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Happy Birthday to Grog and Skylar!
Published: March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to Grog and Skylar. Happy Birthday to us!

Birthday Cake

Skylar: Wow, Grog, do you see all of these ''presents''? This is going to take forever... Oh well, you may as well start with that one. *looks up at the tower* I guess the IDB isn't getting love anytime soon...

Grog: *smirks* Maybe the backlog of paperwork will bury Ian alive. Not that I would wish any harm to befall our fearless leader, even if he does walk around with his eyes closed.

*Grog and Skylar chuckle nervously*

Grog: Now, about those questions....

What happened to Nick and AAA last time? Were they all right? *trembles in fear* ~ theprotectorjerdana
Grog: I'm not really sure of the details, but from the looks of things, Nick doesn't have a hoverchair and Old Artypants doesn't have control of the editorial. Perhaps Abigail won?

Just out of curiosity, about when does the plot link usually get taken off the "stuff to do" sidebar? A week after the prize shop, a month, once Neopets releases something new, or just whenever someone with the power says, "Is that still there"? ~ ron nohn
Skylar: The lovely 'stuff to do' sidebar and its buttons are controlled by Nynex/Dave. The rotation is usually changed a few days after the event ends (in the case of a plot, it was taken down in a week or so, to give people time to collect prizes).

Hey TJNT! *throws your favourite item* I was wondering, how long does it take for TNT to sort out account issues? Is it faster with their new customer support system? Or is it the same old non-awesome system it used to be? Thanks in advance! ~ alinomansan1_1
Grog: Look! Another question! At least this one has a present to go along with it! *snaffles panda suit*

The new customer support system hopefully has decreased the amount of forms being sent in since a lot of information is in the FAQ pages, which should (theoretically) decrease the time needed to close a given ticket. However, even the new ticketing system does not seem to have affected TNT's response time in any appreciable amount.

I was spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity, and it said "You have a strange desire to visit the obelisk, but nothing else happens." What's the obelisk? ~ redherochild
Skylar: *clears throat* An obelisk is a Greek word used to describe a tall, narrow, four-sided, tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. A famous one known in Neopia is Coltzan's shrine.

The Wheel is describing the one that used to appear in the old jungle area of Tyrannia.
That's as far as my knowledge of obelisks go, but you can check out an old NT article here.

Coltzan's Shrine
I can has history?

Are there any staffers at JN that keep JN records? Such as most questions in a single editorial and craziest user, or maybe... first person with a JN account. ~ superlegion
Grog: Since Dave was the one who created jnAccounts, he decided that he should get the honour of owning the first one.

After a quick check for most questions in a single editorial, Editorial #69 (~ The Issue of Love ~) wins, weighing in at 70 questions. Honourable mentions go to:

Note: I didn't check issues Editorial #50 nor Editorial #100, as they were both podcasts. Feel free to check them yourself!

As for craziest user, it's tie between all of JN's visitors. Give yourself a hand (if you can get one free from that straitjacket you're wearing, that is)!

Why have the stone and glass paint brushes retired? ~ anonymous
Skylar: That's like asking why the grass grows, why the sky is blue or why there is no present in this present...
I really don't think there's any rhyme or reason behind TNT's doing.

Grog: Maybe TNT just didn't want to draw Stone and Glass pets?

Skylar: Maybe it was just a bad combination? You know, like throwing rocks at glass windows.

I just got a lucky zap and now my pet is a Lutari. I need a new lab rat but I need to transfer a pet out to make room. Can I transfer while owning a Lutari or will even going near the transfers make her poof? ~ anonymous
Grog: As per JN's splendiforous Pound 2.0 guide: "Lutaris cannot be transferred, they do not disappear (as they do if you try to abandon them) but instead they just refuse to budge off your account." That means that transferring your Lutari is out of the question.

However, you are free to transfer any other pets from that account and your Lutari will remain unaffected.

*sniffle* Why can't I be transferred too?

*in officious tone* Hello JN Staffers. After a considerable amount of research and evidence, I have discovered that you, all of you, are not mentally stable. For this reason *shines bright light on you* you are hereby under investigation by the *mumbles* and will be forced to choose the following: 1) You are mind-controlled by the *hides in bomb shelter* Meepits. 2) You are zombies working for Sloth (they are mindless). 3) You are robotic androids from the future. ~ katara_toph_6
Grog: Another question AND an officious tone? I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! At least this one is multiple choice. I'm just going to check C and go on to the next "present."


