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AAA's Editorial Dare
Published: March 5, 2011

AAA Header
Think you've got what it takes?

AAA AAA: So here's the deal... You seem to think that you can beat me in my own arena, so I'm here to beat you in yours, and when I do, you will give me full, permanent control of the Jellyneo Editorial.

Nick: Uhhh... I don't think that's gonna fly with the other staffers, namely the admins, but I do love your confidence.

AAA: Those are the terms... Or are you afraid you can't beat me at your own game?

Nick: *snorts* You said "game"... Anyway, I'm not afraid of you. I'll do it, but what's in it for me?

AAA: The last remaining case of delicious Diet Terry left over from Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due.

Nick: Are you kidding me? Diet Terry isn't SUPPOSED to be delicious!

AAA: Then how about a case of Nexy Cola? It's not available in the soda machine, you know.

Nick: Hmmm... I have been wanting some Nexy Cola lately. It's a deal... but I also want your hover chair.

AAA: What? No way!

Nick: Those are the terms... Or are you afraid you can't beat me?

AAA: *glares* Fine... I'll have my little sister keep score.

Nick: That's not fair. She'll tamper with the score and let you win. We need to find someone who neither of us knows.

Abigail Abigail: *rolls eyes* Please. I've been dying for the opportunity to pop that huge ego of his for years.

Nick: *snickers* It's not as bad as someone else's...

Abigail: At any rate, I'll be the judge. We'll have 25 questions, and whoever answers each question first will get 1 point. I will update the score after every 5 questions, and the one with the most points at the end of the editorial will be the winner... If there are no other objections, here's our first question:

Okay, so I left Neopets for a while and Cliffhanger is GONE! It's not in the Game Graveyard, so what happened? Can I still get to it? ~ wolflovermoon
AAA: Ooh! A game question! Never fear, nothing happened to Cliffhanger at all, really. You can still get to it from the Puzzles or Brain Busters sections of the Games Room, or even by searching for it by name with the search box. You just can't access it through Terror Mountain anymore.

Hey Jellyneo! The other day I was using the Petpet Lab Ray, and it turned my petpet into a Fyora Faerie Straw. Is this a glitch or is it just extremely rare? Thanks. ~ harrisfrenzy
AAA: The Fyora Faerie Straw is a food item sold at Faerie Foods, so that should not have happened. If the Petpet Lab Ray ever changes your petpet into anything other than another petpet or a Pile of Soot, then it's definitely a glitch.

Fyora Faerie Straw
Fluffy says "Please don't eat me!"

My Neopet, Lunasilver, seems to get hurt far too much! I always go to the Healing Springs, but most of the time I get a healing potion that doesn't heal Lunasilver all the way. Knowing the times would be helpful. :) ~ wolflovermoon
AAA: A games master like myself knows how to avoid taking serious damage, but there really aren't any tricks or special times for visiting the Healing Springs. You can try again every 30 minutes, however.

In the Altador Plot, is it actually possible to do the constellation of The Protector anymore? I can't seem to find any way to select one lone star in the telescope without connecting it to anything else. ~ Squashed_Lemon
AAA: I don't know why you would bother with plots when there are better site events like the Daily Dare...

Nick: *coughs*

AAA: ...But in order to add a single star to your constellation, just press the red button on the arm of the telescope and select "Add Star" instead of "Connect Stars."

Hi JN! In the Item Database, the entry for the Altador Cup This Way Sign says "Est. Price: 14,000 NP from Nov 30, 2010", but in the item notes it says "This item was awarded for completing the Altador Cup NC Challenge on June 12, 2009." How could NC items be traded for NP? Isn't this against the rules? Was it some sort of bug? ~ prinveli
AAA: Pah! Altador Cup NC "Challenge"! I bet even Lulu could post better scores. Anyway, there were 3 days that had exclusive NP prizes in addition to the NC ones. You will find that the Altador Cup Nail Varnish Set and Yooyu Marble Set are the same way.

A similar thing happened in the 2009 Daily Dare, where the NC challenge prizes were rarity 101 and therefore could be sold/traded for Neopoints. I think it was an experiment, and I doubt something like this will happen again--even Neocash card redemption prizes are now NC items instead of r101s.

Abigail: Well, that rounds out our first 5 questions. Let's take a look at the score.


Abigail: Looks like my brother is the only one with any points so far... You'd better catch up, Nick.

AAA: What can I say? He's just no match for my superior intellect.

I have a JN editorial problem: How do people even predict who is the next person to answer the editorial? I am super confused. Get it? 'Cause... I'm superlegion and... never mind. ~ superlegion
AAA: Hmmm... Even I don't know the answer to this one.

