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Marie & Streakanime's Editorial
Published: April 30, 2011

As you enter JN on this lovely Saturday afternoon, you find yourself in the presence of two paint-splattered staffers, each drinking a Suzukaberry Punch.

Marie: Dave is going to kill us... We got paint all over the place again...

Streak: We can't help it! Look at all the colourful fonts. Masterpieces! True works of art!

Marie: I guess so. ^__^ You do make some pretty interesting things when you toss paint all over the place.

Streak: *gasps and spills Suzukaberry Punch all over Marie*

Marie: Streak!! What did you do that for?!

Streak: We are supposed to be answering questions!

Marie: Uh-oh. Quick, grab your NeoPen!

And so the two scatterbrained staffers tracked paint globs all over the editorial...

Hello JN Staffers *curtsies* You have a ballin' selection of fonts and such, and I was wondering... May I edit those fonts and such, like the colours or what they say? I'm horrid at codes but I'd still give all my props to you guys. Is this allowed or am I breaking a rule I do not know about/ have not read yet? ~ midnights_royality
Marie: Hey there and thanks! You're more than welcome to edit the fonts in any way you please, as long as you don't claim it as your own original work. (:
As soon as you do, I am not responsible for any attacker Meepits that fly your way! ^____^

How many posts can you post in a guild a day? ~ Joe
Streak: TNT considers posting 300 times on a guild board in a single day to be spamming. After your 300th post, you will receive an error message telling you that you have exceeded the limit and will not be allowed to post until the new day. Members of guilds often refer to this as "capping out" on the guild board.

JN! I have another question for you! Umm.. I was doing my dailies using your Dailies Do-er (which is pretty neat) and I noticed that under the link for Coltzan's Shrine, it says it's every 12 hours. But, I just visited Coltzan's Shrine, like, an hour ago. I guess it's because of my time zone? Or something? When I played like an hour ago, it kind of stands for one day.. when the hour passed, it's like a new day. Hope you can answer this. Thanks! ~ ang3li3
Marie: What we mean by "every 12 hours" is basically you can visit the Coltzan's Shrine twice a day as long as they are at least 12 hours apart. When the day has passed, the count resets, and you can go again twice for that day. This goes by NST (that time you see in the top right corner of the sidebar). (:

Hello JN team! *passes everyone ten thousand cakes* Can I join/make a guild on my side account? Oh no where are the rest of the cakes?! ~ Moanna_11
Streak: I think Marie and I will be hoarding all of those cakes for ourselves. ;D

Anyway, being in or making a guild on more than one of your accounts will not get you in any trouble. Just make sure you avoid participating in any guild events/games that might include playing games on Neopets or dealing with Neopoints with any of your side accounts.

I personally don't recommend owning more than one guild at the same time. But if you have enough time to dedicate to doing that, more power to you. (;

Ten thousand cakes on the floor, ten thousand cakes,
Take one up and pass it around, nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine pieces of cake on the floor!

Hey JN! *throws 7,924,426 NP* I have 999,999,999 NP (more NP than I need for the price of asparagus on the About Us page) and I was going to get the avatar but I didn't get it! Do I have to get it on a specific/time/day/event/etc. Do I need more NP or less NP? Anyways, I've had this problem for a month (or 5) and its been bothering me for a long time! (That's a lot of NP not to spend.) Again... I was suppose to get it at 7,924,426 NP but I have 9,999,999 NP (pretty soon I will have 100,000,000) so can you see if TNT is messing with me or I have to get it on a specific day. Thanks! ~ username removed
Marie: Hey there! Wow! That's a lot of NP! o: Do you have the exact amount of Neopoints on hand when visiting the About Us page? The asparagus' cost is constantly changing, so perhaps make sure you have the same amount as that day? At the time of writing this, for example, you must have exactly 9,527,243 NP on hand (i.e., outside of the bank) and visit the page in order to get the avatar.

Otherwise, I'd suggest you check your Neoboard preferences in case you missed the event. If that proves fruitless, send in an error report to TNT, maybe they are playing a cruel trick on you! D:

Not only am I disgusting, I'm also expensive!

Hi, JN Staff! I love your website! I was looking in your Item Database and I came across some magical plushies. I read on the description they will do something special to my pet. Since I can't seem to find a guide anywhere, what do magical plushies do? ~ mabi1234
Streak: Thank you! The reason why magical plushies are referred to as magical is because when your pet plays with them, it will turn your pet into that particular colour and species. After your pet plays with the plushie, it will transform and the plushie will turn into a normal plushie. Keep in mind you can only use the magical effect of a magical plushie once!