How do people get a Magical Plushie? I know you can buy it from someone, but do they just give you it in a random event? ~ anonymous
Skylar: Most Magical Plushies can be purchased from the Plushie Palace. The rarity 101+ ones used to be given out by playing games (for example, you used to be able to get Magical Purple Poogle Toy and Magical Yellow Poogle Toy from a game called Poogle Solitaire; Magical Chomby Plushies came from a game called Chomby and the Fungus Balls).

In your IDB (In-Depth Battlepedia), how do you rate the weapons? Do you have to be a staff member or do you just need to have an account on it? As a proud experienced Battledomer, I want to rate these weapons, too. Thanks if this get answered. ~ misty_lax
Grog: Actually, the In-Depth Battlepedia is a separate site not owned/run by us. They have their own staff and everything! We just happen to be on good terms with them. *Gives Battlepedia Staff a high five*

The Battlepedia is in the middle of hiring a wave of new recruits, but the open application period has ended. You can read about the ins and outs of their process in a thread at their forums so you can be prepared for next time!

Punchbag Bob

Hi, I keep blessing my Neopet with bottles faeries and the faeries keep giving them different abilities, but I cannot find these abilities when I go to fight in the Battledome. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. ~ anonymous
Skylar: To use faerie abilities in the Battledome, you have to go to your ability page to click on them and activate them. After they have been activated, you should be able to see them in your ability list during a fight.

Grog: I had quite a problem finding them recently too. The easiest (and only) way I've found is to go to the Quick Ref page, click the arrow next to the small picture of your Neopet and click on "View Abilities."

For some reason, it won't me discover the Ghost Lupe for Defenders of Neopia. I go to classic Neohomes and look for Soup Alley, 131, in Neopia Central, and nothin', zilch, nadda. What's up with that? ~ anonymous
Skylar: Why, you should be able to access The Ghost Lupe by visiting this neohome here (the Battledome challenger message shows up at the bottom of the page). If not, check your 1-player Battledome Opponent List to see if you missed the event when looking for the fiend!

I'm going to be sneaky and put in two questions here. 1. Can you make a NT comic using almost completely copy-paste images if they are all images.neopets.com ones? 2. I want to write an NT story and I want to know if it's okay to have Draiks be able to breathe fire and have people riding Unis and having them be able to fly? ~ annabethchase1998
Skylar: Whoa, two questions in one present? This is getting scandalous, Grog. I don't know if I can do this... *takes a deep breath*

Regarding your first question, you could, but editors like to see a bit of wit and creativity, so truth be told, you're better off using pictures that you create, not ones done by Neopets artists.

Question number two is yes, of course! Draiks breathe fire (that poor Ixi almost got scorched!) and a Uni does resemble a horse so I don't see why not. TNT uses them sometimes for that reason in plots or in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (Roberta rode on one!)


Whew, glad that's over with. When we're done with this, I'm going to demand a piece of cake for every question I answer!

Hey Jellyneo, have a chocolate Blobikins! Just wondering, how many of the staffers were originally a normal/active Jellyneo forum user? Thanks! ~ Jellymango
Grog: Since there aren't a lot of staff members around to ask (they must have seen that these "presents" actually have questions in them), I can only tell you that I was a JNF regular before I ascended. So, if Skylar was too, that will make it 100% of us!

Skylar: Eh, this is kind of a tough one to answer... Before I became a staffer I had a JNF account but I never really used it. I'm on it constantly now, though, to check out questions that users have and whatnot. :)

Grog: How do I score that one? Half-yes? Out of two that makes for 75% of us!

I was on the JN contact us page and I saw a link to fan mail. I have not been to that area in ages and it looks like it has not been updated in ages either. I was wondering, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to remove that page, add new fan mail messages or just leave it there? Thanks for answering. ~ Yoshinho
Grog: It could be that Jellyneo just doesn't get a lot of fan mail, or it could be that Dave is just hoarding it all for himself. Which do you think it is?

