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After Fools' Day Cleanup
Published: April 2, 2011

Well, that was a fun little fiasco of a day, wasn't it? Pranks are one of my favourite ways to celebrate, it's a shame it's all over and done with. But, this mess needs to get picked up, I need to find my shoe, and these editorial questions need to be answered, so no time to mourn another great April Fools' Day! I get the feeling that someone hid a bunch of the questions, so we'll need to find them. Here, hold this fake mustache while I try to reach under the couch.

Hello Jellyneo Staff! -Flings Dung Jelly- I was wondering why in the Items Database the "Sparkling Apple Juice" has a previous picture of a Baby Negg. Is this a glitch with the database or did the Apple Juice have a bizarre history? Thanks! :) ~ Rainbow_Nugget
Bizarre is the fact that this question was stuck inside of the couch. After a little research, it seems that a user once took advantage of a glitch with the Baby Negg and duplicated the item. (This is cheating, never take advantage of a glitch if you find one!) So, to clear this issue up, TNT decided to change the Baby Negg into Sparkling Apple Juice.


Who exactly is Eliv Thade, and isn't there more information about him? ~ koriandrgirl
Haha, taped to the ceiling. Very funny.
I feel like this would be a good place to mention our own lovely Book of Ages as well as TNT's informative Neopedia, both of which are excellent resources for finding out about the stranger Neopian characters.

I need some opinions: does the new mutant Ogrin have tentacles on its head? I ask because if it does, I will need to add the Transmogrification Potion to my gallery. Or, more likely, to my gallery wishlist. JN was so helpful last time I needed tentacle advice (quick plug for the Editorial Database!), that I thought I'd try my luck and ask again. So what do you think? Tentacles or no? ~ drzoidberg
Yeparoo, yus, and yay! Those would be tentacles on the mutant Ogrin's head, right above the hourglass-shaped pupils. (Hourglass-shaped pupils? Gosh that sounds familiar. *cough*Raistlin*cough*)

I recently got Neopets Premium, and I changed my e-mail to the one that you get with it. I was wondering, for the e-mail that comes with Premium, does TNT look and make sure you are following the normal Neopets terms and conditions? I would understand them having you not scam, but what about off site topics and personal information? For instance, if you were talking about Jellyneo, and sent the link to a certain page here, would that be okay? I know this probably sounds like an insanely crazy question, but I'm kind of worried. *tosses you an emery board* You are probably getting treats from everyone else, but you also need to take care of your nails! ~ M. J.
Yes, this is fine. The e-mail that you get with your Premium service is just that, an e-mail service. These are not monitored for adherence to the standard Neopets Terms of Service, so sending an off-site link to a friend is okay.

It's mail time!

Hello, Kaurevir! *screams in joy and throws confetti* And because I hurt your ears, take this too! *throws Angry Cinnamon Roll* Eat that one fast, it's feisty. Anyway, I want you to answer one question before I make a major investment I might regret: Does the book "Fishing Made Easy" have a guaranteed effect of increasing your pet's fishing level by 1-3, or does it sometimes just act as a normal book? ~ tente2
Well, that was a prank and a half at the beginning there...
But I like your spunk, so, yes, the book "Fishing Made Easy" will raise your pet's fishing level after reading it to your pet. (Unless of course you're already at the maximum fishing level of 500, then it will function as a normal book).

Hi JN staff, there is a new background: "Star Gazing Background" Do you guys know how to obtain it? Thanks. :)
The Star Gazing Background comes from the Neopets 11th Birthday Goodie Bag.

Is there anywhere that I could find in a convenient list, the date of each species' discoveries and the dates in which they could change to new colours? Please and thank you. By the way, Jellyneo is amazing! Keep it up. ~ anonymous
Well, if you're interested, you would probably find the Species Encyclopedia to be a great spot! If you're curious about when each species could be painted a new colour, however, I would suggest that you comb through the Timelines where all notable Neopets news from the past is listed. Or check the Neopian calendar--new colours are often released on pet days (for example, the glowing Chomby was a new colour for Chomby Day).

