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Aurora & Uuliani's Editorial
Published: April 17, 2011

Hey JN! *tosses Krawks and Draiks* Say I had a petpet (like the Gold Mauket from the Games Master Challenge) and that won the PPL for that week. Would I still get Neopoints even if I wasn't on the list? Thanks! :D ~ nintendoplayer120
Uuliani: Eeee, Draik! *snuggles it forever and ever* As for your question, in old editorials they've said it's all owners, but there have been instances where this was not the case or it was limited to the first 50,000 users. Only those on the list get trophies and a Neomail notification, though.

This is out of control! *storms out*

*sigh* It could never last...

If I get a question submitted into the Neopian Times 10+ times, could I get the Neopian Times avatar? ~ 1_doglefox
Aurora: Questions published in the editorial do not count toward the avatar. The only way to get the avatar is to submit content such as comics, articles, or stories.

Dear Jellyneo: No I'm not going to throw things at you, I think its quite rude. I'd rather shake your hands and congratulate you on your wonderful site. :) But anyway, I was wondering if you had any knowledge regarding job coupons and their rankings, and how (if at all) it affects your end reward. For example, base pay of a job is 1,000 NP, but when I give the items, I receive 1,500. Why is it that I receive more than what's shown? Is it something to do with rank, or is it more related to how fast you turn it in? Sorry for the long roundabout question. ~ snorkpop1
Aurora: It just depends on how quickly you turn it in. You get more Neopoints for completing a job faster than the set amount of time.

Were the storms in Celestial City caused by Xandra? ~ redherochild
Aurora: The worlds of Neopia and Petpet Park are completely separate, so Xandra had nothing to do with the storms there.

Hi! I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but...*throws electric heat-seeking ninja stars* Oops... guess I should have just given them to you! Anyways, where did the Eliv Thade token go? The text says "only available at the NC Mall" but I can't find him. Please tell me I can still get him! I'm tired of that Blue Bruce! ~ SilentAbyssZero
Aurora: Unfortunately, the Eliv Thade Key Quest Token is now retired. :( It was only available until November 8 of 2010. Retirement dates are usually included in the item notes section of the Item Database. But who knows? Maybe they'll bring him back one day.

Do the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery have actual owners or are they computer-operated? What are Kadoaties (petpets or Neopets)? What happens when you donate to a Kadoatie? ~ wollovermoon
Aurora: The Kads in the Kadoatery do not have actual owners. Kadoaties are (extremely rare) petpets that you can buy for your pet. When you feed at least one Kad, you make it very happy and you get a trophy on your user lookup! :D Keep feeding them to work your way up to a gold trophy. If you're able to feed 75 of them, you'll also get a shiny new avatar!

Hello dearest Jellyneo staff! I have had this question for a while and as I have yet to find another site with the answer, I thought you guys would be the best ones to ask! *beaming* My entry got in for one of the Caption Contests, and I haven't received my trophy and prize yet. *scratches head* Already over 5 or so contests have passed with new winners but no prize. Do you know if there is a specific time when the prizes are given out (at the end of the month for example)? Thanks guys! ~ anonymous
Uuliani: As someone who's been in the Caption Contest a total of 3 times, I know from experience that sometimes, The Neopets Team gets you your prize right away, and other times, it takes a few weeks or more for your prize to be given to you. I've heard horror stories of really long waits for CC prizes to arrive. One of those times, the winners got a really expensive paint brush as their prize, though, so the wait was worth it for them, at least.

Hi JN! I heard that Kacheek Flour can turn your unconverted pet into a converted pet. Is that true? Thanks! ~ anonymous
Uuliani: Unfortunately, yes. Kacheek Flour, when used on another pet and not a 1-Player Battledome challenger, turns the opponent's pet into a Blue Kacheek; if used on an UC pet, it would convert them.

I was playing Kass Basher the other day and was hovering over one of the dark green spots on the grass. Suddenly, coding popped up on the top of the screen. When I looked closer, it had information, saying things such as wind speed=8 and distance=802. Is this information from past hits and the dark green spots markers of those hits? Thanks for the help! *hands squishy teddy bear* ~ angelwing010
Aurora: Yes, the dark green spots mark where the plushie landed in previous games.