Skylar: *tries to get into his email in the corner* I want to know that I'm loved! *sobs*

Say, hypothetically, I got a Fountain Faerie Quest from the current faerie quests event. Does the FFQ still last forever? Can I take as long as I need/want to save up to buy the item? And when I give the item in, does the offer to visit the rainbow fountain still last forever? Thanks! :) ~ anonymous
Grog: The quest will last until you complete it by turning in the item requested, or until you abandon the quest. However, you will not be able to use the Shop Wizard until you do one or the other. As for the second part, TNT said it better than I can:

Hello there, TNT! Thanks for giving us a chance to get a Fountain Faerie Quest during the current event; it was very thoughtful of you guys. :) *showers you all with plushies* Now, on to my question... say we received one of these miraculous FFQs, would the option to complete it remain after the event was over if we couldn't fulfill it before then? Also, if we did complete the quest during the event, would the Rainbow Fountain be open for as long as we needed to decide on a colour? ~jewelyanna

You can hold on to the quest for as long as you like, but keep in mind that you cannot accept any other faerie quest while one is still incomplete. You can, however, turn the item in to Naia (the Fountain Faerie) and complete the quest, but then paint your Neopet at her pool at a later date.

Greetings and salutations. Is it true that you can now just refresh at the winner/loser page in the Battledome to get the Valiant avatar? Many thanks! ~ peabigmane
Skylar: This was true for a while back when the Faeries' Ruin plot was going on, but now it doesn't work anymore. If you try to refresh on the winner/loser page, you'll get the standard message that says: "Error: CHEATER!!!! You won't get an avatar that way! :P"

How do you come by your prices? There seems to be a huge jump all of a sudden since I recently saw "Eliv Thade (TCG)" selling for 2-3 million in November 2010, but you guys have it listed as 40 million! ~ Centient
Grog: All of our prices are submitted by visitors to the IDB (although there are situations where the price change needs to be looked at by an Item DB staff member before it will be accepted).

As far as Eliv Thade (TCG) goes, since there aren't enough out there for sale for us to decide on a price, we have removed the Estimated Price from its page. Find us some on the trading post (with prices) or a screenshot of a non-Neofriend Only auction ending and we'll update our data faster than you can say "real presents don't have questions in them!"

Could you please ask the Bucket Faerie something? Buckets or pails? D= ~ karatekidsmom
Skylar: I hooked up some connections and got to speak to the faerie himself. He said: "Preference is buckets, but pails are very nice too."

Why doesn't Jellyneo (or anywhere else, for that matter) have a restock trainer? It would have shop specific items, so as to help people become better restockers without all the waiting time. I've seen it on a few other sites, so would it work? ~ sam1122922226737
Grog: Where better to train than in actual Neopian shops? Anything Jellyneo (or anyone else, for that matter) would put together would be frequently outdated and always fake. Wouldn't you feel bad if you restocked that unbuyable in a trainer when you could have done it for real?

Prickly Potion
No better practice then by jumping right in on the action!

If you steal an item in a 1-player fight, do you get to keep it? ~ anonymous
Skylar: You do, indeed! Sweet Victory! *fanfare*

Grog: ...But only until the end of the fight, at which point your stealing item comes back and your opponent's item returns to them.

Skylar: Aw...

Why don't some of the staff members on the Staff Listing page have pictures? ~ jankiapatel995
Grog: There is a whole list of requirements to satisfy for a Jellyneo staffer to qualify for a caricature: there is a form to fill out, a timed scavenger hunt (in the Content Beast's lair, no less!) to complete, and a litany of oblations to be offered to various admins. Some staffers flee from the challenge, and others are in the middle of proving themselves worthy; those are the ones without caricatures.

Skylar: Must prove... myself... worthy... *reaches up dramatically towards the light*

Hey do you know anyone who currently possesses the Emerald Eyrie Coin? I've looked through many albums - yes I'm a stalker - but it seems that nobody has this coin. I wonder... ~ 1337n00b
Skylar: Don't worry, Ian has been stalking it for his own reasons as well. The only person that he has seen with it is none other than Dragona!

Since I love JN so much, I have tried to model as many items and emotions as I can for the Modeling Database. I'm an especially impatient person, so I wanted to know if there was any chance that the super-secret "end result" might be released anytime soon? Even though all of the items/emotions aren't yet represented? I'm so curious! Please say yes! ~ drzoidberg
Grog: Yes! Next!

Hello, what is MSPP? I know it's the colour for the Poogle but what does it mean? ~ nev1kl1nk
Skylar: MSPP stands for Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie. It pretty much means that he's an evil artificial intelligence...in cute plushie form!

Cute, cuddly, and vicious!