*Gives cookie* How can you get a Zombie Paint Brush without paying a fortune? Or is there another way to get your pet to be a zombie? Thank you! ~ b24e
Zombies? Where?! *whips out escape plan* Oh, just the paint brush. Well, there is a chance that you can get an expensive paint brush by using the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, but I wouldn't recommend it because of how risky it is. A random event could also give you one. Or you could enter the poetry/art/Neopian Times contests around Halloween--the paint brush might be a prize. The only surefire way to get a zombie paint brush, though, is to save up and buy one.

The Lab Ray/Rainbow Fountain can turn your pet zombie, but those are also based on luck so it's risky.

Zombies are no joking matter!

Hello there. :D *Steals cookie that the person above me threw to you, then hands you a bunny* Anyways, in my guild, I'm in charge of creating all of the plots. I was wondering if I could put in something like this: "Sophie the Swamp Witch needs (insert random cheap items here) for the magical potion that will help you continue! Please send all items to (username). Any items will be returned upon request. All others will be donated to the Money Tree." Thanks. :D ~ jbp173
I would advise against this because it could easily be seen as a possible scam by TNT. I'm sure your intentions are good, but those nasty scammers always make it so that honest users can't have nice things.
Wait, am I ever going to get that cookie back?

Who told you that you could eat MY cookies?!

I have been trying to change my profile on Neopets and I keep getting this message: "We cannot update your personal information." What is the reason they can't update my personal information? I've been putting my password in, but I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. ~ achee3724
Who pinned this to the bulletin board?
To answer your question, this appears to be a very common glitch. To work around it, try logging in to Neopets in another browser and editing your information there. Personally, I find Google Chrome to do the trick.

As for why it's happening... we have no idea, sorry. :( Seems pretty serious, though, as it's been around for more than a couple of months now.

I bought an animated item from the NC Mall (MME6-S1: Magical Shapes Bubble Wand), but it is only moving on the large pictures of my pet (at the Mall, customisation, quick ref, etc.). Is this normal? If not, how do I fix it? ~ thisisinsane2000
Ah, so this is what was jamming the hamster wheel.
It's normal for animated items to only be animated when the Flash version (the larger pet picture) is displayed. The smaller pictures for the Neoboards and for user lookups are static PNG files. I think that having too many animated images of pets everywhere would cause enormous lag for users with slower computers.

If the Tax Beast (or his angry side!) strikes, is it only your Neopoints on hand or in bank and on hand that are taxed? Also, say you got all the Lutari Taliman beads on Neopets Mobile, those beads are now all worth a fortune. So, if you paid real cash for a service to easily obtain said beads, then sold them all, wouldn't you have made NP from real money? Isn't that against the Neopets rules? Cheers if this is answered! But if not... have a look in that package of yours! *Package ticks innocently* ~ djhanky222
Two questions in one? I guess everyone's in the pranking mood... *pushes package away from the content department*
Anyway, if the Tax Beast strikes, he only takes from the Neopoints you have on hand at the time. Neopoints in your bank are absolutely safe!

As for Neopets Mobile, you would not be doing anything wrong according to TNT because you can still obtain beads from random on-site events. Quite a few users still think that this is still giving paying users an advantage over normal users, though. :/

What do you do with plushies? What are magical plushies? ~ llamapwnz
Plushies are toys, you play with them silly. :P
If you let your pet play with a plushie a lot, its happiness will increase. However, if your pet plays with a magical plushie, it will change into the colour and species of that plushie. Magical plushies are one-use items, however, and after you transform a pet, the item will turn into its corresponding non-magical plushie. For example, a Magical Purple Zafara Plushie would turn your pet into a purple Zafara and then the item itself would become a regular Purple Zafara Plushie.

Because everyone knows that Zafara plushies are the best. Right? Right.

