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Beloved Itorial
Published: February 20, 2011

Hi, I'm Amora. Nice to meet you. RedOtter was too busy to make your editorial this week, so I was asked to take his place. Enjoy!

Hi JN! *pelts you with Neopets and Pokemon rocks* Oopsies... Anyway, I have some questions. 1. Was the Shoyru really based off the Pokemon Mew? 2. How come in the Gallery of Evil, the enter page of the book shows a black head eating a Pikachu? Thank you for your time. ~ Neural777
Since the Shoyru was created by a user in the create-a-pet contest, there is no way to tell what inspired its creation. The most common explanation is that it was simply based off a dragon and the magic of the imagination. Whatever it was, the Shoyru has become the most loved Neopet in the world. To answer your second question, there used to be a villain in the Gallery of Evil called the Pikachu Eater, most likely in relation to a sponsor event, and traces of the villain still remain.

The other species don't stand a chance against my irresistible charm!

Hey JN, I just want to say that your site is the best help site for Neopets! Okay, I was wondering if it is against the rules to transfer pets with someone to paint that person's Neopet magma, because my friend hasn't found their time for the Magma Pool yet, but I have so they wanted me to switch our pets so I can paint theirs. Thanks! ~ banana_220
It's fine, as long as items/Neopoints/etc. aren't being given in return for this service.

I've been thinking about this: I went to the giant omelette and got a "Carrot and Pea Omelette", a "mega rare" item (rarity 106!). Should I sell it? I don't know if many people would want an omelette, even if it is "mega rare". What do you think I should do: Eat it or sell it? Please reply! ~ SilentAbyssZero
In general, free omelettes aren't worth very much due to the enormous number of them supplied by the Giant Omelette. Sometimes, the rarity of an item is a misnomer and has no effect on the price, so it's best to check the Shop Wizard and Trading Post to assess an item's value.

Okay. I was going through the Top 20 in the Trading Post and I saw something odd. A Lutari Paint Brush. I was amazed because I thought it looked legit! So I went to the Rainbow Pool... I was disappointed. There are no colours for it! So I was wondering, since this brush isn't usable, is it even possible to get it in a random event? ~ rookstaring
Yes, it is possible to get it through random events. You can even get it from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. Although it cannot currently be used to paint pets, this could change in the future (no guarantees, though).

I have a "Year 10 Goodie Bag" I'm shocked to see how much it's worth. I got mine from The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. So, what's in it and why is it so rare? ~ Griffingirl666
As you can find on the Items That Give More Items guide, it gives you a cake, a plushie, and a chance of obtaining the super-adorable 10 Year Celebration Shield Background. It's worth so much mostly because it has a chance of giving out that rather rare background.

I had no trouble finding a valentine. ^_^

I recently painted my Aisha faerie. Now I am petrified of a random event that would change her colour. Is there any way to beg for a random event not to happen or to have your pet changed back if it does? Or do I just have to bear it and save up again? I don't know if I will ever be able to afford a Faerie Paint Brush again, and I didn't get a chance to participate in the recent plot, so it's not like I can just pick one up as a prize. Sincerely, A Concerned Faerie Aisha Owner ~ sailoraisharcher68
Unfortunately, a random event is just that - random. So you can't pick and choose which ones you want to block from happening. I would recommend just keeping a different pet active, since most colour changing events affect your active Neopet. And then make sure you keep your faerie Aisha happy/well fed/free of disease, so it'll be less likely to turn blue/red through an event.

I still love you, even though I can't even see you anymore. <3

I have a question about the trading post. I saw somebody with a Starry Paint Brush up for trade and the wishlist said "freeee". What does that mean? Does it mean I can put in two piles of dung with 100 Neopoints and get it? ~ lylajeans
A lot of times, people will make their wishlist ridiculously low in terms of items/Neopoints just to see how many offers they can get. This is probably the case with the Starry Paint Brush. You could do what you proposed, but after getting so many offers like that, the owner usually cancels the trade or accepts an offer that's close to what the item's actually worth.

If we delete some of our Neofriends, do they get a message saying that they have been deleted or will they only know if they actually figure it out? I don't want to be mean, but I do want to clean up my Neofriends list without offending anyone. Thank you! :) ~ anonymous
Your ex-Neofriends will not be informed that you don't love them anymore; however, when they do notice, they will be heart-broken and forever wonder what they did wrong...

Don't worry; I'm just kidding about that last part. It's actually pretty common to delete Neofriends, and the vast majority of people don't notice a thing, and aren't offended even if they do. :)

Time to rip their hearts to pieces! ;D

I read somewhere that you can't win awards for zapped petpets in the Petpet Protection League, and some other things like that. Can you sell zapped petpets and trade them? Like, if I zapped a Tapira into a Meepit or something my pet's afraid of, could I sell it? ~ anony
No, a zapped petpet cannot be sold. If you remove it from its Neopet, it reverts back to its original colour and species. In your case, if you took off the Meepit in an attempt to sell it, it would become a Tapira again.

I was wondering if you could still play Soda Wars for the trophy. If not, can you still at least play the games? Thanks! ~ Camprok
You can't earn the trophies anymore, but you can still play the puzzles for fun here.

Yesterday, I was browsing through the Item Database looking for some books to potentially purchase for one of my pets. Many of the books that I clicked on was retired, and most of the retired ones had been re-drawn at some point years ago. Does the fact that they were re-drawn have anything to do with them being retired? Thanks! ~ kattywac56
While many of the redrawn items are retired, it does not seem that redrawing them is directly related to the fact that they're retired. For example, Fuzzles were redrawn even though they're not retired. Most likely, both redrawing and retiring are results of an item being very old.

Correlation doesn't imply causation. ;)

Is it still possible to get a Magical Pea Chia Pop? I've looked and can't seem to find one anywhere on the site. I know they used to be available via random events and at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. ~ alabamasax
Yes, they can still be purchased at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. However, they have a rarity of 99, and therefore stock very infrequently.

If you always find a certain petpet in the money tree, does that mean they are not rare? ~ anonymous
Most likely. If you find an item in the Money Tree, it usually means that another Neopian had the item and didn't want to keep or sell it. As a result, the odds of any given expensive item appearing in the Money Tree many times are very low.

Hello JN, you know koi? Well, in Bangladesh, there is a fish they eat called koi! They even spell it the same. Did TNT do that on purpose or did they just think of it? Strange, my family was born there...*passes you koi fish* ~ Moanna_11
Many Neopets are based on animals from the real world (such as the Kougra being named after/resembling the cougar). Species names can also be taken from real words (Flotsam and Jetsam are words relating to the ocean; Cybunny is mix of "cyber" and "bunny"). That being said, it's not a coincidence that the Koi Neopet is similar to the koi fish.

If you give an item to a faerie quest, will it just disappear forever? I find myself spending 20,000 NP for one item and in the end I don't even know where it goes. ~ tamagotchi_trixy
Yes, the item will be gone forever and ever. If your Neopet is a low level and you get a quest from one of the six elemental faeries, it might be cheaper to train your Neopet at the Swashbuckling Academy instead.

Hey there! I was wondering why your Neopet can wear Dung but can't wear Rainbow Dung. ~ anonymous
Clearly because Neopets leave brown dung, not rainbow dung. ;)

On a more serious note, not every item is wearable. Certain origami items, for example, can be worn, but not all of them. Perhaps someday, colourful dung will enter the world of fashion. :P

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