I know that "sharing" the lab ray with friends is against the rules, but is transferring pets from other accounts of your own to zap them on an account that has the lab ray against the rules? I have 4 accounts now; two of them have the lab ray and I'm working on a third. I really want to zap some of the pets I made while I'm working on the last 2 pieces of the map. Can I do that? ~ silverxkey
Grog: Sure! They're your pets on your accounts using your lab maps that you bought with your Neopoints. Get zapping!

Hey! You guys rock! I was wondering which colours the Floobix could be painted. I really really like it. ~ Quino_
Skylar: It's sad to say this but that adorable little petpet can only be obtained from the Petpet Lab Ray, so it has no special paint colours. *huggles it*

I have a disability where I can't use my right hand. Would TNT care if I created a bot that selects an item with a certain price, so as to make it fair for me when I want to restock? Thanks for the reply! ~ anonymous
Grog: TNT really frowns on bots of any kind. So while you have my sympathy, I doubt TNT would allow you your bot.

Hiya, I was wondering, where is Jelly World on the map? And don't give me a link now, I already got that. I think almost nobody knows it, but surprise me. ~ Quino_
Skylar: Jellywhat?

Grog: The Techo Master says: "If your map does not show your destination, perhaps you spilled pudding on your map." Not really one of his better sayings, if you ask me. I think he's trying to say that Jelly World doesn't show up because it *cough* "doesn't exist" *coughcoughwinkwink*

Some time ago, I came across one of the oddest things ever while looking up various usernames on Neopets. Whenever I look up certain usernames in the search bar, I see the username and that user's active avatar, as normal... And then, the NC Mall item "Really Ripe Banana" shows up next to them. You wouldn't happen to know what exactly this means, would you? It's really quite bizarre and strangely amusing. ~ gameboy42690
Grog: The Really Ripe Banana shows up when you search for something with a "10" in it. See what happens is...*blah blah blah*....

Skylar: Yeah, uh huh. Right. *snore*

Grog: ...And that's why it shows up. It's all about the ID.

Skylar: *wakes up* Oh, are you quite done? I mean, how interesting!

I completed my second Jhudora quest, and I didn't get anything in return! What happened? ~ wolflovermoon
Skylar: Yet another present in question form...
Jhudora is a rather stingy faerie, she only likes to give out presents every few quests or so. You can check out when she'll give out rewards by clicking on our guide here.

Pathetic fools, all your presents are belong to me...

Is it easy to make Neopoints? I am trying to get a morphing potion, but I don't have the money! ~ _snowflight_
Skylar: It can be hard to save up Neopoints, but most users find that the easiest way to go about this is by playing games! Here at Jellyneo, we have a variety of game guides that can help you learn how to play while giving you useful tricks and tips along the way!

Hey Skylar and Grog! :) So I got warned and silenced in the same day. Fail, I know. xP However, when I got silenced, it was for something that was blocked by the filters. After it said it was blocked, I went around the filters (which I shouldn't have done :P). However, in the Neomail from TNT, it quoted the blocked post. So, my question is, can you get silenced/warned/suspended/frozen for something you tried to say, but was blocked by the filters? ~ speriend
Grog: This is really something only TNT could answer, but I imagine that finding yourself on the wrong end of the filters often isn't good for your account.

I'm aware of how refreshing avatars work, but Neopets' birthday made an idea pop into my brain... With the birthday site theme, are you more likely to get the refresh avatars? And a second one... is it impossible to get the helpful Zafara avatar? Now that they have that new ticket system you can't refresh it... ~ Billie_2011
Skylar: With the birthday theme, you are more likely to get random events, so technically... yes!

As far as the Helpful Zafara avatar is concerned, the page to refresh can be found here.

Is this your main job? ~ jomarcenter2012
Grog: I wouldn't say this is my Main job, but I would describe it as more of a Har-d job!

Skylar: I know it's our birthday and all, but you promised not to make any codestone jokes. Remember?

Grog: Oh yeah, sorry.

I'm just wondering, after I lost on an auction, I didn't get my Neopoints back. :( Is that just a glitch, or did TNT change the rules? ~ audrey975335
Skylar: Oh dear, it seems you've been gypped. A common theme for today... After losing an auction, you should rightfully receive all of your Neopoints back. But, without proof... TNT might not be able to do much. They do love screenshots. I would suggest sending in a ticket to see what TNT can do. Good luck!

And in the meantime, I'll give you the bow that was on this box to make up for it. :o It is a rather pretty blue...

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