I like your April Fools' themes that you put up but why did you take it down? We know it's part of an April Fools' joke but I like those themes. Can you put it back up? ~ anonymous
Uuliani: Well, I don't know how trustworthy my sources are, but a certain Meepit Plushie has informed me that something suspicious has been spotted at the bottom of this page that may be of interest to you and may or may not answer this question. That's if you can trust a plushie's word.

I love your new 50k A Day feature but could you please add it to either a drop down menu or a button on the side, pretty please? ~ tyrannianjazliegh
Aurora: We're glad you like it! You can access the 50k A Day guide from the Game Guides menu. :)

In your Item Database, whenever I decide to help you guys out by editing the average price of an item, the user shown as editing the price in the price history is always "Item DB Crew" instead of me! :( I'm always logged in, so why is this so? ~ ruonfire
Uuliani: According to the lovely Ian, if you send in a price report that gets flagged for review (this is not a bad thing), any price change is therefore made by a member of the IDB crew, hence why that name will show up. If the price change goes through without being flagged then the jnAccount of the submitter will be shown.

They will not control us, we will be victorious!

Hi Jellyneo. I was searching trough the Item Database when I saw 8-Bit Chomby Shoes. I then searched 8-Bit but there are no paint brushes, plushies, or morphing potions. Where can I get 8-Bit? ~ anonymous
Uuliani: 8-Bit is a new colour that was just released this past Chomby Day, and it's only available via the Lab Ray. Even Fountain Faerie Quests don't allow you to paint your pets this colour, so it's pretty exclusive (and awesome if I do say so myself).

¡Hola! Yo me llamo DayDreamyr. Yo tengo una pregunta. Okay, yeah, I don't know how to say my question en español...so... oh yeah, I forgot to throw something. *throws bag of rabid Meepits* I got it on eBay! So, who discovered *whisper* Jelly World *whisper* in the first place? And how? ¡Gracias y adiós! ~ DayDreamyr
Uuliani: Ooh, those three years of Spanish classes finally came in use for something! But what is this mythical world of jelly and why do so many people believe it exists? If it were to exist, then I'm sure whoever discovered it would be wildly renowned for finding such a preposterous place, but since it doesn't exist, then no one knows who discovered it.

Destrooooy this city of delusions, break these walls down...

Hey JN crew, I've come to you with a question that I need answered! In Petpet Park, why does Mellee keep asking me to get her Clucken feed and scraps of old fabric? I thought the job A Special Clucken Nesting Box was retired? Is this just some kind of glitch? ~ amyzmother
Uuliani: Wow, yeah, that's definitely a glitch. o_o That job's from last year's Clucken Egg Hunt event. Many users last year had problems completing the Clucken jobs when they were first released, and then those glitched jobs ended up staying there all year round. But if this just popped up for you now, I have no idea how you managed to have Mellee ask you for help. It's best to just ignore it for now and not complete the job, as TNT might not like it if you do that. I'd send in a bug report just in case.

Why is the Wheel of Monotony so slow? Is it a prank by TNT? I have wasted my Neopoints on the wheel... ~ ShadowsBlaze
Uuliani: Well, there is a reason why it's called the Wheel of Monotony! Not everything is rainbows and excitement all the time, you know! You can multitask if you create new browser tabs/windows while leaving the one with the spinning wheel open. You might get a great reward for your patience!

How do players change their "Last Spotted" thing on their user lookup to say random things like this: "Last Spotted: Locked in the Citadel dungeon" or this: "Last Spotted: Flying around Faerieland." This has been bothering me for a while. ~ ShadowsBlaze
Uuliani: The only accounts that have the witty statuses you mentioned are official Neopets Team owned accounts, such as staff members and auction accounts. Premium users also have the option to set their "Last Seen" status to "Stealth!" Outside of those exceptions, though, any user concealing this with coding or such are breaking the rules, since that's considered covering up your stats.

Is it true that "Ultimate Chive of Death" (Battledome item used by Punchbag Sid) can be stolen in battle by a user? ~ Murley_Dragon
Aurora: For Sid, you'll have to have an item that can steal multiple times (because you steal other items first), but yes, it's possible to get the Chives eventually. Once the battle is over, though, the item is returned to its original owner.