It's me again. It's still about the faerie Mazzew. Can the faerie Mazzew give the Mazzew avatar? ~ The biggest mazzew fan
Marie: The Faerie Mazzew is a Mazzew, so it should be able to give you the avatar if you age it for the correct amount of days! (:

Why is a point system and activities in a guild against the rules and reportable if they cost nothing to enter? ~ bellabean_1234
Streak: According to the Terms of Use, promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway) are not allowed. Just having activities and a point system will not get your guild in any trouble. However, if the guild offers your members any form of reward, prize, or other compensation in Neopoints/items, that is reportable. Even if it costs 0 NP to enter, it still might cost time or votes or something. There just has been too much abuse of this in the past.

Hi! Do you guys know if the food from the Ever Stocked General Store is still asked for at the Kadoatery? ~ skyfighter77
Marie: Hello! (:
No, they're not unfortunately. When they were made available in the general store, the category of items in which they fit in is no longer "Foods," it's changed to "Special."
Thanks to Cathy for helping with this answer! (:

Hello JN, I just had a simple question that I couldn't find the answer to. I notice some guilds have messages at the top or in their description saying "TNT deleted x amount of posts!" Why does TNT delete some posts? ~ anonymous
Streak: Ahh! The dreaded fear of all guild leaders! If a guild board goes inactive for an extended period of time, TNT has the nasty habit of deleting ALL posts. However, TNT also has the habit of going through and deleting older posts on guild board, thus reducing the guild message count. They just do this to free up some server space on their part. (;

If you are ever curious about a guild's message count, join the guild and check out the members list. The members' post counts are left unchanged when TNT deletes messages.

Why can't I go to the NC Mall when I'm in Vietnam? ~ WolfJUniorZ
Marie: The NC Mall isn't accessible in all parts of the world. Unfortunately, your country is one that doesn't allow the use of the NC Mall yet. This may be due to laws or other issues. But you can still use many of the other excellent parts of the site.

Thanks to my friend Nate for helping me with this answer! (:

What would Marie and Streak do without me?

Is it legal to copy the entire source code of a certain Neopets page (say, the explore page) and put it as the code of your active Neopet's page? I wanna freak people out by making my petpage look like the explore page. ~ username removed
Streak: If you're going to be telling people that your page is the real explore page, then that might cause some problems. The coding filters on petpages would make it impossible for you to copy the entire source code and place it on a petpage. You wouldn't be able to make it look very authentic. I recommend writing a scary story if you are in the mood to freak people out. ;D

I landed on the pile of sludge on the Wheel of Misfortune, but I didn't get an avatar! ~ anonymous
Marie: Now, the Wheel of Misfortune avatar is awarded randomly when landing on any space.

This avatar is especially elusive as it doesn't give you an event even if you did get the avatar, so check your Neoboard preferences just in case! (:

Say you have a guild shop. I know that we're not allowed to transfer the NP to our main because it is considered multi-account profit, but if the guild turns defunct, will we be able to transfer the NP to our main now? Thanks! ~ a_neezles_a
Streak: :( Even though the guild is no more, those Neopoints are not rightfully yours. Because you are not allowed to earn Neopoints on more than one account, it would run the risk of getting your main account in trouble. My suggestion is to let the NP rot in that account or donate it to the Money Tree.

I have a question about side accounts. While on my side account, I accidentally hit the button for the monthly freebies where you get 2,000 NP (I meant to hit the link for the Soup Kitchen). I think you are not allowed to earn NP on side accounts, so will this cause me problems? Do I need to discard those points, or can I keep them? If I have to discard, where can I discard them without causing me (more) problems? ~ 720smog
Marie: Yikes! That's not good. D:

If you haven't collected the monthly freebies on your main account yet, don't do so for this month. Just be more careful next time, and remember to always do dailies/monthly freebies on your main account. :)

I suggest you discard the items either using the drop-down menu when you click them or using the "Quick Stock" feature. The NP can be donated to the Money Tree.