Nick: Allow me, Mr. "superior intellect"... If you're asking how other users know who is going to answer the editorial, we announce who the next staffer(s) will be on the previous editorial's news post. If you're asking how the staffers know who's next, well... we consult our crystal ball of course!

Fortune Teller
I see... I see a... I see a sign-up list!

So I was just browsing about the editorials and found (to my utter shock and horror) that JN Editorial 140 doesn't have a "This issue brought to you by:" box at the end. Why doesn't it have one? Those are my favourite part of the editorials... ~ Darigankat
Nick: It's just preference. Sometimes the staffer(s) writing the editorial don't feel like adding one. Other times, they just can't think of anything to put there. It's not something that's required.

I just downloaded the Neopets toolbar, but it only works with Internet Explorer. I use Firefox as my main browser, so could I get in trouble for being signed into the same account with two different browsers? ~ sunflower5245
Nick: Nope. It's perfectly fine to play Neopets on two different browsers. It would be the same as having two Firefox windows open or having a couple open tabs. :)

Hi! I was wondering for certain games, like Dungeon Dash, where there is a limit to the highest score you can get, and roughly 50 people get that score, do all the users get a gold trophy or only those listed at the top? Thanks! ~ vegeto2012
AAA: AHHH! Not Dungeon Dash! So many horrible memories! *cries*

Nick: Wow... Okay... Well, these are the games with maximum scores and special trophy systems:

  • Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway (max. score: 5,180)
  • Chia Bomber 2 (max. score: 1,687)
  • Clockwork Codebreaker (max. score: 1,000)
  • Dungeon Dash (max. score: 5,000)
  • Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest (max. score: 1,520)
  • Grand Theft Ummagine (max. score: 1,250)
  • Ruins Rampage (max. score: 850)
  • Ugga Drop (max. score: 40,000)
For Ugga Drop, just send a score of 40,000 and you'll get the gold trophy in a little while. For the others, yep, you can have a situation where 50 people get gold. Achieve the maximum score, then, to be on the safe side, try to be on the "Top 100" list of the high score table before 10:50pm NST (when trophies start being handed out). Each time a new person sends the highest score, they are added to the bottom of the list. The person at the top of the list is then bumped off the list, and will not be able to re-enter the high score list until next month.

This is all assuming there are no glitches to the trophy system...at the very beginning of February, for example, nothing was given out for a couple of days, much to the chagrin of gamers.

Dungeon Dash
Will the nightmares never end? ;_;

So, today I received a Chuchuana petpet and other food items through a trade at the Trading Post. I went to check if I had a Mummified Ice Cream in my Safety Deposit Box (I'm saving for the packrat avatar), and when I returned to my inventory, the Mummified Ice Cream was gone with a blank picture, and in the item name spot it said: "Chuchuana eats Mummified Ice Cream!" Is this normal? Has this happened before? ~ jennrulez757
AAA: Ever since our missing petpets were found munching on the Green Jelly back in Year 5, there have been reports of hungry petpets snacking on an item or two when left together in the inventory. This was the basis for the "Drackonack - Hungry" avatar released later that same year.

Abigail: That was question number 10. Let's see where we are with the score.


AAA: Naturally, I'm still in the lead. You might as well just hand the title over right now.

Nick: Ha! Don't flatter yourself... You're falling behind, actually.

Hi TJNT. I have a weird problem: I asked on the boards and searched your old editorials, but it didn't help. I contacted TNT, and that didn't help. My problem is I can't update my personal information, and haven't been able to since December! I'm stuck with a Christmas lookup and broken code, I can't update my hobbies/interests, and worst of all, I can't change my password. Whenever I try, I get an error message saying "Error: We cannot update your personal information (1)" This is happening across all my accounts. I know you're not TNT, but have you guys heard of this happening before or have any idea what's going on? I'm clueless.
Nick: Ah, the dreaded error message... It has been happening to almost everyone (if not everyone), and TNT seems to be awfully slow at fixing it. If you log out of your account and log back in, you should be able to edit your lookup, password, and other personal information for a little while. You won't have to do it before each change, but if you get the error message again later on, you will have to log out and back in again. It can be a bit of a pain, but it seems to be the only way of getting around this issue at the moment. It is possible that this was put in place to protect the account information of users who leave their accounts logged in on public computers, but no one can really be sure.

Which came first: Fuzzles or Jubjub plushies? ~ Ricktick605
Nick: If you do an Item Database search for "JubJub Plushie" with "Active" status and sorted by "Release", you will see that the oldest one (Yellow Jubjub Plushie) was released on October 22, 2001. Doing the same search for "Fuzzle" takes a bit more effort since the non-evil fuzzles are so old we aren't sure when they were released, but you will see that the Blue Evil Fuzzle was released on May 23, 2001. This means that fuzzles came before Jubjub plushies. See how handy the Item Database can be? :D

AAA: ...Show off.