Why do the disco and magma Usuls have no bow on their tails? Or even headbands? Being the owner of an Usul myself, I find it distressing that those poor little creatures are denied the paint brush clothing of their fellow Usuls. And going along that line... why do white Usuls have red eyes? It rather freaks me out... ~ whiteouthorizon
The magma Usul does have a bow on its tail, but it's become a rather glitchy item that strangely can be worn by other species (even saw a baby Jubjub with a magma Usul bow on). As for the headband and the disco colour, I would only be able to guess that there was a problem with colour coordination. The disco Usul is covered in colours, after all.

For the red eyes, perhaps they were referencing albinism? Or they picked that as the colour because more white wouldn't be very pleasing to the eye. (Get it? Get it? Oh, never mind me and my puns...)

Hi! *Hands cookies out to all* I just adopted a pet with defence stats "semi-demi godly." What does that mean? ~ Bluetutu53
More cookies! Must be karma. Or another prank. *tests cookies for poison*
But, while I wait for those to get back from the lab, "semi-demi-godly" is just a fancy way of saying that your new pet has 17 defence points. You can keep checking the numbers by going to your petpage and using the #DEFENCE code.

Hi TJNT! *throws Meepit shaped cookies* I've been meaning to ask, when all the faeries were turned to stone, what happened to the space faerie? Did she just float through space petrified? ~ Lonlono9
Too many cookies! Where's Suzuka when you need her?
I doubt that something so awful would happen to the space faerie! She was probably at the Faerie Festival with the rest of her fellows when all the faeries were turned to stone. Hopefully. D:
At least she's okay now!

I'm trying to find out when the magma pool is open. I'm almost done checking the day hours and I was wondering will the time for the guard's "nap" ever change? I'm afraid that it's something like 4:00am local time. ~ jeppe
No, your guard's napping time will never change, take it from someone whose time is about 11:50pm NST.

If only we could zap him with this...

Hiya JN! *Passes multi-flavoured jelly* I am 12, and I really want to get the 13+ Neopets features, but sadly a fax machine is not available. So, can we print out the form, scan it and send it to Neopets? If yes, please tell me the e-mail. :D ~ __thadude__
Well, I don't think you can e-mail it to them, but you can always snail mail it to them, that's what I did. Just print out the form, place it in an envelope, apply the proper postage and a return address, and ship that little beauty off to:

NeoPets, Inc.
P.O. Box 10060
Glendale, CA 91209-3060

Hey Jellyneo people! I was wondering how you get a Poogle. I figured it was a retired pet, but I'm not really sure. I've seen users with Poogles, and I've seen users with MSPPs. I know what those are but I was wondering what paint brush you need to transform a Poogle into a MSPP. Thanks a lot, and keep adding all these awesome features and news about Neopets (YOU GUYS ROCK!). ~ roversydneygirl
Shucks, you're makin' us blush... (Either that or I'm having an allergic reaction to the sneezing powder I found on the vending machine). Anyway, you can get a Poogle by adopting/trading for one, getting lucky with the Lab Ray, having one of your existing pets play with a magical Poogle toy, using a morphing potion, or waiting to see if any are released on Poogle Day (September 19th).

Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogles (MSPPs) can only be obtained through the Lab Ray.

How do you obtain the Battledome abilities Scorch, Frost, Inertia, Dark Shield, Psychic Attack, Aura, and Improved Defend? ~ anonymous
Unfortunately, you can't get those abilities anymore. All of those were given to users who signed up with various Neopets sponsors way back in 2001.

Hi! *seed flare* Why is there basically no information about the " Hunt For the Battledome" plot? I've always been curious about that. *fluffles hair* ~ Shaymin
Shaymin uses Seed Flare. It's not very effective!
Wild Kaurevir has fled. (To get some soda.)
Psh, psh, psh. There's a whole summary for the plot right here. Show the poor Neopian Museum some love!

Wait! Under that table!

There you are, Leftie! I'll never lose you again!
What? If you think this is bad, you should see the one that got caught in the mower.

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