game that said "Weepit was here" and I also took a screenshot of it. My question is: what is a Weepit? ~ shintaroyoshimoto
Weepit is an easter egg in many games, just as the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy is! You can find remnants of Weepit in games such as Jolly Jugglers, Volcano Run II, the Usul Suspects, and some more as well.

As for the origins of Weepit, he seems to have had his start in the Neopian Times as a random character made up by a Neopian writer.

When I play the game Plushie Tycoon, do I get the NP/trophy/avatar if I just start and don't do anything? Because i do have 50,000 NP in-game, and thats all you nedd to win... ~ wolf199596
Nope, you need to have 50,000 NP and have made some plushies in order to win the prizes. ;) If not, there'd be a lot more people with the avatar on the Neoboards!

You need to WORK for me!

If you have a petpetpet attached to a petpet, and the petpet ray made the petpet go away, does the petpetpet go away also? If it does, where does the petpetpet, and the petpet, go? ~ tobe
Yup. Whenever your petpet is lost due to the Petpet Lab Ray or due to you taking it off, the petpetpet disappears.

Once you attach a petpetpet, there's NO WAY TO REMOVE IT! It's like using a Nerkmid at the Alien Vending Machine. You can't get the Nerkmid back after using it.

What is MSP? ~ roy_of_sarawak
MSP stands for Malevolent Sentient Plushie, aka an evil, living plushie!

Hey Sarah! You know how there's an Island Arena, Space Arena, etc. for the battledome? What's the difference between all of them? Thanks! ~ Shadow250377
The only difference between them is the fact that the floor changes in battles. ;)

I was looking through the site themes and i found one titled "Dice" when did JN release this site layout? ~ pleasefillin50
According to what I could find, JN released that theme during their birthday celebration in August!

Hi jellyneo, I love the site and everything. You that little purple jelly with eyes that came out on the day when you couldn't see the news but it was there. What was it? P.S You rock like boulders ~ ha_ha_robster_ha_ha
I've searched all over, and that petpet is named the Blobikins! Click its name to find more info on it.

Ahhhh! They're taking over!!!

Okay, well... I always was wondering about this since the customization began... Is it possble to remove the bandage from a kiko? Thanks!!:D ~ fex36
Nope! The bandage has been permanently plastered to all Kiko heads.