Pirate FuzzleGold TrophyDastardly Evil Fuzzle
The battle of the fuzzles versus the Jubjub plushies has come to a close,
but the battle of Nick versus AAA rages on.

I recently created a female Kau on a side account, and I think it would look fabulous in a royal outfit. Problem is, I like the royal boy clothes much more than the royal girl ones, so my question is: if I transfer the Kau to my main account, change her gender to male, paint "him" royal (boy), and then change her back to female (via the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome), do I get to keep the royal boy clothes on her once I transfer her back to my side account? Or will they stay in my main's closet? ~ shinchan_00
Nick: You will be able to keep the clothes when you transfer her because her colour will still be royal boy. Keep in mind, however, that her base colour will not change when you change her back to female. That means your Kau will still be red, not the yellow colour that is used for the royal girl Kau.

Hey there! I just want to know something! My pet lost some health (it was 3/6), and before I went into my Safety Deposit Box to get a potion to make her health go back up, I decided to feed her some of this BBQ Sauce Omelette that I'd gotten. After I got out the potion, I found her health was 4/6, so I fed her the rest of the omelette (she really enjoyed it), and I didn't even need to use the potion because her health was 6/6 again. Does this happen whenever you feed your pet food (if its health is not full), or only with certain foods? ~ anonymous
AAA: Feeding a Neopet any food that isn't a "Gross Food" will help heal your pet. It's not a fast approach, but it does work. If your pet is bloated/very bloated, however, you will have to wait until it is able to eat again.

Zafara Eating Tacos
Yet another reason to keep your pets fed and happy!

Why was there the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery when Neopets was meant to be a kids site? I find it very offensive towards my younger friends that are 6 years old. They asked me to ask you about this. Thank you. ~ khenchen
Nick: Contrary to popular belief, Neopets is not a "kids site." It was originally intended as a site for bored college students made by other bored college students. After all, you can't take your real pets with you when you move into the dorms. It wasn't until a wave of preteens stormed the site for the fluffy, cute pets that it was changed to become more family friendly. It is still considered to be a site for all ages, however. Most things these days are much more tame, but the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery happened a long time ago.

Abigail: Looks like Neopets isn't the only thing that's changed...


Nick: What's wrong, AAA? Losing your touch?

AAA: *crosses arms* I just thought I'd give you a chance to catch up before I crush your score.

Abigail: You know, brother, you don't always have to pretend like you're the best... Let's move on.

I was just wondering, if you have a petpet zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray, can it still get you an avatar? Thank you. ~ train23_1
AAA: If your petpet meets the age requirements, you can get the avatars that you need by using a zapped petpet, but it will have to be the correct species in order to obtain it. This means that if you zap an Abominable Snowball and it turns into a Mazzew, you can get the Mazzew avatar once it is 221 days old. However, if you zap a Mazzew and it turns into an Abominable Snowball, you won't qualify for the Mazzew avatar, even though that may be its true species. For more information about the Petpet Lab Ray, check out this guide.

Hey Jellyneo! I have a question about sharing Wii friend codes on Neopets. Can I share them? Or would that be considered personal information? ~ anonymous
Nick: Giving out your Wii friend codes, Xbox gamertags, and PlayStation Network IDs would fall under "personal information" and should not be given out on Neopets. It's the same as giving out your phone number, address, email address, messenger screen names, or social network profiles. As soon as someone has another way of contacting you other than on Neopets, a window of opportunity opens for you to be scammed or even worse. You can never be sure what other users' motives are, and if something should happen offsite, TNT cannot protect you.

Does the world in which your shop is located affect anything, such as shop wizard searches or something? ~ anonymous
AAA: The only thing it affects is which marketplace your shop would be located in (if you have a big enough shop to make it on the list). There are marketplaces in Neopia Central, Mystery Island, and the Haunted Woods (the old one for Virtupets doesn't work at the moment). Other than that, though, there isn't any difference.

Shop Increase
One increase down, countless more to go.

Let's say a hypothetical Neopets user has two accounts: Account A and Account B. (One is a side account, of course.) This user gets a Fountain Faerie quest on Account A. He then uses the shop wizard on Account B to acquire the requested item with as little Neopoints spent as possible and gives it to Account A to turn in. Is this against the rules? ~ hawk400206
Nick: It would depend on which account (A or B) is the side account. According to Neopets Editorial - Issue: 430, it is okay to complete quests on any account, using another account to look the item up, as long as the items are purchased with your main account. This means that if, in your example, Account A is your main account with the Fountain Faerie Quest, you can search for the item with your side (Account B), but you will have to return to Account A to purchase the item and turn it in.