Hi TJNT! *Eats a cookie* I was pound surfing on my side account, and I came across a snow Uni. I liked his name, so I adopted it. Now, if it's my active Neopet, and I glance to the side, it looks angry at me. If I go to Quick Ref, it looks less angry, but still angry! It's ticking me off, I can't figure out why it's doing this. It's not sick, I checked it out of the Neolodge. Please, help me! ~ lilycat5053
Streak: ;_; That cookie looks so good... *drools*

Does it look like this?

That is the natural happy look for a snow Uni. If it looks sadder, well, your poor little Neopet was abandoned by its previous owner in the pound, so it would not surprise me if it was upset for a while. :( Feed it, play with toys with it, groom it. If you take good care of your pet, it is sure to come around. (:

*Throws Angry Cinnamon Roll* This is my first question ever! *throws confetti* I'm so excited! *foams at mouth* So, anyway, on to my question: Has there ever been a Halloween Intesteen? Being a huge Intesteen fan, I would love to have one, but I haven't found one in your database or Neopet's petpet puddle. Normally I would just wait for one but then I found a Halloween Intesteen Plushie in your database so I was wondering. Also, because I can, I'm going to sneak another question in. Why doesn't Darigan Citadel appear under "Other Worlds" in the Neopia world? And, (yes, that's three questions now) what are the two avatars needed to use the Halloween Paint Brush? I read in another editorial answer while searching the editorial database that you need two avatars to use one. I'm thinking about painting my Flotsam Halloween, so that's why am asking. Lastly, I am thinking of collecting 20,000 piles of dung because of a certain editorial answer that inspired me. Because I can only get a maximum of ten piles of dung a day from the Second-Hand Shoppe, I was thinking of asking other users on the boards if I could buy dung from them to speed up the process. If I asked "Buying dung for 1 NP! Collecting dung!" could I get in trouble for that? I don't think so, but some users say yes and I don't want to risk getting in trouble. ~ The Lord of Angry Cinnamon Rolls(tente2)
Marie: Alright, here we go...

1) I don't believe so. Sometimes, TNT will release plushies or cards of a pet/petpet/item, but not the item itself. You never know, TNT could release one eventually!

2) If you mean for our Guide to Neopia, this has been fixed now. ;P

3) You don't need two avatars to use a Halloween Paint Brush, but rather, you can get one of two avatars after using it on a certain pet.
I assume you are referring to JN Editorial 78, where Herdy explains why Halloween Paint Brushes are more expensive than Christmas.
You are able to get the "Werelupe" avatar if you use it on a Lupe then visit the pet lookup of your pet. The other avatar is if you use it on a Ruki, and view the pet lookup if the Ruki has a 30 day+ old Mummy Baby attached to it. (:
Of course, if you have two Halloween Paint Brushes, then you can get both avatars.

4) No, you would not get in trouble for that because you are not trying to scam the users of anything. You are paying good NP for each Pile of Dung.
Just keep in mind to make a board where buying dung will be relevant such as the Shop Ads board. You could be reported for being off-topic if you made a board like that on the Avatar Chat, for example.

*Throws mutant flesh eating zombie Meepits at you* I have always wondered if any Jellyneo staffers are part of TNT. If they are, that's cool. ~ anonymous
Streak: O_O Ahhh! *hides behind Marie* Nope! None of the staffers here work for Neopets. But some members of The Neopets Team have seen our site and forums. (:

Hey... I was just wondering, has that page counter on the Pet Central page been around since Neopets started? Because that is an amazing number of hits! P.S. You rock and I hope you catch them up in page hits. :) ~ george66636

Whoa! Yeah, it has, but it's probably rounded up or down each refresh/visit.


And thanks! I think that'd be totally cool. :D

I am nearly at a trillion views!! :D

I was typing in my favourite colour in the search bar in Neopets and I came across the Rainbow Swirly Thing. What is it? Is it an item or just a joke? ~ Launaej
Streak: The Rainbow Swirly thing is an item located at the Hidden Tower. It can be used in the Battledome, though, for its price, it's not really that worth it. There's also a nifty little Trading Card Game card of the Rainbow Swirly thing. ;D

Wow, what pretty colours... I wonder what it does?

Is it true that you can't rate anything on the Neoboards anymore? ~ xixamxmightyx
Marie: We still see "rate my font/pet/pet name" topics on the Neoboards, and they haven't been deleted, so we suppose they are still okay. But if it turns into an excuse to spam, insult, or harass others, then some people could get into trouble.

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