Hey JN! So I just want to say that I loved the holiday greeting this year. Thing is, I have searched and searched, but I can't seem to find Blooper #1! If I give you a cookie, could you give me a hint as to where it is? Thanks! ~ anonymous
AAA: That was a pretty good holiday greeting, wasn't it? I bow down only for Rosie. As for your question, a top gamer like myself usually never shares his hints. If you've been looking for Blooper #1 this long and still haven't found it, though, I suppose I can help you out, but I'll only give you your hint in the form of three riddles:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
I come after S, but I'm not the letter T.

Audio noise, my brother
I am his sis
At least no one had to worry about this!

Among staffers and departments, I'm the odd one out
Once you find me, you're on the right route.

Abigail: If you're done writing poetry, I've got a score update for you...


Abigail: Looks like you're both tied! That means it all comes down to these last 5 questions.

Jellyneo! In a past editorial, you had a picture of a kine and usu (mochi pounding mortar and mallet), and I was wondering which Neopets item this is. Can I put it in my Neohome? ~ kaguyahime212
Nick: You must be referring to my last editorial... The item is the Mochi Mortar, but it is not a Neohome item. It's a wearable, though, so you can use it to dress up one of your pets! If you ever want to know the name of any other item you see used as an image in an editorial, you can right click the image, copy the image URL, and then paste it into the "Item Image" box on the advanced search page of the Item Database.

Mochi Mortar
You can wear me without wearing the mochi!

Do you think the petpet species from Petpet Park will ever be released on Neopets? My Lupe, Fletcher, would love to have a pet Drym! ~ niffiniel
AAA: Unfortunately, the petpets you can own in Petpet Park are unique to the Park, and are unlikely to ever be released as petpets on Neopets. Who knows, though? Things can always change...

Hello! I have been looking around for this answer on both Neopets and Jellyneo, and I still haven't found any answers. Is there a specific rule not allowing you to talk about real life events in the guild chat? For example: work or school or weather or the presidential debate. I really don't want to be silenced (due to the new rule), but I do like to talk about more than just Neopets sometimes. Also, I do have one more question... What is the "boss button" on the portal page? I have been looking forever to find it. Thank you for creating this wonderful, amazing site for all of us Neopets users! ~ amythest_ryu
Nick: It's okay to talk about a rough day at work, so long as you aren't telling anyone the name of your workplace. The same goes for discussing school. The weather is perfectly fine to discuss, but steer clear of topics that are likely to offend someone. Religion and politics generally turn into very heated arguments, so they are not allowed. Death, birth, and pregnancy are not allowed because there are children that use the site. Just remember not to give out any personal information and try to steer clear of topics that some might find offensive, and you should be okay. As for the "boss button," it is a hidden link in the top and bottom right corners of the Neopets Premium portal that brings up a page with a graph on it. It's for people who play Neopets while at work... in case the boss walks by.

What does grooming your pet do? ~ pikaluv
Nick: Oh, that's an easy one... They-- *flies off the ground, spiraling through the air, hanging by his leg* HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON?!

AAA: *grins* Oh, so that's where I left my jetpack! Anyway... Neopets love to be pampered, so using grooming items on them will raise their happiness in the same way playing with toys and plushies do.

Quiggle Brushing Teeth
No amount of brushing will brighten this Quiggle's day, however.

Nick: *crash lands back to the ground* YOU CHEATED!

AAA: "Cheated" is such a strong word... I'd say "bent the rules."

Nick: You tied that jetpack to my foot when I wasn't looking so that I'd be too distracted to answer the question! That's cheating!

AAA: No one said you couldn't answer the question in mid-air...

Abigail: *shrugs* Unfortunately, he does have a point...

Nick: *glares at AAA* I should've known you'd cheat. I mean, look at your game scores... They're always so perfectly even. Even the best gamer can't pull that off 100% of the time.

AAA: Oh, don't be bitter... There's still one question left. I'll tell you what... I'll even give you the benefit of answering first. You just better hope you don't answer it wrong.

You know the group shot of the Meepits in their Neopedia article? I was wondering if it was a caption contest image. If it is, I would like to see if it has any funny comments. ~ SilentAbyssZero
Nick: Let's see which image that is... Ah, yes. That's not a caption contest image at all actually. It's-- *suddenly gagged and dragged into the shadows*

AAA: Yes! Now's my chance to win! All I need to do is answer this question and I'll finally have permanent control of the Jellyneo Editorial! Muhaha-- *disappears*

Meepit: *gives you a blank stare and then returns to hiding place within the Neopet Backgrounds page*

Abigail: Huh. Well that was odd... I guess I better go find my brother, though, or mom will be very upset. It's too bad, really... It's kind of nice not having to listen to him talk. *sighs* Oh well... I'll leave someone else to wrap this up.

Final Score


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